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Color Magic Colour Enhancing Polish with Chipstik

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Keyboard Warrior (1 month ago)
I have used this its a load of shit. Absolute waste of money.
Fuzzydunlop90 (8 months ago)
Is this actually a polish, or is it a wax?
berserkelicious (8 months ago)
I bought I tested I regreted
leslieiluvu1 (1 year ago)
no b.s it work for me.i took a chance and it worked.what you have to do is use the chip stick first.once you use it on a scratch, rub it with your fingers not a cloth pad and work it in well..it works better this way.then whip with a microfiber cloth.repeat this like 2 to 3 times,then you take the paint wax and in a circular motion wipe with a wax applyer sponge.then wipe down quick with the microfiber cloth.do this about 2 times.you should have great results then.it isn't perfect of coarse but it sure is a lot better and you really have to be up on it to see a little of the deep scratch.some scratches it took out all togther.i did this on my red nissan sentra.
Keyboard Warrior (1 month ago)
You must be sponsored by turtle wax, Stop lying. It dose sfa.
Probe253 (1 year ago)
Hey it worked for me Dark Metallic Gray with a black stick! (: Cheers!
ball stank (1 year ago)
Doesnt work !!! I want my money back !!!
Dave Wright (1 year ago)
Pretty gimmicky why would you put anything coloured on a clear coat, maybe on an older lacquer one stage paint?
Raphael (1 year ago)
i had a red one and sold my with car that. saw no diference after using it and the red color stains all fingernails...the chipstick is only a piece of chalk, the wax and the chipstick are useless
Professor Gnomes (2 years ago)
Doesn't work
Samuele (2 years ago)
Buon prodotto lucidante.Lo stick non è il massimo.Meglio la pasta abrasiva per i graffi sulla carrozzeria.
Drew Elliott (2 years ago)
can you use the wax on black alloy wheels?
Drew Elliott (2 years ago)
RST R MODS (2 years ago)
Yes,i use it even in the windows,outside and inside,black color only btw ;)
runaway416 (2 years ago)
Mackeson3 (2 years ago)
The Chipstick is free because its useless
ericson monton (3 years ago)
hi can i use jet black spray detailer after i use this color magic? like on how they do it on black finish kit.
TurtleWaxUK (3 years ago)
+ericson monton Hi Ericson, yes you can do to maintain the results and top up on shine.
Rafael Metalslave (3 years ago)
not that effective..the chopstick is worthless..but the wax is great..doesn't cover all tiny scratches,but it's good!my car is shining allover..don't know for how long 😂
- JED (3 years ago)
This cool
freakyflow (4 years ago)
Wet sand and rubbing compound = the only way to Keep the scratches out and have your paint clean and shiney  Wax is for candles
Flibbertigibbet (4 years ago)
this does work but a month later all the wax wears off and your car looks like shit again.
Mario Markslag (4 years ago)
Het werkt voor geen meter !! Ik zie totaal geen verschil, euro 18,- lichter !!
sertugbaysin (5 years ago)
this product do nothing . this is the different way to steal ur money
Steven Totikidis (5 years ago)
I used it on my 15 year old mer and it come up beautifull, looks like new
gixeff 750 (5 years ago)
This stuff is hopeless, don't bother!
Adi Harari (5 years ago)
Not working dont buy this shit!!! got really tiny scratch and still didnt fix them! pure crap!!!
destoyer1337 (5 years ago)
I have the light grey one for my car, ive used the chipstick on all the stone chips and deep scratches. Kept going over it till they was level with the paint then wiped off the excess then waxed it up good and proper but after i waxed it up the chipstick on the car has gone white and you can see all the marks more now than what you could before. Have i done something wrong?
rey urdaneta (6 years ago)
is it ok to use turtle wax color magic car polish and followed by turtle wax super hard shell car wax?

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