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True Story - JP Morgan - Finance Documentary

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True Story JP Morgan Finance Documentary Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Mark Thompson (11 hours ago)
Even as a young child, his facial expressions were indicative of a solemn adult.
TheKeithvidz (13 hours ago)
Heard he owned 17% of the firm a certain Red shield the rest...
James Hare (1 day ago)
It amazes me to still see people envy someone because of what they have accomplished in there life. The sad thing is, 99% of the people talking shit, wouldn't be talking shit if they were as successful! These days people are scared of change, and the unknown, they like to stay in there comfort zone and dare not to venture out! If y'all had half the drive, passion and hunger this man had, y'all might be somewhat successful! Don't hate on this man because y'all made poor life decisions, it's no one's fault but yours! Everyone is dealt a hand in life, it's up to you how you play them, and this man played until he made a royal flush! He accomplished more in his life, then y'all could in 10 lifetimes! Also, he donated more than half of his wealth to charities, churches, hospitals, and schools. He also donated most of his art collection to Metropolitan Museum of Art.
J.P.Morgan was a knight of St.Lazarus which means he was loyal to the Vatican agenda´s like the establishment of a private central bank in the US , the Federal Reserve which prints money out of thin air , decreasing of the value of the dollar and a trillions of dollar debt which they can never pay back. Now also happening in Europe with the Europian central bank , headed by knight of malta Mario Draghi , financial inquisition going on folks and it comes from the Vatican not Israel , the jews involved work for the Pope
SVS (2 days ago)
bitch of jew bankers
jackson knox (2 days ago)
Balderdash.... Poppycock...!! .. How about draft dodging coward... And the music.. Let's talk about the nice politely played background music as the narrator tries to explain how this traitor buys America and throws Americans into financial slavery!
Average Joe (2 days ago)
Not a peep about Jekyll island. No surprises there. Cowards.
Dan Hourahine (3 days ago)
J P. Morgan titan we very well new any morgan will reach stack deck Welsh.
Johnson Taylor (4 days ago)
Lets see how they white wash history.
Roy Curtis (5 days ago)
JP white face powder devil
Simply Human (5 days ago)
J.P. Morgan was a puppet of the Rothschilds.
Ken Rehill (6 days ago)
Diamonds didn’t have the same value back then, they were worth nothing until de beers launched their bullshit marketing plan about the months salary
Thomas Bingel (7 days ago)
Very recommendable
jermaine peters (7 days ago)
So that's where my 40 acres and a mule went A.D.O.S
SIRIUSENDER (7 days ago)
The stock market didn't just crash, it was crashed by this guy and other evil banksters
Jeremy Mettler (7 days ago)
Look at the nut sack on that chin wormy fuck is what he did rob this country and others like his idiot buddies they king of the idiot . Morons believe they beyond guilt or even have a clue what it means . Natural adults let the little shit with shit I bet . Unless he the one got enlightened then lost walking in circles for being Injust or dishonest after enlightenment then you become lost in bc aseaof selfves strangers to selfnever seaing way lost
SUDHIR PATEL (8 days ago)
The Morgan's were through inheritance chosen for greatness. And we who failed to be great were chosen for where we are.
SUDHIR PATEL (8 days ago)
His parents saw in him the potential of leadership and groomed him for a career in leadership. - How many of our idiotic parents groomed us for a career in the coal mines because they could not see beyond the dust to see higher. We are the products of our environments.
Roy Curtis (8 days ago)
White Devils playing a simple you will be destroyed
bert fromarketin (8 days ago)
Tyler Sane (8 days ago)
I got no sympathy for any rich person who doesn't have sympathy for the poor! Yeah let's alienate all the races who actually built America! Not the one who built there America on the backs of struggling people! I hate the fact that there enough of everything to go around but yet got homes nobodies living in while there are homeless! We got food grocery stores and other places that ppl throw out when there starving people! The list goes on and on!..
