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9 Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt - Style By Number | Aimee Song

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Remember my Style by Number with turtlenecks?! Seems like forever ago, but I wanted to share with you guys multiple ways to wear a denim skirt this summer! Comment which look is your favorite and which ones you guys will be trying out. And don't forget to like and subscribe for more videos! Topshop Skirt: http://bit.ly/2JzhLoB To see all the outfit details: http://www.songofstyle.com/2018/06/style-by-number-denim-skirt-outfit.html Follow Me! Blog: http://songofstyle.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/songofstyle Twitter: http://twitter.com/aimeesong Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/songofstyle Music: DJ Quads- The News PYC- Far Away PYC- Groovin' Along DJ Quads- Downtown Funk Epidemic Sound Knockout 2- Da Tooby
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Text Comments (297)
Amanda Mallozzi (7 days ago)
Chanvo Hung (8 days ago)
Julie Li (21 days ago)
The Workout one's my favorite. Sooooo fashionable~ The color of shoes is just so right and the necklace is delicate.
Love ur channel! This really helps me!
Jazzy Blake (1 month ago)
my DEFINITE ffave, hype bae, loooks sooo cool
Jazzy Blake (1 month ago)
actually no you look cool in any shade!!!
Jazzy Blake (1 month ago)
no offence aimee!! but darker lipstick shade suits u best!! it would suit this outfit better, i think!!
Kay Feared (1 month ago)
Love all the outfits esp the ones with blazer and jacket.
Amairani Ramirez Glez (1 month ago)
Me encantó todo! Ya me suscribí
Tshego Makgato (1 month ago)
Loved the Paris look
K'm 2 (1 month ago)
Who wears a Tommy Hilfiger sweater while working out? Was that an excuse for wearing the sweater?
M (2 months ago)
Please do how to get most outfit out of minimum number of clothing item for summer vacation
Priyata Haobam (2 months ago)
Love all the looks
Miss Coco (2 months ago)
Honestly watched this three times lol Love the hype bae and Cali cool ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Emma Lou (3 months ago)
your legs are goals!! they are so toned
Thinley Yangzom (3 months ago)
can we wear black and white converse? and can we wear hoodie?
loly poly (5 months ago)
Whenever u wear denim skirt Please take off your panty That makes your boyfriend's penis bigger
Genevieve Thorburn (5 months ago)
the workout to chic and the cali cool are definetely my faves
Gloria Barriga (6 months ago)
Love the cal cool T-shirt
Danielle Celeste (6 months ago)
Aimee, hi! WORKOUT TIP; I’m loving Hannah Edens FYR workout! She emphasizes functional fitness and has a 22 day workout program on Bodybuilding. Com. I haven’t done that yet. I’m just toggling between two of her sample workouts on YouTube. I hope you check it out. Byeeee!
Amburito Casdorito (7 months ago)
the chucks
moon yana (7 months ago)
Try one with a skirt (denim) and a red plain collared shirt
Ivy Shane (7 months ago)
Thanks for the tips! 😗
christine1962ful (7 months ago)
French everytime!!!
Erika Gonzalez (7 months ago)
High school Aimee!!!
miu-zong (7 months ago)
Call I cool is the best ❤️
Danik Charlton (8 months ago)
French Aimee is my favourite because she's me. I am just getting into skirts now. As an island girl 🇯🇲🇯🇲 our uniform is shorts (as short as you dare) so I'm finally dipping my toes in the denim/a-line skirt pool. I also have thicker thighs, I wish I didnt because it makes all my skirts look really shorter than they are lol. I love the dressed up looks tbh, I've recently gotten into blazers as well (not an island girl essential) and I'm loving it. I can't wait to expand my wardrobe. Thanks for the tips Aimee 😘
Rainbowshine44 (8 months ago)
These would work with denim shorts too right? Because I'm not a fan of skirts in general.
Dari Iba (8 months ago)
Can you please do a style my number with graphic T-shirts please
Katie Ng (8 months ago)
Denim skirt and a striped tee or button up is totally my go to .
Potato chip Vlogs (8 months ago)
I don’t want a big butt😖
donut (8 months ago)
RIP Chanel flats
Ira Sd (9 months ago)
The one with the acne sweater 🔥🔥
Miyaka Miah (9 months ago)
piste byhana o.a kaayo pislat biya ig ilong piling gwapa!!
Karla Bascon (9 months ago)
Nice video! But am i the only one who notices her moving so much when she shows each outfit? Haha! Nonetheless this video is informative especially for me, since i have a lot of denim skirts m! Thank you!
Petily gala (9 months ago)
I found ur video ryt now n u r already my favorite 😘😘😘
Spirited Gal (9 months ago)
LOVE LOVE LOVE these looks! You're slayin sis!
Eliza Wong (9 months ago)
Damn Aimee, I love all these ideas! You make it look super easy by breaking it down. Love love it!! Thank you! ❤️
Heaven sent (9 months ago)
Love the blazer n heavy necklace over casual look for evening. Love the snakeskin boot to spruce up an outfit. Love the vid, Aimee.
Gayatri Mestry (9 months ago)
Ahhh love love love💞💞💞
Arine Simonian (9 months ago)
Dress down
Angie Elizabeth (9 months ago)
You are an ICON LIVIN Also a glute circle is a good at home squat investment
Kisseokjin (9 months ago)
Draw me like one of your french bread
samantha rivera (9 months ago)
love love love this series!
S (9 months ago)
cloudie7 (9 months ago)
Everyday French girl
Stephie Naskova (9 months ago)
omg I absolutely LOVE how a denim skirt looks on, but I have a big bum so it's shorter in the back and I don't feel comfortable wearing it :(((((((((((((((((
Theingi Lynn (9 months ago)
beach Aimee <3
INTERNET svge (9 months ago)
Angelina eldegel (9 months ago)
Yo is this the influencer that was rude to jaclyn hill??
