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My Outerwear Collection (8 Essential Pieces)

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UPDATED COLLECTION: https://youtu.be/noS38uCgYWI In this video, I show you my entire outerwear collection, from the lightweight windbreaker to the heavy duty parka. People often ask me about the best outerwear for short men. It's hard to give a specific answer because shorter gents come in different shapes and sizes. But I'll show you what works for me and where I shop for outerwear. — MY OUTERWEAR COLLECTION: #1: Nylon windbreaker - sold out #2: Lightweight vest - http://rstyle.me/n/b7q3qwn4v6 * #3: Field jacket - http://bit.ly/2gsLyAQ #4: Leather jacket - http://mdst.mn/2grPFwG #5: Mid-weight jacket - sold out #6: Camel topcoat - http://rstyle.me/n/b8f2a6n4v6 * #7: Charcoal topcoat - http://rstyle.me/n/b8f2den4v6 (similar) * #8: Parka - http://geni.us/N0wOa * — For some people, 8 jackets is super minimal. Others might think it's way too much outerwear for one man. But between these 8 pieces of outerwear, I'm covered for every type of weather and every occasion. You'll notice that I don't have a peacoat or a puffer jacket. Though these are super popular, I think it's hard to find pea coats and puffer jackets that look good on the shorter man. For that reason, I stick with alternatives like topcoats and parkas. — MY GEAR ▪ Canon T6i → http://geni.us/4kSX ▪ Laptop → http://fave.co/2hgKaDF ▪ Laptop stand → http://fave.co/2vQwBj3 ▪ Lens #1 (50mm) → http://geni.us/OiE9 ▪ Lens #2 (10-18mm) → http://geni.us/qgGQckE ▪ Lens #3 (24mm) → http://geni.us/x61A ▪ Lav mic → http://geni.us/ZBlvGh ▪ Desk mic → http://geni.us/wCdS7t2 — YOUTUBE MUSIC → https://goo.gl/UhwtMb — STYLE GUIDES ▪ Free E-Books → http://mdst.mn/guide-pack ▪ Premium Guide → http://mdst.mn/tmmsg — FOLLOW ME ▪ Podcast → http://fave.co/2vej94M ▪ Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/modestmanstyle/ ▪ Twitter → https://twitter.com/modestmanstyle ▪ Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/modestmanblog/ ▪ Private Group → https://www.facebook.com/groups/modestmen — Contains affiliate links // Stay stylish!
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Text Comments (227)
bi0lizard1 (2 years ago)
Your online book was FANTASTIC!! Well worth the money I paid for it. I'm only 5'5" and have struggled massively with clothes my entire life. (I'm 44 now). Your book really opened my eyes. I just was clueless as to what I 'should' be doing to help manage my short stature with my style. I'm around 165 lbs so I'm pretty stocky with a fairly muscular build for my frame which only serves to further complicate things. And unfortunately gives me a squatty look. Anyway, I could ramble on for hours talking about my insecurities, my being bullied and derided, and my total lack of fashion knowledge; but I mostly just wanted to throw a huge sincere THANK YOU your way for taking the time to put together and amazing guide book for the vertically impaired. PS: I'm heading to banana republic tomorrow to stock up on some Chinos and jeans. (I threw pretty much my entire closet Out 4 days ago and have very little to wear now. Lol)
jay cee (1 year ago)
bi0lizard1 hb
Javier20 .Javier20 (1 year ago)
bi0lizard1 WOW !!! That's how I felt all my life. Seeing the weird looks when got you shop at kids section or for shoes at woman department
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Your comment made my day! Thank you. I'm glad the guide was helpful. I know the feeling of realizing most of your clothes aren't going to work anymore and having to "cleanse" the wardrobe. It's a lot of work but also fun, and well worth it. Keep me updated on your progress!
Brown Thought (17 days ago)
Who makes a pea coat for our height? Athletic build 5’7 36r in most off rack suit tops.
Cliff Gamer (1 month ago)
Get a Pea Coat, Leather Jacket, Puffer Jacket, Denim Jacket, Bomber Jacket.
