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Confused Little Girl Sees Dad's Twin Brother

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When this adorable little girl sees her daddy's identical twin brother for the very first time, she can't quite figure out what's going on! SUBSCRIBE to us! http://bit.ly/CnFonYouTube LIKE us! http://Facebook.com/CutiesNFuzzies FOLLOW us! http://Twitter.com/CutiesNFuzzies TUMBLR: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/cutiesnfuzzies PIN with us! http://Pinterest.com/CutiesNFuzzies TO LICENSE THIS CLIP, EMAIL: licensing (at) jukinvideo.com
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Text Comments (783)
Jahmina Stephens (11 days ago)
Awww! She’s so cute! Looks like her daddy and his twin
dayofthedog (2 months ago)
The 174 people who put a thumbs down need to be kicked in the face, you cold sacks of shit
wishywashywara (2 months ago)
Her double takes 😂😂😂😂
Teen #Toya (2 months ago)
soooo cute <3
Mike Killagreen (3 months ago)
Love this!!!
memnok magee (3 months ago)
that little kid is adorable
Stix mattoon (4 months ago)
Double take😂
leonora acevedo (4 months ago)
I love the expression on her face..PRICELESS
so cute and funny!
New Jack Swing (6 months ago)
Oh the baby is sooooo confused.
Josselyn Saldana (6 months ago)
Imagine in the future when she sees this🤔
Josselyn Saldana (6 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Niecy Baker (7 months ago)
This was cute she looking at her uncle and daddy back and fourth like
Kookie Squad 21 (7 months ago)
OMG hahahaha
Kyalie Morris (8 months ago)
Kae Freeman (8 months ago)
❣💟❣💟Too cute💟❣💟❣💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣💟
les antoine (9 months ago)
Baby be like” what the hell is going on , I’m some kinda twilight zone or something “
banana17able (10 months ago)
"Dayum, is this was a milk a hour ago?"
Awa Cherif (10 months ago)
psychomrw (10 months ago)
That is so adorable.
Angel A (11 months ago)
Saguilar Rare (1 year ago)
I'm Confused too
Jayla Anderson (1 year ago)
Haha HILARIOUS!!!!!!😂😹😅😆
Theme Fresh (1 year ago)
Awwww That baby voice so cute
Lamont trent (1 year ago)
I got 2 daddys?
Angel Aluko (1 year ago)
She’s so precious
Random Calista (1 year ago)
Uncle cookie 😂
Edwin Torres (1 year ago)
Twins cute, Baby cute, its just cuteness overload💖💖💖.....
awwww that's so cute.LOL 😁
Maxine Ross (1 year ago)
alexia alexia (1 year ago)
Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj jjjj....great!!!!
Jonathan Rio (1 year ago)
That little girt's reaction was adorable! But can we talk about those twins? Doubly Handsome AF!
Musiz Lovva (1 year ago)
Sheila Dang (1 year ago)
lol :)
north shore (1 year ago)
Really Cute Baby ...
cup cake (1 year ago)
She said Uncle cookie
lol so cute!
Ayanna bruce (1 year ago)
She looking like "some ain't right"
Anjith Karthikeyan (1 year ago)
Confused, cute and adorable little girl😙
orlanduce (1 year ago)
Andrea Richardson (1 year ago)
Girl broadwaymelody33 Yess they are
RHBR (1 year ago)
This is gonna be one of those videos they crack out at every party when she's a teenager. "LET'S SHOW THE VIDEO WHERE YOU MET YOUR UNCLE AGAIN" "MOM NO"
Kikilicious Rozay (1 year ago)
Mz. Too Much (1 year ago)
Giselle D (1 year ago)
f2f f2f r furious7pp lucuducuidicudccicidicc nnxsjakamxksmkxzAaaaxjdju occur hcjyu
Heather Yellowowl (1 year ago)
Her face was like wait this isnt right
fetB (1 year ago)
im dying... she so fucking confused lol
T Malone (1 year ago)
Too cute...
Aboriginal Sister (1 year ago)
Ahh poor baby, they are identical.
