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Who Makes The BEST Leather Jackets? (alpha m. Shopping VLOG)

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Text Comments (1723)
Hank Houston (23 hours ago)
Wow! I guess ya know you stuff!
Rebarce666 (1 day ago)
And dont call that shit biker jacket...
Rebarce666 (1 day ago)
Just go to fcking punk store and buy the the real fcking leather jacket...
rd (2 days ago)
oh he's in Atlanta lol
Nick Hutchinson (5 days ago)
I bought a real leather jacket from topman which is still going strong.
slade the Russian (6 days ago)
Damn bro u always have good ways and stuff that helps me
Blu Skiez (7 days ago)
If he says BAD ASS one more time 😑 cringe
okdan goos (8 days ago)
09:50 what jacket did he end up buying? All saints? It looks amazing.
okdan goos (2 days ago)
@Morten Aanstad i cant seem to find it anywhere though
okdan goos (3 days ago)
@Morten Aanstad yea, thanks mate.:)
Morten Aanstad (7 days ago)
I think it's All Saints. It looks very similar to the biker jacket he tries on at 3:45
Patrick Bateman (10 days ago)
At 3:00 Does Anyone Know Where Can I Find Anything Similar ?I Looked On Blooming Dales(Site) And I Couldnt Find It
Chris Stam (13 days ago)
Alpha what’s your opinion on Harley Davidson leather jackets ?
Neo Malapane (13 days ago)
TopMan vegan😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
PinHead Larry (16 days ago)
LMAOO Vegan leather jackets
IDS (17 days ago)
very good all fine like up
P Ru (18 days ago)
Love my Cockpit USA leather jackets! Superb quality and great materials.
Brandon Escobar (20 days ago)
hello alpha! is the all saints renzo biker leather jacket are accurate in sizing? other brands given in their size chart small is 36 inches but when in actual measure that i do i discover the small 36 inches was lied it is 41 very far that is superdry real hero leather jacket
Justin Urra (20 days ago)
Do yourself and get a Laer
Marco Cabrera (23 days ago)
6:02 is the best jacket ever
Conbro098 (25 days ago)
5:23 he likes the jacket😂
Jamiemackie (26 days ago)
@alpha m. Do you maintain your leatherjackets with leathercreme and all that?
Jamiemackie (25 days ago)
@Conbro098 haha well I don't. I have just seen some people do it. I just want to know if its necessary or overkill... I thought that Alpha M, had some thoughts on that 😜
Conbro098 (25 days ago)
Jamiemackie Didn’t even know you maintain leather jackets😂 maybe if you wanted to keep it looking brand new.
LexusDriver1 (27 days ago)
These prices are higher than my monthly income in European Union country! If someone can buy leather jacket for $800 but still have problems with his style then this person should be stupid. Sure top brand clothing always will look and last longer!
Riley Standup (27 days ago)
MC jackets are the best
BOB BRiX (28 days ago)
You should’ve checked out an SLP jacket
Andre Paular (28 days ago)
Maybe I missed it, which one did you buy? I see it, but which brand?
JEZZER-99 (28 days ago)
aye the sponsor part wasn't 5 mins long ;) that's a like right there
Resty Zz (29 days ago)
How do you maintain, clean and condition your leather jacket?
ZeGypsy (29 days ago)
alpha ? lol dude. you are the furthest thing from an alpha i have seen
Sugar Cane (1 month ago)
Early 2000 fashion that went out of style. Plus, that girly man jeans too.
The Gamer 8787876 (1 month ago)
This is for real men but dress wrong if you want
SpliefDaGrief (1 month ago)
Friend got the banana republic trucker suede jacket for 270 during a sale. For that price it’s definitely worth it
Jamie (1 month ago)
This guy hasn’t got a clue about leather jackets or boots. Telling people All Saints is good quality leather jackets is laughable and those Chelsea boots are over priced for entry level quality. “This is a quality jacket, I can tell by putting it on” - not even said anything about the type of leather, cut, metal work.
