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Photos Of Slavery From The Past That Will Horrify You

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Text Comments (6620)
Larry Turner (10 hours ago)
Pure evil
Eileen Anderson (17 hours ago)
You sit there and said that they were pulled from their families by the people on the boat. No they want pulled from their family by the people on the boat the ones who sold them were their own people people black people sold their own blood to the whites and even mote to the Spanish
NYUni (1 day ago)
This must be the most poorly and uneducated research on slavery on YouTube! The photo of the British guy sawing off the shackles of the black man was from a saving expedition of muslim owned slaves. Every photo is presented with such ignorance about the background of the history it doesn't even deserve to be on youtube,
keith B (1 day ago)
#4 crews didnt pull anyone out their homes. Africans sold them to Europeans as slaves.
Jocelyn Graham (1 day ago)
Jeffrey Fetzer (2 days ago)
It was King that sold the defects as slaves.it's how people were made to disappear. They werent wanted at home.
*as a Minecraft legend... Pickaxe is our slave! They working mining for us and we force them to work until they break*
may day (3 days ago)
Irish slaves suffered more than African slaves but we don't whine about it
DIDDLE (3 days ago)
This dude doesn't know what he is talking about. The slave arabian slave trader is with two armed guards. He is handcuffed to one for god sakes.
Athanasios Klitsidis (3 days ago)
now slavery is about little pieces of paper, the less you have ,more slave you are, more you have, more free you are... we have freedom of speech, but money doesnt hear you.... the only freedom we have is to exchange misserable terms of living.. .with other misserable terms..this kind of choise creates the illusion of freedom...
Bridgelife Shi'ar (4 days ago)
It gave them a chance at a "happy & productive" life? 🤔😆😂 Thats comical growing up in the reconstruction era... its damn near comical growing up in America 150 years later! 😒
Bridgelife Shi'ar (2 days ago)
@Jeffrey Fetzer you got a firm grasp of the black mentality living in America post civil war! 😒 (When the KKK was started i might add and widespread terrorizing was rampant.)
Jeffrey Fetzer (2 days ago)
Freed slaves were happier with their lives than people are now. Ironic.
The Ayanna Show (4 days ago)
whoever started slavery , i hope they are forever getting what they deserve 🚮 .
Crafty Odysseus (1 day ago)
@The Ayanna Show Applying modern-day Western values to humanity in general will leave one disappointed.
The Ayanna Show (1 day ago)
@Crafty Odysseus duhh
Crafty Odysseus (3 days ago)
There were slaves long before there were letters.
Patricia Hartless (4 days ago)
No person should have been treated. Like these poor people were. Regardless of their nationality. Every person has feelings. They get thirsty , hungry , Cold , hot. And we all bleed the same blood. Blood is red blood has been shed. For Generations down. And sad there is still a lot of people. Who think one nationality. Should be left on Earth. God made all of us in His image. We should unite together. Instead of fighting against each other. Thank God I had parents that was not prejudice. I have five children. who was raised not to be prejudiced. All of our generation are not prejudiced. All of my family has different nationality friends. Love one another as you would love yourself.
Um slavery is banned now fuck head
umami Tsunami (6 days ago)
This is how America became the richest country in the world
Al (6 days ago)
Yeap. America gives opportunity for people to prosper. Good job America for abolishing slaves.
Desiree taylor (6 days ago)
No It won't give them a Happy life
Mika 161 (8 days ago)
well nothing has changed over 200 years. Still hurting a killing each outher
One day i was taking the bus to my girlfriends house on the way there 3 black guys sat next to me, they didn't look at me i just heard them talking shit about white people badly..I kept quiet for a few miles and right before my exit came they were saying all white people are evil and racist so before i got off the bus i stood by all 3 of them and told them what they were saying was disrespectful and not all whitevpeople are racist i told them when i was 7 years old my dad stood in front of his best friend in the military and he was killed and i said you kno the man he saved is now my step father He adopted me after my mom died he said thats the only thing he could do for my father was to raise his son with his own family his wife treated me as her own cuz she knew her life would of completely changed if itvwasnt for my dad an italian white man saved his life.
Armstrong Coriolan (8 days ago)
Red Hat (9 days ago)
I should send you a photo of my work place, so that people of the future will make a videos about the modern slavery (the wage slavery).
mefe1988 (10 days ago)
#3 Happy life if they weren’t dead by that time. N slavery is still around
Person. (10 days ago)
Not to be disrespectful but I noticed at 2:25 in the photo in the corner u can see a girl smiling...is she a slave or what?
