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First Time Trying GHANAIAN FOOD!! Amazing Palm Nut Soup in Accra, Ghana, West Africa!

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First time eating Ghanaian Food in Ghana, West Africa! ►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: http://bit.ly/MarkWiensSubscribe ►T-shirts and caps available now: https://migrationology.com/store/ This was Day 1 of my trip to Ghana - searching out amazing Ghanian, West African food! So I wasn’t totally sure all that I was doing - but this is part of the reason I love traveling and going to places I have never been before - it gives you the chance to learn, and try new things. Heavy-Do Chop Bar - First restaurant we stopped at in Accra, is Heavy-Do Chop Bar, don’t you love the name? Now a Chop Bar in Ghana is a local style restaurant, oftentimes in a home-like compound or in the backyard. This place is quite well known in Ghana, and they are known for a reason, their food is incredible. I didn’t know it until eating there, but one of their specialties is omo tuo, which are Ghanaian style rice balls, eaten with a variety of different meats and soups. I ordered the rice balls with palm nut soup and red fish. It was insanely delicious! Lolonyo Tilapia Base (Duncan's Pub) - For dinner on my first day in Accra, Ghana, we headed over to a legendary place to eat grilled tilapia. The actual restaurant is called Lolonyo Tilapia Base, but most people know it as Duncan's Pub, which is right next to the fish spot. In the evening, people come here to eat grilled Ghanaian style tilapia, and it’s excellent. Along with the grilled fish, the part I loved the most was the pepper sauce - a chili mix that was extraordinary. This was just my first day eating Ghanaian food in Accra, Ghana. I learned a lot, and I have a few more amazing West African food tours of Ghana coming up! MUSIC: https://goo.gl/HwVjdo ***CAMERA GEAR*** I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: http://amzn.to/2sV0XQO Main lens: http://amzn.to/2szLZNf 2nd lens: http://amzn.to/2EjBeEg Microphone: http://amzn.to/2rBKD3z Drone: http://amzn.to/2CrtAHz I would love to connect with you! Instagram: https://instagram.com/migrationology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrationology T-shirts available now: https://migrationology.com/store/
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Text Comments (2958)
sandhana mary (7 hours ago)
Idly and meen kulambu😜😜😋😋😋😋
Ohetuk Video. (1 day ago)
Come Bangladesh
nvr2serious cc (1 day ago)
Im filipino and dont know much of Ghanaian or african food. This looks delicious!!! Mark Wiens cross cultural bounds!! Entertaining and educational. Awesome
Veronica Mensh (2 days ago)
this is amazing, I have missed my local food
ashok kumar (2 days ago)
It's indian idly and fish curry
Hajia Odo (3 days ago)
Proudly Ghanaian ❤
kotresh mulemath (3 days ago)
fake expression..
princess doll (3 days ago)
pakistan missing you😊
laviler (4 days ago)
Can you give me the name of where you bought the grilled Tilapia? I really want to visit this place. Am a Ghanaian but I don’t know this food joint.
Miss Rachel (5 days ago)
The oil in that food.....Just floats......Anyone worried by alot of oil like me
kulio nuel (5 days ago)
My man
You filmed your visit to Ghana very well. I truly appreciate the way you respected the culture and the cuisine and our African Hospitality.
Jonithan Fosu (6 days ago)
I am from Ghana!!!
Lil money (7 days ago)
He can Ghana probably ugh
Fadilu Haruna (7 days ago)
Ghanaian food is really sweet I love Ghanaian food a lot
della Evelyn (8 days ago)
Hi i watch you sometimes you are very courageous, next time come over to barbados where Rihanna comes from,Blessings take care.
Efua Koomson (8 days ago)
I am a true Ghanaian living in the UK now. Fun of food and love the way you described our continental dishes. I salute. I miss home cho!
