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HOW TO POSE IN PHOTOS - 9 Tricks Pros Use to Look Perfect!

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HOW TO POSE IN PHOTOS - 9 TRICKS PROS USE TO LOOK PERFECT ADVANCED SELFIE UNIVERSITY: https://bit.ly/2BJ4V4B MY PRESETS: https://sellfy.com/sorelleamore MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) - https://bit.ly/2IwOW8C MY GEAR: https://kit.com/sorelleamore Knowing how to pose will help you look your best in photos and feel your best in life. There's nothing more crushing than leaving the home, feeling amazing, only to have your photo taken when you're out and thinking you must have been crazy thinking you looked good because the photo is horrible! But it's most likely just because you don't know how to pose and bring the best out of your features. Knowing how to pose means knowing how to position your body, position your head and using specific facial expressions, as well as knowing what not to do in posing, what you should do and how to pose in group photos so you don't stand out as that 'ugly friend' (again, you're not ugly, it's just your lack of skills in posing). This video is FILLED with amazing techniques and I also analyse professional models and their poses to help you understand how to pose and how to look your best. I hope you enjoyed this video! Send your photos through if you would like to have me critique your poses. Email address is at the end of the video. Lots of love always, Sorelle Amore Stalk my other channels: INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/sorelleamore TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/sorelleamore FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/sorelleamore WEBSITE: http://www.sorelleamore.com Here is the link of equipment I use: MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) - https://bit.ly/2IwOW8C MY GEAR: https://kit.com/sorelleamore Big Vlogging Camera: http://amzn.to/2vKnLEw Main Big Camera: http://amzn.to/2vKPKUu Big Sigma Lens: http://amzn.to/2wDzsJv Converter for Sigma Lens To Sony: http://amzn.to/2vKE18v Gorilla Tripod: http://amzn.to/2uC71u3 Small Vlogging camera: http://amzn.to/2wpNhfh Lots of love to you always. Sorelle Amore PS. Subscribe!
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Charlye'Charleston (9 months ago)
I like this chick! I'm not that much into the fashion and modelling world yet to me she approaches it more like something I would like to call "the art of sculpting with your own body". Some of the techniques she lays out actually remind me alot of how the classical Greek and Renaissance sculptors would treat representing the human form. Very cool!
Bbykonn (12 days ago)
She’s the best
bea roche (1 month ago)
liz aboagye dacosta (2 months ago)
+Būbbly i
Gloria Dick (2 months ago)
This has been so helpful!!! thanks
Za ko (3 months ago)
Chick this I like
New sub here!!!
milky brew (1 day ago)
I think the photo of you laughing in the field is really pretty!
mansoor ahmad (2 days ago)
White version of "The Mask"?
Alyssa Beltempo (2 days ago)
So late to the party but loved this video!! Thank you for the awesome tips!!
Sandy Baobao (2 days ago)
My face is my problem 🤣😂
Mei Mei (2 days ago)
Arghh Thank you so much! Xx
ANKITA KHANAL (3 days ago)
Very funny😂😂😂😂
Roni Claude (3 days ago)
Great video!!!
Alexandra Adams (3 days ago)
i do a lot of these on my own. it's just things you figure out over time sometimes i guess
GoldenLifeLineTV (3 days ago)
I have two shoots tomorrow back to back so this really helped me !
Victoria Calderón (3 days ago)
Wow, im so in love now
Uzhmaa Bulbul (3 days ago)
'All of us have our best assets'... Hahahaha 😭😭😭
You remind me of Monica Geller on friends
Saba Kk (4 days ago)
I make good Poses for Pictures.... but my friends suck at taking pictures 😟😟😢
Randy with an A (5 days ago)
Please discover my channel
Skreem Queen 75 (6 days ago)
Love it! Thanks so much.
Wendy Vargas (6 days ago)
Hi. Just discovered your channel. Love this video and your personality 💖
3DDumb (7 days ago)
I'm literally ipnotyzed by her mouth
Rebeka Velasová (7 days ago)
Awesome tricks!!
Izzy CB (7 days ago)
Cadienne Obeng (7 days ago)
legitimately helpful!
rebekah gayle (8 days ago)
I always do the fake laugh thing when someone is feeling a bit blah, a good hyuck hyuck always brings the giggles.
Chloe Steadman (8 days ago)
So happy I’ve found your channel, loving your videos so much !! 💕
James Laforteza (8 days ago)
Love your energy! YOU ARE FUNNY!
Iris Wei (8 days ago)
U r fabulous!