Ernesto Guidos (19 days ago)
@Jamie The USA, Japan and UK get their leathers from other countries. The top leather producers in the world are China, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Italy and Russia. They all tend to usually have the finest quality leather. That's a fact. Ykk zippers are good quality. Even designer brands and leather good brands use them. Shit Schott uses them! So I guess their zippers are just ok as well. I agree with Belstaff. And with lining, it can rip at any time. I've seen Schott jackets get ripped on the inside a bit aswell. Did your allsaints have a mix? And again you have to remember different jackets serve different purposes. Allsaints are meant for fashion, to feel nice, drape well, last long if you take care of it( which you must because it's delicate and won't last long if you don't) and most importantly look and fit good. The more heavy rugged brands are meant to be more functional and authentic. I like both but for today's day and age and my wants and needs I prefer the first. Again Allsaints aren't the best quality leather jackets compared to other more traditional brands but that's because they aren't made for the same purpose. Like I said their materials come from Italy and are handstitched and made in India. As I said Allsaints can be inconsistent at times with the lining depending on the jacket but most of the time it isn't. They are known for their leather jackets and I haven't had one issue so far.
Jamie (19 days ago)
Ernesto Guidos No it’s not, the best leather jackets are made in the UK, Japan, U.S. Look at the likes of Aero, Lost Worlds and Japanese brands for the best leather jackets. YKK zippers again are pretty standard are mid range jackets, not just leather. Belstaff were once great, their quality has significantly dropped since they sold out a few years back and their prices continue to rise. I have a motorcycle jacket of there’s from about 10 years back and it’s amazing. I have owned an All Saints. Lining deterioration as did the stitching on the outer shell. As I said previously the hides they use are not the best, neither is the manufacturing and components they use.
Ernesto Guidos (20 days ago)
@Jamie And they get their leathers from Italy.....
Ernesto Guidos (20 days ago)
@Jamie Also their jackets are made in India. That's one of the leather capitals of the world...
Ernesto Guidos (20 days ago)
@Jamie How is that irony? Allsaints jackets are great quality. Only thing is that sometimes it's inconsistent and that's sometimes. But overall they are great. Never said they were the best but they are definitely good. Obviously there are better jackets like Schott but that leather is meant to take a beating and serves a different purpose. I own two Allsaints leather jackets and contest that the quality is great and is the nicest and softest leather I've ever felt and I've felt Schott, Sandro, John Varvatos, 7 for All Mankind, Coach, Belstaff. The linings aren't cheap although sometimes if you get a poly mix that gets annoying but I haven't. The zippers they use tend to be ykk so if those zippers are trash than I don't know what to tell you. Again I'll give you inconsistency at times. Let me ask. Have you ever owned an Allsaints leather jacket?
Angelo Rabiz (1 month ago)
perfecto is the best.
Cervantes Baptist (1 month ago)
Do I buy a car or a leather jacket ? hmmmmm......
Dominick Toran (17 days ago)
Cervantes Baptist the jacket !!!
Shafiq khalid Khalid (1 month ago)
i m.leather jacket manufacturer from delhi india
Saint111Michael (1 month ago)
Lynn Kramer (1 month ago)
Hey girl, I absolutelly loved you in MIB the original. You were so convincing as that sleazy pawn broker. I just love that part.
Aeternuss (1 month ago)
Best is Schott 118
Dan Haneveer (1 month ago)
Lol, Schott. There isn't really a reason to look anywhere else.
Live Fast or die (1 month ago)
There is. Most of Schott's are boring and expensive. Also, they had nothing to do with the 70s european brands.
Dev The Legend (1 month ago)
My go to outfit ia pair of rugged boots, Black slim fit jeans and a medium wash denim jacket
Abdul Shariq (1 month ago)
To my any question Alpha.m got my back....
the next guy (1 month ago)
This video was AWESOME 👏🏼 Loved this style of vlog alpha
William Farley (1 month ago)
That Coach Racer jacket has been marked down to $600 making it a good deal. It looked really good on you.
Jon BERTOCCHI (1 month ago)
You can get a bad ass looking jacket from zara and good price.
GREGORY RUSSO (1 month ago)
What kind of leather jacket is your homosexual self going to wear in hell? Just wondering...
mary england (1 month ago)
$220 for vegan 'leather' seems expensive. But what do I know, I'm a single girl living in London UK, but I like your channel. You're a pro.
Jonathan Morley (1 month ago)
I'm looking at Soul Revolver for a jacket but I'm trying to decide between their signature lambskin or traditional cowhide. Since I typically carry a weighty backpack I'm thinking the durability of the cowhide would be better. I currently have a lambskin jacket by D'Arienzo which is really nice and lightweight but is getting small tears in it.
