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5 DAYS IN PARIS | travel vlog

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we went to europe in april! so here's a long overdue video on our trip to paris. click here for more » places // tour eiffel jardins du trocadero arc de triomphe notre dame shakespeare & company jardin du luxembourg louvre jardin des tuileries musee l'orangerie * (my favorite museum) musee d'orsay pont alexandre iii place du marche notre dame petit trianon chateau de versailles saint-chapelle saint-etienne-du-mont nice piece vintage food // kozy cafe les cocottes laduree ble sucre l'avant comptoir les papilles frenchie bar a vins * (my favorite meal) pierre herme a l'etoile d'or (sweets shop with the sweetest owner) jean-charles rochoux (chocolate shop not featured, but still amazing) music // - cloud kingdom by noclip | https://soundcloud.com/spiritedlabel/noclip-cloud-kingdom-1 - hold me by olmos | https://soundcloud.com/olmosmusic/olmos-hold-me-majestic-color - in the moment instrumental by silo beats | https://soundcloud.com/silo-beats/in-the-moment-instrumental
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Text Comments (34)
Wesam Mansour (4 months ago)
Great video!! Did you guys go to Montemarte??
Janis Nunez (4 months ago)
What did you use to video? It's so crisp. We are going in 2 weeks and never seem to get enough video on our trips. Thanks for any info.
Simply Lost (5 months ago)
Nice video!
Sabrina Nicole (6 months ago)
Love it! I did pretty much all of this except some different restaurants
Nicole V (6 months ago)
Hey there. This video is lovely, and it contains lots of great and useful information. I was wondering did you go to Paris during spring or autumn?
Kharen Eliza (7 months ago)
great vid!! Can you tell me where and the name of your airbnb please?
Masha Dvorkin (7 months ago)
The best video guide of Paris I've seen so far! Very interesting, informative and great editing work! Well done! :)
artsygirlify (7 months ago)
beautiful vlog
The Williams Chronicles (7 months ago)
Really nice video. Has the kind of vibe we try to give, not too much talking 😂 👍👍👍
paris burning (8 months ago)
so beautiful. so lovely!
Shaque Brazil (8 months ago)
Ew Paris
Kelvin John VLOGS (8 months ago)
Awesome vlog! will be in Paris nextweek! Thank you
Fation Tahiri (8 months ago)
2018 ALBANIA 💖
Fation Tahiri (8 months ago)
2018 Greece paris
Fation Tahiri (8 months ago)
2018 ALBANIA paris
Fation Tahiri (8 months ago)
2018 Greece 💖
Sahar Moustaide (9 months ago)
Hey! I've just posted my first vlog ever! So feel free to check it out! Thank you
Venla Kiilakoski (9 months ago)
Great video!! I really enjoyed it! Very informative and good filming!
Tim Murray (9 months ago)
Where was your airbnb?  Going in June and looking for quality lodging.  Thx
Ishan Madan (5 months ago)
Same Question. What Air Bnb is this ?
Lex Roper (9 months ago)
Tim Murray I was wondering the same thing..
A L (10 months ago)
Love this vid! Simple and classy. Plus no millenials drama
Anastasiya Goosen (10 months ago)
Great vlog!
music box (10 months ago)
mute the video. thank me later.
psychmike (11 months ago)
Great journal. We hope to see what you saw. We are doing the same Fat Tyre tour of Versailles, but hopefully sans rain...Thanks
Eurodollar tv (1 year ago)
awesome video . hey do you guys think paris pass is worth it i am planning on going in January i would like to know thanks.
artsygirlify (7 months ago)
yes and no...I spent 133.00 for 2 days. you get 1 day to use the hop on hop off tour bus to all the major attractions. You get a metro pass for 2 days unlimited usage, a guide book. You get a Paris pass to skip the line to paying attractions on the Paris Pass list, you get to go to a wine tasting and a river cruise on the seine. My deal was trying to get my money worth so I had to cut myself off from the Louvre which is enormous and You have to know before had if a museum is free (best to hit the ones that are paying first) and know when a museum is having a special exhibition event or you wont be able to get in which is wasted time.
Esmé (8 months ago)
Was the pass worth it?
Eurodollar tv (10 months ago)
yeah i went and i came back on january 20th and i loved it. I felt in love with that city
music box (10 months ago)
did you go?
Adriana Danish (1 year ago)
What camera did you use to film this tho? The quality looks so crisp
Adriana Danish (1 year ago)
This is so effing good. I'll be visiting Paris for 5 days too in March next year
why you didn't upload more videos? Your videos are amazing! Keep up with your work :)
Alanna Watkins (2 years ago)
Great video!! Your editing skills are amazing 😊 what do you use?

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