Bern M (9 days ago)
What song is this? Please. 0:35
Great future (9 days ago)
Ghana Boy (10 days ago)
This my first time watching your video and I will not watch till the end before I subscribe. You r awesome and welcome to Ghana
Aklima Aktar (11 days ago)
Please come in Bangladesh for eating delicious food
Vivian KanKam (11 days ago)
Hey 1st I'd carry spoon in my purse.lol and those Ghanian men are sexy chocolate with almonds!😉 omg
Sajid Bhat (11 days ago)
plz come on Kashmir for wazwaan .wazwaan izz our famous dish in srinagar
Sajid Bhat (11 days ago)
I like u r videos too much
frank yey (12 days ago)
this is ridiculous mark? IT IS RIDICULOUS? '0x0'
takiya palmer (12 days ago)
Ghana sweet place been there a lot
Felix Cross (12 days ago)
Please you chew the fish 🐟 and tomato 🍅 and onions, then you swallow the banku with the chewed fish 🐠
Felix Cross (12 days ago)
You can’t go wrong in Ghana, everyday is a party for us. So when u travel you always wanna go back for Christmas 🎄 and Easter 🐣. Ghana 🇬🇭 is a lovely and friendly country.
FREAQU (13 days ago)
Why play Jamaican music play Ghana music. ???
Veronica Ogbomo (13 days ago)
I love Mark's charisma cool dude showing ghana and what it represents seriously love it!!!
Veronica Ogbomo (13 days ago)
Please can we stop this jollof foolery,I'm nigerian and I'm married to a ghanian and I think both are great ! The only reason why they taste slightly different is because ghanians use jasmine rice and add ginger to their jollof and Nigerians use parboiled rice and we like to use more pepper so it has more heat,all in all they both are delicious, I wish we could use our energy to promote each other because at the end of the day we are all one and if we could just wake up and stop saying who is better we would be a powerful nation,that wouldn't allow other countries to come and take what's not their's we are already rich in culture etc! Do you see caucasians saying whose better in dis and dat?
Shakim D Alorka (13 days ago)
Mark you really making my mouth watery. Oh and what a beautiful city and friendly people.
Rita Bonsu (14 days ago)
Yummy yummy🇬🇭🤣
matilda Enoku (15 days ago)
You were very happy Come to my country next time
ugbor onyinye (15 days ago)
This their soup looks like our banga soup. While you guys are here arguing whose food is better, I really don't care. I love food and want to taste all.
ugbor onyinye (15 days ago)
I'd really love to visit Ghana.
Jay Jay (16 days ago)
Hi im from Philippines. I want to try ghanaian food!!! 😍
olive mugo (16 days ago)
This fish reminds me of mama oliech's fish here in Kenya
Aydan Elizade (17 days ago)
Two Years ago one of my friend visited Africa. She has been in many contrues but she always told that Africa the best of all.
Fabiola Lima (18 days ago)
Nana Akua (19 days ago)
Love my beloved country Ghana
Chander Sital (19 days ago)
Very nice video jai hind
SoAndSo (20 days ago)
That's Indian Idly and curries. And they calling it Soup. The white one is Idly. I hate People copying Indian food and saying it is their own food. Where is the Original Ghanaian food???
Nana Abena (7 days ago)
SoAndSo This is very different from Indian curry. It’s cooked with palmnut extract, I doubt you guys even have that in India. Do your research!
Raj Dhimal (20 days ago)
Who is reading comments, while watching 🤔🤔🤔
Pradeep Chauhan (21 days ago)
Ghanian food and people are just awesome...as it depicted in my this video...