Kenneth Purboadji (1 month ago)
What a lonely mall lol
biotechboliviaoficial (1 month ago)
Where i live, you can get a top quality, custom made, leather jacket, for around 150 $us. Sometimes even less
Christopher Goble (2 months ago)
Been looking at Schott jackets, are they worth the investment?
Luis Bosio (2 months ago)
Hey yo alpha i want yo know where i can find cheap 100% leather jackets, love your videos
Mein_Kunt (2 months ago)
Whatever you do don't wear fucking lamb leather, is going to stretch like crazy, those are the jacket that don't last... and 90% of leather jackets are lamb. Goat is one of the best, horse too, cow is heavy, kangaroo is the best leather ever but expensive and impossible to find
Mein_Kunt (8 days ago)
@okdan goos price usually is a good indication, softness is the main thing, if is very supple and fairly thin usually is lamb. When lamb isn't used usually is a plus and they state it in the label.
okdan goos (8 days ago)
How to know its lamb or not?
undisputed one (2 months ago)
Do you agree Alpha?? Ive seen some channels on youtube, saying no man over the age of 40-45 should wear leather jackets! As they are too young looking, and make you look like your having a midlife crisis??? ...whats the Alpha opinion??🤔😊
Kenneth Boehnen (2 months ago)
Those assholes can go screw themselves.
Jcls (2 months ago)
Best from Japanese brands horsehide like real mccoy, toys mccoy, freewheelers, at last & co, etc
Murat Peker (2 months ago)
Incarnation, Guidi, 10sei0otto, Diesel etc..
Medram M (2 months ago)
John Varvatos makes the most beautiful clean leather jackets in my opinion but the price is about 3x Allsaints.
James Woods (2 months ago)
Leather Jackets for Gay Midgets!
Blajor M (2 months ago)
Damn the brown jacket on 5:12 it looks hot i would buy that 😁👍
Gareth McConville (2 months ago)
Amazing video but I can't agree with this one https://youtu.be/WQ4E-5cJK5I
Mata Man (2 months ago)
RRL. any day
Hung Quang (2 months ago)
Đáng đồng tien bát ngao .viet nam mất tien mua được ao đểu
Maria das Santos (2 months ago)
Take along a bodybuilder type who is 6'2" plus and has a physical job,just to see if stores can actually fit men this size.We are not having an easy time for these wonderful products here in the UK.
Kakarot Camp (2 months ago)
Does anyone know where I can get the jacket Gerard way wore during tbp era or a look alike
Blue Sky (2 months ago)
Blue Sky (2 months ago)
Alan Jackson (2 months ago)
Scotch & Soda do some lovely leather bikers as do all saints. Saint Lauren also but you'll pay thousands for one of them. The grey saints suede jacket in this video is called the 'kemble'.
Hammy Jeffery (2 months ago)
Best bet is to go to a second hand store and get one. I found a good quality leather jacket for like $60 and all it took was a tiny bit of cleaning for it to look good.
Calls himself alpha but wears girls skinny style designer leather jackets in a mall😂😂😂 proper biker jacket in cow leather is 200 - 300 not that shit for big money.
Robin Bauer (2 months ago)
Saint Laurent or Belstaff makes very good leather jackets
Harold Jaochico (2 months ago)
Hey Alpha!! What size are your jackets 🧥 ?? Love your video and congrats on your 5m. Keep up the good videos.
Stuntman Dan (2 months ago)
I can't believe I missed this video when you dropped it! Alpha you gotta make a video about Bodaskins, leather jackets are totally my style too and Bodaskins really has had my eye for some time now. Apparently they are top british crafted jackets and the price looks reasonable, but one sure thing is that they make anyone look fly, so if there is someone that needs to review Bodaskins is you man
Sajid Virk (2 months ago)
I export best quality products in lather jacket gloves sports kit surgical instruments on thrust able contact ([email protected]) (00923426377434)
VM (2 months ago)
olly hp (2 months ago)
If you're vegan, what the hell are you doing thinking your A: an alpha male and B: a male in the slightest *Oh shit this guy thinks hes an alpha male but seems somewhat feminine and has ear rings*
holyevil (2 months ago)
This was filmed in Chicago! Woohoo
Immortal Desecrator (2 months ago)
Down in the description?? I cant edit the description...
Kameron B (2 months ago)
I remember the first leather jacket I purchased was online and that was such a dumb move lol fit me like a glove.. 3 sizes too small
account holder (2 months ago)
gavin stosser (3 months ago)
Daumantas Matonis (3 months ago)
I just bought diesels 850 euros leather jacket! Heavy !
