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Toddler Puts Arms up as Dad Is Arrested

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Footage of a barefoot 2-year-old in Florida with her arms up in the air as police arrest one of her parents is raising eyebrows. Tallahassee police pulled over a vehicle of suspected shoplifters. Two men were handcuffed while a woman was in the car. After the adults exited the vehicle, a small girl’s feet are seen dangling beneath the car door as she was trying to get out. The little girl then mimicked her father, who was under arrest, and put her hands up in the air.
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Brian Ebbs (2 hours ago)
That is not good 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😞
Nancy Glenn (8 hours ago)
it’s funny that the kid has her hands up and that is cute.
Yogi adityanath (12 hours ago)
In foreign countries Even toddlers have some common sense... But my bhakths don't have that 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ascent (20 hours ago)
Ok, the officers weren’t dicks to her but this is still heartbreaking. Why did she know to do that? Little babies shouldn’t know to do that.
Animetrash Trash (21 hours ago)
Little baby like I AIN'T GOING BACK TO JAIL
Ashley Lopez (1 day ago)
Wow what an amazing smart little girl! Bruh she smarter then my sister 😂😂
Rar Ted (1 day ago)
Atleast they use the bodycam footage so other dont call the police pigs and that they shouldn’t aim at babies even tho it dopidnt happen.
Incredible You (1 day ago)
Omg adorable
Jack/titanic/cats (1 day ago)
Game Boy (1 day ago)
It mad me cry 😭
Mayra Millan (1 day ago)
For some reason this breaks my heart
The Random Sarah (2 days ago)
That’s so cute
Noel Antonio (2 days ago)
That baby is kind of smart.
Flor Hernandez (2 days ago)
Baby miss Dada so sad take him out of jail please and because she is so cute she should stay with her dad and not be in jail please take him home with his daughter please you should please please take him out of jail he needs to be with his daughter
Flor Hernandez (2 days ago)
Ya you should take that dad out of jail
Sydney Lam (2 days ago)
That's so sad yo :( so cute.
IDK what I'm doing (3 days ago)
this is adorable!
Hannah Lesniak (3 days ago)
It so cute at least she knows
ghosthuntertango (2 days ago)
she knows because she's watching those "hands up, don't shoot" protests instead of sesame street lol
Shaun Moore (3 days ago)
What if the baby was black
Bjorn Lomo (3 days ago)
I'm still going to watch inside edition at night. The night is still a fetus.
SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ (3 days ago)
*Escalation, retaliation, lie, entrap, harass, cover up, plant evidence, murder, rape murder abuse and traffic children, blue wall of silence, extort, intimidate, violate, manipulate, fabricate, incarcerate.* That's how some police "protect and serve" in *_"this day and age"._* Amen
Duke's Mom (3 days ago)
Let him go after that... 😕😇🙌
Zblackness (3 days ago)
That baby lucky she wasnt black, woulda been gun down like Tamir Rice
Lavs (3 days ago)
Oh god wt the hell is going☺☺ holding up her hands 😘😘😘 within a secs her father was arrested 😅well they should knw rules😊
Lavs (3 days ago)
Baby grl is so cute😘😘
Ceylon M (3 days ago)
That lil girl is not dumb. She have witness something to put her hands up. I don't blame the lil girl not one bit. I don't trust no cops.
Tha investor (3 days ago)
I wish God and Jesus strike lightning like a flick top of these dumb motherfuckas heads with guns and let it literally hurts worse than a tattoo needle
decplayz (3 days ago)
Globaled (3 days ago)
pointing pistols and ars at a family for suspected shoplifting? can we just get wiped by a meteor or korea already
Lilith {SCP-5002} (3 days ago)
Awwww she’s like: I wanna go with daddy
Hey There (4 days ago)
Should have hidden the gun on the baby and they never would have found it lol. Jk people, don't get your panties in a bunch lmao
Valerie Bradshaw (4 days ago)
Lls poor baby
Fortnite Gir (4 days ago)
FairyTail Girl (4 days ago)
That girl is so cute!
AJ Lucky007 (4 days ago)
Logan Hatcher (4 days ago)
If a damn 2 year old knows how to respect police and follow rules... then why the hell can't grown ass adults!?
biju joze (4 days ago)
The baby 'please leave my Daddy alone, you can arrest me'
biju joze (4 days ago)
This broke my heart
Wow this is actually pretty sad.
jane dais (4 days ago)
Well done police for not shooting in the car and killing my daddy like you did that black man Sterling for a broken tail light.
MIKE J (4 days ago)
I have a two-year-old little girl and this breaks my heart.
Jeymond Mortel (4 days ago)
I cry when i saw the baby..😭😭
i am uchiha (4 days ago)
What if she became a cop one day
MDHK (4 days ago)
If that was a black baby, baby would've got shot
Kade Morrison (4 days ago)
People assuming the worst of the police
Richard erazo (4 days ago)
Sad and cute at the same time never seen that in my life
Unicorngaming (4 days ago)
This child is smarter than me!