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Black Power (9 days ago)
His descendants owe reparations and will pay 💰 in due time. Most of his wealth was established through slavery !
steven krueger (9 days ago)
He was really a low life piece of shit that would do anything for money!!! Thanks to this asshole and others is why we have the fed, we need to find away to get rid of the fed......
Marrowbones (10 days ago)
My great uncle Reginald was one of JP Morgan's attorneys. He was very handsome but remained single all his life. He was very wealthy, too. My grandfather named one of my uncles after him, but when Reginald died, he left all his wealth to the church in this documentary.
Marrowbones (5 days ago)
@istarted Smalltime LOL, yep, I think he was wise to the motivations of his nephews, etc. But I also believe that based on what happened to his grand-uncle, my great, great grandfather's will in 1914, he decided to not leave family members fighting over his wealth after he was gone. He was very religious as well. The entire story was told to me by my first cousin who was a bit older than me but was named after him by his father who was named after him by my grandfather. I don't think he was gay, but he was a very good looking man, as all the family was in that time (and now, I might say!). Since he was close to JP Morgan, I am sure he had his share of social life. After all, he lived in New York City.
istarted Smalltime (5 days ago)
Marrowbones Nooooooo.. not to the church ..... can y’all get anything ?
KD (10 days ago)
Is this supposed to be a documentary? No wonder the maga older generation are so badly misinformed.
Delta Fox (10 days ago)
J.P Morgan - c*nt: true story.
MR Islandtime (12 days ago)
FUCK Jpmorgan the company needs to burn in fucking hell
Pawel Olszewski (12 days ago)
Dident he own the Titanic
Curtis Rey (12 days ago)
Propagandized Tripe!!!
thaThRONe (12 days ago)
Funny how selective documentaries always start with "True Story".
enviso - investing (12 days ago)
JP Morgan evil of 20th Century
Matt M. (13 days ago)
This is a joke,right? I couldn't even listen to 5 minutes of this garbage!
For One Light (13 days ago)
Revisionist HISTORY .. This video doesn't talk about a dozen of his business ventures .. One in particular General Electric and his lust to be number one in power generation in the country .. Upon his death, 90% of his wealth went back the Rothschild Bankers who he Shilled for ..
garth keema (13 days ago)
Empire of garbage
Jose Beltran (14 days ago)
Same copied and pasted documentary over and over.
mizdavidm (14 days ago)
Joe Smith (14 days ago)
His money couldn't and didn't go anywhere with him to hell where he couldn't even buy a single cup of water to drink and cool him off! "What does it profit a man to have the whole world and in the end to lose your soul?" JESUS said.
Matti Suutarinen (14 days ago)
Enjoy https://www.bitchute.com/video/ATmFvOYZdftG/
Roo ClickNet (15 days ago)
"The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets."---Baron Rothschild
Ernie Stang (13 days ago)
Roo ClickNet my dad made that same statement
Charles Price (14 days ago)
Well that says it all of them.
Tom Sawyer (14 days ago)
Think about it. It's true.
mwmentor (15 days ago)
Terrible resolution but a very interesting character...
Midwesterner (15 days ago)
The conclusion that Morgan left banking in the end is completely wrong. He got Wilson elected to create the Federal Reserve (the Creature from Jekyll Island) and push through income taxes. A system right out of Marx's book that forever steals your labor to pay for bank notes lent to the Federal Government at interest. His last acts were to assist the the international banking cabal in bringing about global government through socialism.
Files Shared (16 days ago)
“Only gold is money, everything else is credit.” -JP Morgan
K L (11 days ago)
Who knew ?
seeDiersoil crossrowds (15 days ago)
When you bank with Washington Mutual and then they go under along with PFF and a shitload others, *POOF!!!* Your new bank is now CHASE / JP MORGAN. That should tell you a lot about banks.
regal953 (16 days ago)
No mention of Jekyll Isle?
