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Christian Dior ➤ Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2009/2010

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HD (720p) (21'50) Full Fashion Show Remixed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jr5LPdrmZQ HD (720p) (22'51) Full Fashion Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Srg9DfwosBc **Selgi14✞✞
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Text Comments (126)
Pablo Rouaud (5 months ago)
Ce défilé est magnifique, on se croirait en 1947 avec l'arrivé du New Look. 😍
Sơn Nguyễn Xuân (10 months ago)
These dresses are dreams❤️perfect mix between Dior's legacy and John's sassiness
En1gma Kish (11 months ago)
LOVELY! BRAVO! I'm saving to my list.
john wynn (11 months ago)
This is an oldie but a goodie...Anne Bancroft in "The Graduate" meets Shirley MacLaine in "Irma La Douce!!!" So sexy, so flirty, so fun...insouciance personified. I love the over-sized pearls at the ears and throat. And those avian-inspired hats. The references to eighties hair and music in the beginning just add to the fun!!!
user 12704318 (11 months ago)
Alexis M (1 year ago)
When fashion was fashion. And models were models.
diornotwar123 (1 year ago)
Why isn't fashion this good anymore?
Alexis M (1 year ago)
diornotwar123 a sense of creativity and the influence of social media.
Patrick Wang (1 year ago)
This is how couture should be. Absolutely stunning
AngelGirl (1 year ago)
Back then, at 15, my heart trembled for fashion. I grew up in a family were haute couture played a faint part. It felt like an addiction. Even though one knew about the superficiality, the clichés. Today there's only a faint memory of what was once a feminine passion of mine.
Apples & Naners (1 year ago)
Whos the model at 10:42?
Philocaly (1 year ago)
Siri Tollerod
Virgil Levoux (1 year ago)
the 1st model's camel toe is popping I thought I was in Saudi Arabia for a minute!!
Lionel Guaymas (1 year ago)
como se llama la cancion del principio? es hermosaa
contrabassoon (1 year ago)
Lionel Guaymas 1000 Dreams- Miss Kittin
Tuan Trinh Official (1 year ago)
Raf Simons and Maria make Dior too boring. Removing Galliano is a mistake.
Tuan Trinh Official (1 year ago)
Dior let me down, disappointed, Raf Simons and Maria make dior trivial.
wandawang (1 year ago)
tuấn trịnh R & M R just not talented enough. Way untalented... Especially for Dior. (sigh)
Fraser Cook (1 year ago)
@11:31 how to be a model high goddess
MbseedM (1 year ago)
15:10 super gorgeous dress
K K (1 year ago)
Sebastian Wendel (1 year ago)
Ich denke Galliano hatte den Ehrgeiz Edelhuren einzukleiden :-) und er in der Rolle des Zuhälters, was denn auch sonst ... I think Galliano had the ambition of dressing up nobel whores :-) and he in the role of the pimp, what else ...
No topo da moda o estilo do seculo XX.
Carlos Ramirez (2 years ago)
opening models name please who knows
Ho Quoc Anh (2 years ago)
Thana Kuhnen
lilMissF0F0 (2 years ago)
I just died and went to fashion heaven
Transforming318 (2 years ago)
Well said lady i am totally with you
nazareno lokais (2 years ago)
This is a Haute Couture inpirade by Madonna?
lilMissF0F0 (5 months ago)
+문인구 i knew it! It reminded me with backstage dior images!
문인구 (2 years ago)
nazareno lokais actually galliano said this was inspired by a series of photographs of dior models getting ready backstage in the 1950s. but you do have a point with madonna.
M K (2 years ago)
All together it was reached on ruined, where class elegance seductive chic but with taste , without exaggeration , I do not understand what they want to achieve but Christian Dior definitely would not approve .. what follows the world .
Walter peralta (2 years ago)
first song? who knew?
jstrife (2 years ago)
1000 Dreams by Miss Kittin & The Hacker
santiago villagra (2 years ago)
extraordinaria colección la más bonita que he visto
Kris Arden (2 years ago)
Wow, real talent. Drooling ... can't pick my mouth up from off the floor. Gotta claw through my handbag to find my credit cards.
Stalletto magazine (2 years ago)
Love it!
Andrew Garfield (3 years ago)
who was opening the show?
Sandra Embregts (3 years ago)
+Andrew Garfield Thana Kuhnen
Chris Zaghi (3 years ago)
Galliano for Dior gets me so emotional! I would have cried tears of joy like and idiot if I was watching this in person.
lilMissF0F0 (5 months ago)
+Alexis M actually rose crazy when Raf was hired. The sales went crazy high, higher than Galliano’s reign. when Raf left the brand kept declining more and more
Alexis M (1 year ago)
I wish Dior would hire him back. Their brand has been on the decline since his firing.
Sebastián Torrealba (3 years ago)
+Chris Zaghi me too.. Galliano was the soul of Dior
Angelo Franz (3 years ago)
what's the name of the song playing while sasha pivovarova was walking?