Luvo Ntombela (21 days ago)
Gigi Smith (22 days ago)
I love your spirit. It is so beautiful and warm. 😍😁
Saranya Sounder (22 days ago)
is that our idli
?32 ?32 (22 days ago)
Does anyone know the name of this song on minute 9 : 20 seconds where he is eating and rinsing his hand off on the blue Bowl he plays a couple more times during the video but I can't seem to find it,very good video, the food looked good and friendly people i like that👍and definitely liked the reggae music too
R Carla M Saint Juste (22 days ago)
you do find this food in Haiti too, and it's named Tomtom ... BTW nice video
Eunice Borketey (23 days ago)
Wooow ghana for u akwaaba
Olaitan Garuba (23 days ago)
Nice food
Carlton mujem (23 days ago)
I just can't help but like the video, such a warm vibe
Venus Priyadarshini (23 days ago)
Wow Africa seems to be like India! But, at least you Africans though you exchange your gold and diamonds for American's iron cars and concrete and other plastic and chemical inventions never lose your basic needs like Reproductive Seeds, surface water resources because of bores, plant & trees all God given country varieties. Never replace them with controllable hybrid seeds, by seeing false abundance nor size of grains, hybrid fish, farm chicken, etc., All their Inventions' will cause only diseases and Death! Moreover they only spread diseases like Cholera, Malaria, AIDS, Ebola with lab made viruses and bacteria and act as if they supply medicine and cure it for free. But it's a trap to make us buy their chemical medicines which is dangerous, gradually they will make us get addicted and increase the prices. Rich whites are dangerous from snow countries like Europeans now working from America(Tall, Fair skin and white hair like snow animals, long nose ,thin lips are their features), And Desert Muslims they are also dangerous! But, believe only in Yeshaua Masshaich ie Lord Jesus Christ! Though black we tropical and Equatorial people are naturally good, off course bad people are there in us too! Because, God has given us everything to lead life, except natural calamities that occur rarely like famine, flood we will naturally be Innocent. Run away or chase all whites or people from America, Europe and middle East, they may look good but are very cunning and deceptive human varieties! That's why Bible says Beauty and Intelligence deceives (1Samuel 16:7, Proverbs 31:30, Isaiah 14:12-14, Ezekiel 28:13-19)! Also mind that in their desert and snow countries nothing is there that's why they come to our countries but they are very cunning like desert snakes and snow foxes, that's why with their color and acting they try to control us, instead of requesting us for accommodation and living in harmony, they try to exalt themselves and oppress blacks! In India we Native Indians, little bit like you Africans, our country has also 3 sides water and so humidity. Here we are suffering because of Desert people from 3000 years and country was one of the most Intruded and invaded country from Ancient times! We allowed them and are washing their toilets, now things are little better! These people of Varna System ie Hindus who built all River Valley Civilizations like Mesapatomia, Ancient Egyptian Civilization, Indus Valley, etc., But, they are twisting the facts and telling the world that Blacks were Ancient Egyptians! All these things were given to me by Holy Spirit God! As God made us from soil and Environmental Conditions moulded our genes, we Humans are different it applies even to Animals, plants and trees! This should be understood. We blacks shouldn't bow down to whites!
Venus Priyadarshini (23 days ago)
You white people feel so proud to use bloody chemical hand wash in the name of cleanless! Is Rediculous it pollutes the waters and Earth as well it goes into your stomach! Why don't u understand!? Do not wash with hand wash or soap before eating, if u want you can wash like that after eating!
Venus Priyadarshini (23 days ago)
Wow Africa seems to be like India! But, at least you Africans though you exchange your gold and diamonds for American's iron cars and concrete and other plastic and chemical inventions never lose your basic needs like Reproductive Seeds, surface water, plant trees all country varieties never replace with controllable hybrid seeds, by seeing false abundance nor size of grains, hybrid fish, farm chicken, etc., All will cause diseases!
yojana pawaskar (23 days ago)
The way you eat it awesome... Reaction which you gives while eating is too good Welcome in India...
tima bakariii (24 days ago)
Do you only go to Ghana for you videos
251 L A N D (24 days ago)
Mark: @9:30 "There is nothing like eating to Reggae... " Sums it up!
Kofi Afriyie (25 days ago)
I know heavy do.. I used to go there with my friends back in 0'5-'06 after school and order a huge fufu meal with chicken soup.. it is located in kokomlemle, Accra.. not too far from my primary school Deyoungster's international school.. miss those days
Lamini Saeed (28 days ago)
My nigerian friend turns jealous 😂
Danso Foster (25 days ago)
kawsar moqadsa (29 days ago)
Mark when are you coming to ankara? We are waiting for you.
BETHIRAJ BALU (29 days ago)
Dear I am your Fan I will never miss your videos . Please one time u must visit South India particularly Tamilnadu and Karnataka . We have Numerous Non veg and Veg foods.In our Country particularly in Tamilnadu more Traditional foods . welcome dear
nazmul Haque (1 month ago)
Hi..how r u?