Nathan Hunt (1 month ago)
No bomber, no quilted jacket.
EngineeredMechanized (2 months ago)
how tall are you?
EngineeredMechanized (2 months ago)
+The Modest Man Now I get it, why you have been continuously making reference toward short guys and directing your suggestions toward them. You are a cool dude, you have proper manners. I am myself 5'4" and I always wear over-sized heavy cloths with several layers. My nation is way less conspicuous about cloths. I have 7 parkas though it never gets that cold in here, yet I like walking around wearing those parkas during the winter. By the way, that Zara jacket that you have there, if you are able to find it here in my country, it wouldn't have cost you more than 5 US dollars. If you have time later on do let me know that does the tag say "Made in ______" on the Zara jacket/parka.
The Modest Man (2 months ago)
5’5” barefoot
Tabrez (2 months ago)
I went once in zara store ended up buying 12 blazers coats and jackets. They really have good fitting collection. I am 5'6" and their product fits perfectly.
Thanks. Jesus bless
Patrick Ticman (3 months ago)
You don't have a Trench coat??
Deborah Heggen (4 months ago)
Deborah Heggen (4 months ago)
The Modest Man totally get it, but it can be a cool alternative to a leather jacket for casual....also you didn’t mention a trench, which is a great cover for southern climates, and versatile as it can be an overcoat and rain gear, plus looks so cool
The Modest Man (4 months ago)
I’ve never felt comfortable in a denim jacket for some reason.
Christopher Foley (4 months ago)
Once again, just spot on advice for you younger gents. Being 5'6" without shoes, I have followed the curated approach to most of my clothing, but especially Outerwear. Over the years I have have purchased the following: Camel Hair overcoat, single breasted (SB) for all occasions, wool herringbone chesterfield with velvet collar for dress, trench coat with zip out liner, great for travel in winter, Navy peacoat, and a ski parka. All are top quality, all have lasted a minimum of 20 years. Short guys, listen to this man, stay conservative in color, cut and style.
Nick FL (5 months ago)
Love the collection, not liking the disrespect displayed towards the pieces by using those cheap hangers however. hhaah
The Modest Man (5 months ago)
Hah just saw your other comment 👍🏻
Federico Maraschi (5 months ago)
Ma quanto sei modesto
Club Rein (6 months ago)
Would you happen to know what shirt you’re wearing under the vest in the second vest picture?
Pablo V (7 months ago)
Great channel and videos!
Hayes Shoff (7 months ago)
Bomber jacket
Brandon Key (7 months ago)
Windbreakers are a no no in my opinion unless you're into the whole "techwear" trend
Galahad (7 months ago)
Honestly those jackets would be perfect for central California winter since it heats up fast in the day
bimmerTEK (7 months ago)
I just got a SS field jacket how fitted should they be? Mine it's definitely not for layering and that is not my intention since a have pea coats for.colder days, I wanted mostly as rain jacket but it does fit like a a fitted sport coat, not even with a sweater. Everything it has perfect fit
Kevin Curtin (7 months ago)
Definitely missing the bomber/quilted/puffer/denim jackets
Young Lee (7 months ago)
Hey brock! What size did you get for the parka?
Young Lee (7 months ago)
The Modest Man always thx for replying. Do you have any other recomendations besides the parka for very cold winter? Unfortunately they are out of the color i want. Also are you a size 2 as well for peter manning?
The Modest Man (7 months ago)
COTTERO (8 months ago)
Cool video thanx.
Alexandre de Sousa (8 months ago)
What is the song at the begining? I can't find it on the artist's link you provided.Btw you have a good taste in music
dickwintered (9 months ago)
I must say I'm not a fan of your jacket selection. Other than the camel coat, the rest are too casual.
The Modest Man (9 months ago)
Too casual for what?
anonamous365 (9 months ago)
The whining about height channel
The Modest Man (9 months ago)
You spelled anonymous wrong 😏
James Borg (9 months ago)
What do you think of the Harrington jacket?