Alex Perales (16 days ago)
Mhzx03020x1millonth move it😠🌕
Alex Perales (16 days ago)
"UV <51% 49% to 10 %🌕🤴♥️💛🧡💙💚♌🌌🎶 2066 Canaan $3 Trillion Alejandro Perales Deception God Sun🌕 my Heritage and inheritance > Mt 13:11"
Jeffrey Richardson (16 days ago)
laurie gets a job big boys eat dont be a slob hey what about bob
Jimmy Droid (16 days ago)
One word. Tesla.
Spasoje Kulasevic (17 days ago)
John was a determined guy
Squelch (17 days ago)
Wow he prolly had a life insurance policy on the wife for all u know seems sketchy if I must say
Squelch (17 days ago)
Seems like the guy was prolly a faggot to be honest !!
Squelch (17 days ago)
Wow I live 10 mins from Hartford CT
tyler maloney (17 days ago)
These things are fragile, they took the mob preference and understanding which is usually shit and almost cost an empire, all while still on the gold standard.
Gabe M (17 days ago)
Love history ...I just hate when history repeats itself thru ignorance and lies ...and greed !
Charles Price (14 days ago)
Or planning. They always repeat the same tactics. They have no original thoughts, plans, or ideas. They lack all creativity.
mike peterson (18 days ago)
Hmmm men who built America said Carnegie asked 480 mil not 493...
Google Chromebook (19 days ago)
Thanks for the excellent coverage on our beautiful American history.
LFC 77 (18 days ago)
Beautiful?? LOL. A nation built on genocide, slavery and greed.
Jason Nielsen (19 days ago)
Absolute Tyrant, immoral corporate thief, NWO conspirator, Traitor to his country and people. Portrayed as some sort of hero, Philanthropist, I don’t think so. Disgusting creature and so were the other creatures he conspired with, while his family and companies continue to do so to this day.
David Alexander (19 days ago)
This is how they try to fool you at 21 seconds the announcer says this man brought order to chaos when in reality he and his cohorts got order out of chaos . Big difference folks.
Dainess Chisenga (12 days ago)
Google Chromebook (16 days ago)
@David Alexander You’re good ⚡️
Muhammad Abdullah (19 days ago)
argtv100 (19 days ago)
a criminal demon so psychopathic that presently it has been reincarnated as a cockroach turd deposited in the nether parts of AOC. It is planned that at the end, it will be granted mercy and sent to eternal flame.
Phantomface Final (19 days ago)
Whelp! They created a world where you gotta risk it to get that biscuit and only big nuts get big bucks!
Squid Worth (19 days ago)
why dont they mention that the federal reserve is a private bank and jp morgan owned part of it and collected interest from the US tax payer?
AlmostSmart Q (12 days ago)
He took advantage of an inept government and saved the American economy at a cost. Blame the government for their constant failure, not the people who assume control where others won't.
blake102989 (14 days ago)
@Squid Worth also ever since the 2008 crash JP Morgan bank has been hoarding tons of silver. They hold more physical silver than anyone on the planet
P. D. (17 days ago)
Good question.
Squid Worth (19 days ago)
infact, to this day, the CEO of JPmorgan, Jamie Dimon, sits on the board of governors of the Federal reserve
Squid Worth (19 days ago)
he was a disgusting man
TheInvisibleOne (20 days ago)
Yeah and who did the United States gov't give complete ownership of the "Federal" Reserve to?  Which isn't now or then even a gov't owned entity but a completely privately owned one.  Check it out for yourselves viewers, educate yourselves.
TheInvisibleOne (20 days ago)
America allowing such huge concentrations of capital into only a few men's hands is why we are in the situation we are in today.  Half of the world's net wealth belongs to the top 1%, top 10% of adults hold 85%, while the bottom 90% hold the remaining 15% of the world's total wealth.  It's all been the greatest robbing and wealth transfer through corruption of our lifetimes.
jazura2 (19 days ago)
And many previous lifetimes also.
