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girls gone wow

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real funny world of warcraft comedy some one sent me
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Fluffball Zoink (2 years ago)
ROFLMAO I forgot all about this song haha years ago😂😂
DreyVisual (6 years ago)
shadehealer (8 years ago)
good song!
LollyLoserTM (8 years ago)
heeeeeeeeeey, ima girl and i play wow D:
olkott (8 years ago)
PUT1 yen a marre de ceu qui poste des comms pour dire "pour la horde ou vive les gnome" c chiant a par sa c cool
Jon Sackett (9 years ago)
That's not always true :/
Joshua Graham (9 years ago)
It was a response to that guy who made a similliar post about the horde, I play horde and alliance aswell. I never said I hated the alliance, nor that I loved the horde.
Palatard (9 years ago)
whats your problem? this is a FUNNY video. it is NOT serious. i hate u all horde lovers who hate alli without any reason-- i play both alli and horde.
LyxuS123 (9 years ago)
are u sick its a video game
Nathyrocka (9 years ago)
none u sicko
Bob Sagget (10 years ago)
Beasty boys - Girls
nipples (10 years ago)
completely not true I play on horde now. So i agree with you insulting them but when I played on alliance there was alot of 20-30 year old men on there. Trust me. I even talked on vent with them. There creepy XD For the horde!
Joshua Graham (10 years ago)
And Alliance has gone Kindergarten, you see, because now all their players on around 10 years old. .....Wait, they always have been. Fine, they've went freakshow with the draneis.
rallethelp (10 years ago)
haha so blood elfs are gay!?? **** up about them! whitch horde race has the sexiest girls ?!??
charlene duffman (10 years ago)
whats this song called?
Psichofox (10 years ago)
William P (10 years ago)
Charles Lingerfelt (10 years ago)
fuck alliance
LunaticCalm (10 years ago)
In my experience, allies only attack when they know FOR A FACT that they will win... 3v1 are the usual odds.
Zak Combs (10 years ago)
NICE lol funny
clockered (11 years ago)
JCGver (11 years ago)
BS you can't undress .jpeg
Chelseawazhere (11 years ago)
this video came out b4 the expanion pack but besides that I love this song soooo MUCH!
Isaac Garcia (11 years ago)
good vid :D
lancerjack (11 years ago)
Haha i like thanks
gina maria schnabel (12 years ago)
Darksoul2x (12 years ago)
must b...
SpikedCola (12 years ago)
You know someone has too much time when...
MoolT (12 years ago)
haha preety funny.

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