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Ella Mai - Naked (Audio)

234120 ratings | 30415833 views
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Text Comments (4056)
Nanis Guzman (59 minutes ago)
JCre29 (2 hours ago)
The song of a true Scorpio
Tyana Tyler (3 hours ago)
I like your music
adam teseniar (3 hours ago)
Nkanyiso Mbeje (7 hours ago)
i luv every Ella's track she's so genuine i love her
Ashley Archer (15 hours ago)
This woman has so much love and heart in her! I pray she finds her hearts' desire...💓
sydwell jinek (18 hours ago)
it's a good song
Shantana Williams (1 day ago)
This song is so me every word
Kell Roz (1 day ago)
Shawntory Cherry (1 day ago)
I swear this is me
Omg you came so far now look where u are god reply is a miracle just remember😘
I meant really
Nate John (2 days ago)
I got emotional no cap 😢😂
Ella is lit 23 (2 days ago)
Man this is so good how am I just finding this 1 yr later💜💜👑
Desiree Feldmann (3 days ago)
I have cried to this song so many times, it truly speaks to my soul ❤ all we ask for is to be loved inside and out all of our imperfections to be loved and appreciated, we don't ask for much. Am I right?
Pavyohn Johnson (3 days ago)
How could you not like love this song bugging out MFS
André Hansen (3 days ago)
Powerful message. Very beautiful! Love it
poler bear music (3 days ago)
Omg she just makes me oof❤
Kemi Roberts (4 days ago)
I feel this song on such a deep level, I can't even describe it!🔥🔥🔥
Queen A Nyamandeanam (4 days ago)
"Can you love me naked"😕🤷‍♀️
Nate Salazar (4 days ago)
I’m listening to this cuz of my gf got me addicted to it
Natausha j (4 days ago)
Flawless 🙌🙌❤❤
kevonia bowens (5 days ago)
this is my song when a guy ask what do you look for in a guy i play this
Shaniya Johnson (5 days ago)
I LOVEEEE this song I swear its my song and speaks to me so much
Brittany Gibbs (5 days ago)
My favorite song 😍❤ I love her voice pure talent
Legacy Iam (5 days ago)
I just notice how the comments work top comment goes on top then down the line I though it was random 🤣🤣
Jan Harrington (6 days ago)
Love you baby
amaria Harris (6 days ago)
What instruments are used in this song??
Fenille Culzac (6 days ago)
RHONDA BALBOSA (6 days ago)
I want that perfect loveee, am I asking too much...(jasonnn), love me nakeddd
Chi Chi (6 days ago)
This song is the best 😁🖤
Cold World (7 days ago)
I just listened to it because she look good in the pic and its called naked then im curious to hear more of her music to make sure shes not just a clone of the old rihanna before she got thotty
Cold World (7 days ago)
I Like her tub a lot
Hailee N McRae (8 days ago)
I love this and her so much! <3
Dasja C (8 days ago)
I need somebody who loves me and my several different wigs.
Keke B (8 days ago)
Who else listens to dis when they was naked 🙂
Ms.caramel Delight87 (8 days ago)
My go to song when I'm in my feelings😍
Kyla Johnson (9 days ago)
my mom is a big fan fo you and me too. And my name is kyla
Kyla Johnson (8 days ago)
Hi girl
Shandora Rivers (9 days ago)
Angel spallcl
Shandora Rivers (9 days ago)
J.R. (9 days ago)
This would be a great country song!!!!! Whomever wrote this song would get paid!!!
Vannah Oshun (9 days ago)
Omg lyrics is HITTIN I’m late
Kimberly Johnson (9 days ago)
Love this song😍
Alyssa Ortega (10 days ago)
Nika Love (10 days ago)
88% Beatiful song 10% Ella mai+someone 2%OMG them edges
John Henderson (3 hours ago)
All of them
Denise Allen (10 days ago)
I love you
My jam 2019 and 2020
Stephanie Gresham (10 days ago)
Are you ready to fight just to see what be hide my flawss
itz. just tj (10 days ago)
the 7k people who disliked this shall burn in hell
Jessica Pittman (10 days ago)
This song is so beautiful. I have to listen to it every night before bedtime.
Spaceman Spaceman (10 days ago)
Still runnin'...
Cassandra Rowe (11 days ago)
Where was this song all my life?
iiiamdiaaa ! (11 days ago)
2019 March?
Nika Love (11 days ago)
228k likes?? This song should be already be at a million c'mon now people
Linda Novalien (11 days ago)
This is the re-mix to Tinks treat me like somebody with a lil Aaliyah are you that somebody sprinkled on top
Lek Wan (11 days ago)
Mercedes Mack (11 days ago)
Might be a bit ch in the morning, So catch me at night time 💁🏽‍♀️💯!