Audrey Payton (1 month ago)
I enjoy watching mark he describes the foods so well make me want to try some keep it going mark..
sara shaikh (1 month ago)
After eating food u r expression awesome😊
wow,, Ghanian women can cook, i have Jamaican Father and Tanzanian East African(Kilimanjaro) mom, i would love to date Ghanian girl one day, i like to eat, and i find they are the best chef, in South africa, where i lived i use to go eat at Ghanian and Nigerian Restaurant, i was very unlucky to get Ghanian or Naija chick, few of them here, peace and light Ghanian and naija , west africans women as whole, lot of men down here, women can cook and they are so beautiful.
Thanh Thanh (1 month ago)
I very like looking face Mark When he eat 😂😂😂woooo....uuuuu... Very nice.... Make me feeling hungry 🤣
Faith Craig (1 month ago)
Go Home white boy
GerenalMax (1 month ago)
I'm loving your videos so much. Thanks for the beautiful display of Ghana. Next time you come to Ghana, you can drop by my mum's restaurant. Also in Osu. Its called Ricky's Bar and Restaurant.
My interests (1 month ago)
This idly and curry in India
V Happy (1 month ago)
Ghanian people are friendly but they gossip a lot
V Happy (1 month ago)
I personally do not eat or touch Ghanian food apart from jollof rice bcz their food looks nasty
V Happy (1 month ago)
The food looks nasty tbh
SHORX (12 days ago)
loool these Nigerians 🤦🏾‍♂️
Emmanuel Uko (1 month ago)
Marks face at 6:40 ....priceless L O L !!!
Nilz Perera (1 month ago)
Its not sauce that u claim to be..come down to sri lanka where u will find better cleanliness food.. bdw we call it curry..
Sri Priya (1 month ago)
I'm Indian....
Sri Priya (1 month ago)
When he was eating fish I also doing oooooo😋😉.... mouth watering.....
Yxng Ash (1 month ago)
I feel proud to be a half-Ghanaian now
Alin Petrus (1 month ago)
They are so friendly!
Johnson Faddool (1 month ago)
I am half Ghanaian and half Lebanese and lived in Ghana all my life and thankful to God that a half of me comes from the wonderful humble Ashanti people. I'm also thankful to God that He's blessed all tribes of Ghana with humility and hospitality. God continue to bless Ghana.
Cuthbert W Chance (1 month ago)
Hi Mark MY Name is Cuthbert from Brooklyn NYC i am planning to travel to.Ghana in 2019 love the video on food market
vincent ngesa (1 month ago)
When are you coming to Somalia
Smiley Jean (1 month ago)
Anyone know the name of the reggae music that says...we come a long way with along way to go...
Your facial reaction to every first bite is priceless....I love watching you travel videos with your adorable family, I feel like I am on vacation just watching your videos.
utpal sarmah (1 month ago)
Brenda Kite (1 month ago)
Dude sitting behind Mark, YASSSSSSSSSS! Very nice , very nice delicious yeah, you don't get it any where except in Ghana! @5:52.
Roodchiba Pierre (1 month ago)
Hey Mark I am from Haiti you should try going to Haiti and trying their food
spent 1 (1 month ago)
this guy must have the shits after ever show..
Amit Chawla (1 month ago)
Food is looking good
Tupou Finucane (1 month ago)
The starchy ball. Isn't it also known as fufu.? That is so delicious.
funnsun Florida (1 month ago)
Ooooh that looks delicious 😋
Suzanne Manvell (1 month ago)
love your posts Mark - we are travelling to Ghana in Feburary.
doreen sekyi (1 month ago)
beautiful video,great one
Shoshana Smith (1 month ago)
Tilapia certainly doesn't look like that in the United States I'm an American citizen I live in America and I no longer eat tilapia it's considered the most dangerous and dirtiest fish produced in America. That Tilapia looks fresh, good and healthy.
Right...I'm jamaican but I live in the states and some Americans frown upon me for eating fish like this with the bone and head intact but they fail to understand that it's fresher and healthier this way.
Kerby Stlouis (1 month ago)
I dont think anyone could be mean you have such a positive vibe and great smile !!! Cool guy!
Neha Saha (1 month ago)
Deepthi Kondamena (1 month ago)
Am from India
Deepthi Kondamena (1 month ago)
You never loose smile on your Face in every video.. And your energy levels are always stable from beginning to ending of video... Your simply awesome guy....
Deepthi Kondamena (1 month ago)
After tasting every recepie you give an awesome expression.. And your expression itself is a energy to sheff🙂

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