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Funny Comedy - Blind Man School of Driving!

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A hilarious commercial for a driving school that caters to the blind! Can the Blind drive? Should the blind Drive? Watch and answer the questions for yourself! You won't be sorry! Stunts along with a clever script, make for a funny ridiculous adventure! See other videos by this producer by searching "Dustybunsnelson" Enjoy!
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Text Comments (7)
Jonzka98 (4 months ago)
Old lol
Wassup Its Gio (2 years ago)
can i use a clip of this in a youtube vid? i'll give credits to whoever made the vid
Jen Tucker (9 years ago)
"It was just a bug" - new favorite line ever!
Jimbo Geeko (10 years ago)
Fan-fuckin-tastic! I missed your car Dustin . . .
Stacia Sekuler Morand (10 years ago)
Loved it! Especially the bug on the windshield :)
Garry T (10 years ago)
Wow how clever and fun! It is good to see original ideas. I LOVE the blind dude...
QueenieIrenie (10 years ago)
More! More! More!

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