Darla Hiine (12 days ago)
This song make me feel loved like if u like it
Ariana Newby (12 days ago)
posted myself on my snap singing this song and my boyfriend (Now) slid up saying he the one who gon love me for me. I cried sm that day and we started dating<3 i love him bro
Sarae Sheppard (12 days ago)
Who still listening to this in 2019
CHOCOLATE (13 days ago)
Bro me everyday complaining that I don’t have a boyfriend but when someone asks me to be their girlfriend I reject them 😂😂😭👌👌👌👌
Silent Noize (13 days ago)
go go ella!!
Connie Agee (13 days ago)
This is a amazing song
Kenia Vicente (13 days ago)
🔥😍😍”I need someone who loves me when I wake up”
Ursula Shabalala (11 days ago)
Who thinks I'm beautiful when I'm looking fucked up!!😘🤗
Michelle Stokes (14 days ago)
Can u love me naked😘😘😘❤❤
Mommy Made Easy (14 days ago)
Absolutely me. Every time i hear this song i tear up no matter how happy i am because it makes think of myself and how when you have a heart big heart you have to learn to make the best decisions with your love. Thank you Ella Mai 💖🌈
bianca harris (14 days ago)
Such a stunning song. Ella should collaborate with Kehlani. Would be amazing. Great album overall
Shanoya Foster (15 days ago)
Everyday I listen to this song .... I can't stop I am addicted to this song💞💞
Martha Stevenson (15 days ago)
Jalaya Robinson (15 days ago)
My friend Xmas And
nemebitch sis (15 days ago)
this song is so beautiful omg whaaaat
Evan Marma (15 days ago)
Ella Mai should have win Grammy
_blu Īcė_ (15 days ago)
*so..basically she’s saying “will u still love her without all this makeup on her” and yea..*
_blu Īcė_ (2 days ago)
Oh mk then
mairlina Jas (2 days ago)
_blu Īcė_ she’s saying take the bad for the good and love the real her
Nyterya Redden (15 days ago)
can you love me naked :) ???
Dymond Dawson (16 days ago)
“Someone who never asks for love, but knows how to take it” I love that part
anthony spadafora (16 days ago)
I love you
Shastan Griffin (16 days ago)
Ella Mai+Queen Naija=the best song ever!!
TeamUs (16 days ago)
Accessories (make up, jewerly, lashes, hair, clothes, shoes, btatts, are justt to enhance beauty, perfect song for those who don't understand that........
Dynesha Davis (17 days ago)
This a beautiful song 😩❤️
MAWOIYA NELLY (17 days ago)
I've listened to this song, like 20 times the past few days
Dymond Dawson (15 days ago)
MAWOIYA NELLY I’ve listened to it about 5000 tines
Son Shine (15 days ago)
Me two
LaShene Morris (17 days ago)
Anyone else here cause of the Ella mai & Khadi Don beef 😂
Christina verco (18 days ago)
Les Français vous étes où ?
Dean Teles (18 days ago)
No caaaaaappppp
Pnut Butter (18 days ago)
This song describes my Nubian Queen.. And I am that somebody.
Maurice Bull (18 days ago)
Nice song it's deep
Mimie Mukuruva (18 days ago)
This song is so me..... A big shot... Whose really misunderstood... This is the only song that I can listen to.... Going through a tough break
TIFFANY (19 days ago)
My mon love her songs
Kay Da babe . (19 days ago)
Best song of 2019😘
Keisha Lewis (19 days ago)
Bruno Rodrigues (19 days ago)
Ávila reis
GiGi Davis (19 days ago)
Some one who shoots for the stars even when i think im not even good enough...
Nicolette TeleV (20 days ago)
I wish she'd make a video to it 😭 #2019 still listening
Douun. (17 days ago)
+Nicolette TeleV if you search ella mai 'naked' mv you will find it
Nicolette TeleV (18 days ago)
Amari G (18 days ago)
she did
Douun. (18 days ago)
but she did make a mv for this song
Frass Kid (20 days ago)
This song is so deep..i love it
陳佳足 (20 days ago)
mirabelle Williams (21 days ago)
Nina Monroe (22 days ago)
2019 anyone
K Love (22 days ago)
Beautiful song
Deivid Cerqueira Ramos (22 days ago)
Meu Deus, é cada princesa com vóz de Anju
Martha Stevenson (22 days ago)
Girl you did it
Pauline Mphwiyo (22 days ago)
Someone who never asks for love, but knows how to take it🎵❤️
I bet a couple years ago you posed to do this but I am still listening to it because it's so good
Audra Doggett (22 days ago)
Are u ready to fight just to see what's lost behind my flaws?

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