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Alexander McQueen | Fall Winter 2016/2017 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Alexander McQueen | Fall Winter 2016/2017 by Sarah Burton | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - LFW - London Fashion Week) #FFLikedalot
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salvadorlaguna (9 months ago)
Maybe if the models would have used Halloween masks, if would have had more of a McQueen feel???
violet (11 months ago)
galvin phumale (11 months ago)
jaw dropping creations..//
Terry Liu (1 year ago)
McQueen no more..... As beautiful as this is, the brand has lost its aggressiveness. The daring vision that challenges the audience is completely gone, might as well call this some other brand~ Too bad he's not here to agree with me anymore... REPLY
hyade (1 year ago)
this is just AWESOME !! its true it isn't alexander mcqueen, but its still kind of dark, but much more feminine
Countess Shay (1 year ago)
A long time fan, wear , and lover of the McQueen House. I loved this collection as a woman and a buyer.. so Sure, Strong, Beautiful.. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
mally1011 (1 year ago)
I feel that everyone needs to stop going on (it's not McQueen it doesn't look like mcQueen he wouldn't of done that his runways where better) guess what people nuff love and respect to Mr McQueen but he is dead it's been taken over so get used to it he was the reason I become obsessed with fashion yes I miss his designs and his creativity nobody did it like him but I also think there is some beauty behind his death he left us wanting more and to this day people are still talking and doing speculating what would he have done next but the truth is people we will never know and I think that's the beautiful thing behind Such a sad story Sarah is doing her best and putting her spin on stuff
Dusan Petrovic (1 year ago)
I'am sorry,you can't print butterflies on silk,lace,duvet and throw on models with vacant looks and call it McQueen.Simply doesn't work.
rose rey (2 years ago)
amazing collection I loved the sheer ♥
Rafiel Rosario (2 years ago)
jacob x swaps (2 years ago)
Love this collection, it's just I don't see the McQueen elements in all of them. I mean it's absolutely gorgeous, but some of them aren't very McQueen.
Michaela N (2 years ago)
hey who knows the name of this song?
Kathie Hansen (2 years ago)
Mcqueens runways made you gasp with amazement and pleasure.....this runway is merely adequate.
Reeses&Papayas (2 years ago)
it's not boring, there are very nice pieces and a clear vision ..but it's just not McQueen
john rodriguez (2 years ago)
Quick fact: Under Sarah Burton, Alexander Mcqueen has quadrupled its market value
Crystal Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Nicole Němečková (2 years ago)
all this dresses are stunning !!!! But the models :/ I don't know what to say :/ No energy = No show .
David Holt (2 years ago)
Boring. And Alex was never boring.
NOUR ALJAWAMIS (2 years ago)
yeah its like tim burton's movies
CNBC Squawk Box (2 years ago)
*Interesting fact: In 1986, an Iranian student was studying in London, at an A-Level college called **_David Game Tutorial College_**, in South Kensington. He was living in student accommodation leased by Mr. Game. This accommodation was at 6 Earls Court Square, London SW5. This Iranian student was called MATTHEW TABATABAI. He shared a room in the student digs with a bearded Indian student called Michael Spencer Pearl. Matthew had a girlfriend, a mullato girlfriend. She used to visit 6 Earls Court Square almost on a daily basis, so see Matthew. And they would fuck each other everytime she visited him. Matthew was a sex addict. But he had one small problem. He shared his room with Michael. So what Matthew would do when he wanted to fuck his GF was that he used to pay Michael to get out of their room for an hour or two -- he used to pay Michael £5 everytime he wanted the room to himself. But Matthew was nearly always broke, so there were occasions when he simply could not pay Michael £5. Guess what Matthew did on these occasions? HIS SOLUTION WAS TO FUCK HIS GF WHILE MICHAEL WAS IN THEIR ROOM. Yes, you read that correctly. Matthew was such a fucking pervert that he would GET NAKED, and HAVE SEX WITH HIS GF while Michael would be lying in his bed just three feet away. (It was a twin bedroom). Just imagine that. A freak. A perv. Can YOU imagine doing that yourself? No, me neither. Why am I writing this stuff on an Alexander McQueen site? Because that same MATTHEW TABATABAI, that same freak, is today the World Wide Director of Retail at Alexander McQueen in London. I find it fascinating a sexual deviant would manage to become the director of a global fashion brand.*
home arch (2 years ago)
it is not McQueen need more Drama
Joanne Maniatis (2 years ago)
Jihu Lee (2 years ago)
like this collections
2Chuas (2 years ago)
Totally agree with the comment, one of Burton's best. I could see all of the McQueen codes: subversive, ephemeral, tough, humorous, and the exquisite, technically defiant tailoring. The craftsmanship worth the price of admission. And the jewels? All translated to want want want (yikes). Butterfly motifs I found so over the top that even they were edgy and rebellious. We'll see various iterations of this one on the streets for sure. Well, at least on my street!