Tony Bologna (3 months ago)
Does this guy have aids or something? He looks like he’s dying.
Landon Rambow (3 months ago)
Ever heard of Milwaukee leather?
romeo9782 (3 months ago)
i buy Wilson leather jackets and pants.i also buy new rock shoes i have a collection about 20 pairs
Dark Soul20 (3 months ago)
Answer: People that use faux fur.
Arthur Morgan (3 months ago)
Why is this dudes name alpha? XD he’s negan.
Jon M (3 months ago)
Virgin leather or nothing. Buying "soft" leather means it's been chemically treated and RUINED. Buy nice untouched stiff leather and break it in yourself. Yeah it isn't that comfortable at first. But the feel and look is entirely unique to you and will be far superior to the cookie cutter pieces of crap you are paying extra for. It will also last far longer because it hasn't been treated so roughly.
tidechamp15 (3 months ago)
My favorite leather store is DEFINITELY......WILSONS LEATHER!
tidechamp15 (2 months ago)
@Kenneth Boehnen ....true! I just like the look of the jacket,I don't ride
Kenneth Boehnen (2 months ago)
@tidechamp15 lamb skin is soft and feels good but not tough like cow, steer, horse, etc. So not the best choice for motorcycle. But good for casual wear.
tidechamp15 (2 months ago)
@Kenneth Boehnen ....I love there Lamb Skin Moto jackets
Kenneth Boehnen (2 months ago)
@tidechamp15 I bought stuff there and was satisfied. I think most mall stores sell ok but low-quality leather goods and their uses staff don't know leather. It depends what quality you're looking for. Now I buy directly from the manufacturer and pay more but get much higher quality and warranty.
tidechamp15 (2 months ago)
@Kenneth Boehnen .......Wilsons Leather is inexpensive when they have MAJOR sales,and they have alot of them......but for as long as I've been shopping with them I've compared MAJOR BRANDS such as Polo,Marc A. .....etc to what Wilson's Leather has and the quality is no different,your paying for the name.......I'd rather pay for the top quality at Wilson's then for the HIGH $$$ BECAUSE of the name! And those names they have at Wilson's WITHOUT selling your car or house to buy from them .....(sarcasm added)
Team Shmo (3 months ago)
Bought a Calvin Klein lamb leather jacket for $700 like 15yrs ago that still looks great and everyone compliments it. Some people have even asked to touch the leather because it looks so nice. Definitely worth the price if the jacket is super nice. Recently bought a Tommy Hilfiger faux leather jacket off Amazon for about $90 that actually looks and feels really nice to wear. I like that one as a kick around jacket that still looks nice but I'm not overly considered about of it gets dirty etc.
A leather Guy (3 months ago)
600 $ I can buy six here hahaaa
Blake Dean (3 months ago)
In my opinion I think Schott Perfecto makes the best leather jackets because they are the original
Blake Dean (3 months ago)
I just checked out Thursday's leather jackets the quality seems really nice but the sizing is a little too big
Farid BK (3 months ago)
Mine is ( Royale ) from BodaSkins, I never saw other companies making perfect leather jackets like them !
Batman (3 months ago)
Levis has a good leather jacket
Hi! the John barbados jacket which size you wore?
SCRAMBY18 (3 months ago)
600?? I'll stick to pleather lol
MMID303 (3 months ago)
Aero or Lost Worlds.
Bob Williams (3 months ago)
No Schott? No Harley Davidson? Indian? Triumph? You favor the biker look and they don't even get mentioned? Get out of the mall and go to the dealerships!
Jameson Mangili (3 months ago)
Coach is the..best!
Nightwalker973 (3 months ago)
If your buying a leather jacket, never pick synthetic. Real leather feels right, looks tight, and really, your buying a good leather coat, paying top price. If you pay for it, earn it.
Michael Siebern (3 months ago)
Jeez… you are me. Haha! Been collecting leather jackets from around the world for 30 years. Every designer you suggest, I have. All Saints is my favorite & have about 20 of their pieces alone! Varvatos, Diesel, Neil Barrett as well… Thanks for this!
McStrokeAvision (3 months ago)
I have the all saints sarls jacket and the blk dmn 5 leather jacket. I love both but the sarls jacket is way better for half the price.
Ryan Taylor (3 months ago)
Im sorry, chelsea style are bitch boots. They are literally womens boots. With a feminine name.

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