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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Cinematic

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Return to a savage world. Garrosh Hellscream has escaped through the Dark Portal and forged the orc clans of old into a terrifying war machine known as the Iron Horde. Take your place on the front lines of the battle for Draenor 11.13.14. Visit http://Warlords.com
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Text Comments (17699)
Hellscream shaves his armpits
RexxoGamer (1 day ago)
Exotic world (1 day ago)
Epic video
Corvou (2 days ago)
whay the game it is not like the cinematic :D
Jaynastreamnot (2 days ago)
One of the greatest cinematics but one of the worst expansions. Unfortunate
sliferdragon1 (5 days ago)
Anyone know the song from the Beginning?
Jeongwoo Moon (5 days ago)
Wasn't kil jaeden watching this happen the whole time.
Markos Alabama (6 days ago)
the best Blizzard movie in my opinion. The story of the orcs enchanted me. Cut on the skin normally. Something beautiful. This climate suits Blizzard.💚
SH bucket horde (7 days ago)
It's still getting more and more views and it's been years hahaha. Even I still go back to this trailer so many times because its so well done.
Rabin mandal (10 days ago)
朱棚博 (10 days ago)
We need a TV series or film series 🙏🙏🙏🙏plz
Ibrahim Ibrahim (10 days ago)
عايزين الفيلم كامل بليز
OVERCOMER by the Blood (11 days ago)
Indra subedi (12 days ago)
4:04 I saw a cement plant
ochko ochko (15 days ago)
Poor mannoroth
Thor Thor (15 days ago)
VN me .tao thit nhat phim nhu vay ne cac bac a .hihi
Androandroandrica Len (16 days ago)
wait. i thought grom killed mannoroth in warcraft 3 cinematic when he was with thrall. what is this?
povisykt (15 days ago)
Alternative timeline, ask what writes smoke...
Yusuf Khan (16 days ago)
-LZB- Gaming Channel (16 days ago)
Wait.. They need to make a movie of this.. Hold on.. they did.. and it wasn't as good as this cinematic D;
Connor Long (16 days ago)
I dont even play WoW but have watched this 1000 times lol
Orcs of WoW >>> Orcs of TES.
Gagan Raj Raj (17 days ago)
Hulk in middle age
No.Comply (17 days ago)
2:33 possibly the best sequence of animation i have ever seen in my life. magic :)
jna jna (18 days ago)
هو نفسه هجوم العمالقة لو لا ؟
blizz cinematics are perfect. wow - piece ov sheit.
This makes me wanna join the Horde lol XD
Rahamat Khan (20 days ago)
Vaj Eye-Nar (21 days ago)
3:41 MGTOW
Patrick Topalov (21 days ago)
когда орки молвят на британском лучше тебя =)
Alioune Mbaye (22 days ago)
Salut les amis de warcraft...j aime sylvanas coursevant...le film complet!!!
כאילו חי (22 days ago)
So just cinematic and so unjust end.
Peter Traulsen (22 days ago)
Amazing trailer, awful exspansion
DeSinc (23 days ago)
ironic, the best cinematic went to the worst expansion
Efe Özcan (20 days ago)
Yes my hl lord
Chinnamai Chinnamani (23 days ago)
Hollywood video tamilla podunga
DENY (23 days ago)
Whats the song s name at the end?
Kyle Strangarity (24 days ago)
This screams Warcraft!
G O F I S H (25 days ago)
As a Horde player, this expansion made me feel the happys
Beneko '11 (25 days ago)
sees Grom Clicks on video
Raven (25 days ago)
Epic cinematic, dissapointing expension
Epic Fortnite Gamer (26 days ago)
this is the most epic trailer i've ever seen
Oh Bb (23 days ago)
What gets me is the score. That slow pan of Azeroth being taken by the title card gives me chills. Love it. Edit: spelling
gibson gibson l (26 days ago)
I wonder were they go to get their piercings and do they use surgical steel or titanium....I also wonder were they shop for their other accessories.....