TheBronzeBeauty _x3 (9 days ago)
Super glad I came across this video 😁
PRIYA JAMES (10 days ago)
You have no idea how much confidence you pour into others with your videos.. Thankyou soo much love
Maïleí Morales (11 days ago)
coming a few months after i first watched this video, and it helped me a lot improving my self confidence and now i’m almost always satisfied with my shoots, so thank you very very much
sarah shir (11 days ago)
You are amazing
joão victor (11 days ago)
she looks like 90s courteney cox
Moon tone (11 days ago)
I love you !! You’re so funny and sweet 🙈 Thanks for the tips !
Stéphanie Céline (11 days ago)
you are such an amazing person, your energy is unreal! I love how your tips are really helpful, I cannot wait to try them out.
Ipshita Singh (13 days ago)
Love her personality :D
The body like scaleton
Kyle Vin (13 days ago)
Now a great tip for you: Eat a lot of carbs!!!! Your boney..
😂❤ thanks for this
Galingas (14 days ago)
Don't worry your video is great!! Really helped me, thaaanks mate! You are pretty and soo funny 🌞🌞🌞
Rahma Elsharkawi (15 days ago)
I don't know why you remind me of Emilia Clarke
0n3c3nt (15 days ago)
I have hooded eyes and it is so so hard to get the great pics u see on insta of other girls makeup. Sometimes I do my makeup and am like damn I did a good job I wanna take a pic to document (my profile pic is an example of one time I tried to do this and the pic came out ok compared to any of my other pics. Do u have any tips for girls with hooded eyes (and are not photogenic) to get a good pic of their makeup? I only wear eye makeup no face makeup or lipstick I can’t stand the feeling.
Tanujah Nair (16 days ago)
Who else saw Cole in a dress
Diana Tuah (16 days ago)
I always had a problem with poses. I look so stiif on pics .. Not to mention i look fat
JHOE (16 days ago)
BTS TAETAE just appeared in the advertisement !! 💜💜
Prejippie (16 days ago)
Great advice to achieve interesting photos. Pretty is not the objective; but accentuating the positive is.....that’s where this video knocks it out of the park! Thanks for sharing. 📷🙌🏾
ben-joel ndjami (16 days ago)
Love this!!❤️
Catherine Richter (17 days ago)
Here are 4 words.
Sheinadel Pana (18 days ago)
Mygash you're a natural comedian! Love your video!
Mi Ro (19 days ago)
thx a lot :D
Lina Hermalina (20 days ago)
Thanks ~ I love this, really 😍
Destiny Monae (20 days ago)
I knew when I saw your Chakra tattoo that I loved you and had to subscribe lol
The HeartBrokenBiker (20 days ago)
Disclaimer - doesn't work with big belly round fluffy penguin shaped dudes like me 😂
Nalom Sitorus (21 days ago)
"Relax your lips open" Don't forget to relax your speaking speed.
Karol G_m (21 days ago)
Omg I laugh and learn so much 😁 I love your personality 👌😍
Oh Jeezzz.. I love you already! New fan alert! ☺☺😊
Walontuoja (22 days ago)
Really good tips! Also as a photographer, these can help me direct my subject easier!
mayla simmons (22 days ago)
Omg wasted of time.....you just talk talk talk and talk....th.
math&make-up (22 days ago)
Is it just me or the woman on the thumbnail looks like cole sprouse??? 🤔
Bobby Ralley (22 days ago)
Are you a model?
sindhura div (22 days ago)
U r confident person
Chiniqua Alleyne (22 days ago)
Just saw this video. THANK YOU ❤️
Miguel Roncal (23 days ago)
Her best angle is her angle on life. Positive, quirky, bright, sharp and doer are her best sides...and she's a dime. Lighting has nothing to do with that! Just saying!
Rinn Griffin (23 days ago)
Your Abs are Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!~
Kyoiskami (24 days ago)
I like that she uses thin and more voluptuous examples of woman.
Tsetsi (24 days ago)
Very much true, they work for me
Nada Mustafa (24 days ago)
Omg actual advice!
Kusta Kuties (25 days ago)
Thank you this video. Too bady friends are so bad in taking pictures 👌🏿😍
ramrod 60th (25 days ago)
? Nobody's perfect Why Try everybody has flaws personality-wise or image-wise
Jen jen de SARAPen (25 days ago)
Hello guys im new hear in youtube, please please subscribe to my channel for more free movies, healthy and cooking tips,, thanks a lot! Promise ill do the same to sub back..♥️
Alison Estill (26 days ago)
AWESOME! Thanks for your help. Do you use an app to take your pix?