SRV. 123 (20 days ago)
boo hoo hoo. How big of a life insurance policy did he put on Mimi.???
Villie Stephanov (7 days ago)
Fanny May , stupid !
Files Shared (16 days ago)
Money bought him a new bitch days later.
jazura2 (19 days ago)
He lost the woman he loved to TB. What does that say about you that you talk about life insurance?
Dennis Barlotta (20 days ago)
order to chaos? More like created chaos so it could be resolved to his benefit.
X Green (1 day ago)
@Mr. Kenworth Show me where it says that you could pay someone else to join the military for you. What he did was illegal now and then. He got away with it because of his power and influence.
Dennis Barlotta (10 days ago)
Mr. Kenworth , no I am not a Socialist. I am a guy who suspects long answers to simple questions. I am a Vietnam war veteran so I witnessed the effects of the super rich trying to richer and the backs of the rest of us.
Ken Star (10 days ago)
@Mr. Kenworth I know what else the government could've done. Do you know the purpose of money? To reiterate, money is meant to be an exchangeable currency equivalent to an equal amount of work. The problem is that we have greedy people constantly eroding the value of said work. They don't know the meaning of equal. They are constantly trying to get the best deal no matter who it hurts as long as they are better off in the meantime. If I were to do the exact same thing as these so called business men outside of the corporate arena I would be in jail.
Ken Star (11 days ago)
@Mr. Kenworth no I'm not a socialist. I believe in something much less complicated. I believe in doing right by all men. Yes, it's possible. Yes people said Morgan was genuine. He genuinely cheated on his wife. He was most certainly a womanizer(such a good quality) He was genuinely a bully(he held people against their will to accomplish his agenda). He genuinely dodged his personal duty (which was everyone's personal duty unless they had enough wealth) to fight for his country. How did Morgan bail out the country? Hmmm. By creating an even larger debt for the people who actually do all of the real work? Basically turning them and their future generations into wage slaves. No, Morgan isn't solely responsible for all the wrong in America. I don't hate him at all. I feel sorry for his lack of wisdom and humanity. What most don't realize, is that taking advantage of another human being because you know something they don't is sadistic. I don't care how much you go to church. When you are superior to another human being there is no need to forcefully manipulate them into doing your bidding. You are so powerful do the work yourself don't make others do it for you.
Brian Brown (20 days ago)
He loved nothing except MONEY!
Brian Brown (8 days ago)
@Rick C We know these facts and the people who are the perpetrators behind them. They are clandestine and behind the scenes, yet control the whole situation and governments globally.
Rick C (16 days ago)
Yea I do too there's some evil people in all walks of life rich,poor ect...its just when there rich they can do alot more damage lol
Brian Brown (17 days ago)
@Rick C I recognize the facts and the truth.
Brian Brown (19 days ago)
@Rick C He displayed this fact.
Rick C (20 days ago)
You like that
Brian Brown (20 days ago)
The character on the Monopoly Game is J. P. Morgan.
For One Light (7 days ago)
@Brian Brown Let us also add they were artfully done away with .. The big lure is to offer free tickets .. John O'Neill had evidence that the USS Cole was hit by a Popeye Cruise Missile by an Israeli Dophin Sub .. The Mossad made at least two or more attempts to steal this information but when they could not come up with the goods, they Offered John O'Neill as sweet heart job at the world trade center that was too good to be true .. O'Neill died on his first day of work 9/11/2001 ..
Brian Brown (8 days ago)
@For One Light There was more to it than that on the Titanic was three (3), passengers that were opposed to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK that wanted to keep the Gold Standard. They were all eliminated by the event by the elites.