Neo Anderson (5 days ago)
Probably forced for the photo or maybe someone who has a higher role, we can only speculate!
Sarah Jackson (10 days ago)
They were able to live Happy and productive lives? Go f*€£ yourself
jason lee (10 days ago)
This is gay asf
europa 2023 (11 days ago)
AndyLibra (11 days ago)
This is nothing new, we all know history of salvery. The pronblem is it's still happening, sex slaves, manual labor salves, child sex trafficking. More now than back then.
foxforwar (12 days ago)
i truly don't care
Phyllis Eldridge (14 days ago)
#6 that's fuk up..people wss really mean back then tho..dam smh
Isaiah Jackson (14 days ago)
Not Irish slaves . They were endangered servants not fucking slaves. Stupid ass white people trying to make the white slave thing a real thing .
Monuments Humans (15 days ago)
"the chance of a happy and productive life", really?
Jennifer McGoldrick (14 days ago)
Monuments Humans yeah wtf? More like they had a “slight chance” to find freedom
SMAKS EM SILLIFIED (16 days ago)
TODAY!!!!! https://youtu.be/dV7o31P4q4g
SMAKS EM SILLIFIED (16 days ago)
Ugh, so many lies in this video. Slavery was bad mmkay, but that's no reason to just make up shit.
Vladimir linen (16 days ago)
What about the African ladi that lost all 4 of her children to a scatter bomb
aldamamoni (18 days ago)
Where did this guy get his information? As soon as the slaves were freed, 'they had clothes and wore hats AND READ the newspaper?'
MY GOD HOLY (18 days ago)
REAL CHRISTIAN (18 days ago)
They will pay
North Whitakers (18 days ago)
Did, he really say, "Happy and productive life". He must be drunk. The American system has assured via societal and worldwide brainwashing that no black person will truly be happy here. We are constantly reminded that we are second class citizens, not really meant to be citizens at all.
Tommi (18 days ago)
Interesting that nobody mention slavery in africa even today. Mansa musa, king of mali had hundreds of thousends slaves and he was not europian. There's still in this day 46million slaves in africa, india, pakistan etc. But they only talk about american slavery over hundred years ago. Most of the slaves past and today are not held by europians and americans. Many women are slaves even today in many countries, expecially muslim countries. But hey, blame it on the europians.... they should take long hard look at the mirror first.
valistrutu (18 days ago)
Smart, powerful race always will enslave stupid race!
Goldinie (18 days ago)
valistrutu dude r u serious?? U really need help if u justify slavery like this. How does some feel power from enslaving another human being and treating them like shit? you’d have to sick, twisted and insecure to feel some kind of satisfaction from killing, raping and demeaning another person on the basis of their skin. You think taking away someone’s rights and life is smart. I guess you’re an idiot cuz in truth you have no sense of morality and feel threatened by someone else’s existence so you belittle and take away their power. it’s people like that make this world the worse place to live.
Dave T Jock (19 days ago)
The photo of the 3 Arabian slave dealers is actually 2 armed military policemen with what looks like a Turkish or Egyptian prisoner manacled to the one on the left.
Shame on western
biju joze (20 days ago)
4.0 the woman in the middle is shorter compare to he other two women and probably has to suffer more because of the wooden plank pushing her lower jaw upwards by the height of the other two women, feel sorry
biju joze (20 days ago)
Is there any photo documentry on Arab slave culture
mark caine (20 days ago)
i dont think it ties together prisoners of war slaves is not the same as african slaves african slaves were mostly born into slavery prisoners or war who were made into slaves so they new what freedom felt like.
Rollerskates (21 days ago)
This is a piss take channel....no true facts just idiot researching.
rob p (21 days ago)
i hope GOD punish every slaver owner and abuser that walked the earth.
The word slave comes from Slavic. My people were the first slaves.
Aj dc (22 days ago)
I did hear the story before that muslim people who started slavery and sale them to europe and America people.
burntheobedient (23 days ago)
Why is any of this horrifying? Slavery was bad but none of this is shocking.
Nelson Bruno (23 days ago)
The sadness part about this video is these pepple who believe this liyaaaars.
Maggie12MD (23 days ago)
#2 Oh no they didn’t have shoes! How terrifying! 🧔🏿- 👞👞 = 😱
Maryann Davey (23 days ago)
Like the shit has stopped. We're POWs!
sm0k1e (23 days ago)
oh no the arab slave dealer! he was the bad guy ! arabs were the ones who came to africa, colonized, and stole it.. and the 2 guys behind him were NOT british solders, nono...