william reed (2 years ago)
it looks like quality high-end designer rhinestone accouterments are making a splash this Fall. Hope it continues though to Spring. I need to get my butt in gear and get my vintage listed. More later
Max Bingham (2 years ago)
I loved it clothes were so beautiful and I'm sorry I mean how's this collection boring their was a freaking unicorn dress but I do agree with the walking though I don't know if that's what they wanted but all the models looked hunched over
akadimas (2 years ago)
i dont think this collection is even close to boring, i can still see the differences between the new mc queen and other designers and its own twist, love it
john rodriguez (2 years ago)
Delicate and detailed.....definitely not Alexander´s work but still beautiful.
TruthbeeTold Wintour (2 years ago)
Informante Honesto (2 years ago)
¡maravilloso! wonderful
Geneviève cissokho (2 years ago)
the best would still absolutely collection sencacional
Pekyee Kwan (2 years ago)
ruffles..lace..cut outs..frills..chiffon.. bling bling...very korean ..if not for the dark colors
George .Hill (2 years ago)
The song is called 'Arthur' by Kelly Lee Owens.
Amy F. (2 years ago)
thank you! I have been looking for who did this song everywhere!
Your Best Friend (2 years ago)
Kieran Daly (2 years ago)
Kieran Daly (2 years ago)
Ridiculous see through rags. That is not elegance. Wear clothes please.
Fui Futurus (2 years ago)
Mcqueen... 💜
User Name Olokunful (2 years ago)
I love the whimsical patterns with the tailored look of the coats. I don't like $895 for a teensy lace bra.
Takyo Takyo (2 years ago)
No more Realness McQueen DNA.. sadly.. : (
Paul Regis (2 years ago)
For godsake Sarah Burton is not Alexander McQueen... its her style, anybody interested to resurrection of him!!!!
JetsovrTaylor (2 years ago)
I think people would prefer her to try to think like McQueen more rather than just add a McQueen reference to what is completely her vision
Sheldon Williams (2 years ago)
This is her best collection at the helm for me. The fragility of toughness of the leather mixed with the feminine prints were the divine. Also the final dresses that came down the runway were a feast for the eyes!
Mudassar Ahmad (2 years ago)
Too all over the place
Kingdom Clarke (2 years ago)
they walking like hoeboes
Mia Love (2 years ago)
the best
Facile PourTous (2 years ago)
Absoloutly amazing I like the whole collection
Mario Daniel (2 years ago)
the collection, music, the whole vibe is just so on point!
siebenspiegel (2 years ago)
Damian Jo (2 years ago)
Loved this...wow!
Harvey Robinson (2 years ago)
I loved this show. What's the name of the song? it's fierce.
Blurred Vertices (2 years ago)
I don't like it.....fashion is all the same overpriced garbage and it always has been like what are we even doing?
tiger t (2 years ago)
I like that its ready to wear.
Kafava Salon (2 years ago)
My favorite of all time!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best especially the moon dress , that nicole kidman use in the Met Gala
Fatimah White (2 years ago)
boring...smh except for that moon dress
sweetrebeldy (2 years ago)
Lovely Collection, but too much Galliano´s and Valentino vibe than Mcqueen.
Jermyn Matthew (2 years ago)
Are you sure this is Alexander McQueen? I can't feel anything with the clothes. feel it's just about the business...   anyways hope for the best still a Fan of McQueen!   From PHilippines with love.
