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I Facetuned My Instagram Photos To Make Me Skinny For a Week.

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Editing my body to make me look skinny in instagram photos for a week is so different for me. I'm all about body positivity and love my curvy body, but this week I did a little social experiment with facetune. I edited and facetuned my insta pictures to show the problem with photoshop and how what you see on instagram can so easily be fake. ❤ OPEN ME! Hey curvy babes! Today's video is a little different. I wanted to show the power of photo editing, and how the "body goals" we all seem to fawn over on instagram aren't even real half the time. So, I edited my instagram photos for a week. And I mean REALLY edited. I changed so much of the little flaws that make me, me. It almost looked like a completely different person. Weight gain and weight loss are a part of life, but just because your body might not be what you think is "perfect" it doesn't mean changing or editing to look like you are losing weight is the answer. Let's embrace body positivity and show our real bodies on instagram, not a fake contorted version. Skinny, fat, curvy- whatever in between! You don't need editing to look beautiful, I promise. ❤ I HAVE MERCH! Shop my clothing line https://www.thecurvycrew.com ❤ More Videos Like This ❤ Reacting to my Old Facetuned Photos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX6Vfyoo-mk&list=PLDf7atNag0SWo7DN7Bt9VZXctOrIKrwS5&index=2 Why the "Fat Girl" Isn't Sexy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgoMtqB6z1U&t=407s&list=PLDf7atNag0SWo7DN7Bt9VZXctOrIKrwS5&index=8 Confidence Makeover Episode 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLirDREBIKQ&index=5&t=1042s&list=PLDf7atNag0SWU3hzHrbgexPFhrzN_W2t7 Trying on a Size 12 at 12 Stores https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvO3_GwUsIU&index=4&list=PLDf7atNag0SVkjrCqDQlEhxWcksb0bmaM&t=11s ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●­●●● Shop My Equipment// CANON 70D http://amzn.to/2l4KzGe CANON SL1 http://amzn.to/2lDifO6 SIGMA LENSE http://amzn.to/2m52CA3 TRIPOD http://amzn.to/2kIFN56 SHOULDER RIG http://amzn.to/2kIMHau MICROPHONE: http://amzn.to/2m5bfuK VOICE OVER MICROPHONE: http://amzn.to/2kIE6EQ AUDIO RECORDER: http://amzn.to/2m5inan LIGHTING KIT http://amzn.to/2lDumej VLOG TRIPOD: http://amzn.to/2kIEByq VLOG CAMERA: http://amzn.to/2l4O2ER Shop My Favorites// FAVORITE SPANX: http://amzn.to/2m57bdJ BACKGROUND SHELVES: http://amzn.to/2kIQW5M UBER CODE FOR $20 OFF: sierras2308ue ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●­●●● Follow Me// Vlog Channel https://www.youtube.com/sierrastephenirl Twitter https://www.twitter.com/schultzzie Instagram https://www.instagram.com/schultzzie ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●­●●● Hey! My name is Sierra Schultzzie and I make 2 new videos every week about Curvy Fashion, Curvy Hacks, DIY Projects, and Disney! People also know me as Sierra Schultz or Sierra Schultzie! ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●­●●● FTC: This video is NOT sponsored. Some links may be affiliate. ❤ ATTENTION COMPANIES: If you are a company interested in working with me or wanting me to review a product, please fill out this form to contact me: https://fullscreen.wufoo.com/forms/z3g3x6k1ql9q8b/
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Sierra Schultzzie (1 month ago)
This was so interesting for me to make. What did you guys think? And if you follow me on Instagram, did you notice? Also, I just wanna add: if you follow someone, wether they be a friend or a celebrity and you think they’re photoshopping their body- don’t call them out. If they feel the need to do that, they probably have some deep rooted confidence issues and calling them out publicly isn’t going to solve that. I think the best thing we can do is be the representation we want to see, show our truer selves and bodies on instagram so that person feels less alone and sees that it’s okay not to be perfect.
Sierra Schultzzie so true!!
