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MTG – Undefeated Five Color Control?! Standard Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering!

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Text Comments (217)
TheManaSource (1 month ago)
George Barbari (1 month ago)
Decks like this are the level of uniqueness I am ALWAYS going for with my own decks. I love doing things nobody every thinks of. This was like you said, a masterpiece. Great video Wedge.
Sheeshaking (1 month ago)
Go back to the pile philosophy series?
cassidy janson (1 month ago)
Do you scoop if they exile the sentry?
Matthew Derbyshire (1 month ago)
Yooooo do some red blue goodness!
Matthew Derbyshire (1 month ago)
Brendan O'Brien (2 days ago)
Is this what standard format is?
Bastien Clarke (24 days ago)
Alookeva (28 days ago)
I feel that just running duress alone is not enough against control decks, I'd honestly splash in some dimir cards, cause mainboard, this deck crumbles to Jeskai Control.
How I wish to trade cards in Mtg Arena... I have all of this and all I want are izzet cards :(
Jsheski2 (30 days ago)
Could you maybe make a Valduk equipment deck work?
Hydra TrueGamer (1 month ago)
Is just WB with sentry.. not a 5 color deck... wtf...
JaKe SwOrD (1 month ago)
looks like a total pile. and to slow. have fun taking a big "L"
stonehenge771 (1 month ago)
... I would like an explanation as to why the like button helps so much...
Mayor Zeus (1 month ago)
Spiciest brew in standard is goblin turns
Jason L (1 month ago)
I’d like to see gameplay. Like anyone can brew something up or report a winning list. Playing it kinda puts your money where your mouth is.
yospeer (1 month ago)
Can I be honest and say that I totally don’t get it?! It makes no sense whatsoever... I do trust you that it works but I cannot, for the life of me, see how
Evan Scott Farshadow (1 month ago)
Know what you can do to wreck this? Any RB or RG deck in standard with a Chainwhirler Deathtouch combo
tubaharris (1 month ago)
Soo if someone is playing goblins they wreck this with golbin trashmaster and goblin crate bearer
Exile Sentry = auto loss for this shit.
Axel Tayron (1 month ago)
So this is basically a B/W sentry deck
James Wilson (1 month ago)
Chamber Sentry with Chromatic Lantern was in my pre-release pull. It was kinda absurd.
Lord Flocka (1 month ago)
marvel ultimatum (1 month ago)
Seems bad against combo.
DCLUVSPIE (1 month ago)
I run 4 color control with march of the multitudes as the finisher and its great but way more counter focused the majority of wins I get however are from people scooping from frustration...
DCLUVSPIE (1 month ago)
also one of big vraska and one of karn with I think gives me more ways to win
Atztec1 (1 month ago)
Sooo destroying the playset of chromatic lanterns disable this deck ? Wow what s great deck *sarcasm on*
Luke Craig (1 month ago)
It’s an interesting deck, but having one card have five colors and everything else be an artifact or WB is a little misleading from the title. I would absolutely LOVE to see an actual rainbow control deck though (or rly just any viable rainbow deck), so if you can make that happen I would be over the moon!
Lupo Reed (27 days ago)
Depending on what you consider viable, check out Rainbow Lich.
Noone At all (1 month ago)
Please upload gameplay of it!
Davis Szymanski (1 month ago)
hey wedge, Id like to see a standard wizards deck tech. I think it has a lot of potential. (UR)
p40tomahawk25 (1 month ago)
soooo what happens if the chamber get exiled?
Dick Morris (1 month ago)
Gets destroyed by jeski
Random Thoughts (1 month ago)
Uh is it too late now to get into MTG?
Tony Burgio (1 month ago)
I love the ideas behind this deck, man. Awesome work as usual.
William Wright (1 month ago)
Love the new Deck Tech video format. Keep up the good work, Wedge.
RayZhaTV (1 month ago)
i trashed one of those with my R/U counterburn today. when i saw 3 different colors on lands and nothing played by turn 3, i expected some of that teferi crap and played accordingly. karn died to lightning, the removals were dead cards for the opponent. i just had to save some counters for the right things and burn his face. then again i should add that R/U counterburn is like the strongest type of deck against control. if you play this 5 color thing against more creature heavy things like boros, it might be pretty decent. but the same goes for that teferi stuff (god i hate that deck) and that might be even stronger still. so my recommendation if you like this kind of play: stick with the teferi control.
TQDigitalMod (1 month ago)
let me just gideons intervention karn, cleansing nova and the construct... oh wait... rotation
xinatron1 (1 month ago)
what. the. fuck. I love it
FluffyFractalshard (1 month ago)
Brennan Clement (1 month ago)
This is absolutely ridiculous, can't wait to play against it in Arena!
Jonny .F (1 month ago)
So you are saying Vraska's Contempt absolutely wrecks this deck.
julian slavin (1 month ago)
Ixalans binding on chamber sentry gg sentry.
