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Joker Makeup Tutorial

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Products used: Snazaroo Scar Wax Snazaroo Facepaint (White/Black/Red) MAC Lipstick (Hot Tahiti) Links: Tumblr: http://emmapickles.tumblr.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/emma_pickles Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EuphoricCreation Instagram: http://instagram.com/euphoriccreation Beautylish: http://www.beautylish.com/emmapickles Camera: Lumix G2 Music: Nightmares - Donnie Drost http://ccmixter.org/files/donniedrost/38782
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Text Comments (608)
مين الي يحب الجوكر لايك ♥
زهراء جمال (6 months ago)
وين عشاق الجوكر
Hamudi Surres (1 year ago)
Ndhfufheycue9tdgharhbkhffeulgxsfاليفتهمه انطي الف
DH_Artist (3 years ago)
Where did you get ur shirt+vest? Magnoli?
DH_Artist (3 years ago)
+Emma Pickles wow great job, thought they were real
Emma Pickles (3 years ago)
+J0KERHAHAHAHA Photoshop. :')
Wan Muhd Haikal (3 years ago)
what can i use if i don't have the scar wax?
potatoe girl (2 years ago)
What can you use instead of spirit gum? liquid latex?
You can make your own scarwax by mixing vaseline and flour. Mix them together until it's soft enough to roll into a ball in your hand and fill any sticky, wet gaps of exposed vaseline with flour. It's super easy to mould and it will stay perfectly in place if you have spirit gum as a base. Hope this helped!
DH_Artist (3 years ago)
You can use Rigid Collodion which will suck your skin in kinda forming a scar shape
Jherye Smith (3 years ago)
amy donegan (3 years ago)
Is the scar wax ok to use without any spirit gum or anything to stick it? I'm doing this look this Halloween and I'm worried about the wax not staying on
Megan Peacock (3 years ago)
+lameyamy you need the spirit gum otherwise it'll fall off :)
Yury Fallas (3 years ago)
Make Morticia Addams! you're so good
Rixs Dixon (3 years ago)
+Emma Pickles you are so cool
Emma Pickles (3 years ago)
+Yury Fallas Thank you sweetness! There is a Morticia Addams on my channel. ^_^
Uli Reinhart (3 years ago)
Uli Reinhart (3 years ago)
ReindeerThumb (3 years ago)
I just noticed. The shirt and the vest, where did you get them? This tutorial is amazing, helped me quite a bit.
DH_Artist (3 years ago)
I asked her too, they're photoshopped
Gary Dodd (3 years ago)
They sell them on eBay
nlphayes (3 years ago)
+ReindeerThumb Youcan find them online on amazon... I am going as the joker this year and I was even able to get the actual socks!
Ashachu1000 (4 years ago)
Ooh I love it looks so beautiful Haha
Süss Hexe (4 years ago)
Wait... When did your voice change that much? O_O
Abdenacer Rarih (3 years ago)
@Emma Pickles
Emma Pickles (4 years ago)
@Nimetön Henkilo Hahahaha. Super old video. This was when I was 17 and still lived in Yorkshire. :')
Deborah M (4 years ago)
Thats amazing-really!
Okay well you're awesome
Carys Dornan (4 years ago)
Love it!!!! The Joker is my favourite, then Two Face, then Robin, then Batman. Oh, and can you still do it if you have blonde/brown hair??? 😜👍
Philosophical Owl (2 years ago)
I'm sure you could :)
Maurici0360 (4 years ago)
Wow Great Makeup!:D And you eyes are beautifuls*-* Im From Mexico and im your fan you are beautiful:3 <3
andre edy (4 years ago)
What's u use for ur mouth?? Please reply
Tasha O'Sullivan (4 years ago)
You look like onision and that's a complement
Tiffany Milligan (4 years ago)
luz azul (4 years ago)
This is so cool im going to suscribe 🔫 bang ha ha ha
Do something anime!!!!
Jasmin California (4 years ago)
does the snazaroo clown white face paint dry matte or stay greasy?
Jasmin California (4 years ago)
Thank you! :D
Emma Pickles (4 years ago)
@SuperFlowergirl11 Matte. :)
anna (4 years ago)
Omg so wellll done !!!!!!
Emma Louise (4 years ago)
Gonna be following this tutorial tomorrow for Halloween
Andrea Gracia (4 years ago)
I love the joker!!! Great job :) wish I could do makeup and effects so good like you! Subscribed!
Tito Capo (4 years ago)
Great job def using this for Halloween !
Paola (4 years ago)
do you think it would be better to use cream makeup or grease makeup?
Avianca G (4 years ago)
Great job
Camille Bergeron (4 years ago)
That's what I'm doing for halloween and your tutorial will really help me, thanks :) xo
evilyx (4 years ago)
you're so beautiful even in the joker makeup.
Angel Castro (4 years ago)
Wow!your so pretty and talented :-) <3
Avery Gray (4 years ago)
Where did you get the clothes for this?
TheRooLife (4 years ago)
this is amazing
Dearest Annabel (4 years ago)
You are so awesome! You should do a creepy doll makeup tutorial!
I am the.........BATMAN!
Lauren White (4 years ago)
This was posted on my birthday 😂
Zainab Fakhar (4 years ago)
You're really pretty
Zainab Fakhar (4 years ago)
You're really pretty
Penguin Publisher (4 years ago)
Why so serious?
Emma Pickles (4 years ago)
@bigboss9150 ;) <3
theylove Tish (4 years ago)
sooo Awesome!!