Paul seamons (24 days ago)
Bull shit here
daniel cano (24 days ago)
Veil Break (25 days ago)
The Irish slaves weren't treated better, they were the only ones he said that about! Have to say the white ones didnt have it so bad! This guy does the worst voice over!
jason johnson (26 days ago)
People wouldn't have been buying slaves if kingdom's wouldn't have been selling them
Whitney Forte (16 days ago)
jason johnson no regardless if they were for sale or not you should have common sense that that’s inhuman and cruel!
Sherida Dacres (26 days ago)
I am Jamaican this is a part of our heritage
The first One is wrong. Britain outlawed slavery in 1847
Tae-007 (21 days ago)
Aggro Traveler’s Bucket List right i was like 1907...nawwwwww
where are all the sources as proof
Irbretha Horne (29 days ago)
Who told a white man that he run shxt 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Steve La Croix (30 days ago)
Nice hardly any mention of the Ottoman empire and how most slavery was brown on brown. Arab slavery was way worse than what Christians did not excusing it but there were differences. We didn't even start it, we just joined in and then wrote laws and supported the end of it . Look into medieval Europe tons of history why do you think the first crusades happened? But I am white so I am always wrong, lying or evil. So sick of it all. 1 rocket ship please, humans suck!
theStormaftertheCalm (30 days ago)
Harsh slavery is never a good thing; however, it depends upon the master/slave relationship. If the slave is unruly then it's probably going to be harsh for the slave. Otherwise, slavery has been taking place since the beginning of the human race, even up to now.....outside of the United States. Many people support BDSM, also slavery, where men and women feel compelled to be slaves to other people. Try joining Second Life, spend some time in the realm of BDSM and you will not only find that people use their SIM characters in BDSM but once you get to know them on a personal level they also engage in BDSM in real life that isn't just "role-playing". I find no significance to this video or any other videos that point out slavery but fails to be consistent in pointing out BDSM and sex slavery under Islam. Anyone care to debate this? I'm game for it.
Lana Alison (1 month ago)
I hate when I’m in class and the teacher talks about slavery and almost every white person looks at the black person even though there ancestors were slaves too😒😒
curiosity099 (18 days ago)
They are secretly proud of it. Their ancestors weren’t slaves, unless you go back thousands of years. I got nightmares when we did slavery in class... I dreamt of being owned by my white friends and having to worship at their feet.
Gaming Haste (1 month ago)
your a youtuber slave?..
Truth Seeker (1 month ago)
Islam ban slavery 1440 years ago alhamdullah
Barry Hollon (6 days ago)
I'm completely wrong
Tornado Tornado (29 days ago)
Jasmaine J (1 month ago)
How where the pictures captured ? Was there even cameras??? Wtf this gotta be fake.
Mario Vlatkovic (1 month ago)
USA army going around the world killing thousends of people every year is worse than slavery. Btw, next world war will be faught against USA and enslaving of other countries.
jim james (1 month ago)
Sex slave soldiers should be going to college? In the middle of a war? Bit hard to study when you dead. We are all slaves. If you are governed you are a slave. Unless you have King or Queen as your title you are a slave. Then you dont need a passport or a social security number. Even a Prince is a slave until they take the throne.
Kimberly Depeiza (1 month ago)
Being punished for being tall is very sad but tall people can do thing that short people can't get done. I wander about when some of them where taller than the men
Kimberly Depeiza (1 month ago)
What horrible beings how could they do that to over beings
Sarah Webster (1 month ago)
With only a basic knowledge of history even I can see that this video is massively over dramatised and inaccurate.
TenaciousTiffni Power (1 month ago)
Enslaved ppl wrong language
Znchilly (1 month ago)
Who still had slaves in 1907? Besides African countries themselves? Such as Mauritania. Definitely not the British they abolished slaver in 1833 and the u.s. abolished it in 1865 and Spain abolished it in 1834. So if that picture really was from 1907 chances are he was enslaved by other Africans.
Bobby Millwood (1 month ago)
#6.. the one withe the sex slaves, the girl in the left hand corner is pointing her gun at the man standing over the girl. Let's us know they were still be treated like shit. She should have shot him!!
c0c0nutBeans (1 month ago)
the fuck slaves with shackles in 1907 do you guys have any prior knowledge or do research
Andrew Cannon (1 month ago)
This is stupid. Those "slaves" look better fed than me.
Lauren Southern debunked slavery.
Chris Pestotnik (1 month ago)
Are 7 year olds aloud to watch this?
Hutch5321 (1 month ago)
I'm calling fraudulent photo at 5:36 There is absolutely no way the chain in that photograph was in the original picture. I've no doubt the information presented did indeed happen. But, not in that photograph.