JH Lim (11 months ago)
Hey Brock! Awesome video! I was wondering how you take care of your lambskin jacket, thanks!
The Modest Man (11 months ago)
I’ve worn it a lot. It’s held up really well!
JH Lim (11 months ago)
Nice! I was wondering because your jacket still look as new in your "6 Expensive Products That Are Worth The Money" video. How often do you wear it? I was thinking of buying one but am worry about its longevity.
The Modest Man (11 months ago)
Thanks! I don’t do anything to it (at least not yet).
Jackman LeBlanc (1 year ago)
My favorite outerwear item I own is pea coat I got from H&M. It's from H&M of course, so it's probably kind of crap, but I'll wear it out until it's no good anymore and I can afford something better. I'd also love to get a topcoat like the camel one you have here. I really love coats like that.
Hungrytongues 69 (1 year ago)
There isn’t a video like this for men who are a more average height 😫 a lot of the advice carries over anyway but a great video on forming a complete outerwear collection would be great
The Modest Man (1 year ago)
I’ll work on something...
Patrick Lee (1 year ago)
What's the outer layer you're wearing in the video? I don't know what this type of shirt is called.
Aaron D (1 year ago)
I think the two you're missing that are 'staples' are a... 1. Bomber Jackets (Although I don't like bombers so I don't really care about that) 2. A denim jacket which I think is a great layering piece if you ask me!
ZachHodgin (1 year ago)
1) Bomber jacket 2) Trench coat 3) Down jacket I also have that camel Banana Republic topcoat and it's great. Great channel! Just found it
Karolinska (1 year ago)
You need at least one overcoat and one trench coat to complete an outerwear collection.
Bob Crachet (1 year ago)
Jon Harmil (1 year ago)
my........... everyone loves you... must be nice...
Otto Jihaad (1 year ago)
thank you.
Dave P. (1 year ago)
Haha I love your content! Almost makes me wish I was shorter....almost. Love your style. Simple and comfortable.
petro566 (1 year ago)
Нихрена ты франт братишка!
Sjef (1 year ago)
What is missing? I know, the trench coat and maybe a (suede) bomber jacket or baseball jacket. I love my field jacket too, a whole lot more than the stylish suede bomber jacket (I sold it, it was too short for me, I am too tall). Nice video btw.
Chris Giallonardo (1 year ago)
Brock what size is the Walker vest? Thanks
The Modest Man (1 year ago)
I lamment the trend towards shorter long coats, it's oxymoronic and diminishes it's function, the shorter the long coat the less of you it protects from elements, idea of warm and toasty too amd freezing or we and coats knee to ankle isn't appeing, the good thing about being shorter is that we can still find coats that are more traditional, I prefer mid shin or even close to ankle like old school great coats, Either way cool overview I'm late to this party but season shifting so your overview is seasonally appropriate again :-) Ps the dark navy two layer top coat is killer nice man, these coats (trench ,overcoat top coat etc) are my favorite big ticket items, and you nailed it w that one and the camel one too
FrankEdavidson (1 year ago)
2:25 in UK we call a 'Gilet'.
van basten (1 year ago)
Any recommendations for a taller man (6.2) for a Tribeca like field jacket? I like the jacket and color but I noticed their sizes wouldn't fit me. Thanks.
The Modest Man (1 year ago)
+van basten j crew or any mainstream brand with a field jacket (club Monaco, Ralph Lauren, BR, etc). At 6’2” most brands should fit well.
Jensen Castro (1 year ago)
Denim Jacket and a Peacoat
gabie dubin (1 year ago)
when you say short do you mean like 170ish cm or do you really mean short? are you serious ??? lol 5"9" is one you consider short ... lol i am 6"1" and where i am from (israel) i am considered pretty tall but in your standards i am just above average i guess ... you really underestimate yourself 5"9" is not short
The Modest Man (1 year ago)
I'm about 5'6" in shoes.
arnabjyotibaruah (1 year ago)
You missed the denim jacket for sure.