Corrina Cunnington (11 days ago)
Who are you to inflict such a negative assumption upon those who edit their pictures??? That they ‘probably have some deep rooted confidence issues’. As James Charles also views it; it can be seen as an art and enhancing the image. I think to your younger audiences this seems like an inspiring video when really the base of this video is slamming towards a group and telling people what they can and can’t do.
spiderman's bodyguard (13 days ago)
Shut up people r aloud to edit photos sometimes it can even be seen as an art form so ur going to say it’s not excepable to have an artistic outlet I understand ur point but don’t judge people
Liz Lynch (16 days ago)
Sierra Schultzzie I
Eraminta (19 days ago)
Elizabeth Henry (7 hours ago)
Candra Carter (21 hours ago)
I think this proved people don't actually care about weight, they will love you no matter what. The person who actually cares is ourselves and thats who we are really fighting. I just have to say as a naturally skinny girl this makes me feel bad.. Do people think I edit my photos and think that I think we should all look this way? Should I not post to instagram because me being naturally skinny is saying you should be too? I hope we all start to realize the double standard. Body positivity is for everyone. We all need to celebrate eachother. The girls who have perfect legs. The girls who are smart. The girls who have curves. If we accept and love ourselves their would be no "hating" and woman would accept that we are all different but all beautiful...whether that be physical or mental traits. I wish we would all realize we want something we don't have and that's okay! Admire the girls that aren't you.. while still admiring yourself.
Susann Kristoffersen (22 hours ago)
Not to be rude or anything, love this girl. But the title should say ‘skinnier’ not ‘skinny’
Jana Belokona (23 hours ago)
Your video makes me think of one situation, that happened about 10 years ago. I took a couple of nice pictures with my friend and she posted them. When I saw the photos, my first thought was :" Oh, I am so thin and pretty!" and my friend like:" Nope, I photoshoped the pics!" At that moment I was so angry at her! And it took me a lot of time to understand, that all what matters is your comfort. If you are comfortable with your body, your feelings, that says you are doing everything right. And if not - you can always change yourself, but changes have to be made only for you, not someone else, and " through" love, not hate. Like :" I am absolutely gorgeous, but I want to be better, healthier, stronger". I hope, you understand, what I mean, English isn't my first foreign language) Have a wonderful day!
Katie Hrivnak (1 day ago)
I LOVE this video. This is my first time watching you and I subscribed immediately after watching this. You are the type of youtuber i want to watch. Go you!!!
Beatriz You (1 day ago)
Wow 😍
veta (1 day ago)
grl you call that skinny?
Елена Cat (1 day ago)
Some people actually look like this..\
Rafaela Scheiwiller (1 day ago)
The only time i edited a photo of mine was when someone made a photo in a cool setting and because i am bad in posing, my arm was pressed to my side and looked double the size it normally is. I know it isnt ideal, but if the photo otherwise looks good and i know i look like the edited version when i am posing correctly, i think it is okay?
Summer Adams (1 day ago)
This is the first video I’ve seen by you and I’m subscribing asap lol. I’m already in love with what you say and how you cheer me up when I’m down about the way I look. Love you so much Sierra x. Now I’m gonna go watch more of your videos 😂😂
Sarah K (1 day ago)
This girl be looking like Melissa McCarthy
RoxanaG (1 day ago)
How are your teeth so white? Can you give me your secrets?
KeeshaLove (2 days ago)
I just found your channel a couple days ago then looked you up on Instagram and saw those photos and saw there there were some discrepancies with the photos and this video explains it!
maybemegan (2 days ago)
a really cool idea and beautiful message. love this ❤ and your insta feed!! 😂😊
Chri Gui (2 days ago)
😂😂 i don't in what world i was living. I didn 't know it was that easy to do that. Thank you for the experiment !
Michelle Marcel (2 days ago)
I'm just now finding your channel today, and this was the 3rd video I've watched. I just want to say THANK YOU for your body positivity message. As someone who's lost nearly 60 pounds in the past 10 months, and struggled with my body image for over 22 years, I am guilty of using my phone's built-in "beauty filter" for selfies. It smooths my skin, and evens the tone. And I really need to stop. I wish Android would remove the feature entirely, because all it does is reinforce the message that we're supposed to be "perfect". Sierra, I love your videos, I love the message, and I'm heading to Instagram RIGHT NOW to follow you!!
Madelen Hagen (2 days ago)
Do you want to know who is the most beautiful person in the world? Read the 2nd word💗
harlee rimes (3 days ago)
what app do y’all use to edit/facetune?