All_That_Chaz (1 month ago)
This deck looks like my Johnny dream come true but they never pan out. I'm waiting for the meta to wreck it.
M45T3R (1 month ago)
Playes against this deck couple days ago. The most amazing game ever i barely won by a lucky draw with less then 3 cards left
Salvatore Sedita (1 month ago)
Hey this deck looks so fun and I would love to play it but in your opinion is it actually going to be competitive in standard because I was originally going to build selesnya tokens
Blue Bandit (1 month ago)
Sooo.... black white control with lantern. I mean it's technically not wrong, so I can't unsubscribe for clickbait, but in the future, I'd be a bit more specific
TheStarWolfGamer (1 month ago)
It's not my playstyle, so I'll pass. But DANG what a spicy brew!!!
Keovar (1 month ago)
Mark Niedomys (1 month ago)
"5 color" control lol
Gimfigle496 (1 month ago)
"Five Color" And Vraska's Contempt says hello. I don't see how this jank is "undefeated".
ForeverTryad (1 month ago)
I just..what even
Sensei (1 month ago)
And I thought my 4c Ramp/Midrange was crazy... Simply amazing! But saying it's 5c is kinda cheating.
InsaneRandomness (1 month ago)
This deck makes me want to get back into standard. A deck full of nonsense is just for me.
Squillam Squallace (1 month ago)
RTR standard was garbage because 4 to 5 color control was to easy to fix and brainless to play. Look like WotC has learned nothing from that standard.
Squillam Squallace (1 month ago)
+Sensei Yes my comment was taken out of context. Hence the first reply to me. And yes. The next sets will only make 4-5 color more powerful with more "best cards" being able to effortlessly cram in control decks.
Sensei (1 month ago)
Squillam Squallace So your statement was completly out of context? Playing alot of colors seems easy right now, but there aren't any good 4 or 5 color decks right now, so I wouldn't be too worried, although that could change with next set.
Squillam Squallace (1 month ago)
+Sensei So? Control decks in RTR splashed green JUST for Thragtusk. My point is color is too easy to fix or Splash. The Buddy land and Shock land combo is too good. None of your 2 color lands need to come in tapped. Artifacts, like lantern, take care of everything else. It is too easy to have "All the best cards" in one deck with these kind of mana pools. This was the problem with OG Mirridin block and RTR (Maro even considered RTR block a failure for that reason) True control does not have a true Sphinx revelation or a supreme verdict. And board wipes are generally more expensive to cast. Also the Sentry is a joke compared to Aetherling... but still. This standard is young. And there is alot of abuse to be made.
Sensei (1 month ago)
This deck is actually orzhov.
Squillam Squallace (1 month ago)
+enor D Wrong. What do you think I am not understanding?
desertdweller00 (1 month ago)
well, time to go mill against this deck
Matias Britez (1 month ago)
Looks cool... But I don't have a million dollars :c
Michael Smith (1 month ago)
Wow. Just wow.
fiddlewheelx (1 month ago)
Going to be interesting to see what Orzhov can bring this deck with the next set then.
Ishak Muratovic (1 month ago)
You Said that this deck need earley game removal, so why not splash a bit of red with with some of the dual color lands to run deafening clarion? Its a boardwhipe and life gain.
Sensei (1 month ago)
You have golden demise in the sideboard which isn't as good, but still decent. You also have good early game removal. Not worth it.
Matthew Westmoreland (1 month ago)
Big-M 04 Deafening Clarion kills small creatures and has the upside of hitting Vine Mare, it’s one of my favorite sweepers for Standard. I’d prefer to play it in Jeskai control though
VEXEnzo (1 month ago)
Golgari deck?
13eetle13omber (1 month ago)
How do you have 5 opponents d.c in a row? Seems unlikely but obviously it happened.
Jakub Schiffel (1 month ago)
So exiling a single creature card from a graveyard and the whole deck loses any realistic chance of winning? Did I get that right?
Sensei (1 month ago)
Have you ever heard of karn.
Daniel Finch (1 month ago)
sounds hilarious, will try it out on mtgarena since i have everything on it lol
Foxokon (1 month ago)
I am waiting for all the shocks to be out before I am playing around sentury, there is probably a really good deck there but if I am going to be 5 colors I am going to play spells of every color
This deck is fun, honestly have not utilized sentry yet but had a great run with it in arena tonight. Dawn of hope + fountain of renewal is absurdly good. This is my favorite home for my standard legal maze of ith. :D
L00rdAjduk (1 month ago)
This deck is too easy to stop. Play Ego, kick out the Sentry...no, hell, kick out the lanterns and you've won, gg
Charlie Aydin (1 month ago)
Dude, your level of hype made me feel an overwhelming compulsion to comment at spires of orazca way before it got weird. Very awesome level of enthusiasm man, such great content. Love almost all of your videos!!!