SirValeous (1 year ago)
I have a question. What do you do with jackets (or clothes) that are old and/or out-of-season? Do you keep them around just in case or do you get reid of them?
The Modest Man (1 year ago)
+SirValeous old, I give them away. Out of season, I store them until next year.
jamma (1 year ago)
Im 6' tall, I dont consider myself a short man, but your videos are awesome! Clear, nice, simple, clean...
J Edmond Vásquez (1 year ago)
Hey Brock, I'm late to the party, but I expected you to have a harrington from Baracuta or Grenfell. Actually Nordstrom has a nice harrington for pennies on the dollar by comparison. Now is the time to pick these up too since we're in the off season for outerwear.
F0RG1V3N (1 year ago)
You need a bomber, Denim jacket, anorak, and a parka.
The Modest Man (1 year ago)
+F0RG1V3N could use a bomber. Already got the parka.
David Lajos (1 year ago)
Hey Brocky (lol) what size are your PM jackets?
The Modest Man (1 year ago)
Hah that's what my grandma calls me. Size 1.
zetamaiku (1 year ago)
I'll throw the Baracuta G9 http://www.baracuta.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-WPBAWO-US-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=BRCPS0001BCNY1309&start=1&cgid=br_G9&prefn1=hexadecBasicColor&prefv1=Blue and Schott Pea Coat into the ring. https://www.schottnyc.com/products/classic-wool-naval-pea-coat.htm?catID=44
investigate 3/11 (1 year ago)
wow, I'm actually amazed how you aren't that well known, hope your channel blows up, because your advice actually helps!! keep it up!
The Modest Man (1 year ago)
+eleazar rodriguez thanks man!
zeyad jy (1 year ago)
what about taller men?
Chun Wong (1 year ago)
Hey Broke, what size of Alpha Industries Men's N-3B Slim Fit Parka did you buy? XS or S? thanks
The Modest Man (1 year ago)
+Chun Wong it's an XS
Jonathan Ng (2 years ago)
Agree with everything except perhaps a ski jacket over the parka and a trench coat over the second navy jacket. :)
SneakingFox (2 years ago)
That field jacket is really nice
Scott Holden (2 years ago)
demim jacket and bomber jacket!!
Shiyu Song (2 years ago)
bomber jacket - recommend Theory Trench Coat Denim Jacket
Arthur Doctolero (2 years ago)
This is on point! I'm 5'7", 135 lbs built like a marathoner/amateur boxer. However, you forgot to include the timeless denim jacket which is simply great for summer. Do you advice wearing leather jacket on heavy, monsoon rain or would you recommend something else? I live in the Philippines, where climate is very similar to Singapore.
Arthur Doctolero (2 years ago)
The Modest Man Thanks Brock! Guess what, you've gained a subscriber and follower on IG!
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
I'd say no leather if it's going to rain. Go with a trench or nylon windbreaker (or a rain coat) and umbrella. You're built kind of like me, just a littler bigger. Nice!
Saddmun Ahsan (2 years ago)
Brock, how tall are you and what size leather jacket is that from Peter Manning... is that a 1? I'm asking because Im considering picking one up myself, and I'm 5'2'' and 115 lbs. Thanks!
Sham (2 years ago)
oh rlly
Saddmun Ahsan (2 years ago)
I ended up getting it and it fit PERFECTLY. Thanks again for the advice and help Brock!
Sham (2 years ago)
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+Saddmun Ahsan you'd definitely be a size 1. In 5'5" (ish) and wear a 1.
richard tovar (2 years ago)
awesome vids and channel . big thumbs up to you.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+richard tovar thanks Richard!
Sifat Sartaj (2 years ago)
you're also missing a denim jacket.
Elliot Chocano (2 years ago)
how have i not seen this channel before? definitively going to be really helpful being 5'5. So true that when something fits it is always a fuck yeah! moment haha
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Yeah it's so rare that it's actually an amazing feeling when something fits properly off the rack.
Erin Kaye Ozga (2 years ago)
Bomber Jacket?