Alyson Humphrey (9 months ago)
I love the everyday looks you put together.. things to wear going out for a casual/dressy brunch etc. I’d also love to see more ways to look stylish at work. Oh, and how to look cute when you’re running errands or trying to keep up w toddlers. (I’m so over leggings and Nike’s i wanna look stylish all the time!)
OMG😍 love these looks
Namdo (9 months ago)
Highschool Aimee looks like now Aimee tbh. You legit haven’t aged. Tell us your secrets.
Lowercase Uppercase (9 months ago)
Ugh some of the outfits are hideous.
sunnysevinc (9 months ago)
I liked Beach Aimee the most. But I guess you could also wear it with a polka dot bodysuit oder a bathing suit and not only with a bikini top. I love the beach bag that you have!! And also maybe for chill summer nights with a grey sweater and some nice gold jewelry and flats or sneakers. What do you think?
Ninette Marasuchi (9 months ago)
loving the french and the beach styling! looking great aimee, as always <3
Grace Bomba (10 months ago)
Dress up Aimee!
cupcake flo (10 months ago)
You are my favourite Aimee🥑✨💫 favourite songg 🎼
Agathe Boissy (10 months ago)
Super vidéo, tu parles bien français je m’y attendais pas ahah Gros bisous et continues ainsi ❤️
Justine R (10 months ago)
LOOOOVE that off the shoulder stripped look! Will definitely be re-creating it.
Ivana (10 months ago)
My fave has got to be the first one 👌🏻 Could you please do a video with your go-to hot summer days outfits 💋
bonivasia w (10 months ago)
all of them looks great!!
Damaris Gomez (10 months ago)
high school aimee
Ana Victoria Rosas Torres (10 months ago)
Absolutamente todas las Amys, eres adorable!!
gerong jenn (10 months ago)
I looove this!
Sarah menze (10 months ago)
I just loved all the outfits ❤️ J’adoooore !!!
elizabeth lor (10 months ago)
My favorite is #2 but I would love to try #6 for a girly look
Laura Nemteanu (10 months ago)
Love all the looks 🤩 all very wearable and very versatile.
Alice Drosou (10 months ago)
Cali cool❤️ more style by number videos
Augustina Tan (10 months ago)
You’re so stylist! I really like high school Aimee!
petroula georgiadou (10 months ago)
oh girl! I have't watched a video of yours in a while.. I forgot how fun and awesome and inspiring you are! Second look with these heels it's soooo Aimee <3 <3 keep going we love you
jcel Du (10 months ago)
Likey like your video 👍 💟😘😍
hanna v (10 months ago)
What size do you have the skirt in?
Candice W (10 months ago)
Cali Girl💗
Alice Fox-Williams (10 months ago)
OMG im so happy its back, my favourite series on your channel! xx
Alina Starostenko (10 months ago)
Thank you 😍finally new video 👏🏻
tap idox (10 months ago)
CURRENTLY Kherington (10 months ago)
I am SO HAPPY this series is back! I missed it so much, especially since I love remixing outfits + styling pieces multiple ways. I loved your look with the striped bodysuit and neck scarf!
SoLaLa (10 months ago)
Am so glad this series is back!! I love the Cali Aimee, HypeBae Aimee and Workout Aimee
DE LA FRO (10 months ago)
I love your style. So chic!
Bárbara Ruiz (10 months ago)
I love the shoulder off polka dots top and the red high heels. Superb video!
Marie Stokman (10 months ago)
The polkadot outfit is so cute omg
annabelle7123 (10 months ago)
omg it's so hard to choose! though in my heart I am parisienne(lol) but I choose dreseed up aimee and Cali girl ♥
annabelle7123 (10 months ago)
i love this new series. really down to earth, practical and easy to apply! thanks song <3 P.S. although she got lots of luxury items... I am sure we can recreate the looks with cheaper alternatives!
srnamil (10 months ago)
How to style: BLAZERS 💗
jj am (10 months ago)
love it all!!
Margaret Pebworth (10 months ago)
the everyday french girl look was absolute vibes
Bria Conner (10 months ago)
Breanna Strother (10 months ago)
The classic French girl!
Christabel Sikireta (10 months ago)
i love love love this!!!
Paulyn (10 months ago)
you are so COOL! also feeling over the gold necklaces!! Where are they from?
Anj Lyn (10 months ago)
I just love how the "dress up aimee" still looks casual and cool ♥
Keren Mongaya (10 months ago)
Hi 👋🏼 Aimee . Can you make on ways how to style sneakers plsssss 🤣
Larissa Boe (10 months ago)
Omg love the parisienne look so so much! Definitely need to style this as well!
19x97x M (10 months ago)
Hypbae looks like hyunah style✨
Tingeling (10 months ago)
The Chanel boots......they are soo beautiful! I love the "dressed up" Aimee!
Αλεξάνδρα Λόη (10 months ago)
Dress up for the win 💘 self portrait killing it! Such a unique designer 💘💘💘
Susanne (10 months ago)
I just reckon if you had time to throw on a blazer, a skirt and heels (!) after your workout, you would probably have time to change your top as well, which is also the sweatiest part of your workout gear 😉
Song Of Style (10 months ago)
Susanne true that
the fashioncloud (10 months ago)
Michelle Sielman (10 months ago)
My favourite series Aimee! Btw, I like the Cali cool look so much! idk how you do it but everything looks so effortless. I look frumpy when I try layering like that... :-(

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