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yo everyone my other affordable videos THE BEST TROUSERS - https://bit.ly/2zMZAF3 THE BEST HOODIES - https://bit.ly/2Rl51SJ THE BEST CARGOS - https://bit.ly/2COaAFB THE BEST BEANIES - https://bit.ly/2ObCVax if you need help with sizing just drop a comment down below & i will help you put as always. Don't forget to give the videos a thumb up & subscribe for more mens fashion and lifestyle videos. in this video i will be showing you all the best cheap puffer jackets i have purchased in the last week that are 100% essential for autumn fall 2018 ALL JACKETS / COATS WILL BE LISTED DOWN BELOW INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/onlygeo/ YELLOW PUFFER JACKET - https://bit.ly/2Riky5W (pull & bear) ANOTHER SICK YELLOW PUFFER - https://bit.ly/2qhsUzi ( a bit more pricey) ASOS STONE PUFFER JACKET - https://bit.ly/2CJzea8 UNIQLO PUFFER IS NOW SOLD OUT - _ - so heres another - https://bit.ly/2RntuXR WEEKDAY PUFFER JACKET - https://bit.ly/2CJFoqE ASOS BLACK PUFFER JACKET - https://bit.ly/2CJFoqE #Fashion #menswear #streetwear BEST PUFFER JACKETS | AFFORDABLE AUTUMN FALL ESSENTIALS 2018 CHEAP PUFFER JACKETS 2018 AFFORDABLE JACKETS 2018
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Text Comments (116)
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Vinh Nguyen (4 months ago)
Ordered from Asos!!!!
Vinh Nguyen (4 months ago)
I am 5'9 Inch 155 lbs (70 kg's) and just ordered a men's large puffer. You think it will be too big?
Daniel Aboki (1 month ago)
hey bro would sell me this UNIQLO PUFFER
UrVerySaltyツ (3 months ago)
I got a black topman puffer jacket 80% off from £70 to £9
Onlygeo (3 months ago)
Thats a crazy steal nice one g
David Jimenez (4 months ago)
bro i could get that puffer jacket from Pull and bear :/ where can i find it? on ebay?
Onlygeo (4 months ago)
Im selling mine if u want a large
dasmith (5 months ago)
Hey geo! Did you buy the Cyntia Puffer Jacket from weekday? If you did, which size you took and how does it fit?
SS Levius (5 months ago)
What size did u get for ASOS stone oufferjacket i got a m size but seems too big ?
SS Levius (5 months ago)
Aye ok ty
Onlygeo (5 months ago)
SS Levius i got a large bro i went true to size
NinthNinjaHD (5 months ago)
how tall r you??
Onlygeo (5 months ago)
Brandon (5 months ago)
im 6’5 240 and it says i need a xxl for the first jacket but i never wear a xxl and i want it to fit like yours, which should i get
Onlygeo (5 months ago)
Go true to size if you are speaking about the yellow one
Blue Knight Rin (5 months ago)
hey im american and was wondering how can i shop from these sites? or is that not a option, i am somewhat confused because everything is in pounds
Codiii (6 months ago)
Today i just got a Helly Hansen Vintage puffer jacket for 80€
Onlygeo (5 months ago)
Good cop 👊🏼
Zeeshon Zee (6 months ago)
Hey mate, Need your help. I've been looking down jacket that could have long neck (at least bit bigger then uniqlo) & detachable hood. thanks for the help
Onlygeo (6 months ago)
Hey i recently dropped a video that features 2 down jackets with detachable hoods but deffo size up
Anders Brandt (6 months ago)
I Can see from the webside that the weekday puffer is for women. Does it still fit men?
Onlygeo (6 months ago)
Yeah just check measurements
I bought a Men's Duck Down Quilted Padded Puffer Jacket Faux Fur Hooded Bubble Coat Parka on eBay for $28.39, they say its made in china. Do you think it will be a good guilty jacket or at least descent guilty?