Average_Savage (2 days ago)
harlee rimes that app is literally called “Facetune” or “Facetune 2” and photoshop. The other apps you have to pay for. Actually I believe Facetune you have to pay monthly for as well, I don’t remember I don’t use them :(
Snitters6 (3 days ago)
I’m a teenager, I’m actually thinking about trying this just to see if people at my school catch on.
Leaping Lauren (3 days ago)
I love the point of this video! You send such good messages to the world love you!💕
Lord Keltain (3 days ago)
As a cosplayer sometimes I edit my photos to fit up colors and make myself look a bit more crisp, but I never touch my body. I see so many cosplayers post photos of their edited bodies and deny its fake and it’s honestly heart breaking
Kayla k (3 days ago)
You’re so prettyyyyyy I love you and your videos ❤️❤️❤️
Hannah B (3 days ago)
This is an amazing video! Great idea and message!
Claire Lyons (3 days ago)
Your gorgeous just the way you are ❤️💓
christE (4 days ago)
2:25 y’all
lucy 13 (4 days ago)
Thank you for being a positive voice for body positivity. I dont photoshop myself but every now and then I feel not pretty enough or just plain not the ideal standard. Your vids and starting to help me
What Els (4 days ago)
I knew it exists but I never used facetune 🤔
Veronica Watson (4 days ago)
I don't think minor changes to a picture is wrong. Hopefully it still looks like you and is in the field of reality. But the camera isn't always truthful either. The angle of the frame, lighting, and high contrast or resolution can make you look pretty scary and people freak out thinking that's the way you look all the time. Fixing certain shadows say around your eyes or blurring the skin a bit may be in order.
Veronica Watson (4 days ago)
I notice all the time but sometimes you aren't going to point it out to people. It's embarrassing to them.
Robin Eli (4 days ago)
Wow. So eye opening. Wont see insta photos the same anymore
Stacey Davis (4 days ago)
This is a fabulous video, I wish I’d had someone inspiring and positive like you when I was at university a million years ago x
Sheila Mac-Abee (4 days ago)
I had a stomach surgery to save my life. In one year i went from a size 5 to a size 14. Who gives a shit what other ppl think about your body. Your so cool, and so good for the real woman of the world. I adore you
Katherine Rose (4 days ago)
I don't think there's anything wrong with minimal editing of the face to correct discoloration or blemishes... to me it's no different than wearing makeup anyways. But when people edit their entire body to be 30 lbs thinner... that's going a bit extreme.
Ingridlosneslokken (5 days ago)
I hear people say it's so easy to edit your body and you never know if it's actually a true picture of someone, but I really didn't know it was THIS easy.. thank you for making a video like this ❤️ I'm so happy I've found you channel!
Bella Lynch (5 days ago)
Being only body positive to girls your size.... can’t relate.
Kim Chiasson (5 days ago)
11:57 i mean nobody wants to sit around and watch people post about the bad part of their life, people wanna see and share exciting things. but i completely agree, photos are over edited. i deleted instagram in december and feel a lot better ❤️
Simba Cat (5 days ago)
Idk why people cover freckles there so cute!
Halloween Mama (5 days ago)
What was even the point of this video? Is it not clear enough that society prefers skinny people and you clearly can’t edit for shit
Taylor Copeland (5 days ago)
I'll never understand why the fitness bullies on social media feel the need hunt out and prey on people trying to spread some body positivity. Everyone concerned about how her "health" clearly has some internalized fatphobia that they need to unpack. Nowhere in this video did Sierra tell anyone not to eat healthy or exercise, nor is it any of your business to assume the life someone lives just by the size they are?? Maybe instead of spending your free time pretending to care about thicker girls' health on the internet, you should spend some time figuring out why you hate the idea of people larger than you accepting who they are (and that's the tea, sis).
Nina Gething (5 days ago)
Please stop wearing that thing on ur head
Angel Saade (5 days ago)
Did anybody notice around the end of the video when she was reading the note the time said 12:48am???