Rodney Pretlow (27 days ago)
Probably on of the most informative posing videos I’ve seen. 2 thumbs up!
SIERRA MARI (28 days ago)
u r sooo funny and natural, and also really cute! can‘t wait to try these tips!
Lauretta Geraldo (28 days ago)
You are amazinggg
Elisa Norman (28 days ago)
Your Ideal was Movitation it Was Great I enjoy the Whole Viedo Going to take this Steps At My 1st Photo Events
Nick Orchard (28 days ago)
Caaannnn we send in a vid for a critique without it being shared with the world??? If so I would be interested 😂
HotrodADV71 (29 days ago)
This chick has a sweet ass
thicchicken (29 days ago)
Am i the only one who look awkward when i take pictures with me in it??? I just cant pose and too shy to pose infront of everyone
Karolina Gd (29 days ago)
Mz. Bick (29 days ago)
This was great! 1st timer meeting you Sorelle! <3 Thanks for all the tips! LOVE it! XOxO - Erin
MyName Here (30 days ago)
This earring better take off.
Valerie A (1 month ago)
Thank yu thank yu 😍
Helen Debrah-Ampofo (1 month ago)
This is the best vid I've watched on this topic. Thanks a lot for filming this sis xx
Isabelle Vitriolo (1 month ago)
Charis Sotireli (1 month ago)
This is so cool because you're not telling "pose like me" you're literally saying "find what works for you", and I think that's something really important that a lot of aspiring influencers get wrong. For example, if I were to pose like Sorelle, with my body it would look provocative and overly sexual (nothing wrong with that, just not what I'm going for) and that's fine because other things work great for me that wouldn't work for everyone. Truly informative :)
Kelly (1 month ago)
Great vid and tips, thanks so much, especially love what you say about owning what your mama gave you :) I also tend to pose alone 😄
Anaya NowOrNever (1 month ago)
Thanks :)
Mahroosh Banday (1 month ago)
This content is sooo great 😍😍
Lindy joseph (1 month ago)
I really appreciate this. Your presentation really let the words sink in. I love that you see it as an art form. A beautiful and creative means of expressing one's self despite body type.
A Smith (1 month ago)
Thank you so much. I do not have any photos of my self from the time I was 8 to 45 basically because I am not photogenic. Oh except for one taken by a studio and they forced what they wanted upon me in regards to the wardrobe and hair and it so was not me. People at times have told me I have a pretty face, but I have a fuller face (I have been told I have a baby like cheeks) so my light blue eyes and my small mouth basically get lost. I have asked friends to take photos of me in the past, and I don't know if they are bored and even envious and don't frame the photos, which drives me crazy because I am more considerate and when she asks for a photo of herself I do the right thing by her. One friend was from South America and she said that they did not believe in taking photos of themselves because of a supersticious belief. I do ask for a few photos to be taken at a time now, and thank god for digital photography. Can you please tell us how not to shut our eyes too, when a photo is being taken - I doubt that I am the only one with this problem.
Kitana Harrigan (1 month ago)
I’ve ALWAYS wanted to figured how to not look like I’m posing for a 2009 Blackberry smartphone camera and no video has been able to help until this one. THANK YOU! New subbie because your energy is amazing and I appreciate this a lot lmao
Shelah Banks Hampton (1 month ago)
My problem is I have no idea what to do with my arms when posing
pranav bhojane (1 month ago)
I just loved this video. It is very informative and the other hand you made it very interesting too. You reminded me the actor Jim Carrey.
Sally Lanners (1 month ago)
I love your energy!
Payton Sweets (1 month ago)
How can you take photos of yourself without holding your I phone ?
Rayyvyn (1 month ago)
Not only are you beautiful,but your personality is bubbly & infectious. Your vid came up by mistake,but your fun,slightly self-deprecating criticisms on your, "how not to's", had me watching until the end :)
Thank you sis, this was so helpful. Have you an advise for a guy who has a moonie face?
vincexallennn (1 month ago)
Is the thumbnail Coleen Sprouse?
flybarb flybarb (1 month ago)
You crack me up! Good tips! Thanks
Roland Michel (1 month ago)
She reminds me a bit of a lizard on Meth, just not as much fun! * Pro Tip: Don't grimace sooo much when you speak, love.
Young Wikid (1 month ago)
Shut the fuck up
Esra Güngör (1 month ago)
You never shut up 👏
Evelinn (1 month ago)
Whats wrong with looking large?

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