For One Light (8 days ago)
Mogan so afraid of loosing had the Titanic scuttled because of the cracked keel .. The Titanic had an identical sister ship that fell oof its blocks in dry dock .. It was renamed patched together and sent out as the Titanic .. Mogan did an insurance job on the ship so he could finish the sister ship and sell it .. Because of the bad press morgan lost money on the sale and the buyer ended out scrapping a perfectly good ship .. Serves that pdephile right ..
Charles Price (20 days ago)
Morgan is one of the names behind the Globalist Banking Industry, the FED, and the NWO presence. The source of every war before and after, backing both sides and following the one that would provide the most profit and power. His irreptiable life reflects the tactics he used. Everyone else pays the price for his actions. He and his club cronies are the lowest form of existence, while parading as the world's elite. What they profess is what they are not. What they accuse is what they do. They engineered the mirror world we live in. This propaganda tripe is insulting.
Jake Honda (20 days ago)
Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, Give a man a bank and he can rob the world
2009starlite (20 days ago)
He was an oligarch of the Rothschild money doing their dirty work to establish fractional reserve centralized banking for a third time after being kicked out twice before for bankrupting the Nation. The third time which should have never happened, was by creating a panic and a run on the banks to create a crisis and bank failures except for the chosen few banking families of the establishment. That brought us to the meeting of financiers and bankers in Jekyll Island to draft the federal reserve act which would tax our income and enslave every working class American for the rest of their lives.
Joe Blow (20 days ago)
The video reeks with the strong stench of "Revisionist" history, censorship, and propaganda. The part where it portrayed that the Federal Reserve Act was passed despite JPM couldn't be more incorrect. Also i notice that the month of April was more prevalent regarding JPM's life than I was previously aware; which is a confirming item regarding the pagan culture of the elites.
John Kesinger (21 days ago)
Yes, he helped create a system based in money and power, creating millions of servants willing to dedicate our whole lives to chasing a very small piece of a humongous pie that can be taken at a whim
David Leahy (21 days ago)
A very whitewashed biography. No critique of forming a railroad cartel. Seems to have been a front for European financiers to control U.S. assets. It is now known that he was behind the banking instability that gave the banking elites a chance to form the PRIVATELY OWNED U.S. Federal Reserve. No mention of the Jekyll island secret meeting that draughted the Federal Reserve system. From then on they issued the Federal U.S. currency, and received interest from the U.S. government, which is serviced by taxing the U.S. citizens.
Brian Brown (20 days ago)
The Creature From Jekyll Island.
469dwj (21 days ago)
The poor and middle class tell their kids to grow up go to college get a job and work for your money. The rich teach their kids to make their money work for them
Bradley (11 days ago)
469dwj The poor and middle class also seem to get mad at the people who know better to put their money to work instead of splurging on random junk as soon as they get paid.
Quaalude Charlie (21 days ago)
He Should have finished funding Nicola Tesla :\ QC
Johnny Blade (21 days ago)
It's shit for brains like this that changes the world the worst. PHUCK YOUR CAPITALISM, ENTERPRISE AND MONETARY SYSTEM! jpmorgan is the epitome of shit!
Ruth Groot (21 days ago)
A real thief of all time..
Jeff Cooper (21 days ago)
JPMorgan was one of the biggest Crooks ever in history oh, he may have been part of the Illuminati it's hard to say because I don't know if it's true or not but I've seen stories on YouTube hear about how the Illuminati is trying to shut down America so I don't know. Government officials Bankers they're all Crooks and it's legal for them that's why I believe that that's how they get away with that stuff because Washington DC is the District of Columbia it is part of the United States however, it is called District of Columbia and I just wonder if all this government stuff isn't scripted you know what I'm saying? Some of it just seems so unbelievable you know like some of the TV shows you see that are scripted seems to me with all this going on this stuff could be scripted just like the WWE is scripted they have to learn their lines for every week
Jason Coomer (21 days ago)
Johannes Bekker (21 days ago)
Did not the Morgans also cause the German economy to nearly collapse through some financial trickery ? One could argue that the gold & silver standards back then were stabilizers for printed currencies, b u t, should money have an indefinite life ? Of all man made things money is the only one that does not wear out. HUH ??? Excuse me, but that's about as dumb as it gets. This kind of 'thinking' passes for economic science ! and it's causing a bloody revolution inevitably as it tries to 'rectify' its' glaring mistakes all the more ; the term controlled chaos jumps to mind. No one should ever need to amass so much wealth ever again...provided we split cleanly the economy from govt and culture ; to present three distinct autonomous domains fully sovereign and willing & able to cooperate with the rest of society.
