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First Time Trying GHANAIAN FOOD!! Amazing Palm Nut Soup in Accra, Ghana, West Africa!

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First time eating Ghanaian Food in Ghana, West Africa! ►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: http://bit.ly/MarkWiensSubscribe ►T-shirts and caps available now: https://migrationology.com/store/ This was Day 1 of my trip to Ghana - searching out amazing Ghanian, West African food! So I wasn’t totally sure all that I was doing - but this is part of the reason I love traveling and going to places I have never been before - it gives you the chance to learn, and try new things. Heavy-Do Chop Bar - First restaurant we stopped at in Accra, is Heavy-Do Chop Bar, don’t you love the name? Now a Chop Bar in Ghana is a local style restaurant, oftentimes in a home-like compound or in the backyard. This place is quite well known in Ghana, and they are known for a reason, their food is incredible. I didn’t know it until eating there, but one of their specialties is omo tuo, which are Ghanaian style rice balls, eaten with a variety of different meats and soups. I ordered the rice balls with palm nut soup and red fish. It was insanely delicious! Lolonyo Tilapia Base (Duncan's Pub) - For dinner on my first day in Accra, Ghana, we headed over to a legendary place to eat grilled tilapia. The actual restaurant is called Lolonyo Tilapia Base, but most people know it as Duncan's Pub, which is right next to the fish spot. In the evening, people come here to eat grilled Ghanaian style tilapia, and it’s excellent. Along with the grilled fish, the part I loved the most was the pepper sauce - a chili mix that was extraordinary. This was just my first day eating Ghanaian food in Accra, Ghana. I learned a lot, and I have a few more amazing West African food tours of Ghana coming up! MUSIC: https://goo.gl/HwVjdo ***CAMERA GEAR*** I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: http://amzn.to/2sV0XQO Main lens: http://amzn.to/2szLZNf 2nd lens: http://amzn.to/2EjBeEg Microphone: http://amzn.to/2rBKD3z Drone: http://amzn.to/2CrtAHz I would love to connect with you! Instagram: https://instagram.com/migrationology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrationology T-shirts available now: https://migrationology.com/store/
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Text Comments (2816)
Roodchiba Pierre (1 day ago)
Hey Mark I am from Haiti you should try going to Haiti and trying their food
spent 1 (2 days ago)
this guy must have the shits after ever show..
Amit Chawla (4 days ago)
Food is looking good
Tupou Finucane (4 days ago)
The starchy ball. Isn't it also known as fufu.? That is so delicious.
funnsun Florida (5 days ago)
Ooooh that looks delicious 😋
Suzanne Manvell (5 days ago)
love your posts Mark - we are travelling to Ghana in Feburary.
doreen sekyi (5 days ago)
beautiful video,great one
Shoshana Smith (6 days ago)
Tilapia certainly doesn't look like that in the United States I'm an American citizen I live in America and I no longer eat tilapia it's considered the most dangerous and dirtiest fish produced in America. That Tilapia looks fresh, good and healthy.
Kerby Stlouis (6 days ago)
I dont think anyone could be mean you have such a positive vibe and great smile !!! Cool guy!
Neha Saha (6 days ago)
Deepthi Kondamena (7 days ago)
Am from India
Deepthi Kondamena (7 days ago)
You never loose smile on your Face in every video.. And your energy levels are always stable from beginning to ending of video... Your simply awesome guy....
Deepthi Kondamena (7 days ago)
After tasting every recepie you give an awesome expression.. And your expression itself is a energy to sheff🙂
Oliver Fernandes (7 days ago)
Jus loved d background song...any idea on the song details
Unexpected Return (7 days ago)
yes, teach the white people and their disgusting fish fingers and chips, teach them!!
Journal of traits (8 days ago)
I live your energy and passion for food ! Thank you for depicting Africa positively and how amazing our food is ☺️☺️☺️☺️
jalila love (8 days ago)
I wish I could learn how to make this stew it looks so fantastic.
Efia Serwaa (8 days ago)
16:00 nooo that's not how u eat banku and also we don't chew u put the banku with the pepper and thats it no need to chew
Mike Thompson (8 days ago)
Looks like japanese rice ball
Bold Love (9 days ago)
My mouth is watering! 😋
the dock of the Bay (10 days ago)
Dear mark, i am.always waiting for that" ...ohhhhhh"... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Die Daily (12 days ago)
Song name in the intro?
Lady Jam (12 days ago)
This reminds me of Jamaica which is no surprise, this is the first place I will visit in Africa
Mj Nut (14 days ago)
I love how you describe every step of your meal ! I'm enjoying it with u ! Something is surprising me now... Have you eaten all this soup alone ??? Goog Job !
