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Unforgettable Meal - ASHANTI FOOD in Kumasi, Ghana | Ultimate West African Food Tour!

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►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: http://bit.ly/MarkWiensSubscribe ►T-shirts and caps available now: https://migrationology.com/store/ ►Watch the entire Ghana series: https://goo.gl/9mWUGk Thanks to Can Do Tours (http://www.candotours.com/) for arranging this amazing Ghanaian food experience for me. From Cape Coast, Ghana, we drove inland to Kumasi, a major city in the central Ashanti Region of Ghana. I was excited to sample authentic Ashanti food, and to spend just a short time exploring Kumasi. The drive from Cape Coast took about 4 hours. Fufu for Lunch - When we arrived, we were all quite hungry and so we stopped at a local chop bar (Ghanaian local food restaurant) for lunch. I’m not really sure of the name of this spot, or I don’t even think it really had a name written on it. But it was a popular neighborhood spot, especially known for their fufu - a West African staple food of pounded plantain and cassava. I had it along with a mix of palm nut soup and a variety of meats. Fufu mix - 18 GHC ($3.80) per bowl Ashanti Food Cooking in Kumasi, Ghana - The main activity food activity of the day was meeting a host family and going to their home to cook and experience authentic Ashanti Ghanaian food. Before going home, we stopped at a local market in Kumasi to buy some vegetables, and some essentials for the cooking, especially taro leaves. Kontomire stew - I didn’t really know what we’d be cooking, but learned it was a dish called kontomire stew, a stew made from fermented fish for flavor and mostly taro leaves (also called cocoyam in Ghana). The leaves were boiled and ground with garlic and spices, then doused in boiling palm nut oil to finish it. The dish was served with boiled green plantains and cocoyams that you could dip into the kontomire stew. It was also amazing to eat with avocado, and the highlight of my day was eating with the entire family. This is the final video from this Ghana food and travel series! If you haven’t seen all 7 videos, at the full playlist here: https://goo.gl/9mWUGk Thank you for watching this entire Ghana food and travel series. It was an amazing trip, tried and learned about so many delicious foods, and it was an honor to meet and interact with so many generous and friendly people. MUSIC: https://artlist.io/ ***CAMERA GEAR*** I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: http://amzn.to/2sV0XQO Main lens: http://amzn.to/2szLZNf 2nd lens: http://amzn.to/2EjBeEg Microphone: http://amzn.to/2rBKD3z Drone: http://amzn.to/2CrtAHz I would love to connect with you! Instagram: https://instagram.com/migrationology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrationology
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Mark Wiens (3 months ago)
This is the final video of this Ghana series. If you haven't watched all the videos, here's the full playlist: https://goo.gl/9mWUGk Thanks for watching. Kenya starts next! (If you're not already subscribed, click subscribe now, and also turn on your "bell" notifications so you get notified of the next video). See you on the next video!
Otoyo Panama (13 days ago)
You are a very stupid man. What do you mean they are dirty and mst smell terrible? Idiot.
Home Bwoy (15 days ago)
Mark I love ur videos and I will like u to visit the smiling cost of Africa called The Gambia 🇬🇲🇬🇲
Donna Maxwell (18 days ago)
mark Africa to the world up
Donna Maxwell (18 days ago)
Africa to the world up
Yuko Chan Kamo (4 hours ago)
Am happy you enjoyed our foods. Yes that's taro leaves used for the stew, same was used for the green soup you ate
Martina Achiaa (17 hours ago)
The way he pounded the fufuoo is very funny 😂
Martina Achiaa (17 hours ago)
I really want to be in 🇬🇭
Jean Louis-jacques (17 hours ago)
I feel like Africa is better for you my dude.... I watched all your shows and you look happier in Africa
lllll2006 (1 day ago)
I chew fufu and I'm proud.... lolol Any fufu chewers in the house?
April Gonzales (2 days ago)
Someday if I have more money..I want to go travel in ghana africa..
Betty Nantongo (2 days ago)
Mark u think u can eat anything, come to UAE and try snails! Hoooo too disgusting to me. But welldone Mark I love yr show really great work.
cjb cjb (3 days ago)
@10:50 that shoe guy was mocking mark not laughing with him. If you look closely he was mocking him and then he told him that "back home you use a machine, here it's man power." He then thanked him for posting him online, another way of him saying " thank you for making fun of my life". Those are the guys you need to watch out for because they will rob and kill you.
Patricia Francis (3 days ago)
It's beautiful to see how food brings everyone together.
حياة حلوة HH (4 days ago)
ماشاء الله زي بلادي زمان
Abang Kads (4 days ago)
this video reminds me of your previous video in Indonesia. eating together with family feast is a wonderful things to do
I can taste the food by your expression.. priceless 😌😌😌
Relaxation Station (4 days ago)
I can already see a huge debate between Ghana and Nigeria over where Fufu actually came from and who had it first!