NLS (27 days ago)
Garrosh : what did it cost? Gul'dan : everything Garrosh : yaYEET
Why Russian voices are better then original?
Ammar Israr (27 days ago)
2:46 He went for the head :D
Raheman Khan (28 days ago)
banihajer (29 days ago)
Imagine a horde led by Thrall and his right hand is Garrosh his left hand is Saurfang and his secret intelligence are sylvanas and voljin and his army leader is baine a man of honor and war how strong this horde can be?
your roommate (1 month ago)
The animation looks pretty awesome. They should make a movie.
Ankit (1 month ago)
How can I download this movie Please Send me download link
Ankit (1 month ago)
@Hauntercry you lool 😂😂🤣
Hauntercry (1 month ago)
Its not a movie lol
IMBA GAMING (1 month ago)
Troll vs underlord
Eli (1 month ago)
Idk. I think the general population would be accepting of a redo of WoD. If they didn't cut so much content from WoD, it might've been better than BC or even on par with vanilla.
selin saltan (1 month ago)
2019 :(
Croslee (1 month ago)
The best cinematic, the worst expansion
Greyface Nospace (25 days ago)
i think bfa is worse.
DejaVuSx (1 month ago)
افتح يا سمسم ❤❤
QuantumBraced (1 month ago)
Anyone who has played WarCraft 3 knows exactly what this is referring to.
Leonardo Cucchiara (1 month ago)
Hellscream: "I have freed myself." Thrall: "No, old friend. You freed us all!"
beotho (1 month ago)
trailer from badest(?) expansion has most views^^
Wormy (1 month ago)
Its the best cinematic they ever made, unfortunately the expansion was an afterthought
Rpoggall Gall (1 month ago)
Looks like axe
Clarence Stanley (1 month ago)
Who is that Big Dragon...holding that Lance?
Wormy (1 month ago)
It's a pitlord.
Gacha Studio Joline (1 month ago)
Mannoroth the destructor
The Evil One (1 month ago)
3:19-3:28 I don't know how many dollars were put into these 10 seconds in particular but they were worth every penny. Garrosh in these 10 seconds is to this day the best and most realistic orc ever depicted.
banihajer (29 days ago)
best Garrosh moment for me ( THE TRUE WARCHIEF )
CloudHiro (1 month ago)
Story and cinematic wise? loved this expansion. too bad the gameplay couldnt keep up.
CloudHiro (1 month ago)
@Ihaveblistersonmypeter Xo oh yeah. what parts he had before showed he was going in the right direction. especially scenes like "Honnor, never forsake it" Then they decided "nope! full heel racist against everything but orcs.
They butchered garrosh’s character in MOP tbh
Robot (1 month ago)
All mannoroth had to do was hurl another green one at the iron bomb thing instead he ignored it even though it just shot him
8-bit No-Stop (1 month ago)
And we all thought it can`t be any worse...
Colin Wishon (1 month ago)
Shang Tsung:This was not out destiny Neather realm studios:times change shang tsung
Ferdy1337 (1 month ago)
0:43 When your friend has made you a drink with way too much alcohol.
Tatsuya Sensei (1 month ago)
worst xpac
Jimmy (1 month ago)
we wuz kangs
Jay M (1 month ago)
Mad Lad (1 month ago)
Hellscream is s true natural Bodybuilder this timeline
Dave Cullins (1 month ago)
Mannoroth: "You came here just to reject the gift!?" Me: "What you really should be afraid of, is the fact that he planned to reject the gift, and STILL decided to show up >:)"
cristal production (1 month ago)
times change
Dave Cullins (1 month ago)
It had such potential and it got so wasted, just because they wouldn't extend the deadline and actually finish the game before releasing it!
False Prophet (1 month ago)
When Joe Rogan meets World of Warcraft...
