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How to Move Object from one Table Space to Another Table Space? | How to Rebuild the Index ?

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This Video will teach you How to Move Object one Table Space to Another | How to Rebuild the Index ? move table from one tablespace to another in oracle 11g oracle move schema to another tablespace oracle how to move objects to another tablespace oracle 11g move schema to another tablespace alter table move tablespace oracle 8i oracle move table script oracle move cluster to new tablespace oracle move table example rebuild index oracle script alter index rebuild online parallel oracle rebuild all indexes oracle index rebuild online vs offline oracle rebuild partitioned index index rebuild oracle best practice index rebuild script in oracle 11g
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Text Comments (4)
Divya Prajith (4 months ago)
Give me ur number or mail id...I have some doubts
Oracle PL/SQL World (4 months ago)
Email id -- [email protected]
Rohit Maurya (5 months ago)
Hello sir,This video is very help full for me, I am requesting you to please upload the types index rebuilding,  why we are go for index rebuild, what is the difference between drop index and rebuild index, what is stats gather .Thanks and Regards
Oracle PL/SQL World (5 months ago)
When we move the Objects to another table space the Dependent Index on the tables are became invalid. So we can not change the Status here instead of changing the status from invalid to Valid Oracle have provided Index Rebuild. Once you rebuilt the Index then your Performance is fine. Else the Index will not work. Drop Vs Rebuild : Its totally different Drop is , When we don't want the object then we can drop, But here in this case we are moving Objects to another Storage that's all so we are rebuilding the Index( We are Changing the Index state to Valid) thats all ... Hope this will help you .... ))

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