Jhoon Gooh (2 years ago)
Lee is long gone, so stop asking if it's alexander or do you mean the brand itself, you're way too delusional get a grip and move on already. It's on a totally different cut compared to Mcqueen but Sarah is mixing Lee with her's. I love Lee's creation but I'm thankful enough that his brand and legacy still lives within Sarah. Also, from PH.
Olivea Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Disappointed that art turned into business
dani braga (2 years ago)
still too racist
J. Bee (2 years ago)
oh look, another mcqueen collection that sucks...
O'mara Royo (2 years ago)
What they did with Alexander McQueen brand??? I am designer and Alexander Mc Queen for me was the top of the top in design. You could feel shaking chills each time one of the models step up on the runway. Right now i don't feel anything anymore since one year after Lee's death. Please don't let destroy more the name of the bigger modern designer of the world. I PRAY FOR A CHANGE OF DESIGN TEAM
croitor2009 (2 years ago)
AmeRicanItalian Israel (2 years ago)
Sarah best collection ever.Very beautiful.The dresses are gorgeous.You could see her beautiful style of design with a little sprinkled of McQueen. She is doing a fantastic job.Alexander McQueen would be proud.Loved it.Good for her.
Jonathan Mayorga (2 years ago)
This music...
Marc Garnier (2 years ago)
rock n'roll !
Stella Pela Mela (2 years ago)
a new twist on the ethereal look. mysterious and alluring innocent and almost virginal looks. brilliant.
Fianeis Sew (2 years ago)
who is that Asian girl?
PD MV (2 years ago)
I adore this collection but I wish I could see the final dresses without the coats on.
Julio Dujarric (2 years ago)
Looks very cheap, boring, monotonous anda no elegant at all. This brand is just not the same. If you like, Amén, i respect that. Respect my opinion.
Elena CZ (2 years ago)
someone can tell me which song is playing? I reaaly enjoy the whole collection!!!
Lydia Bocage (2 years ago)
A truly stunning collection. Every piece masterful. Spoilt for me by the terrible models, of whom some cannot walk.
LaV C (2 years ago)
It's not McQueen anymore but burton. Do you guys remember that in one of the interviews McQueen stared that if he were to pass away he didn't want anyone continuing his legacy. becauseeeee all his collections came from his personal feelings, memories, and experiences hence why Sarah's collections are highly boring, beautiful but boring. But I would still wear it though. It's just now it's safe and pretty when McQueen was alive it was edgy, rebellious and aggressive.
Nicky Gamalinda (1 year ago)
i hear you. it is still the mcqueen woman, same spirit. lee and sarahs work are both beautiful. lees work is not so quiet tho..sarah has that quiet energy. and i like that her clothes are not about lees previous work. that is why i guess people tend to say its not mcqueen anymore, its certainly not but it looks it, very today.
patr70 (1 year ago)
Nicky Gamalinda Yes! I like Sarahs collections(men's and women's) better becuase they are more classic, elegant, and wearable yet she worked with McQueen so they have that also have that component. Its Beautiful clothing.
Nicky Gamalinda (1 year ago)
yes he said that. but it was a conglomerate that funded his label and so what he said remained words, personal opinion and they can not closed down a successful house just because lee dint feel like it. Sarah is amazing. i always think that people cant see mcqueen in her work are those "fans" who only understood lees work on a very surface level
Edu Lima (1 year ago)
Alberto Dote (2 years ago)
Silvia Ramos (2 years ago)
hermosisimo, una fina obra de arte!
Marni M (2 years ago)
Not art, but beautiful and edgy. I do wish the clothing was modeled by curvier femme fatales which could actually carry the looks and give them the seductive, womanly appeal which they cry out for, instead of bony and depressed girls. Heroine chic is so 90's.
Jess Gao (2 years ago)
love the drama in mcqueens collections. sarahs works more feminine but less on your face... some the dresses looks bit elie saabish.
naseem mukanda (2 years ago)
these girls are so thin
orangecounty56 (2 years ago)
Absolutely horrendous walking by the models
thebobby (2 years ago)
I'm not feeling it. Lacked the old McQueen edge.
dandygirl6 (2 years ago)
I'm glad the general consensus is that this collection feels very lacking in McQueen's fine touch. The unexpected is no longer expected from the brand. This collection felt very Schiaparelli to me and far too generic. Honestly this season across the board is a serious bore. I wish it was 2007/2008 again
Earl L (2 years ago)
Soundtrack please!