Kevin Conder (2 years ago)
Other viewers have asked for a fit video with the Alpha Industries parka. I was wondering about the sleeve length: the sleeves look very long.
james koo (2 years ago)
Hi Brock Can you please do a review on alpha industries n3b slim fit in more detail? Also it seems like you have removed the fur, is that correct? By the way I absolutely love your channel, subscribed Thanks James
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+james koo will review soon. I did remove the fur...little too much for me.
YAAASolid (2 years ago)
will there be any chance of you showing a fit video of the n-3b parka ?
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+YAAASolid yes, I'll do a quick video soon. Been traveling for the holidays, so sorry for the delay!
Old Is Gold. (2 years ago)
I subscribed.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+Anwar Najm 👊🏼
Roger Wilco (2 years ago)
Gonna buy N-3B parka in sage green as well. Have a several options - one from Alpha Ind. and one from Spiewak. Which one can you recommend? And also what's your opinion - I'd like to stick to some kind of a preppy-classy look but I need something really warm in my closet, 'cause here, where I live, temperature sometimes falls below -4F°. So here comes the question - whether an N-3B parka is my choice or not at all?
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
I got an XS. See my latest vid for a fit check!
Roger Wilco (2 years ago)
+macdaddyyo regular XS, or slim fit S may suit you well (i guess)... Slim S, I think, will be better
macdaddyyo (2 years ago)
Sorry for the hijack but I have to ask what size did you get for the N-3B parka? I'm looking into buying one but sizing has been iffy across the net. I'm 5'7, ~145 lbs, 35 inch chest.Thanks love your vid!
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
I've never tried a Spiewak parka so can't compare. I think they can look pretty classic, but the N3-B has military details and a shine to it, so it might not be your best choice (although the fit is great).
Adel Hijazi (2 years ago)
On days when it does not snow or rain I wear the Peter Manning leather jacket. Yesterday at 12 degrees, just zip it up with one light long sleeve shirt underneath. It can be done but you have to be one with the cold lol.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+Adel Hijazi you're a braver man than I!
Adel Hijazi (2 years ago)
Also I got the J. Crew vest too, they fit so well! Going for the Tribeca field jacket in blue next
blopcant (2 years ago)
Hi there! awesome videos mate! which brands (and sizes) would you recommend for 1'65 m ? I have problems many times finding slim clothes that fit me properly. be it for the length or width. Thanks a lot!
Drew Barnett (2 years ago)
Most jeans never fit right . I am 5'6.5'' with a thicker thigh and waist. Any recommendations?
skhuynh13 (2 years ago)
I agree with Adel. It's hard to find jeans off the rack, so try finding a good tailor or someone who does alterations in your area. Find jeans that fit perfectly in the waist/thigh area and have the length and hem opening altered to your liking. If you prefer a slim fit, size up (I'm a size 36W, but I go with 38W for slim fit).
Adel Hijazi (2 years ago)
Try GAP taper fit. If it's too tight go a size up in waist and then get the waist brought in at a tailor
Louis Arvanites (2 years ago)
As someone who has practically every piece of his clothing professionally tailored, I can tell you first hand that your tailor is NOT doing a high quality i.e. professional job, your camel top coat is a perfect example. When shortening the length of the sleeves of a coat whether that coat be winter, or a suit jacket, the proper way to shorten the sleeve length is from the shoulder NOT at the cuff, by the cuff is a cheap, inexpensive and very unprofessional way of shortening your sleeve length.
Ujjwal Roy (2 years ago)
Jacket you skipped 1.Bomber jacket 2.Trucker jacket 3.Quilted jacket
Ujjwal Roy (2 years ago)
Arthur Doctolero totally agree
Arthur Doctolero (2 years ago)
Ujjwal Roy Bomber jacket is great for younger men, IMHO. For men ages 30-40 like me, parkas and coats are more suitable.
Justin Liu (2 years ago)
You really need a Mac. To me it's the blazer of outwear - instantly classes up any outfit. Equally at home with a t-shirt and jeans or a dress shirt and tie. Perfect for those of us in California where you don't need a really heavy jacket.