Emma Pickles (4 years ago)
@Tish IsAwesome Thank you! :D
NotIn MySalad (4 years ago)
omg you make my heart melt <3
Karen Mendoza (4 years ago)
This was amazing !!!!
mykaela draper (4 years ago)
you are awsome
Miss E.E (4 years ago)
I love your makeup....Amaaaaaaaaaaaazingggggggggggggg...Superb!!!!!
Samantha Do (5 years ago)
The first couple of pictures scared me!
Dass pιnĸ.vιdeo (5 years ago)
Omfg even  she s a gurl she lookalike  the joker .I thought she was a boy
Dass pιnĸ.vιdeo (4 years ago)
Immie Bird. (4 years ago)
Obviously her name is Emma
Madeleine Pfaltzgraff (5 years ago)
i think you replying to one of my comments would actually be my dream come true. you're so amazing, i love your makeup. you make me want to do mine all the time :)
Anke Cenan (5 years ago)
Amazing i love you^-^
Josephine Helena (5 years ago)
I love you videos Emma, I really do, but the music on this one was just a bit too harsh :/ I don't mean it in a bad way, it's just constructive criticism :)
mykaela draper (4 years ago)
i agree
Emma Pickles (5 years ago)
@Louie Storm That's awesome to hear! :D Thanks lovely! <3
Josephine Helena (5 years ago)
Oh yeah, just noticed the date XD I love all your videos though, you're my favorite YouTube makeup vlogger <3
Emma Pickles (5 years ago)
Definitely. These videos are so old though. I had no idea what I was doing, haha. I basically don't even count these as my videos anymore. Hahaha. <3 
ngokko (5 years ago)
You're talented af
Double Threat Kid (5 years ago)
Now thats what I call badass!!!
Bronwen Everett (5 years ago)
Amazing :)  Such a gorgeous girl transformed to look exactly like the Joker…that's talent!
Emma Pickles (5 years ago)
Thank you!
Tonny Arfian Riansyah (5 years ago)
For the white base on the make up,what do you use?is it a powder or what?what kind of brand you use for the white base?
Frederic RH (4 years ago)
read the description
lamia si (5 years ago)
elai (5 years ago)
Esta genial!!
Moi Meme (5 years ago)
where did  you get the shirt next week I'm going to cosplay & want to be the joker can someone please tell me
Alexa Karayanis (5 years ago)
You look just like him!
Drone Experts (5 years ago)
Very nice and easy technique used. How many Ml should i get for the white face paint? 
Mina Alea (5 years ago)
you totally look like black swan!:D
Jaz_gamergirl1 (5 years ago)
the music is Nightmares - Donnie Drost she even wrote it on info about -___-
Elias Xeneize (5 years ago)
You're beautiful Emma Pickles
LoveStruck (5 years ago)
Your bloody brilliant :D
ViiZiOn__A®MY (5 years ago)
ahhaha i see what you did there :p
wilson Luz (5 years ago)
It worked perfectly!
JoannicusBroski (5 years ago)
You make it sound so easy, haha
BJ Blazkowicz (5 years ago)
I will just do it without makeup and use warpaint and cut my face up to look exactly like him with my curly hair I am that desparate :)
Anna Says (5 years ago)
That awkward moment when this tutorial just looks like you at the end of a busy day!
SlothGiraffe (5 years ago)
It worked perfectly!
Mr. President (5 years ago)
Calaveras Desolladas (5 years ago)
what is the music of this video??
Clare Baldwin (5 years ago)
My boyfriend saw this and convinced me to do it to him tonight :)
Mads Mclinish (5 years ago)
I'm doing this for tonight but because I'm allergic to face paint I'm covering my face in sudocrem ! Ahah
Britt Easler (5 years ago)
Heath Ledger would be so proud. <3
HCGaming (5 years ago)
Thanks went to the Halloween festival that my town hosts as the joker and I looked fantastic! :D
Rebeca Carrasco (5 years ago)
Emma your SOOO pretty!!! :D
KreeZafi (5 years ago)
At 3:56 when moving like that... I mean seriously... If you were a guy... *o*
EL MAGNO (5 years ago)
exelent :D
Sivamanogaran Mathuti (5 years ago)
No, i'm watching this for Easter... (this is sarcasm)
Brandi Grant (5 years ago)
This is great. Do you have any recommendations if you don't have scar wax available
Jaisal Pala (5 years ago)
Thums up if your watching this for Halloween
Rayhunter (5 years ago)
Why so Serious, though?
Farbod (5 years ago)
That was really great !!!!!! Thanks
AnizBee (5 years ago)
Your awsome!!!
Adriana Rivera (5 years ago)
I love your accent :)
jj c (5 years ago)
so good omg
Jm Davis (5 years ago)
Do cat woman
Ryan Mossop (5 years ago)
Im doing this look for a school Halloween disco does anyone know how long it takes?
Gijs Van Os de Man (5 years ago)
well done
Cody Riddle (5 years ago)
I love your style and voice.
Meg Crossley (5 years ago)
How did you get your hair to go like that??
Jaehyunnit (5 years ago)
A black water activated paint
Lara Sergeeva (5 years ago)
Be a makeup artist!
Vivian Camper (5 years ago)
You legitly look like him! O: Thank you!!! I'm gonna do this!
christian osborne (5 years ago)
JustAs Beautiful (5 years ago)
I've watched some of your videos and im impressed. Ty for this :)
Skyteify (5 years ago)
you could use rigid collodion for the scars. It so much easier to control and its kinda cheap
SlothGiraffe (5 years ago)
What was the thing used for the eyes? I can't quite understand.
razor (5 years ago)
carlton taylor (5 years ago)
what's up with the music
Genna M (5 years ago)
Im definetly going to do this one. :)
KeepOnReiding (5 years ago)
The beginning of the video scared me, you looked like Jeff the killer XD I almost screamed!

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