7717リバイアサン (1 month ago)
If only the game was as good as this
XtremeSuperJason (1 month ago)
Know what would be cool? A TV series with this quality of CGI going through all the Warcraft Lore. I'd pay good money to see that.
shadowpye (1 month ago)
thats not possible, they take the whole 2 years of the previous expansion to make these 5 minute videos
Jonhel Gonzales (1 month ago)
Ahhhhhhhhh cool.... This mostly beats what we have in 2019...
Greyface Nospace (25 days ago)
true. WOD was not good but way better than bfa.
jojinho (1 month ago)
Times change
“In many ways, the curse of our people began and ended with Grom. His name meant "Giant's Heart" in our ancient tongue. He earned that name a hundred fold as he stood alone before the demon Mannoroth — and won our freedom with his blood. Lok'Tar Ogar, Big Brother. May the Warsong never fade.”— Thrall, Warchief of the Horde Oh I guess is son decided to change fate instead...dose this mean we get Arthus back?...please!
david delgado (1 month ago)
Mannoroth voice in spanish it's much better.
Lucid 120 (1 month ago)
Orc stories are so good!
jimakisspd (1 month ago)
This expansion killed WOW!!! ''Times change'' How WOD made WOW in a nutshell(they do change, in a bad way)....
digvijay_warrior (1 month ago)
3:21 Goldberg xD
LionSperanto (1 month ago)
Grom: « and what must we give in return ? » Gul’dan: yes
1:07 *He stole that from Thanos lmao*
PK Avenger (1 month ago)
Why did Legions Offers always sounds like USA :D
Rey (1 month ago)
Ryan Dutton (1 month ago)
Is this for the game or film
Hauntercry (1 month ago)
NotTheWheel (1 month ago)
This Cinematic is a perfect example of What we saw/What we got. WoD could have been amazing.
Snjár_ (1 month ago)
I realised that Grommash here is literally the same model as the one they use for Varok Saurfang in the newer cinematics... Same nose ring, facial structure and the tusk piercings. Just that Varok has different hair and a different skin colour
Nosferatu Alucard (1 month ago)
geebster (1 month ago)
The lore is just fantastic. I love how they show Grom facing the fire as Mannoroth dies, just as he did in Warcraft III. Absolutely epic. WoD has disappointing, but hands down this is the best expansion cinematic they have ever done.
your mom (1 month ago)
Warlords was fun.
Secret Spice (1 month ago)
Ok I will be back in the office on Monday and will be removed from the office and I will be back in the office on Monday and will be removed from the office and I will be back in the office on Monday.
Appearance: 10/10 Plot: 7/10 Gameplay: 2/10 Wasted Potential: 9999/10
Sheet in the Street (5 days ago)
Gameplay was waaaaay higher than 2/10. The content we actually *did* get was very good. Problem was there wasn't nearly enough of it.
5/10 plot might have worked if they didn’t butcher garroshs character in MOP
SCP 049 (1 month ago)
WoW players once Activision takes over blizzard: “this, was not our destiny” Activision: “times change”
محمد الجعيد (1 month ago)
نون وأخواتها حضرو
roflcopter491 (1 month ago)
Allahu Akbar, my friend
hetal creation (1 month ago)
Provide link of this movie
Hauntercry (1 month ago)
Its not a movie
hetal creation (1 month ago)
Name of movie pls
Hauntercry (1 month ago)
Its a game lol
LightLegion (1 month ago)
Guldan...the greatest salesman.
Aleksandar Djurovic (1 month ago)
2019 ?
A F G YASH (1 month ago)
Is this movie came or no Please tell me
Hauntercry (1 month ago)
@A F G YASH Then why are you asking
A F G YASH (1 month ago)
@Hauntercry no no English
Hauntercry (1 month ago)
@A F G YASH World Of Warcraft lol. It literally says it on the trailer. Can you read?
A F G YASH (1 month ago)
@Hauntercry what😀 the game name
Hauntercry (1 month ago)
It's not a movie its a video game lom
Obi-Wan Kenobi (1 month ago)
The bass on this audio is criminal
Olivia Sohie (1 month ago)
This isn’t the sound you’re looking for!
Ave Me (1 month ago)

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