Sierra Schultzzie (5 days ago)
Hahahaha I was up late editing 😂😂
Ella Jaasma (5 days ago)
I usually notice when people facetune their photos but I would never call them out for it haha
Emma Ray (5 days ago)
no hate whatsoever, but i feel that wearing make is almost equivalent to face tuning. by wearing makeup you are altering your body in a way that makes you look different, same with editing. just a thought
Penelope Bremner (6 days ago)
I loved this video! I actually deleted my Insta last summer because I was so sick of the constant stream of edited bodies. I'm glad bigger YouTubers are speaking up about how destructive it can be
Lily Brennan (6 days ago)
I love your channel! It’s amazing how you can support people and their unique body shapes.
Brutally Honest (6 days ago)
Rem ashten should watch this
Tizia Qualunque (6 days ago)
Ok, i appreciate the message and i get it, but (especially if peaople are open about that, like james charles is for example) i think there is really nothing bad with facetuning on instagram :) let people do whatever they want
coco cat (6 days ago)
I’d like this vid but it really just seems like she’s making it in order to point out that people edit everythingggg “if you see someone with smooth thighs they’re probably using this same tool” or they have nice thighs. Like ugh bitch shut up. She makes a ton of videos related to her size for someone who claims body positivity and to be so happy about her weight 🙄
Brittney Glor (6 days ago)
You are such an inspiration to me. I’ve never seen someone with the exact same body type as me. I feel like I’m looking at my body in a mirror and I completely understand every insecurity you have. You are so stunning and I would love some style tips!!
ShReK (6 days ago)
Your body just really fits you, you seriously don’t need to do *any* editing on your body
UGGIplays (6 days ago)
I'm not an instagrammer or youtuber so I barely have any followers, but I'll edit my pics for fun and share the SBS so people can see what I did. I will edit my pictures lightly sometimes and not mention it. But if I do something major, even if you can't tell it's fake - I'll mention it. Mostly because my followers are people who know me IRL and they know the horror of my real face, lol. But also because I don't want people thinking "wow, wish I had [body part/face part] like that" when it's so heavily edited.
Elena T (6 days ago)
Congratulations on 600k
Ashley Pulsifer (7 days ago)
Subscribed! I love your videos! I stopped posting selfies and pictures using the "beauty" fitters on snapchat or my phone last year. Like the ones that make me look way too perfect, too slim of a face, no marks or blemishes at all etc for the exact same reason as it's not me at all and sometimes hardly looked like me. Love what you stand for :)
Victoria Cole (7 days ago)
I am soooo happy that you are confident enough in yourself to post photos without editing, but people do what they think they have to do, to make them selves more body confident. The ones posted in magazines to sell a product, I agree with you that this is wrong, but in your video I feel like you were saying everyone that facetunes their photos shouldn't. And I respect your opinion on this, but I feel you were speaking about how much you hate people doing it so blatantly, which I believe is not the way to go about it, as it can crush peoples confidence more than it may already be. I just wanted to share my views on this video, as I do love you and your content, but this video really affected me. xx
Kimberly Tatta (7 days ago)
What an amazing video. Thank you for this <3
Bethany.the. animal (7 days ago)
Why does tge cactus turn grey/white
Mia Celeste (7 days ago)
You remind me of sookie saint James 😊😂
Ijeoma (7 days ago)
I only use facetune to make me or friends or things look really distorted, like not real at all. I dont even have face tune tho, is that just for apple? Whateva a girl can dream
mylah ; (7 days ago)
Title is kinda clickbait
amberly’s world (7 days ago)
as long as you’re healthy you’re good. you’re so pretty tbh💛❤️
amberly’s world (7 days ago)
omg. your outfit. your background. your personality. everything. you are perfect.❤️❤️❤️just found my new fav channel.
Peyton Kerner (7 days ago)
hey so i love you and i get your point but some people may feel better when they facetune. you talk about confidence and stuff but people might feel confident when they facetune their photos💗just saying, don’t get mad
Allison K (7 days ago)
This was so hard to watch because you looked amazing in all your original photos!