Justin Liu (2 years ago)
I've owned a couple from Banana Republic that I like and fit me OK (I'm 5'7"), and one I got from Kenneth Cole that I like quite a bit. Typically I'm looking for something pretty smooth and sleek for a mac.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Hmm never bought one...I'll check it out. Favorite brands?
Soaked Duck (2 years ago)
No Hoodie!? Nice video. I have a 48 inch chest and a 26 inch inseam, at 5'5" clothes off the rack are impossible.  Top coats & parkas hang to my knees and anything I can zip or button must have the cuffs rolled up. I appreciate your encouragement.  I don't mind being short, but I do hate looking like I need to grow into my clothes!
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+Soaked Duck no hoodie right now. I don't find myself wearing them much, and most are too baggy for me.
Lezmajz (2 years ago)
Scarves, gloves, wool or flannel pants, boots and socks, and maybe a hat. or beanie.
Sarah Nickel Smith (2 years ago)
The quarter zip you're wearing... where is it from? Thanks!
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Nice! I think he'll be pleasantly surprised.
Sarah Nickel Smith (2 years ago)
That was my guess! Just bought a couple for my 5'6" husband (along with half of the rest of PM's product line)
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
It's from Peter Manning NYC - http://www.petermanningnyc.com/products/madison-quarter-zip-sweaters-blue-jean
EXQD2 (2 years ago)
Way to represent! Keep up the good work.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Drew Reed (2 years ago)
I enjoyed your video. However, it looks like you're missing a good downhill ski jacket.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
True. I used to have a really nice Northface ski jacket, but it eventually got too beat up to wear. It was also way to big, but it did the job on the mountain. I actually haven't been skiing in really cold weather in a few years, so I usually just layer up with a lighter jacket. Not ideal... any favorite brands?
Cleander Yu (2 years ago)
I've got a question for you Brock, what are you thoughts on roll neck sweaters for the autumn/winter season? I'm looking at something similar to this: https://www.npeal.com/mens/james-bond/cable-roll-neck-cashmere-sweater-as-seen-in-spectre-fumo-grey
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Hmm I've never actually worn a sweater like this, but I think it would have more to do with shape than height. I imagine these would be good for guys with athletic builds and/or bigger necks/heads. On a guy like me (thin, relatively thin neck and smaller head), it probably wouldn't be very flattering.
JR Snyder Jr (2 years ago)
Where do live in the Southwest that you have seasons and need heavy outerwear? In Phoenix basically you need one or two light coats or jackets and layers. I really enjoy your videos for help in the shorter/slim category info and tips but weather wise bluntly most of the clothes don't apply. I've often thought if I were younger and into it I'd do a channel for warmer two season climates where casual wear is worn most often. Not being critical just curious. Maybe I'm the one off base and fashion clueless.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Crazy how much variation there is in one state (with weather AND culture). Thanks for the kind words!
JR Snyder Jr (2 years ago)
+The Modest Man Thanks for your reply. Interesting then because we live in the same state and I'm a native. Lived in Tucson many years and have family there and we are all originally from Prescott and Flagstaff. Climate is different in Phoenix (I don't live here by choice but necessity) due to urban heat island therefore and we get almost no rainy season unlike Tucson which has two. The climate in Tucson does change as does of course Northern Arizona and I spend no time east of New Mexico rather in the West and California. I do think that a lot of dress rules are thrown out of the window in Phoenix but that's for a variety of reasons I won't go into here. You're the best channel I've found so far on the topics you focus on and really appreciate what you do regarding advice for shorter men. I'm a lot more mature and many of these things I had to learn the hard way before there even was an internet. Good on ya for that. I also appreciate RMRS. I still learn a lot of new things though from you so keep it up.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+JR Snyder Jr I'm in Tucson, where it's in the 30s at night/early morning right now. But I spend lots of time in Flagstaff and back east where I'm from (DC), so I have lots of cold weather gear.
Michael Duran (2 years ago)
I look forward to cooler weather so i can wear my sleeveless vest. With a pair of good looking jeans and great pair of boots, you can't miss.
