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Viktor & Rolf ➤ Fall/Winter 2012/2013 (Full HD)

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HD (720p) Preview Full Show (2'55) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca-0GamMNck HD (720p) Full Fashion Show (11'09) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0XNdJpvTT0 HD (720p) Fast Version (8'00) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik_jzYFeG4s **Selgi14✞✞
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Sylvia Valkensen (11 months ago)
Love that shade of lipstick the girls are wearing; I usually wear a brighter red but this shade is definitely one of my favourites.And it looks like they're wearing lip-gloss, too. Hopefully it'll go well with the knee-length blue silk dress I'm planning on wearing this evening, and with my wavy, reddish-brown shoulder-length wig.
Lucas Glamour (2 years ago)
3 modelos Argentinas en el desfile. Carla Gebhart, Melissa Stasiuk y Magda Laguinge.
Dave Silverui (4 years ago)
👎👎👎 no fur
gonzalo perez (5 years ago)
barpaza (5 years ago)
ugly clothes 
nadya nadynr (5 years ago)
those models are too much skinny i prefer victoria secret models
usernamefabi (5 years ago)
Very good video! I loved the takes that allowed me to see details. The collection is wonderful.
vorrakit sutthichaikul (5 years ago)
alaska - unreleased project - the thing
isak61 (6 years ago)
Not really crazy about this collection. Although this collection (better that Project Runway designers) is put together well, it looks cheap. The fur look choppy and mixed with Christmas garland....no no no no not for me. Some of the coats look heavy and impractical to wear let alone the who wears the big cuffs and elephant leg pant???? The collection became even more apparently demur with the shear lingerie fur negligee, yuck. Oh well that's my take on fashion going to the dogs.
Henrik Roback (6 years ago)
Intro visuals and music is extraordinary well composed together. Totally get the feeling!
Giorgio Rousso (6 years ago)
Great Video, good job! I saw also the "Versavi fashion show". Nice
Giorgio Rousso (6 years ago)
Great video!
MrJoetothec (6 years ago)
Well, This is straying off topic. I don't want to flood this comment section, just message me if you want continue this. I was thinking about that earlier today actually. How millions struggle for only a few to enjoy luxuries in life.
MrJoetothec (6 years ago)
(cont) but I keep a neutral stance on designer wear. Only fashionistas would pay for something stupid like that. It's really the queeny gay boys that flock to those sorts of trendy items. The reason why people want luxury is because they also want something unique, that they won't see anyone else wearing. That is one of my reasons anyway. The exclusivity is alluring in a sense.
MrJoetothec (6 years ago)
fashionistas are posers and wannabe "Fashion people". I am sure if I ran into one i'd be just as negative towards them as you are. Fortunately I buy the rtw from most designers, so I understand why they charge what they do, and shifts in manufacturing etc etc... I appreciate the fashion houses for various reasons, including the fit, design, and quality/materials sourced. Fashionistas only want a label or something trendy to wear which is quite vile. I am not even a fan of fur (cont)
Cow Commando (6 years ago)
and you know what, poverty and hunger are not phenomenons that naturally occur. the reason there's poverty is because 95% of the worlds wealth falls in the hands if 1% of its population. so if someone's got a billion, consequently thousands have none. i'll show you an exemple: there's 10 gummy bears on a plate and 5 children in the room where the plate is. you'd think each would be given 2 but no, 1 very greedy child takes 9 and the remaining 4 split the last one between them.
Cow Commando (6 years ago)
this is real fur or anna wintour would foam off the mouth and die. its not worth sacrificing an animal for the sake of looking good or is it. it doesn't even look good at all. well i know what luxury is unfortunately. luxury is very good quality stuff with added value. none of these items is worth the money people pay for them, and i'm including art and craftsmanship in this. there were people that paid $290 for a jil sander paper bag !? proof that fashionistas are pathetic little people
MrJoetothec (6 years ago)
P.S. if you have the mentality of "its too expensive and not worth the price" then you do not understand the true meaning of luxury.
MrJoetothec (6 years ago)
Well if the clothes are ugly in your eyes, that's your opinion. And do you know where V&R sources their animals/fur? Do you understand the process that goes on behind the scenes of making these garments? It is what it is.. You should go join PETA.
Cow Commando (6 years ago)
i've seen these models undressed and i've seen some in person. im a guy but i wouldn't wear this clothes if i was a girl and wealthy beyond this world because they're very ugly, they have bits and pieces of dead animals sewed on them and they sell out at a price way above their real worth.
MrJoetothec (6 years ago)
You're the one that lack intelligence if you are only comparing extremes in models versus ethiopian children. Please.. And you can't even see how thin the models are because they are fully clothed. They are thin, not ethiopian. Maybe you are just large and bitter that they can wear these clothes better than you.
Cow Commando (6 years ago)
okay i take it that you're hopelessly stupid, i can't say it surprises me. intelligence apparently doesn't permeate fashion. well there's obese, fat, chubby, average, thin and ethiopian. contemporary models, sadly fall into the ethiopian category minus the skin pigmentation which is something models and designers also avoid like the bubonic plague.