singergrrl77 (8 days ago)
Sooooo loved this video. I totally know most of life is staged very carefully and about perfection. My question is—— what is “real” then? Should we wear makeup? Spano? Heels to appear taller? Hair or eyelash extensions? Dye our hair? Modify our natural bodies at all ? I know that I feel better when I wear flattering clothes/ cut my hair to frame my face /wear makeup to cover dark under eye circles / get eyelash extensions. They make me feel better personally. Way before the internet people have been modifying their bodies to be perceived by others in a certain way. I think this topic is so interesting. And where is the line so that people know what is achievable and reasonable vs what is done on a computer to an unrealistic standard? A lot of social media is beautiful smoke and mirrors and can make some feel they must compete or are being left out of a life that doesn’t possibly exist. Thank you for shedding light on this. ✨✨✨✨
María Ventas Martín (8 days ago)
You are very inspiring! Thank you! 💙
Susan Davies (8 days ago)
This made me tear up! Thankyou for being real and beautiful 💕
Veni Vidi Amavi (8 days ago)
*everyone saying editing is ok......everybody has depression and hates their bodies and some girls cannot go out in public without make up. Face tuning everything will not help that in any way, the social media will just continue to mount. It's crazy how obsessed we are with perfection. I honestly don't support extreme editing, I think it's sad to see how we've come as a society. But hey it's only an app, instagram can be deleted from my phone no problem* :) I'm not trying to be really negative or hateful, it's just sad because photoshop in magazines is directly linked to eating disorders and making everyone feel like crap, so this is just a continuation of it*
surmon11 (8 days ago)
This is Against the Law in France.... It should be everywhere
Breaking Shan (8 days ago)
I notice editing all the time but don’t call anyone out on it cause I don’t want to be mean or a hypocrite
Elvi Casia (8 days ago)
idk if it was just me but the way she said “now i’ve got that coveted thigh gap” kinda rubbed me the wrong way. it seemed a little condescending, almost like it was wrong to have/want one
Lainey Watson (8 days ago)
u r so pretty!!
Amber (8 days ago)
I made a post on Instagram about this today actually, I know it’s toxic for some, and that just doing it makes you feel less yourself. Yet, this is what I told my viewers: Ever since I can remember, I have been known to use photoshop of every kind, Snapseed, Pixlr, MakeupPlus, Photoshop Express/Adobe Photoshop, and etc. Not to change who I am, but to enhance certain features, almost to see what I would look like if my makeup was bomb as fuck, but not to draw attention to the fake-ness, because I am true to myself, I work hard to create, since being an amateur artist, I look at life in a different way and experience different ways of doing things and I always have. . Disclaimer: most of my photos are me, my natural self, no doctoring, no special effects, perhaps filters one some. My point is, whether you doctor yourself on social media platforms or not, if you are still staying true to who you are, and you’re not wishing you can be what you edit, then by all means, do you babe. Those who love you IRL won’t care what you do, because they already love ya for who you are outside your screen.
Jessica Downing (8 days ago)
You are so inspiring💓💓 I love you so much!!
Lauren Taylor (8 days ago)
great vid x
Mayela Hache (8 days ago)
Love your energy.
Or 10 thousand people didn't care if it was real or not lmao Like it looked fake af to me but if I saw that on my feed I would just scroll away haha
N (9 days ago)
i get the idea of this video but that’s not it. you’re saying you’re insecure about your eyebags and wear a lot of concealer on the daily but when you were editing your photo you said “make myself look like a porcelain doll”. i mean, yeah it’s your intention to do so in the first place if you’re concealing them with makeup. same goes with your face. when you were smoothing your skin you said “it doesn’t even look realistic” well full face of makeup doesn’t look realistic too unless you do the bare minimum (you’re clearly not). the whole purpose of base makeup is to make our skin look as perfect as possible and that’s a fact so i don’t see any problem in fixing some details with photoshop because you already tried to cover it with makeup...
Healthy Aspirations (9 days ago)
Great video 👍🏻
Chloe Griffin (9 days ago)
Butttt I do love a good James Charles facetune
Nacol Sims (9 days ago)
Her skin is so nice without the editing 😍😍
Nettyl Spryngs (9 days ago)
I love the general vibe of this, but you mentioned one thing that bugs me when people talk about body positivity. I know you said you like the pictures better with your "imperfections", which you proceeded to list, which is healthy, but to see a little extra weight or especially cellulite as something negative is not. As long as you are taking care of your body, it should function perfectly, and if it's functioning well and you feel good, then it's perfect and gorgeous. The point isn't that the "imperfections" don't matter. It's that there's no such thing in the first place. The idea that extra weight is unattractive is not only completely unrealistic, but also very new in history. It's simply an idea constructed by modern society. Your body does it's job, and that's what makes it perfect, not how it appears on the outside. Each person's body reacts differently to food and exercise, but health all comes down to the same thing. Everyone should take care of their body, and however it looks afterwards is *you*. That's what makes each person unique. I understand the message, of course, but the truth is deeper than the surface. Yes, people should see themselves as beautiful and be able to artistically express themselves through photography, but not despite their imperfections. They should do it because what strays from social beauty standards isn't imperfect. It's natural. That's what makes your before photos so much better than the afters. They represent *you* the way you truly are.