Summer Paws (4 days ago)
Boy! That in my town
lucks 3663 (4 days ago)
That makes me sick
Charlene Miller (4 days ago)
I want her to be my child
Sarah Kim (4 days ago)
Aww cute and sad at the same time.
fabulous queen (5 days ago)
Soooo fucken sad that children at young age have to go through this...
Treasure Box (5 days ago)
Charleme Salomon (5 days ago)
At least they didn't gun down her father right in front of her.
James Carlin (5 days ago)
Surprised she didn't get shot...run out in traffic you didn't even grab her ..
j d (5 days ago)
Come on people
LadyTea (5 days ago)
If it was a Black baby boy they would have killed it.
Bailey D (5 days ago)
Omg this soooo heart warming😢😢😢😢😭😭💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Ken Ford (5 days ago)
Peachy 148_ (5 days ago)
*its a baby with a gun* But srsly this is adorable
Ninfa Batchelor (5 days ago)
This just make me cray seeing this litter doll walking to her daddy. Wow to sad
muzica ally (5 days ago)
He did it for his family children and wife, but only he goes jail!
Ghacha Kate (5 days ago)
That is so cute and ADORABLE
Ava Loves animals (5 days ago)
I just love how the baby 🍼 just put her hands up and surrenderd 🍼🍼🤣
Lorraine Ross (5 days ago)
Just doing my job (5 days ago)
Don't click on read more Read more
CRIP ZOE (5 days ago)
Kids remember it's a gift now she will be in fear for life in spirit what she see her dad went threw she will end up like her dad sorry to say
LiFE 707 (5 days ago)
Ohhh maah Gawwwd
Alfred Ritcher (5 days ago)
The real surprise is that the cops did not shoot the baby
Mia Tommy (5 days ago)
Smart child!😌🙃
Nelson Chubby (5 days ago)
I'm sorry but if the baby was black it would of ended differently...
Leon Hawkins (5 days ago)
Nosey as hell
enrichking (5 days ago)
Why US always intervening other countries while it has their own issues like this to attend?
Basem Basta (5 days ago)
Very sad..
Cookie Xp (5 days ago)
Next thing you know it the wife is cheating with the police officer that helped her
Nykka Joyce Quezon (5 days ago)
The Hate U Give
Aniya marie Scott (5 days ago)
Poor love😢
J.-Army S. (5 days ago)
Mervins Fantastix (5 days ago)
Stupid cops 👮 I swear they now in days do nothing .
AJ Lucky007 (4 days ago)
This is sad.
Tajodin Saiyed (5 days ago)
Idiot police
AJ Lucky007 (4 days ago)
The police didn't even do anything bad wtf
kvnjspr (5 days ago)
Smart little girl.. Got the cops figured out early in life. I'm surprised she wasn't handcuffed .
RFI-Crypto Lab (5 days ago)
Real good parenting
Yasmine Chachoui (5 days ago)
This is so sad. Poor little baby
dozer882 (5 days ago)
So she is used to seeing her dad's ass getting hauled off to jail such great memories I'm sure
earrth911 (5 days ago)
Welcome to the real terror, Amerikkka.
Why did they get arrested?
suraj dahal (5 days ago)
absolutely heartbreaking to watch
Ryan Faustino (5 days ago)
Thats pretty sad..
Lani Hancock (5 days ago)
What do you people take policeman for
Just Danny (5 days ago)
If black People acted like this when they got pulled over there will be less of them getting shot. Take notes ! Shut up hands up and let them do there job.
Unwritten Deeds (5 days ago)
This breaks my heart...jesus
Sum mer (5 days ago)
This your world people...there you go.
Baby: oh boy here we go again 😣🙄🙄🙄
F.B.I. (6 days ago)
I think she thought she was getting arrested
David Deleon Deleon (6 days ago)
Surprised he didnt gun her down in fear of his life😒
**child proceeds to pull out gun**
Brad Libby (6 days ago)
A 2 or 3 year old can hold their hands up but any ghetto adult cant
nebula tea ღ (6 days ago)
Don't read more. your 2019 is no longer cursed, no you dont have to like and you dont have to like those "ur 2019 cursed liek to undo!!!" comments either.
niraja Birhade (1 day ago)
Ruby Gomez (2 days ago)
+earthworm sally it's earthworm Sally spreading diseases from Florida to Cali
OPOLO POLO (3 days ago)
Shyvids X (3 days ago)
Omg thank you
S- Tale (3 days ago)
+earthworm sally exactly. Yes it's for fun or whatever but that's how it's like. It's not just curses. It could be sadness etc. Plus that was just an example.

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