DL (2 years ago)
Love it Brock. One of my favorite topics. I agonized over the PM field jacket, but pulled the trigger on something a little heavier. Barbour makes a 'field coat' similar to the M65, they make a ton of styles names, i went with the Hemble. it has the drawstring and is my goto in leiu of a Parka. (sale on eBay saved big). I can layer with it and winter is covered. Love your Navy Over coat. On the Hemble, The hood is detachable so it actually looks less bulky than the photo. Keep up the good work! thank you http://www.orvis.com/p/barbour-hemble-jacket/2cyc
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Dude that is a nice jacket!
Ron B (2 years ago)
Have you looked at anything from MontBell? I don't know if their stuff may be the most fashionable but it is light, fits well and warm. If you go with the 850 and 900 down they are super light and not bulky at all.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Not yet, I'll check them out. Thanks!
lambokun (2 years ago)
just found your channel a couple days ago. I would love to shoe/accessory collections and stuff
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Will do more of that type of video. Working on a budget watch collection video now...
David P. (2 years ago)
What size did you get in the parka?
David P. (2 years ago)
Sweater. I can't decide if I should get the standard or slim fit! Thanks for the replies.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Like a thin vest or sweater? Yes. Not another jacket.
David P. (2 years ago)
Do you have enough room to add 1 more layer if need be?
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+David P. XS
Ricky Munoz (2 years ago)
i instantly thought of a bomber & denim jacket !
Jack Callahan (2 years ago)
I love the Levi's Trucker Jacket, but then again I'm a taller than most of your audience
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Will do. I like how a lot of ASOS stuff fits but really don't like the quality, and I really don't love buying from a company that probably supports bad working conditions (how else could it be so cheap?).
Musa Kazmi (2 years ago)
I would check out asos. You do have to be smart when shopping on there because alot of their stuff isn't that great of quality. They have slim and skinny fits for denim jacekets. I got one in skinny fit because i am very skinny and it fits amazing!
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
I need to get into the denim jacket. Haven't found one that I feel comfortable in yet. Do you wear them?
JCrossover (2 years ago)
the pm field jackets look so good
Mami Burger (2 years ago)
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
In that case, I might go with navy. It's tough because they're both pretty versatile. Here are some more photos of each so you can get a better idea: Navy - http://www.themodestman.com/outfits/classic-fall-layering/ Olive - http://www.themodestman.com/guidomaggi-review/
Mami Burger (2 years ago)
+The Modest Man Navy in general, as well as other darker colors like gray, are better for me. Most of my wardrobe is navy ish. However, I do not have any jackets (i just layer with sweaters when it gets cold). So the field jacket would essentially be my "first jacket" that isn't a baggy oversized hand me down.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Tough call man. I have both and like the option to wear blue, which is super versatile. But if I had to pick one, I'd go with olive because it's more unique and kind of a classic color for a field jacket. But it depends on the rest of your wardrobe. Would navy be a better color for your palette?
Mami Burger (2 years ago)
the only problem is that now they have a blue color... I CAN'T decide between that and the green! Do you think buying both (if money wasn't an issue) is okay?
DeeKayLee (2 years ago)
That olive field jacket is definitely one of the best purchases I made. I even got it on sale back in February too! I saw it on your Instagram on multiple occasions and I was sold right there and then lol.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Sweet! Yeah it's still one of my favorites. I actually just got the navy blue one too...also great but I like the olive best.
Gabe M (2 years ago)
missing the trendy kanye coat.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Haha I'll pass on that one...
Jac (2 years ago)
Missing a Peacoat, preferably from Ted Baker, and a Bomber jacket.
G DJ (2 years ago)
Thanks, man. Maybe it's just my thought, but I think you're the only "image consultant" worth to follow on YouTube. Many others such as Antonio Centeno, Aaron Marino and fellows have lost the point: by now, their videos' aim is to persuade you to buy sponsored items, so you'll feel as cool as the model of perfection they want to convey. It should be all about giving useful tips, and the advertisement should lie on a second level. This is why I feel you're the best (and of course because I'm indeed quite short). Keep on the good work and sorry if my English isn't very neat (I'm Italian :) ).
