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The Homeless Billionaire Prank!

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Text Comments (16943)
Coby Persin (11 months ago)
Where is my snapchat family at???
James Guy (21 hours ago)
Coby Persin - I’m not on snap chat but we are all family, feel the love in the comments section my brother 🔗 🍀
林 刘 (4 days ago)
goood show , thinks very diffirent . !!
Adam Saleh Fans ✓ (5 days ago)
Can i gt 1 Subcribe from you please ? Request Boost , need a big help its so hard Honestly :)
Amin Haikal (25 minutes ago)
This video make me touch
Amit Chauhan (5 hours ago)
Help Ronaldo!!
Mehedi Hassan (9 hours ago)
Ronaldo for President 😍
Rahmadan Syah (15 hours ago)
.i'll help everybody who need help...and i push away the money...(but just a little of person who want to help other man)....i m sorry if my word is wrong_because i m Indonesian 🇮🇩
Gur Preet Singh (18 hours ago)
So good bro ✊
ZJ Games (18 hours ago)
now every body like shit i wish i helped him
عبودي الباشا (20 hours ago)
It was almost clear, idiot😒
DevLearn (22 hours ago)
Hahahaha...priceless bitches faces :)))
C X (1 day ago)
That was awesome dude!!! hahaha Man this video made my day!
Adam Saleh Fans ✓ (1 day ago)
Can i gt Subscribe support ? i need to gain 1K subs in a month
mark galardo (1 day ago)
Soundtrack music title plss?
Ghada Alrajhi (1 day ago)
สุดจริงคับถ้าผมมีขอทำคลิปแบบนี้บ้าง55 I am from thailand
Maria Stefan (2 days ago)
Trishith Kumar (2 days ago)
Give this man a hundred dollars 😂😂😂
hafis dz (3 days ago)
If you have a lot of cars give me one
Mohammed aamin (3 days ago)
hhhhh damm g bro
Michael Kurbah (3 days ago)
To a man who is proudy who never contribute to poor people no one recognised him
Hana (3 days ago)
Just a $100 and you are supposed to be a billionaire??
Corretta Carter (3 days ago)
Help someone and the return is that persons
Man Momo (3 days ago)
This reality life
blackdynimite 231 (3 days ago)
People are just soo evil just imagine if he was in a serious emergency
N P (4 days ago)
Omkar Surve (4 days ago)
What is the name of background music anyone please
Omkar Surve (4 days ago)
+CareTaker thank you very much
CareTaker (4 days ago)
Every step BY silent partner thank me later :)
davittz 0R (4 days ago)
Jaja ronaldo no olvides mi 😄😄
Angel Rangel (4 days ago)
inche video todo culero
Anthony Martinez (5 days ago)
That is cool man the look on their faces is priceless.
jsar666 (5 days ago)
so who got pranked?
Justin Bor (5 days ago)
that was amazing-that gentleman that did that for him was awesome--thumbs up
Yea Thanks (5 days ago)
Ishaq A.T (5 days ago)
Here give me 💯$ becoz I subscribed
On Gags (5 days ago)
Subscribe our new comedy channel as well! Latest update will be added soon
Wanbadak Wanbadak (5 days ago)
Nice one for social experiment broo..keep it up
Rodrigo Borba (5 days ago)
brother, What a bullet 😍
Xanax Nebulous (5 days ago)
Si deja dinero esta madre jajaja
Phoenix_Plays * (5 days ago)
He would've gotten instantly rich
American Patriot (5 days ago)
this isnt funny at all
Jayson Villanea (5 days ago)
Flipflop carry the whole video 😂
Djiji Jojo (5 days ago)
نيك لافريك او خلاص عبالي ما تفخموش عليا
andrew khaling rai (5 days ago)
青木健一 (6 days ago)
sina sanjari (6 days ago)
In this world if you dont have money you will die soon!
M Rifki Fadhilah (6 days ago)
anyone know the song? pls :)
CareTaker (4 days ago)
Every step BY silent partner thank me later :)
Enrico Martin (6 days ago)
This just shows how many assholes in this world
mayyu nandar (6 days ago)
you wanna looking for.......it's foul
camareibol camareibol (6 days ago)
Cuando los ricos se aburren matan moscas con el rabo
Mays Manase (6 days ago)
The art of picking up nobodies and make them somebodies. I want you to stay focused on whatever you're doing for a living.