MrJoetothec (6 years ago)
You probably don't realize what models really eat. Or how their genetics come into play with their body frame. So i'll just let those ignorant comments slide. I think the issue is people accepting that "fat" is ok when clearly, it's not.
Cow Commando (6 years ago)
yes thats close to what i had in mind. americans are way too fat, its quite unhealthy but most of all its terribly unattractive. so adopting the eating habits of an ethiopian child is the way to go, the only one. you wanna make 1 carb-free meal a day, a luscious lettuce tomato salade, sprinkled with a bit of salt and vinegar yum yum for the sake of looking fabulously ill, on heels, in dead animal's fur
MrJoetothec (6 years ago)
You mean and eat healthy and not to fat American standards, yes.
Cow Commando (6 years ago)
gotta know ur shit and be 6 ft and make just 1 meal everyday
emmeryemmery (6 years ago)
4.09.. the jacket.. im in love, damn
cosmosman (6 years ago)
i hate fur...but this show made me like it for like...10 seconds. can we just say 80s dynasty print is aweful....but somehow i loved it.
Tony David (6 years ago)
Those brown high collar fur coats we're insane, totally in love
kgs42 (6 years ago)
Cheer up, girls .... !!!
es78xx (6 years ago)
i would say i liked it but it's cute little animals in those coats....
professorbland (6 years ago)
5:12 Contoured furs are awesome.
MANILABOY6631 (6 years ago)
I wish fashion designers now would quit the theatrics and get down to making really beautiful clothes. THE CUFFED HEMLINES OF THE TROUSERS ARE AWEFUL.
Jackson souza (6 years ago)
inspirador mas naminha opinião faltou mais armonia entre a musica e os sapatos orrivelllllll sem glamur com as roupas nota 6
Fashitecture (6 years ago)
Now THAT was a fashion show....HOT!!!!
Chismes Deliciosos (6 years ago)
la primera modelo parese une squeleto andante
OrmondTheMagnificent (6 years ago)
These folks keep growing on me...really loved this show...
kgs42 (6 years ago)
Aaaah ....... alien invasion!!! A particular kind of over-design ........ distinctive and very noticeable but visually very uncomfortable and jarring. Not consummate fashion design as of old.
skylilly1 (6 years ago)
This collection reminds me of old hollywood...amazing!!!!! I hope the lipstick and makeup are also what we'll be seeing this Fall!
Carducci1959 (6 years ago)
Let's hope these two freeks get skined alive like the animals they slaughtered to make this trash!
Stu Mageean (6 years ago)
on your phone 2480..easy
Lydia Bocage (6 years ago)
Amazing set. Great open and close but the clothes! There must be an audience for this but where are they going? The fur is wearing the woman, it was like the honey monster coming down the catwalk; so much material in some pieces the body shape is totally lost. Some pieces are actually scary. I can see the work that has gone into this but only those who worship at the table of V&R will wear this.
Doug M (6 years ago)
nav they the models look amazing!! If they looked like everyone else where would the illusion be??
SeekInDarkness2 (6 years ago)
best f/w 2013 collection i've seen so far..
ImmaculateRecovery (6 years ago)
music - Alaska - unreleased project 1
boifromvenus (6 years ago)
They look so unhealthy and so dead. This is not normal.
Эля Мин (6 years ago)
Это наилучшее из того, что я лицезрела! Я была под гипнозом. Что это? Неужели такое может быть? Виктор & Рольф - ГЕНИИ!!! The Best Winter Collection 2013/2013 ... and EVER! V & R are geniuses! Hypnos!
Y.K.B (6 years ago)
this is just beautiful...true designers....just so well thought out
johnny diaz (7 years ago)
not many of these pieces are ready to wear but they are unique none the less
prissypiggy (7 years ago)
unreleased project1 by Alaska.
Spellbinder888 (7 years ago)
Because of the dead animal skins on emaciated zombie bodies? Yeah me too.
Spellbinder888 (7 years ago)
chamka destina (7 years ago)
Yo some of them their tits are showing. Don't they feel uncomfortable
Exceso De Luz (7 years ago)
Frank Rossi (7 years ago)
Love the split shorts & stockings, sexy, the silhouettes are wonderful. You've gotta know your shit to wear this!
Carlos Abreu (7 years ago)
the last great collection from viktor & rolf was the summer of 2010... wich in fashion time is like 20 years ago... they are constantly playing an overacted (and oversized also) show... distracting, and pointless... still they design wonderfull shoes and that's more than enough to run a business
petrezselyemprojekt (7 years ago)
please let me know what is this music
selftherapist (7 years ago)
Loved it!
xgeniurzx (7 years ago)
I have no idea what happened with these collections...most of the recent shows I've seen are terrible, nothing to wear, I'm so disappointed.
Belinda Brown (7 years ago)
@Wulvh No shit! I mean Im afraid of then clothes now!

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