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William Shatner in Bob Patterson

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Awards Bob (#1.4) Show info: The show revolves around fictitious motivational speaker Bob Patterson, "America's #3 Self Help Guru," who is popular with millions of people across America, thanks to his books I Know More Than You, I Still Know More Than You and the To the Top! franchise. Friction between his job and family occurs due in part to Bob's self-absorbed but insecure nature and complete lack of self-awareness, ironic qualities for someone whose job is supposed to be selflessly motivating others to improve their lives(Wikipedia)
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Text Comments (5)
GeorgeUK84 (1 year ago)
Jason Alexander is playing George Costanza.
K. Huntington (4 years ago)
post full episodes! :)
felicity4711 (5 years ago)
Shatner’s much funnier when he’s not trying to be funny.
MoonCocoon (6 years ago)
Who honestly needs George without his Seinfeld friends?
MoonCocoon (6 years ago)
Since the wiki page is open: October 2, 2001 - October 31, 2001

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