Nadeem Mansoori (6 days ago)
Nice vid.. 👍
All the diamonds are not white
Fahmi Aw (7 days ago)
Coby come to indonesia please ?
Litz93Enzy (7 days ago)
lol why would you wanna let random people use your phone... now days they will definitely make runner. lol you don't believe me try giving iPhone x to someone you dont know! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂✌ 🤔🤔You rather give them just enough money to use public pay phone... easy as that! 🤯🧐
WONDER ZONE (7 days ago)
Nice concept bro
Fran Elvis (7 days ago)
Subtítulos en español
Hey itsmeCALM (7 days ago)
Emilio Sosa (7 days ago)
Jajajajja ronaldo jajajajja
AMOL PAIKRAO (7 days ago)
great sir 👍👍
Cesar Arita (7 days ago)
Así como el quiere saber si ay jente buena si ay pero elque tiene que le ayude alos niños dela calle as tesoros en el cielo así Dios teba a bendecir dice Dios que por tus obras te conoceréis
carlos silva (7 days ago)
Ronaldo help me 2
David VA (8 days ago)
Come to my country more people will help u for call
prEm patEl (8 days ago)
Endorion (8 days ago)
Southern Lightning (8 days ago)
Great timing for NYC traffic👍Love these inspirational skits...👏😎 Music was perfect with the build up..
saud abdullah (8 days ago)
الشعب ملخم ههههههههههههه
Vitalyi Pisarev (9 days ago)
Estas haciendo un experimento de educacion y humildad y tu no tuviste la dlicaswaa de dar laa gracias por su noble gesto simplemente mandaste al chofer a pagar el favor
laburam dewasi (9 days ago)
amazing video bro i like this im from India
Ted Urban (9 days ago)
Do anyone Know the Name or Artist doing the Music in this Video?
Rameez G (9 days ago)
By the way asian people's are most helping more then Europeans. According to this video🎥
Rameez G (9 days ago)
Hahaha .. 2years ago i did this in my university ! And got alot of guys attraction.
RuhiStreet (9 days ago)
Semoga di Indonesia ada yg kaya gitu 😁
kalita777 (9 days ago)
Omg after the flip flops i died laughing 😂😂😂
Player (9 days ago)
Dude you really need to do this again I beg of you 😀
william (9 days ago)
вот это пранки!!! не то что наши чуханы, молодци ребята!!!
Gohama Nano (9 days ago)
very very good
robert Fernandez (10 days ago)
whats is the name of music?
robert Fernandez (10 days ago)
whats is the name of music?
robert Fernandez (3 days ago)
+CareTaker thank you
robert Fernandez (3 days ago)
+CareTaker Gracias
CareTaker (4 days ago)
Every step by silent partner Thank me later :)
Mbali Mndebela (10 days ago)
you not even giving the guy $1000 I mean you a billionaire
Vincent Young (10 days ago)
Great video man
JON MATTHEWS (10 days ago)
What’s the point of that . Would you give your phone to a homeless man who’s just wiped his as on a burger 🍔 wrapper around the corner 🔥💩
saudara nya ocong (10 days ago)
lumayan kerad
Lalawmpuii Khenglawt (10 days ago)
Ronaldo where are you 😍🤗
Mille Vanille (10 days ago)
2:21 WTF :)
Mauricio Heredia (10 days ago)
No mamen parece que se peleo con un oso.
Wladimir (11 days ago)
时光倒流 (11 days ago)
Umar Patel (12 days ago)
ashey khan (12 days ago)
Omg!! The look on them people’s faces lol
Dan Nguyen (12 days ago)
Very lame. Why are you on my feed?
Nat Geo (12 days ago)
Homeless man with flip flops
walter cook (12 days ago)
lock514 (12 days ago)
Stupid video.
Yang Yang (12 days ago)
More video pls
Darwto 5 (12 days ago)
Coby person is wonderful teacher to the peoples....
FL4NKENSTEIN (12 days ago)
Just watched that and subscribed.... I even hit the dang Bell. That was awesome
LIKE APP VIDEOS (12 days ago)

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