@Onlygeou right man fasho and thanks for the reply
Onlygeo (6 months ago)
Just gotta wait and see my g hopefully it is let me know
Swarrendeep Samra (6 months ago)
As always sick Video G, im looking at the weekday puffer, im 6ft2 what size shall i go for? isnt the one you linked for women or is that still calm? bless
NizKer (7 months ago)
5 foot 11 skinny build, what size in the yellow pull and bear? (It’s actually on sale rn)
NizKer (7 months ago)
Okay cool, I’ll go for a medium, thanks :)
Onlygeo (7 months ago)
Whats the size you usually go for ? Just go true to size bro
Dave Stein (7 months ago)
Do best flannels ur flannels are too cold bro
Onlygeo (7 months ago)
I don’t know why i never thought of this lol
Eric Haataja (7 months ago)
Should i go with a size L on the pull and bear puffer jackets. I'm 5.11
ryl (7 months ago)
Where did you got that shirt from?
Onlygeo (7 months ago)
Its from uniqlo copped it a while back though
Fredo World RIP (7 months ago)
Nigga where is the “Guess”???? Wtf u got no drip 💧 take this shit down
Onlygeo (7 months ago)
G What you on about where is the guess?
WisdumbSWK (7 months ago)
What size did you go on the weekday my g
Onlygeo (7 months ago)
Tts bro
wilhelm &co (7 months ago)
Daily Paper clothing has a super sick yellow Puffer jacket
WisdumbSWK (7 months ago)
Got recommendations on another bomber like the cord one (it’s sold out) or the weekday one (not available in my state). Thanks dog
WisdumbSWK (7 months ago)
Onlygeo bless up fam. I’ve got a budget of like $200. I’m also ensnared with this Julius jacket: https://www.grailed.com/listings/1091212 and am willing to shell out more for something similar. Thanks again dog. I love all your videos and they fact that you’re actually down to connect with fans
Onlygeo (7 months ago)
Ill have a look for you g & get back to ya 👊🏼
ludvig segerstedt (7 months ago)
how tall are you? i orders that asos puffer jacket size L am 5:9
Onlygeo (7 months ago)
Im 6ft1 so it will be slightly oversized on you
Roan R (7 months ago)
RVCA got some cool ones too
Onlygeo (7 months ago)
Ima check them out
Mark Robbers (7 months ago)
I’m 1.83m tall.What’s my size for these puffer jackets?
Mark Robbers (7 months ago)
Onlygeo thanks bro.Keep up the good quality content
Onlygeo (7 months ago)
Mark Robbers go true to size if u want the same fits as me i grabbed a L and I’m a tiny bit taller than you
Furquan Mahdi (7 months ago)
I from Harlem and I fuck with asos to
Onlygeo (7 months ago)
Thats crazy they are really worldwide
Icognize (8 months ago)
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Love g
Lami Soon (8 months ago)
Just copped a puffer coat from h&m 80$ found on the clearance rack for 15$
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Sometimes the best steals are in store nice one g
aidan cuellar (8 months ago)
hey man, sick vid! where is your flannel from? Link?
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Jaidan Cuellar thanks its from uniqlo but sold out check on the site though
Straight Bread (8 months ago)
I love your videos dude
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Im glad bro
Wererwerdu Ichduichduich (8 months ago)
Hey bro, im 182 and 80 kilos. What size can u orefer to me for the cord unisex and the pull and bear 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Anytime bro
Wererwerdu Ichduichduich (8 months ago)
Thanks men 🙏🏼🙏🏼 greetings from germany
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Id go true to size bro with a large on both but if u want it kinda oversized go xl but im 6ft1 and also weigh 80kg and i grabbed large
Gabe Suplizio (8 months ago)
Hey, seem like a really nice, cool, guy and I actually LOVE your channel keep it up:)
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Hey I actually am a really chilled guy lol I’m glad you’re enjoying the content👊🏼
Michael Partida (8 months ago)
What size is the ASOS one?