Angelo Franz (2 years ago)
Harv1790 (2 years ago)
It's the Tepr Emo remix
Patrick Gomes (2 years ago)
Lights Out - Santigold, but i don't know this remix played on the show
Angelo Franz (3 years ago)
Sasha is just...AMAZING :(((
joshcka (3 years ago)
I don't know how about you guys, but I feel a couture show should be like this. Galliano for Dior was really really good. Now he's in Margiella and I love every single show he did for the house. Very talented person. 👏👏👏
문인구 (1 year ago)
Amy Infernal winehouse idk about you but i actually appreciate raf simons' dior.dont get me wrong, i still think no era of any brand whatsoever will be a match for galliano's dior. And I didnt love raf, i appreciated him. It was a rather fresh gust of wind for the house i think. I especially got to appreciate it more thanks to maria grazia blegh. Her designs are just boring, undramatic, and lifeless. I think dior took the downward spiral ever since they fired galliano.
ROD Val (2 years ago)
Amy Infernal winehouse (2 years ago)
Can be. But for example, LVMH is one of those brands that have become Americanized. I have nothing finds from the United States. But I think Europe's fashion should be independent of the United States. Gianni Versace took a different style around the world. He carried an erotic woman without being vulgar. A mysterious woman. Now, Donatella Versace dresses up the Russian prostitutes of luxury. Dress up the most vulgar elite of fame. Gucci was always characterized by its skins and its Italian style. It is now 100% American. It is completely boring. Dior in the time of Galliano had a beautiful Parisian style. He knew how to combine eroticism, glamor and European style. Dior par excellence was the signature that distinguished the haute couture of Paris next to the signature Chanel. Now Dior is completely androgenic and absurd and dresses to fat dwarves like Rihanna. A time has come when low-cost firms such as Zara, Mango and H & M represent more European-style brands than ever. Chanel stays in her style. Nina Ricci also remains in her classic style. Jean Paul Gaultier is still also funny and extravagant, very loyal to the firm. Also Valentino follows the Italian style. Loewe is distinguished by its leather goods. Yves Saint Laurent also remains faithful to the European style. But there are no more signatures that remain faithful to our style of our continent. If Coco Chanel saw Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian promoting the firm, I think Coco Chanel herself would end up committing suicide. Or if Christian Dior saw that now the dresses that are designed for Dior look like a slut. I mean they are asymmetrical, boring, ugly with evil. No more comments, I get angry just imagining.
ROD Val (2 years ago)
Amy Infernal winehouse Of course there is huge jewish power in fashion, like in LVMH for example, if they fired Galliano for being offensive then why they haven't fired Karl from Chanel for always talking shit or why is Stefano still in Dolce & Gabbana if he only talks shit too.
Amy Infernal winehouse (2 years ago)
When Galiano acted in an ungrateful and rude way with anti-Semitic remarks, we must remember that he suffered from two addictions. To drugs and alcohol. This means that addictions nullify people. Still he did a magnificent job. If the Jewish lobby boycotted Galiano, I can not explain why they do not boycott American products, when a President voted with an absolute majority like Trump, releases derogatory comments towards the European Union or Latinos. It's stupid to boycott. Galiano did the job well. And precisely the Jews are not buying every day in Dior. LOLI am Jewish and the comments do not matter to me. The designer of Chanel has spoken ill of the fat and no one has boycotted Chanel. Armani being gay is against gay marriage, and the gay lobby has not bet on Armani
GorgeousGabbe (3 years ago)
All Hail John Galliano! This collection was divine! So much playfulness and imagination!! Dior sadly will never be what it once was.
Pierre W. (3 years ago)
I think every one of these songs in this show are really HOT!!!!!! Wish there was stuff like this in the U.S.!
emily schwellenbach (3 years ago)
Garter belts are to be hidden and not seen, nasty
Willy KPB (2 years ago)
Are you living in the 1880s?? It's the 20th century now
+emily schwellenbach only people equip with superior senses can understand the genius in galliano and your not one of them...
guachipiruli (3 years ago)
+emily schwellenbach you kinda missed the point
Sargent Sassy (3 years ago)
What is the name of the song starting at 2:59
naomihitme (3 years ago)
+Sargent Sassy Let Me Back (Sticky Remix) - Zarif
gabriel lozan (4 years ago)
i love this colection  and i do have to say it´s fantastic the way how models walks not only just looking straigh and going down under the runway ,it´´s awesome . i love chanel iman ,siri tollerod,sasha pivovarova,natasha polly,vlada roslyakova ,sigrid agreen, monica jac jacaciak i love all these beautiful women
Fer Calvete Caamaño (4 months ago)
Monica Is not in this show
Glenn van Nijevelt (4 years ago)
Shoes' heels are too high! When do shoe designers finally learn that the ratio between maximum heel high and foot length is 1 to 3? So if you are size 38.5, the length of your feet is 25 cm, the highest heel you can wear is 25/3 = 8.5 cm plus sole. If the sole is thin (0.5) cm, than maximum heel height is 9 cm.  This ratio is science! It's been used since ancient Greek time. our body proposition has not yet changed much since then…...
Santy960529 (4 years ago)
Any one else noticed that Marion Cotillard (actress) is in the audience?