Bob Gillis (21 days ago)
Like John Bolton and Dick Cheney, both successfully evaded the draft for Vietnam and yet have been pushing war ever since.
Truth Seaker (22 days ago)
One of the worst Robber Barons in Americas history second only to Rockefeller.
Gabe M (18 days ago)
@Truth Seaker doubtful my friend ,the eventual reset is to come ..same truth and get some gold or silver .be your own central bank ....or crypto. Honest crypto crap give me the creeps.
Truth Seaker (18 days ago)
@Gabe M Yes and the people are beginning to wake up but will they in time to save themselves and their children.
Gabe M (18 days ago)
Banksters are quite the puppeteer aren't they ?
tony harris (22 days ago)
Treadingcoachuk ....... can someone please enlighten me if any stock trading company has ever gone bust and the main man ever lost his fortune. ...?
Michael Petty (22 days ago)
tony harris leamman brothers.
tony harris (22 days ago)
2:28 ... what a load of bollocks. .. greedy controlling bastard more like. ...
MRRoger (22 days ago)
Lots of help from rich daddy and "bought" his way out of the "great crusade" during the Civil War, taking full advantage of the situation while less privileged men had to fight. Not impressed.
Paul Makinson (22 days ago)
Inherited wealth and connections go a long way. It is poor people who die in wars, and wealthy people who profit from them. The American cult of the self made man is usually misguided.
Tom Sawyer (13 days ago)
@Forward_Ever &_Ever Excellent point.
Forward_Ever &_Ever (19 days ago)
Well to some extent you can't blame a man for the hard work of his forefathers...parents, grandparents etc. I'm sure some of those folks put in some hard work & discipline to lay the foundation JP inherited. Additionally he was cultured to business like thinking. If we could i think we too would try to lay some solid ground for our children...and would love if we could build an empire to pass on to them...wouldn't we?
jealva (20 days ago)
Take a look at the Forbes 400 list. The vast majority are self-made. Inherited wealth and connections help but the self-made successful man is still very much true in America.
Bob Gillis (21 days ago)
True enough. I am amazed they published the fact he managed to hire someone to fight in his stead during the civil war.
cloudsnatcher5015 (22 days ago)
After reading the comments one can somewhat understand how a liar, a cheat, racist clown can sit in the oval office.
1999step (22 days ago)
the problem is USURY, lending money at interest, the interest doesnt exist.
georg schmidt (22 days ago)
Never play the game and never loose.
Phantomface Final (19 days ago)
georg schmidt Lose
Emanuel Voelker (22 days ago)
Look at all these jealous losers in the comment section!!!!
Johnny C (22 days ago)
hope this muthafucker is burning in hell with all his relatives.
Rick C (20 days ago)
Why you wanna see him?God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked
jim hump (22 days ago)
not every thing is true what you say, itsv propaganda
Domanic Avery (23 days ago)
great, as a business man myself I feel this was very educative
t Mann (23 days ago)
Rich Murderers who serve no time
bob frost (23 days ago)
What a bunch of malarkey about a thief.The biggest crimes against humanity are legal.
Tru Quality (23 days ago)
I do not understand how more people of this dick beaters stature do not get assassinated?
Top Notch (23 days ago)
True story my asshole. Listen to Christ... don't ever trust a Jew... for they are Revelation 2:9 & 3:9.

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