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
I grabbed a large go true to size
Joseph Hazell (8 months ago)
Hey Geo would you sell your ASOS cord jacket? Need a large but all sizes are sold out apart from xxl? great video as always
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
hey sorry g i really love that coat but ive see this one in store and its very similar check it out https://www.bershka.com/gb/corduroy-puffer-jacket-c0p101549011.html?colorId=712
Apethegoat (8 months ago)
Does the Yellow Jacket keeps One warm in winter
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Of course it does g
BazTV (8 months ago)
I'm 6'2 and want that first yellow pull and bear jacket and want a slightly oversized fit, what size do you reckon I should cop?
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
I went true to siZe and im your height and i could wear a hoodie underneath fine so id say go true to size the same as your other jackets if its to big or small u can always change it in store
Frankie Vaca (8 months ago)
yo bro dope video keep it going watching you from ny but how does the corduroy jacket run small ? I'm like 5'6 or 5'7 you think I could fit a large ?
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Go for a medium then bro deffo go true to size with it & im glad to help g
Frankie Vaca (8 months ago)
Good looks for responding though 💯
Frankie Vaca (8 months ago)
I’m type skinny but I usually wear a medium in coats
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
What size jackets do you usually wear bro and whats your build?
JaY doubleU (8 months ago)
what's your height/weight? Trying to get a better idea of how the jackets fit. thanks
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Im 6ft 1 i weigh like 78kg standard build not skinny but not hench either
BBB (8 months ago)
That’s 🔥! I was looking for cropped puffer jacket for men thanks bro
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
You’re welcome bro
YSB (8 months ago)
Dope video
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Thanks bro
Iker_ Ela (8 months ago)
Hi from spain! Amazing vídeo!!
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Hi thanks a lot
Bryan (8 months ago)
Bro after your affordable cargo vid, I need a video on how to style them because I just copped the HnM ones
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Gonna do some lookbooks showing how to style some stuff real soon bro
CorupptedKev (8 months ago)
fire vid as always 🔥 btw do you like knits?
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Thanks man & Yeah i love them i have a few myself
Awesome Nacho 3 (8 months ago)
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Martin Rojo (8 months ago)
Great vid man, mind letting me know where the joggers in the on body shots are from?
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Thanks bro no lie they are some old joggers i got from h&m and cut into long shorts to lounge around the house in😂😅
Scooby Doo (8 months ago)
still waiting on the tattoo tour g
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Haha i still need to finish up some ink bro its coming soon
Sahib Singh (8 months ago)
damn bro I wish I could get the pull and bear jacket but seems like u cant cop in the United States, anyways fire video
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
This one is sickkk i would of grabbed it if i saw it sooner - https://www.fruugo.co.uk/urban-classics-hooded-boxy-buffer-quilted-winter-jacket/p-17497716-38305301?ac=adtail&utm_source=shoptail&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ComparisonShopping&language=en
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Ahh really give there is this one thats only £25 give me a few mins ill link some more yellow puffers inthe description
fitz. (8 months ago)
dope video, was looking for puffer recommendations. you got any tips for rocking the tshirt tuck?
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Glad you liked it bro and its easier to tuck in a baggier shirt for the clean look so yeah
Yung Shakz (8 months ago)
Yes Geo finally 👌👌 can u do like a winter look-book with links of all the outfits please bro. Safe 👊
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Yeah i will do was planning on this 👊🏼😁
Andrew Lush (8 months ago)
Geo what size cord puffer did you get?
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Large bro
alfredo (8 months ago)
sick video g gotta do parkas next
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Yeah i will do might not be the next one up but i deffo will thanks man
Anton-Karim Naimi (8 months ago)
Good video, can you do waterproofs bro?
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Haha you never know
Anton-Karim Naimi (8 months ago)
Youre gonna blow bro, keep up the grind🤪
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
Yeah i could include waterproofs when i next do jackets 👊thanks bro
Jujhar Bling (8 months ago)
Do a winter coat version ? thanks 👊🏼
Onlygeo (8 months ago)
I will do bro and im glad you are 👊🏼
Jujhar Bling (8 months ago)
really enjoying these videos

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