Angelo Quatrocci (4 months ago)
Michael 1996 Hello. She’s there because she’s the face of the Lady Dior handbag campaign.
Adrian 1996 (3 years ago)
Publicity for dior
thebobby (4 years ago)
Galliano certainly brought magic to Dior during his tenure. Can't wait to see what he does at MMM!
Pierre W. (4 years ago)
anyone know the song title and artist of the song at 2:58? I like her voice, the vibe and the band!!
Thierry Dorneles (2 years ago)
Let Me Back (Sticky remix)
Derek Torres-Pruitt (4 years ago)
Jay stevenson (4 years ago)
Those shoes are hot
Guss Aguilar (4 years ago)
5 years ago today and still fabulous!
Guss Aguilar (4 months ago)
10 years this July, omg time goes by super fast! Still Tres chic
Philocaly (2 years ago)
No doubt Galliano's best pieces will still look fabulous 100 years from now -- just as those of Poiret, Doucet, & Fortuny do....
Eduardo Funez (4 years ago)
Can someone give me the name of the song at 09:30???
Laktastic (4 years ago)
I realize you left this comment a couple of months ago but, you know, just in case, it's Santigold - Lights Out (Tepr Emo remix). 
emily schwellenbach (4 years ago)
love the red dress but the garter belt thing is nasty, those days are over
emily schwellenbach (3 years ago)
+emily schwellenbach yes
Akis T (4 years ago)
+dionisio garcia You are so RIGHT!!!!!
dionisio garcia (4 years ago)
As well as innocence, fantasy, good taste and creativity are done now days.  We might just start wearing black and ivory pieces of cloth and call them modern day clothing, few are the real designers doing costumes for the day to day theater life is, functionality??? wrap yourself around a piece of rawhide and call it modern day cavemen chic... the two greatests losts in fashion Mr.GALLIANO and Mr.MCQUEEN,  now everybody is doing the minimal functional shit... :( 
Adrian 1996 (4 years ago)
fucking love it!
Fernando Lopez (4 years ago)
NICO29069 (5 years ago)
track 7.24 ????
Angelo Quatrocci (4 months ago)
NICO29069 Party In My Head by Miss Kittin & the Hacker.
Danny Her (5 years ago)
the first song is: Miss Kittin & The Hacker -1000 Dreams :)
Danny Her (3 years ago)
:) hugs from Costa Rica
Danny Her (3 years ago)
naobe5 (3 years ago)
+Danny Her wrong!!!
Danny Her (5 years ago)
+NICO29069  Si no me equivoco... my friends the song is ...i think  Miss Kitten & The Hacker - Party In My Head. (:
NICO29069 (5 years ago)
+NICO29069 and... track 7:24??? PLEASEEEEEE ^^
Kjadija Kassa (5 years ago)
ArnoldtheDestroyer (5 years ago)
Galliano - talented....but an absolute ass.
Ina Valdes (1 year ago)
Voak Basterd The annoying woman started it by telling him he was not a real blond. the man was pretty drunk.
Voak Basterd (1 year ago)
+Ina Valdes he makes racist remarks against jews if one makes racist remarks against poc, you would want them to be fired too.
Ina Valdes (2 years ago)
ArnoldtheDestroyer why an ass? nonsense!
Pierre W. (4 years ago)
Unfortunately, there are lots of those!!!! But, this man's creative eye and gift for style is ASTOUNDING!!!!!!!! Always amazing, different, rich, beautiful, lush!!!
JESSUS ANTONIO (5 years ago)
JG sempre teve a melhor trilha sonora da temporada! saudadesssssss...
Where is the song??? is´t started in the minute 6:08 thanks.!!! its very important for my
Ondrej Saniga (5 years ago)
Zarif - let me back Sticky remix
Sergii Telepnev (5 years ago)
OutfitOfTheDays (5 years ago)
second song?
Limapoel (5 years ago)
Denisa Devorakova ;)
علي الوائلي (5 years ago)
Jeremy Salas (6 years ago)
7:44? who is she?
NA X (6 years ago)
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, she's caroline trentini
Jonathan Reynoso (6 years ago)
Models are weird people.....
Kjadija Kassa (6 years ago)
excellent collections
Brian Kaos (6 years ago)
what was the second song?
StarrySky (6 years ago)
the pieces are getting better as it goes!!1
Valentín Jara (6 years ago)
Olga Sherer, perfect. <3
emily schwellenbach (6 years ago)
Im sorry but I think the intro to this show is disgusting, and exploitve to women, as much as I have loved Dior this is an all time low, do women really want to be just pretty sex porn garbage?
Alexis M (1 year ago)
emily schwellenbach yes !
AntonSorre (6 years ago)
Chanel Iman so pretty ! <3 (2:00)
billybuzy (6 years ago)
tanya dziahileva :)
elaem (6 years ago)
16:32 who is she?
Prince Viejo (1 year ago)
Lam Tanya Dziahileva
Kukuh Aji Prabowo (6 years ago)
That´s Caroline Trentini
selgi14 (6 years ago)
Iekeliene Stange
Красота выручит мир!!!!Браво Джон!!!!

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