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Papi Faded "Girls Gone Wild" 👭(The E.P.)

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This is Papi Faded's 3rd EPK in 2 months published on 2/13/2018. On this project he talks about the new holiday he made called #CanDay and how you can ask your significant other for total freedom a day before Valentine's. On the 1st song he explains how he is the life of the party and makes all Girls go Wild. On the 2nd song he talks about catching the wife of his former employer in the club buying xo pills and trying too dance on him. As he tries too avoid her the best way he can, she insists on making sure Faded hears her say "HE CAN'T STOP ME" While turning up with her friends. On the 3rd song of this project he talks about getting Lit with everyone in the club including "Ol Girl" With the results of the fire marshalls shutting down the club for several different reasons. As everyone is leaving the event Papi Faded makes sure he reminds the girls too sneak back home to their man and husbands before Valentine's Day. Urging everyone too keep it playa and stick too the code. This tape is for the playas and the women who simply wanna go Out and have a good time, Or just want a quick 8 minute turn up. Remember 2 Maneuver, Finesse, and Celebrate #CanDay with the intentions of having a amazing Valentine's. Have a great 1! Happy V day!!! Enjoy!!!!! 🍬🍭🍫 💝👭💭💦💯✌ #SplashyLife IG: @KingPapiFaded 👻:@PapiFaded FB:King Papi Faded Google:Papi Faded Galactic Federation Of Light Entertainment
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