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The Reveal: Modern Boho Chic Condo in Makati

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This is it, guys. It's as girly as it gets! Gray, blush, and pale yellow is a great combination for a whimsical interior theme. See how I interpreted a young client's Pinterest board into an Instagrammable home. Her love for blush and boho touches are highlighted in this 1-bedroom condo in Makati. I really enjoyed working on this project because the clients gave me creative freedom. Plus, I went outside of my androgynous comfort zone so... yay! Tell me what you think! This project is featured in Real Living PH (thank you guys!). Click below. https://www.realliving.com.ph/home-tours/condos/bohemian-inspired-condo-makati-city-a00010-20181025 Do you have a space that needs styling? Ask me how! ;)
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firered 116 (29 days ago)
Hi, I want to ask where did you buy the macrame that's hanging above the sofa. Thanks a lot!
Hi! 🖤 I got those from Simple Sentiments. He’s really good. Check his works on IG: @simplesentimentsph ✌🏻
easia12 (4 months ago)
Might I suggest to include section shots for each area or just an over all video sweep of the whole condo 😊
Jules The Style Hobbyist (4 months ago)
Hi! 👋🏻 Thank you for reaching out and for watching! Yes sure, I’ll take that into account for the next episode. Very appreciative of this. Cheers! Happy 2019!
Maria Obispo (6 months ago)
Nicely done. 👏👏👏
GP Reyes (6 months ago)
Go Jules!!!!

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