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Fun Friday - Funny Teacher Story

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Absolutely TRUE story. FOLLOW ME http://twitter.com/pisgahscience2 LIKE ME http://www.facebook.com/officialpisgahscience www.pisgahscience.com INSTAGRAM: rlwrm
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James Twelves (5 years ago)
...that is so funny...I had a sister, younger, and a brother...but my mother was very open and when it came time for my sister's 'friend' to visit we already knew about it because of Health class, we had a really intensive Health class where we were at... ...and I worked for a long time in a ped/adol behavioral/psych unit...the girl buildings, with 36 girls! were actually tougher...we had to keep menses charts on everyone...
James Twelves (5 years ago)
@Rach Ba muahahahaha.....it would be 'bring out' that girl with the Barbie....
Robert Lythgoe (5 years ago)
Very funny story xD, you could do more of these.
Owen Sammons (5 years ago)
Oh god aha! 
ethandjc (5 years ago)
AceJax (5 years ago)
funny story, i can't wait till next friday :)

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