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
I appreciate that! Yeah, I think it's hard to find the balance between ads, which are necessary for making a living, and educational content, which should be the main focus. I bet it's even harder when you get really big and people start offering you a lot of money. It's just hard to say no to that. But I know those guys, and they're good people. So I don't have anything against them or their methods. I'll always try hard to make sure my videos offer something of value, regardless of whether or not they're sponsored. Thanks for watching!
R Pink (2 years ago)
Giuliano de Julio I noticed that too. They revolve the entire video around the promotion
EricsMode (2 years ago)
You're missing a bomber jacket, peacoat, and a trench coat?
TheAllenTube (1 year ago)
Could add a denim jacket!
EricsMode (2 years ago)
why thank you :D
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Man that jacket is niiicee. Great vids btw!
EricsMode (2 years ago)
I still need to get those two. I'm keeping an eye on the Jcrew bomber either vintage navy or warm elm. The only downside to it is, it doesn't have any insulation and more like a windbreaker. https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/outerwear/wallaceandbarnes/PRDOVR~C1174/C1174.jsp?color_name=vintage-navy
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
The two I had in mind were pea coat and puffer. But your'e right, a bomber and trench could definitely fit in this collection.
redbird963 (2 years ago)
You need a bomber jacket and a pea-coat in my opinion.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Yeah man...wardrobe goals.
Grambi Dora (2 years ago)
Awesome educational video! Thank you sir!
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Welcome! Thanks for watching.
Nelipod97 (2 years ago)
I am a 5'9" and tan colored guy. My body is regular. Do you think a camel overcoat would suit me? I feel like it will accentuate my shortness. Thanks and keep up the great work :)
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
That's one of them! I used to have one, but I replaced it with a topcoat a couple of years ago. Might get another pea coat if I can find one that fits really well.
Nelipod97 (2 years ago)
Thanks for the advice :) Also are you missing a Peacoat by any chance?
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Given the choice between tan and charcoal, I think you should go with charcoal. Tan is a good second coat, but it's not quite as versatile or universally flattering as dark grey or navy.
infoquestor (2 years ago)
Thanks for the tips. I am about your height. I have problems with sizes because I'm a stocky guy, about 165. What Jacket size is good for me on Peter Manning online store, the biggest is 4x?
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Glad to hear that!
infoquestor (2 years ago)
The Modest Man , thanks, they were very helpful indeed.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+infoquestor I would call or email them and ask. They're very helpful and would know better than me. I've heard that Peter himself will sometimes answer the phone...
Zajme (2 years ago)
Maybe bomber jacket and denim.
DeeKayLee (2 years ago)
I prefer the harrington in my opinion. That's probably because I already own a bomber and already want a new style.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
+Zajme I'd love to add a bomber to my collection one day.
Cleander Yu (2 years ago)
I think you are missing the duffle coat, the trench and the pea coat as well as the bomber jacket and Harrington jacket. I also respectfully disagree with you about the silhouette of a pea coat on a 5'6 guy. I'm also 5'6 and I've been trying on pea coat and loving them. I just can't afford one that I want yet.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Agreed that grey or navy is way more versatile than black.
Cleander Yu (2 years ago)
+krollic Pea coats should end at around upper thigh, lower buttock which isn't as long as a duffle or trench coat which should end mid thigh to above the knee, though older styled trench coats went down even lower. I find that anything above the knee is quite alright as long as it isn't too baggy on the body. I'd suggest colours other than black however since that colour is too strong, but a navy blue works quite well. With that being said I do like a black trench coat so I'm a bit of a hypocrite here.
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
Yeah that Bond pea coat looks pretty sweet...
The Modest Man (2 years ago)
I try to avoid coats that go past mid-thigh. I know it CAN be done (just loo at James Dean), but it's tough to pull off, compared to a shorter coat. I like the look of duffel coats, but the details always seem so oversized on my smaller frame.

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