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Karrimor Sub Zero Down Jacket

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Karrimor Sub Zero Down Jacket This Is as good as all them top brands out there like The North Face and Berghaus for half the price. This Jacket is also Durable Water Repellent.
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Text Comments (66)
olla975 (5 months ago)
Good review thanks
David Payne (8 months ago)
great review mate but missed out the weight, if you could tell me would be appreciated ,keep the karrimore stuff coming, nobody else is doing it.
Don Garth (9 months ago)
You still got this jacket?
Pamela Murch (1 year ago)
Does the ladies Karrimor Sub Zero jacket have the same fill as the mens? Karrimor and Sportsdirect don't have these details on the website for the women's jacket.
whitegravy82 (1 year ago)
Good review dude
Scottish Outdoors (1 year ago)
Great review mate. You put some great info across. Top job.
Colin Bates (2 years ago)
Hi mate, great review! just wondering what the sizing is like on this jacket? Only available size online is an XL, I am usually a large but in general i find karrimor stuff sized a bit small, hoping this is the case with the sub zero jacket?
Padraig Mc carthy (2 years ago)
Ive heard that before and have experienced it myself with there sizing. Go for the Xl if its to big exchange is ease. The reason there is only one size available is it is the last of last season stock... if you hold off until september october they will have 2017 stock in and might be a new type jacket with all sizes available.
Hakan (2 years ago)
RDS Certification?
Cristian TAUT (2 years ago)
The new jacket is great! I am 1,73m, 73 kg and M size is perfect. Just tested my new jacket at -14 Celsius with one t-shirt under it, and was warm. It is wind proof.
Dimitar Kisov (2 years ago)
Hey man what are your body measurements and what size u wear in clip ?
Padraig Mc carthy (2 years ago)
70kgs and 5ft10" got size medium jacket
Roman Igorevich (2 years ago)
hello friend .which can withstand the temperature?
Roman Igorevich (2 years ago)
Thank you
Padraig Mc carthy (2 years ago)
Roman Igorevich my medium is a little short in length. So a large is probably best. If the size is too big or small you can easy change it. It's DWR, durable water repellent, sheds snow and light rain showers.
Roman Igorevich (2 years ago)
my height is 182 .need L ?
Padraig Mc carthy (2 years ago)
Roman Igorevich 179cm
Roman Igorevich (2 years ago)
how tall are you ? and size
T O'Sullivan (3 years ago)
great review,what size is the jacket you reviewed?
Padraig Mc carthy (3 years ago)
+Tom O'Sullivan Medium Tom, there body lengths could be a little longer to be honest.
Outdoor Tech Trek Guy (3 years ago)
thanks good review
Antonio Karađo (3 years ago)
Please, if you can help, I'm 184 cm , 83 kg, what size is good for me L or XL ? I want buy karrimor 3in1 jacket Thank you !
Padraig Mc carthy (3 years ago)
+Antonio Karađo I cant be sure mate, Karrimor have a size chart you can go by..! http://www.karrimor.com/CustomerServices/OtherInformation/SizeGuide
Jaffa Orange (3 years ago)
Meanwhile, a new Sub Zero jacket has come out. Any thoughts on this one?
Jaffa Orange (3 years ago)
+Padraig Mc earthy Thanks for your quick response! My thoughts exactly on the quality of the new one (just from the looks of it). Yours looks sturdier.
Padraig Mc carthy (3 years ago)
Yes my friend has the new down jacket. My impression on quality wise, it doesn't feel as well made as the one Iv done review on. Good points has more down 850+ if I recall. And the cuffs are elastic which I like over Velcro ones. It doesn't come with a compression sack. Apart from that all other features are much the same as the one Iv done review on.
fugutofu (3 years ago)
Please, what is your height and size of the jacket? Thanks
Padraig Mc carthy (3 years ago)
I presently wear the Karrimor soft shell Alpiniste, i own it well over a year now, been meaning to do a review. but having kids i just cant find some free time.
fugutofu (3 years ago)
+Padraig Mc carthy Thank you very much for such a quick response. I have Karrimor Alpiniste in size L and also Phantom jacket in XL and I'm size wise somewhere in between those and more towards Alpiniste in large. My weight is 78kg and height 193cm, so XL should be good, and of course that is newer model, but only with elasticated cuffs, some advice? Thanks
Padraig Mc carthy (3 years ago)
+fugutofu Im 179cm 5ft 10. i got a size Medium..! But im sorry i didnt get a size large, length is ok, but be nice if it was few inchs longer
intangible (4 years ago)
Hi does anybody have the blue version of this Karrimor Sub Zero down jacket from Sports Direct and can tell me or show me how blue it is? It says it is navy but it looks very blue. Thanks! +aciduzzo75
GingoBil (4 years ago)
How does sizing compare to north face? Tighter, looser?