Blackman Freeman (1 month ago)
Not fraudulent at all. Look at the original pic behind that pic. They just enhanced the chains but those are original and marked in history books.
gem thomas (1 month ago)
Fact verse my 🍑 ... Clarify things photo of a slave could have been 1907 but state where ... Cuz as educated ppl stated slavery was outlawed I think in 1807 by the friggin Briits ... don't quote me as to that date but if you quote Gem Thomas author of Satomi on Kindle greatest short story of all time ... Thanks 👏👏👏👏 oh and rename yourself from fact verse to 🐂💩🌌
Lewis (1 month ago)
an error in fact was repeated in your video...picture nu 4 the slave ship...saying the ships crew kidnapped africand... in reality african princes sold other africans to the ship captains as slaves
QUEEN ROYALTY (1 month ago)
Excuse me "Luckily by the time the grew up slavery was over"! WHAT!!!! African Americans are the most despised individuals. Even the one with them wearing clothing your narration is still disgusting! When slavery ended you still have the Jim Crow Era, Reconstruction, etc. Hell & still in 2019 we are murdered for just being but I can find you hundreds of videos showing whites being disrespectful, etc & nothing happen to them. Also what you called Irish slaves were actually indentured servants. Someone paid their way to the states & the repaid them by working for them. They still were treated with some respect because they were white!!! And they still had their freedom. Do better research!!
jim james (1 month ago)
Australia had slavery up until the 70s. White people weren't immune to be enslaved in Australia. Van Diemens land was a slave colony. The after WW2 they shipped child slaves to "rebuild" Australia. The white Australia policy probably saved black people from Australian enslavement. They chased them off onto reservations and depersoned them if not born in a hospital.
Stefan Pigford (1 month ago)
Blacks men & woman need to see what their ancestors went thru maybe they would change from being sorry & worthless in today world
Stefan Pigford (1 month ago)
The AFRICANS now need to learn from their past... Educate themselves & be good citizens of society. NOT CRIMMINALS...
Katherine Sanchez (1 month ago)
Not all Africans were criminals they were forced to be slaves even if they were innocent
West Yorkshire (1 month ago)
The picture of the Black Guy is a prisoner in 1907 when there wasn't Slaves in America and the image of the female sex Slaves being taught how to shoot do I really need to poi t out the obsurdity
I could not have lived back then because I would have been killed for helping set the slaves free!!!!
Cris Gallardo (1 month ago)
The Slave owners were Jews! If you are black & your last name is White, Brown, Green etc, or Coleman, Foreman etc, all of them are Jew last names. KNOW YOUR ENEMY!
eye sight (1 month ago)
2:12 japan woman before ww2
Devonne Marcove (1 month ago)
Shame on white people. I'm white and I'm embarrassed to be. Ashamed to be a human being.
kaytii kaboom (1 month ago)
Some of these facts and dates off asf
Jtem (1 month ago)
Although it's cool that they widened their view of slavery to include even more recent examples, a lot of these photos are misidentified. This isn't history it's hyperbole
Mia Mia (1 month ago)
Hell awaits these slave owners with schackles and chains.
Justice Nguyen (1 month ago)
We really did not treat people good and I feel really bad for the people who had to go through this
Kieran Stark (11 days ago)
We all feel so fuckin' bad for these people.
Copy Cat (1 month ago)
he said "wamen" unironically...
Akram Abd Elraziq (1 month ago)
US is the biggest country that has a bad history with slavery.. Lincoln him self used to own selves! next time try to Mintion US crimes jackass
Learn The truth (1 month ago)
Im glad I'm not born in slavery
Learn The truth (1 month ago)
Im just saying Im glad that i wasn't born in slavery so no need to be so rude
Mia Mia (1 month ago)
If you were born in America , you are a SLAVE. America is not a Country but a CORPORATION. Start typing and do your RESEARCH. Look up They have sold our Birth Certificates and America is a CORPORATION.
Jai Norman (1 month ago)
It's very important to know your history I thank God for education.
Mr. Jackson (1 month ago)
0:18 a slave in 1907? Fun fact no where in the new world had slaves in 1907.
A K (1 month ago)
@Mr. Jackson "not allowed" meant nothing to the British who owned slaves in household in Ghana until 1948
Mr. Jackson (1 month ago)
@A K Well slavery ended in the Americas at least in 1888, when Brazil finally banned it. The British certainly were not allowed to own slaves in 1907
A K (1 month ago)
Mauritania 1981!!!! What a rosy picture of the world you have

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