Virgen Lopez (15 days ago)
Really enjoyed this video. I don't eat fish and this made want to have fish. Loved the ambiance and those ladies look like they can cook. 💕
Sharen Quaye (15 days ago)
Oh GHANA 😍😍🇬🇭🇬🇭
BeautyAndBrainsGirls (15 days ago)
Yummy !
Juli Anna (16 days ago)
Why are you so cute lol I love ur spirit
Steve Henderson (17 days ago)
Your facial expressions are priceless! 😂😂
Dede Ayinorkie (17 days ago)
I can almost swear Ghana has been your best. Really hope I can host you one day
C Bur (22 days ago)
I like how food just smells good on camera, your eyes as you eat tho! 😳. Fish very healthy. Plus a very clean food market, can see the beautiful women/men😘 cleaning and clearing things up, 👍bubbly beautiful Ghana. Love the flooring what kind of stone is that?
Nsong Antoine (22 days ago)
Mark Wiens is a great world citizen.
prettymalishka1 (22 days ago)
Mark I am waiting for you in Cote d'Ivoire. Amazing food
Sky Ocean (22 days ago)
stupid is not rice at least get your facts right its bank or kasava
Cynthia Larbi (19 days ago)
Is rice ball.
suresh Kumar (23 days ago)
Ghanaian foods same as Indian food😀😋😍😍
😭 this guy is so happy and bubbly. I was smiling throughout the whole video
Denise Fiscian (24 days ago)
I’m American and my husband is Ghanaian and go there 3 times a year and your right the food is fabulous and the people are great from the instant you meet them, I’ve. Travelled the world to and could honestly say that is one place in Accra I could actually live the culture is very adaptable 😍🌎I love all your videos specially the Ghana ones do more please
Naaafia (25 days ago)
Mark , I love the way you love Ghana ❤️
Mimin April03 (25 days ago)
What is the title of song in 8:29 its really soothing
chantal piot (25 days ago)
My best time ever in ..ghana -accra ..i will never forget you ..i see you back soon .grts .out Belgium ..eticien 😉
Khun Mark is look like bkk ..foods and surrounding you must miss your home Thailand smiling man😁😁
Isah Koroma (26 days ago)
wow amazing
Abdossamad Benmohamed (26 days ago)
ثقافة الاكل..!!!
Sarah coulibaly (26 days ago)
Haasaa ce Mr mange beaucoup et il ne grossit pas😂😂😅😂😂
Jeremiah F (27 days ago)
I will have to keep a spoon and fork in my bag 💼
Sweet Gomez (27 days ago)
Linnie210 (27 days ago)
Hahaha Ghanaians and their accent. It's called Pepper and not pepe. Hilarious!!!
Martha Frimpong (28 days ago)
You are so amazing and you did really well. I can't believe you were talking and eating at the same time. This soup is eaten in silence or else hmmmm.....my ghanaian people will testify to it.
Fox News (28 days ago)
Eating total crap and fakeing it is good. Does'n't even know what fufu is. This is as fake as Chinas adibas running shoes.
mamz1982 (28 days ago)
You and your family are so sweet I love your infectious enthusiasm
Suresh Dharmaraj (29 days ago)
The rice balls look like an Indian dish called "idli". Everything looks so delicious!!!!!!
Kelly Greene (29 days ago)
Look how big Micah's grown!!!
Dametris Wess (29 days ago)
AMAZING, So AMAZING! !! Loved this trip and video. How long is flight to Ghana ?
Jely.k music (1 month ago)
Neg Ste. Lucie (1 month ago)
Where does this custom of touching fists originate? Is it the Caribbean or Africa? I notice the whole world is doing it now.
Marcia Bradshaw (1 month ago)
OMG the food looks delicious
mannyfly84 (1 month ago)
Watching your videos from people around the world really shows how kind and loving people can be to each other. Thank you and be safe.
Mansi Biswas (1 month ago)
Wowoooo sooo yumm👌👌👌👌
Danielle Pickering (1 month ago)
Looks great, then it came out unexpectedly and violently. Flew home with ebola
Paulina Konadu (23 days ago)
Hope u die out of ebola...foool
Chao Fan de Sal (1 month ago)
That was kinda gross not using utensils in a food with sauce..
Chao Fan de Sal (23 days ago)
+Paulina Konadu Well It's also in our tradition to use hand in eating our food. But with these sauces. Gosh that's disgusting.