DNE Momming (9 days ago)
I really like the way you did that. Your take on it was so refreshing.
jasmine negrete (9 days ago)
the real problem is that your phone is at 2% jk
Rachel Frumkin (9 days ago)
Girl! You look so super cute! Also has anyone ever told you that you look like Melissa McCarthy?
Rebecca L. (9 days ago)
I just found your channel and I wanna say thank you so much for making videos. I have struggled with body image my whole life, and sometimes my perspective of myself is so skewed. I have been looking for something to help me change my perspective when I feel this way, and your videos really help me feel more confident <3
Vienna Two Two (9 days ago)
I love you
Sway Tree (9 days ago)
I'm not a biggest hater of photo's editing. People have been manipulating photos for DECADES. And I mean, really. You know, those victorian era thin waists? Girl! All of them are fake simply painted on the photos. I just think we're just vain. I think this might be a kind of art somehow. The problem is when you pretend to yourself that the person on the photo is you. That this is your true self and you can't even watch yourself looking natural.
Interesting video, I liked how you showed the “fakeness” we can found on instagram
Caela Bean (10 days ago)
Na im not about to post a selfie with this steaming angry zit on my chin. She gon' be gone. And my pose was awkward? Thank god i can manipulate it instead of 1. Posting something i find unflattering and hate or 2. Trashing the photo and taking 10,000 more. Yeah i think ima just do me in 2019. Everyone should. If someone wants their flat ass to become j-lo booty approved through facetune then by all means... if you can convince me you didnt edit the photo from first glance then id say thats a pretty impressive skill 😅
Maria Eugenia Santos (10 days ago)
I'm gonna be honest, I don't see a problem in photoshopping a picture before posting on instagram. I mean, that person you create on the app is at least the person you want to become in real life, right? it's your goal. So, if posting a picture of the person you want to be, makes you feel better about yourself, it shouldn't be such a sin... But then, you can argue that other people on instagram will see your pictures and use you as inspiration even though it's fake. But is it fair to you to keep that satisfaction (posting a photoshopped pic) away from yourself because other people choose to use your pics as reference? I don't think its fair... if you feel better posting photoshopped pictures of yourself on social media, I say YOU GO GIRL!! do whatever makes you happy :)
Duh Itz Maria (10 days ago)
This has such a good message!
odett meza (10 days ago)
Or maybe some just didn’t care to comment about it hahahah
Georgia Lily (11 days ago)
U are so so inspiring
Guggvc Jhh (11 days ago)
Uhm 1 in ten thousand? Don’t exaggerate lol I’m pretty sure people just didn’t want to be rude and call you out on it.
Ha Ha (11 days ago)
I literally just got an ad for Facetune2 how amazing
Corrina Cunnington (11 days ago)
Let people do what they want to do.
Emma Schenck (11 days ago)
Let people do what they want. Can girls just support girls in 2019? Let them facetune their photos if they want. I understand the main message of this video and I think it’s a good message to spread to girls about comparing themselves to others but we can do that without bashing others for editing themselves on social media.
Mariana G (1 day ago)
do whatever tf you wanna do 2k19
Hannah B (3 days ago)
She is not judging people who edit there photos but instead she is saying that you can’t compare yourself to people on the internet and how skinny and “perfect” they are because you have no idea that is fake and what is real
Tiffie Wright (6 days ago)
Emma Schenck she’s not bashing anyone
LAVISH NUBIA (10 days ago)
Emma Schenck exactly !
Ellen Duffy (11 days ago)
Haha at the start of this video I got a body photoshop app🤣 love your vids xx
Shaelyn Janisch (11 days ago)
Lol a lot of people may have seen it and just not said anything.

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