Sumith Shetty (4 days ago)
Love from india :)
GlobalCeTZen (4 days ago)
CNN must make Mark, #AnthonyBourdainsHeir.
Zuzuuu Killaaa (5 days ago)
His face get me disturbed at 0:9
ajesh raj (5 days ago)
8:52 music??
Toronto Hip Hop News (6 days ago)
tessy lovingjesus (7 days ago)
Very good and tasty wow Send some delicious one for me in the post okay Love and peace
SoniaXSweet (7 days ago)
who else is hungry
Tizu Titi (7 days ago)
I wanna go to Ghana omg I wanna cryyy 😩😩😩
Lilli pod (8 days ago)
Everybody nice smiles at the end :D
Lilli pod (8 days ago)
I would like my own mango tree :)
Love2TravelAway (8 days ago)
Thank you Mark for letting us see the world through your food travels
Reynaldo Cardoza (8 days ago)
I felt so jealous when saw that guy at the market not an ounce of fat in his body,so ripp and don't think knows what a gym is
Musa B (8 days ago)
The togetherness in African culture is such a beautiful thing.I am An African living outside of Africa and I must say African culture is beautiful. May we never lose it.so many things to say but yh I’d leave it at this.
Doc Mengele (8 days ago)
You have has SO many amazing things to eat all over the world. In truth I wasn't a fan of you but that has changed. I didn't think you were "genuine" or sincere but I was simply WRONG. If you could answer this question I would be grateful and thankful. What is the BEST thing you have eaten ever? What and where please. BTW, I liked the shirt, no REALLY , it was cool looking
Deidre Norris (8 days ago)
Much respect to Ghana and its culture!❤
Peter David (9 days ago)
This guy is smart. He is tasting all foods God bestowed to all human being around the world.
Mohammad Salemi (9 days ago)
I always wanted see what African homemade look like. I am just hate media because they never showed us real African ppl. I just love Africa. And girls are hot...
Genesis Lives (10 days ago)
Stop it you’re making me hungry lol it’s 11:44pm I can’t eat anything after 8 pls lol I’m so tempted.
vilo Achumi (11 days ago)
I dont understand Why in every kitchen there's a plastic bag over the top of the curry
prerna gurung (11 days ago)
I want that mortar and pastel😘 everything grounded on seems soo tempting
Efya Nsoah (12 days ago)
Now am hungry. Don't chew fufu, swallow it whole and u wont get choked. Never chew
Mark, are you not worried about catching Ebola? There is still an Ebola epidemic in Africa - it is still ongoing. Don't ever go to Africa again. Are you just trying to be politically correct?
Lena Young (12 days ago)
That print becomes YOU! So beautiful to you and your family travel and explore the indigenous and their traditions.
Michael Gaines (12 days ago)
You better drink coconut juice not the water
Africa is just like Haiti delicious food everywhere and hard working people
van vanessa (12 days ago)
I love that disshhhhh . wanna cry cause I live in France now. missing my Africa so balada
Gift Gibson (13 days ago)
10:52 in your home town yo using machines, here in Ghana we are using man power😂😂that guy is amazing
YoLo (13 days ago)
*Such passion goes into making the food* 💕
Jake The Dog (13 days ago)
pause at 9:57
sandrine ingabire (13 days ago)
With your happy face and food appetite ,you make me want be food anthropologist too😆😆🤗
sandrine ingabire (13 days ago)
Mark,How can you eat these much and you don’t get weight...
Keerthana Adyam (13 days ago)
I'm really happy this video
Zuleha Bint said (14 days ago)
I love it come to uganda
Judy Wilson (14 days ago)
Delicious food
A N (14 days ago)
Nice to see the glimpse of your wife participating (the avocados) nice to see everyone involved and enjoying
Luke Jackson Jackson (15 days ago)
why can't Africans just get modern appliances to help them prepare the food better cleaner? I love the simple clean colter they have, but it could be a little cleaner.I definitely would love to try their good looking food!!!
Luke Jackson Jackson (4 days ago)
Luke Jackson Jackson (4 days ago)
GlobalCeTZen (4 days ago)
Luke Jackson Jackson, we stay true to our culinary traditions and culture even when we are surrounded by modern appliances, for the same reason we hold on to our mud huts while surrounding ourselves with modern architecture. #StopTellingUsHowToLive #WeAreTheFirstHumans ...
saef p (15 days ago)
ilove africa . peace from indonesia
why so many young African male in Europe selling Kokain and Canabish?
Seare Teklay (15 days ago)
ไข่เจียว แหนม cos life in that is hard and racism in jobs.
Shannon Williams (15 days ago)
That shirt is sharp. It looks good with the Ray Bands.
Oliver Lontoc (15 days ago)
10:30 african can make you laugh😁😁
benji 80 (15 days ago)
So much oil smh. Is that oil healthy?
funnsun Florida (15 days ago)
The soups are my favorite!