Brandy W. (1 year ago)
These twins are cool looking his daughter is cute.
Latoya Pettway (1 year ago)
To cute
Kitty Kat (1 year ago)
Who spike my milk?? Im seeing two!! Lol!! That look is amazing. She is so cute!
kenna mccosar (1 year ago)
Sjef (1 year ago)
those are some fiiiiiine man
weILL (1 year ago)
So fun and cute !!
Legolas Greenleaf (1 year ago)
Cute baby
Legolas Greenleaf (1 year ago)
Aww, When she looked back and forth 😊
military rebel (1 year ago)
She is like"whaaaaaaaa?"
TSUNAMI MOBB (1 year ago)
I hope yall show her this when she gets older😂😂❤
Miracle Aboagye (1 year ago)
she's like " which one is daddy?"
Archie (1 year ago)
Reason why I'm laughing: 20% little girl's confusion 80% the contagious laughter 😂
Mauro Ariel Alegre (1 year ago)
Best video ever!!
Μάριος (1 year ago)
The funniest part is the backround laughing xD
Jacques Sutton (1 year ago)
Good Lawd! Can I get held! Good looking Kings!
She lookin like "Y'all play too much."
LionsAllday DETROIT (1 year ago)
Racist comments...where yall at? Let's get it over with white people you always say something racist on every youtube video with a black person ..get it over with
Kevin Hylton (1 year ago)
LionsAllday DETROIT what in the hell are you talking about they're talking about the baby her father and the father's brother who are twins
MendesArmy Since 2012 (1 year ago)
She's like "W...wha... d.. do I.... am..... whaaaaaaaaat"
Craig the Dog (1 year ago)
Awwww the baby is so cute
James Bright (1 year ago)
now that was cute
Dionna Carter (1 year ago)
My little sisters dad has a twin and I'm getting some hilarious flashbacks right now😂😂😂
juan prevost (1 year ago)
yo lol that double take at the beginning
Mary Fields (2 years ago)
Too cute!  She's like, "What the???"
Tara Tiong (2 years ago)
Cookie hahah
Grace Mercy (2 years ago)
So cute😀 And those twins are fine!!!😻
bs1820 (2 years ago)
Holy shit that is hilarious!!!
BEAST MODE (2 years ago)
clones maybe this is wolf and rex.
MoveOn (2 years ago)
the guy's laugh sounds like the flipagram roast dude. ashy af 😂😂
Amanda Egeskov Hald (2 years ago)
That poor confused girl xD That confused looking back and forth at them is just hilarious.
kodak jay (2 years ago)
so funny
ph77 (2 years ago)
black kid should be happy to seen any father figure lol! I know I'm mean
Noami N White (2 years ago)
so cute. love it
Cris Nilges (2 years ago)
how are they twins
Vanessa Jung (2 years ago)
Omg when she said "cookie" it sounded just like Boo from Monsters Inc!
Lolly Pop (2 years ago)
She is so cute!
gd gd (2 years ago)
i have 2 Daddy's..? is that a mirror ? lol...
Pamela Corona (2 years ago)
Soooo funny : D
Kealani (2 years ago)
haha😂, aww how cute!
pixiespanther (2 years ago)
aww shes sew cute
Tyrisha Smith-Grady (2 years ago)
Beautiful baby! very smart baby.
Layla Wilkerson (2 years ago)
0:14 had me dead she said with one my daddy
tootsie girl (2 years ago)
So cute
janablang (2 years ago)
So cute. My husband is a twin, and a similar incident happened with his niece.
Antonique Will (2 years ago)
this is way to cute
Sharon G (2 years ago)
omg wow gorgeous men!
Connor_cringe cake (2 years ago)
so cute
angellg25 (2 years ago)
.....very cute little girl & handsome men😍
XxLayQuenMspXx (2 years ago)
That is so cute
Kelsey Carrillo (2 years ago)
This is hilarious!!! Look at The Little Gurl She's All Like "Why is there two guys that look the Same?" I'm Dying!!!??

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