Mario Reyes (2 years ago)
Is, good but, just that, good.
Lê Lộc Nguyễn (2 years ago)
6:40 best dress,but this is not Alexander McQueen spirit,this should be released by D&G
WeLoveEasonChan (2 years ago)
What I really wish to see happen in an Alexander McQueen show is, and I believe I'm not alone to say this: Showmanship. I mean a lot of people would admit that it was an event they wouldn't miss every season, and something to look forward to. It has become too save, in order to guarantee they sell in stores, so we don't see anymore of the super-risky, the not-wearables, and the unthinkable, which is admittedly, what the LEGEND is about. But I do applaud her on the three unicorn dresses shown here.
milana m (2 years ago)
O my god!!!🔥🔥🔥
Atelieri Design (2 years ago)
To the naysayers...These outfits are indeed, not Lee. There are no vulgarities, no blood, no scary aesthetics, no women in square metal shackles... Good. What is the fascination with always having to create a schism with brutal design? If Ms. Burton has left the dramatic antics and perennial gore behind to focus on dream-like creations, all to her. This is at least, something NEW for the house of McQueen. Any woman would be ethereal and stunningly beautiful in these, yes, unapologetically feminine frocks. The workmanship is outstanding in real life as well. There's plenty of flash and trash elsewhere.
Shutter bug (2 years ago)
A little disapointed in this one.
toocoolforu (2 years ago)
I prefer the zombie cat walks, mcqueen knew how to give us the chill
Amazigh AFRICA (2 years ago)
Joselin M Color Studio (2 years ago)
magnifique beautiful
Christabel Lear (2 years ago)
Does anyone know the song?
Flávia Nogueira (2 years ago)
Poderia ser uma coleção da Prada ou Dior... Não do Mcqueen... :-(
VoL. (2 years ago)
Beautiful. Romantic. ✨✨🙌
AngelGirl (2 years ago)
Awesome simply blew me away. Glad to see Alexanders heritage in capable hands.
Charlie C (2 years ago)
In love!!
REESE BILLIONS (2 years ago)
adjanic (2 years ago)
Sarah Burton rocks it yet again for Alexander McQueen. A few of the dresses at the end have a 70s Cher-esque quality that still looks fresh and properly glam.
ämandǝ stävǝ (2 years ago)
night before beach bka night of the living bitch
Teddy Kurniawan (2 years ago)
I'm so relieve...the pieces of this collection can worn in basic everyday life. Easy to wear but still Avant Garde..love this collection Sarah :)
Davon Jeffers (2 years ago)
Absolutely Love it as always with Alexander Mqueen
lavishchicboutique (2 years ago)
+Davon Jeffers So true stunning one my favorite designers in the world!
Jose C ferro (2 years ago)
Uma coleção com peças com corte e modelagem com design lindas e caimento corpóral ergonômico lindas vestidos com estampas com acabamento e caimento inpécavl lindo vestido em télinha com decote profundo e caimento ergonômico valorizando há silueta do corpo lindo peças em couro com design lindas vestido com efeito em 3D visualment lindo sobretudo com acabamento e caimento perfeito acessórios lindos uma coleção que é uma obra de arte BÉLISSIMA
Voldemort Oppa (2 years ago)
music from?
Benjamin Szabo (2 years ago)
amusing to read the comments of the "super experts" here haha
maison marson (2 years ago)
+Benjamin Szabo its not being a "super expert". i feel its merely intuition.
flutejansson (2 years ago)
Some years ago the theme was bees. That was quite fun. This year it felt like butterflies got most of the attention. The show starts somewhat lame. Of course the prints on the clothes was pretty but that was all.....but then after like 4 minutes something happens and then the magic starts. Ok....its not McQueen himself but it is so beautiful and as chrisbrazy10 so well said it...at the end of the day it has to sell otherwise this house wont live on. I,m happy it does. McQueen is still an inspiration for me in all the things I do and create.
Dionisio Garcia21 (2 years ago)
got interesting at the end... still missing the McQueen touch :(

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