Zion Ayakulom (15 days ago)
I like your positive attitude.
Zion Ayakulom (15 days ago)
You living to eat my friend.
stress Free (15 days ago)
Mark please take me on your next tour🙆 I'm just seating here and salivating.
Jokingvictim (15 days ago)
MAN I love you for the CocoYam Taro comparison...But there is palmnut soup not to confused with ground nut, wich is peanuts! Took me a while to figure this out
NextGen Designs (15 days ago)
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Joan je ai joe (16 days ago)
what's that sir ..its that food you eat like with souce on the top... Im sure I'm fail to eat thoze
Thomas Duke (16 days ago)
Oooh now our mothers are talking too loud????? U are crazy >>> U will never understand our sense of humor .... It is becoz we are HUMAN & not your useless culture of materialism, individualism & meaness with your mobile phones in a corner and computer games........... We are human, we talk!
Delsey Agyekum (16 days ago)
are language is twi
Delsey Agyekum (16 days ago)
im ashanti yes
Mae Bell (16 days ago)
Love your videos..............
Meghan Stufflebean (16 days ago)
The women there are soooo beautiful!
George Sarpong (16 days ago)
Kumasi market women can talk!!!😂😂😂
real kumiwaa (16 days ago)
I love my country GHANA. We are naturally good people, so friendly and welcoming. Our culture is so beautiful and rich and our food second to none.
Berto Zepol (16 days ago)
14:58 she is cute.
Annita Joshua (17 days ago)
What I like with of the dishes is that there is no too much cooking oil
Em Owusuwaa (17 days ago)
You didn't try jollof
Paul Deland (17 days ago)
The family you visited looks very well off upon seeing their beautiful home. Yet they are very down to earth. The women did an incredible job fixing that delicious meal. Thanks so much for this window into another world.
Emperor (17 days ago)
Love Ghanaian culture and food. Man that good looks good. I am from Ethiopia and would love to visit
Timefortruelove (17 days ago)
I don't know if it's just me, but Mark seems happiest in Africa more than any country I've seen him in! AWESOME!
Lilli pod (8 days ago)
He lived there he says on his website. Democratic Republic of Congo. Can't see any videos on it though
Matthew Alpha G Martin (18 days ago)
Hey Mark, I have to join you one of these days .
Matthew Alpha G Martin (18 days ago)
This is not to disrespect anyone or offend anyone but to me the older Africans are stronger than the older Americans. Maybe it could be the natural food they are eating
WAYNE B ECO TOURS (18 days ago)
Wow that's amazing mark ,i enjoy watching your videos hope one day you'll to Malawi and experience our local food too. I personally will welcome you. I'm a Tour agent specialist in niche tours here is my email address: [email protected]
irene Matt (18 days ago)
See enjoyment oooo
annleona otoo (18 days ago)
please don't chew the fufu. swallow it. but looks like you are enjoying yourself. I'm glad you tried ghanaian meal
annleona otoo (18 days ago)
yep. that's the taro leaves aka kontonmire aka cocoyam leaves
Antar Ibn shaddad (18 days ago)
Ghana people are so chill to seet with Nice people and peaceful people
Josephine Fynn (18 days ago)
Someone count how many times hes says "starchy"
Kkkkk fuuuu fuuuuuuuooo
Ms Kitty Kitty (19 days ago)
Omg that last one looked sooo darn good!! Contomere Stew!
Shima Samantha (19 days ago)
These guys have great smiles. I love Ghana people. So happy.
Mo Beats (19 days ago)
Why do I need to keep watching African movies when Mark Wiens is around?
Man Mansoulz (19 days ago)
Mark weins come to semporna Malaysia
fatma vurucu (20 days ago)
You look so good on Ghana's traditional shirt Mark :)
Mary Adomaa (21 days ago)
We make all the food they made
Mary Adomaa (21 days ago)
Me and my family is from ghana
Reychell Brooks (21 days ago)
Fufu is not meant to be chewed, lol😂
Eniola Apata (21 days ago)
Is Unfortunately, the way Western Media portray our our People and our Beautiful Continent. The need to know, that every region of the world is different, with different Cultures, and way of life. Our People are accommodating, kind, and share everything they have together. I am very Proud of my People,our beloved and our Beautiful Continent
Okafor Vivian (22 days ago)
The way you eat is infectious..When will you visit Nigeria and enjoy our delicacies
Lloyd O. (9 days ago)
He's good luv, enjoy!
twinklytwo (22 days ago)
The food is 😚mxwh!!! 👌
Vtje Art (22 days ago)
Youre video’s ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Grace Somemoto (22 days ago)
I want him to eat something that he doesn't like.
Nana Adwoa (22 days ago)
Oh boy.... Were you chewing the Fufu??? We don't chew it OMG.!!! You just swallow 😂😂
Cristie A (22 days ago)
That last dish is it.

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