GingoBil (4 years ago)
@Padraig Mc carthy I see. I should probably order a size up if I want to wear it with a sweater. Some jackets are too tight for me around the chest and arms restricting movement.
Padraig Mc carthy (4 years ago)
my brother has the north face 700fill. The karrimor is a snug or fit. as soon as you put it on, the down lofts around your body, not allowing any cold spots or pockets of air to form. In saying all that the Karrimor is 150+ more loft then the north face. The north face did the exact same, it just has less down than the karrimor. 
Don Garth (4 years ago)
Im roughly your size, is there enough room to wear a fleece underneath?
Don Garth (3 years ago)
Left mine on a bus recently! :( really good jacket would highly recommend! Don't suppose you know where i could get another as link broken?
Padraig Mc carthy (4 years ago)
@Don Garth  http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-sub-zero-jacket-mens-443286?colcode=44328690
Don Garth (4 years ago)
@Padraig Mc carthy Thanks for getting back! I cant seem to find these online anywhere? I found it once but it was really expensive!
Padraig Mc carthy (4 years ago)
yeah plenty of room.But i assure you, you wont need to wear a fleece under this jacket its extremely warm with just a long sleeve dry flow Tshirt.  
Scuba diver (4 years ago)
I bought mine a year ago and it has worked fine.. climbed Kilimanjaro with in and it did fine in -10 C ( i think). One year on I do see the feathers coming out of the jacket. Tiny bits, not an issue for me. But at that cost, a great buy Water resistance: A good deal, would handle a drizzle but not a downpour Washable: Yes. No issues for me. I hung dry it though Breathable: Yes but if its like 10C I would not wear anything more than a T shirt under can get very warm Will I recommend it: Yes ps: I paid 99 quid for this.. Rab was way more expensive but I have heard a lot about it and never owned one.
Padraig Mc carthy (4 years ago)
@intangible A hood makes a huge difference in my opinion. But each to there own i suppose. That cheaper jacket in the link above, id advise staying away from it. Its only 550fill and more than likely its duck fill not goose, also i tend to only buy Karrimor elite range as its better quality and for more extreme weather conditions.
intangible (4 years ago)
@intangibleOh and do you think a hood makes a big difference? I was considering going cheaper and using a fleece beanie.
intangible (4 years ago)
@slimyshady Hi, is it still leaking many feathers? I'm trying to compare with a cheaper model that 3 people on Amazon say leaks feathers from day one: http://au.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-down-jacket-mens-443318?colcode=44331803
Jessica Lim (4 years ago)
Yaya down coat hot sale, welcome to order on Amazon http://t.cn/R7twp5J
Goran Storjak (4 years ago)
Hi can you plz tell weight of jacket? THX!
Padraig Mc carthy (4 years ago)
It is 665 grams Goran. This jacket is not for sale at the moment, As Karrimor dont advertise or sell it durning the summer months. However if my calculations are correct it should be up for sale in the next month 2 months at the latest. Just in time for the European winter.
robert bishop (5 years ago)
Great review, well explained, want one, many thanks!
Amjad Ali (5 years ago)
what hard shell would you recommend? and size? the jacket puff the chest size out, so 2 extra size larger? thanks
Amjad Ali (5 years ago)
Do you wear an outer "shell" on top of the down jacket in wet conditions or unpredicatable weather conditions??
Amjad Ali (5 years ago)
Hi thanks for the review, is it water resistant? the guy the store discouraged me from buying downjackets stating water will clump the feathers, any thoughts?
psykma (5 years ago)
weight ?
psykma (5 years ago)
@Padraig Mc carthy sorry m8 i mean the jacket weight, thanks  !
willeaton14 (5 years ago)
Have you noticed whether the jacket leaks any down at all?
Dennis Lee (5 years ago)
Nice review. Mine just came today and I'm loving it! 
Harry O (5 years ago)
Top review very helpful
Kassie Perlongo (5 years ago)
Great review! I tried the ladies version on yesterday in Sports Direct and will go buy it now. I was super impressed, but wasn't sure if it was worth the £100. I have a Karrimor rain slicker and I absolutely love it.
Ovidiu Nicolescu (5 years ago)
Hello, great review, i intend to buy this jacket but i have an issue regarding the size. Can you tell me how tall are you? Thanks.
Liam Sayers (5 years ago)
thanks for spending the time to review the jacket, was a great in depth review. was in two minds weather to buy the berghaus or the karrimor sub zero. With the help of your review im going to go for the karrimor for more than half the price. Thanks again mate
David Tončič (6 years ago)
Thank you for the info! im about 185cm in geight about 70kg...
Aciduzzo (6 years ago)
ps: what size is the one you reviewed?
Aciduzzo (6 years ago)
cheers for that. just bought one myself, but it was only in blue over here in UK.

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