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Kim Kardashian NAKED SELFIE & Body image 365 Vlog Day 68

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So Kim Kardashian did it again and showed off her body. I just wanted to say my thoughts on the female body. This is relation to implants but I also think societal pressure and control for women to look a certain way. So I just think that working on a good foundation and trying to not follow main stream views of what your body should be can be steps that can help. Correct me please if I missed anything in the comments I'm always open to seeing what I might have missed or be wrong.
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Celestial Warrior (3 years ago)
Sorry this isn't answering the question of the day, I just wanna say that while Kim's intent with her nudes was nice, it just comes off as a lil hypocritical since she stayed silent when Amber Rose and Chyna were being slut shamed. But....that's none on my business
Vandel Vlogs (3 years ago)
+Celestial Warrior sip your tea young lady.

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