Jenova__Witness (1 month ago)
A bit clickbait-y as it's really just W/B control that splashes in nonland colorfixing for the other colors just for a single card.
Nicolas Carl (1 month ago)
And then the sentry gets exiled :)
Ryan Wolsey (1 month ago)
I played almost this same deck in arena beta wlvia Esper using the primal Dino's and an Azors Gate. No Dawn of hope combo but the demises, settles, bindings and a fumigate.
ryo kamen (1 month ago)
what happens if someone exiles chamber sentry with vraska's contempt? guess you are hoping karn gets you there plus maybe lifegain tokens?
Athelas952 (1 month ago)
I hope people pick it up, because it looks like a bye for blue control, lol
daniel foster (1 month ago)
Ive been playing for about two years, but almost all commander... Im not smart enough to think this is good.
Sensei (1 month ago)
It looks like total jank, but somehow it works, I guess.
Insomniac Kitty (1 month ago)
question, what on earth do you do if they unmoored ego chromatic lantern or just the sentry itself if they know
BKets4ever (1 month ago)
When I read 5C control I imagined a deck with the best cards from each color. Calling it 5C just because you run some chromatic lanterns and 1sentry is kinda underwhelming. Still, seems interesting though
jacob collins (1 month ago)
so, it's a WB deck that runs Chromatic Lantern and Chamber Sentry. This oddly reminds me of that really dumb deck called Omni-Door-Thrag-Fire. Though not nearly as dumb, this deck is running a package that seems unnessecary. Only time will tell, but if this is good, I suspect Unmoored Ego will have a new favorite target.
RabbitsRi (1 month ago)
I mean, this is... What is this? I've done some real fringe things in modern. Zombie hunt fringe. But this is posting some serious results. I might try standard on MTGO for this.
PassiertWas (1 month ago)
Francesco Azzolini (1 month ago)
call this one "five color" is a little bit of a clickbait, but good video as always
Patrick Ryan (1 month ago)
we got a five color deck in standard just as shock lands come out!? No way! Edit: And it turns out these things are completely unrelated, wow.
Gryphon Bauch (1 month ago)
...What even is this deck? I mean, I'm going to play it a ton, but seriously, like, WHAT!?
I will destroy this deck so fast!
Caleb Smith (1 month ago)
Sounds fun
Luis Alvarez (1 month ago)
I'd try abzan with circuitous route to fetch gates. If I wanted to play 5 colors I mean.
TCG한국어 (1 month ago)
5 colour in standard is something I never thought possible
drtslash (1 month ago)
love you, wedge
Ty Sylicus (1 month ago)
So what you're saying is, go to time in game one?
Eric Drell (1 month ago)
Boros angels deck tech! Do it!
JaceMD015 (1 month ago)
I just beat this deck with Niv-Mizzet Parun Machine gun deck.
Ty Sylicus (1 month ago)
I just...just can't even imagine this working. Wow. WTF.
Brennan Templeton (1 month ago)
The side board is not on the decklist
Javier Medina (1 month ago)
Holy moly this deck!
Hector Diaz (1 month ago)
Wedge please continue the lore series.
Average Nerd (1 month ago)
I think it might need more cheap card draw to 100% get chamber sentry. Also try to put a counterspell or two in. Or maybe some surviel.... Something like that.
Paco Salgado (1 month ago)
Tan Tan (1 month ago)
Deck gameplay footage? None!
Reggaetonaldo (1 month ago)
What makes this 5 colors? The chromatic lanterns?
Martin Powell (1 month ago)
Reggaetonaldo chamber sentry pretty much
PartyEagle406 (1 month ago)
Any idea as to why no ritual of soot? I dont see it at all in the 75
Parfax Gaming (1 month ago)
where is the deck list?
jholopez1993 (1 month ago)
jaegamer (1 month ago)
Spires isn't a legendary land making it obnxious when 2 or more are online.
Matt Ferrin (1 month ago)
This deck might make me start playing Standard...
Reveant Corvo (1 month ago)
areotitan (1 month ago)
I feel this strategy biggest problem is that after the suprise there is many ways for you opponent to fight back. Like you mono blue tempo deck they have side boards of sentinal totems, syncopations to exile the golem and more counters to keep out karn. So what does this deck have to answer then?
areotitan (1 month ago)
+Nott Ulfur VoV if it gets that late into the game perhaps, tempos strat is to win maybe turn 5 or 6 but we can play test and see.
Nott Ulfur VoV (1 month ago)
areotitan with the life youve gained so far, plus even more card draw, should be enough to win
areotitan (1 month ago)
+Nott Ulfur VoV 4 mana 1/1 soliders do not sound like win cons. More like chumps that enlongate your demise.
Nott Ulfur VoV (1 month ago)
areotitan dawn of hope soldiers
Shane Hof (1 month ago)
worst. cards. ever. please
Fergus Ager (1 month ago)
This deck reminds me of Mr Overlord from the very early days of Cardfight Vanguard

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