Paulina Konadu (23 days ago)
What is gross...u think the world thinks and live like u..grow up and stop that childish talk
Adam Amina (1 month ago)
Come again
Adam Amina (1 month ago)
Thanks for coming u really makes as proud
Army Boy (1 month ago)
Perfect song each time he eats.."long way to go" 😂👍
erica thompson (1 month ago)
You should go to Guyana
Tutik Tutik (1 month ago)
Liban Sharif (1 month ago)
West African food smells very bad
Paulina Konadu (23 days ago)
Like your country...fool
aeroO bics (1 month ago)
This Guy always makes me smile, he seems just so happy :)
Gordon Anderson (1 month ago)
Don’t go to Nigeria otherwise Igbos will cook HUMAN FLESH for you to eat..
Mikey Fal 23 (1 month ago)
No forks or spoons wtf
Noona Noona (1 month ago)
Mark you go all the world just iraq why
marty mart (1 month ago)
we don't need a freaky white man to tell us about ghana or Africa in general... white boy go back your home with your people and leave us alone.. its nothing you can tell black people about ghana your a joke
AMP TVgh (1 month ago)
Giovanna Persaud (1 month ago)
Number#1 of my favorite one of your shows🙏💘💛💚😘😍👊👊👊
Fifi G (1 month ago)
My first stop in Accra will definitely be at Heavy Do Chop Bar.....
young starz (1 month ago)
Mark Wien's thank god you no the secret of Africa food I'm so happy seing u smile with eating bancu Plz come to my country Gambia
H Ju (1 month ago)
Waaoooo 😃😃😃
harriet sjostrom (1 month ago)
You are amaaazing... The way u eat lol. Awesome.
Thuvaraga Gnanasegaram (1 month ago)
By watching this video, i am thinking that there are a lot of similarities between Ghanian food and sri lankan food. the sauce look exactly like what sri lankans eat except we eat it most of the time with rice.
Paulina Konadu (23 days ago)
True...we eat it with rice......what he is eating is rice....but rolled it into balls
Ryan Smith (1 month ago)
Love u man.Live
Margy Martins (1 month ago)
I love Ghanaian people
Desi Q (1 month ago)
I love the look you get when you taste food for the first bite. Keep up the good work Mark. Great Job.
Mr H9736 (1 month ago)
Great work Mark! Your energy, attitude and videos will help change the world for the better.
ButacuP PucatuB (1 month ago)
Ghanaians have this great technique of using their fingers to eat. It’s similar to the scoop and push technique I’ve seen in other cultures. I love that you tried eating their style in order to better enjoy the food. I loved how the women were saying the food is well balanced but doesn’t skimp on the good stuff. To me, this is what truly makes a good meal!!! I also loved that you talked to the locals and made friends. Thanks for being so nice as to take us along for the ride.
I really appreciate the culture but I dont think i could eat food with so much sauce with my hands.Is it okay or possible to get both a fork and spoon? spoon for the sauce and a fork to pick up the food? or would me doing that be a faux paux?/
Paulina Konadu (23 days ago)
When whites eat pizza with their hands people dont complain..but when african uses his hand to eat ..u see people complaining why.....what has the african done to u people
Joshua Gates (1 month ago)
akwaaba means. "you went and u r. back." it recognises that we all ones came from one family. its welcoming back a long gone brother and sister. ghanaians are the best brothers and sisyer to anyone.. do u agree MR MARK???
hodn sumedocin (1 month ago)
the way you taste the food .your eyes wide open ,makes me wanna eat
No1 Nicechick (1 month ago)
You should try Nigeria
No1 Nicechick (1 month ago)
Chop means eat 😁
Superwoman ! (1 month ago)
I love them. They are so friendly!
Grace Zashi (1 month ago)
The guy flippin the fish using nothin but hand..man that was pure talent
nii nortei Nortey (1 month ago)
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Awa Falla Seck (1 month ago)
have you visited senegal yet ?
Alvine Tchagop (1 month ago)
I'm from Cameroon living in MN and I'm dating a Ghanaian we will get married in June I'm super exited 😍🤗
Paulina Konadu (23 days ago)
judy girl angelisah (1 month ago)
im starting to lv this man he eat like an African thank u so much man for showing the world some lv this is trully lv
Natasha Freeman (1 month ago)
I would love to go to the Land of the Living #Ghana 🙏🙏🙏😊
yaw boadu (1 month ago)
I love this TV series # I Travel for Food.
Leena Panicker (1 month ago)
I Love ,Mark expression after tasting food ,....😍
Tham SanQa (1 month ago)
Lol....Mark saying there is nothing like eating to raggae 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Tham SanQa (1 month ago)
Ghanaian food has copious amounts of soup/sauce. I like that😋😋😋🤤🤤🤤
Cadren Gamer (1 month ago)
lol i am in ghana

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