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Hugga Bunch Review

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Text Comments (1989)
fraya1022 (1 year ago)
Not gonna lie, I feel compelled to go visit my grandma and give her a hug. She's 96-yo, she's not going to be here forever... And she deserves to feel needed and loved. :)
toxic rouge (4 months ago)
+MisAnthro Pony same both of mine are
Nickster891 (4 months ago)
do it
+joshscorcher Yes, sir, Pvt./or something Josh!
Would it be alright if I gave my grandparents a hug from you too, Commander?
Hear, hear!
Jeremy Cogar (5 hours ago)
Lightning Bliss scares me a lot time for a gun and lots of actahole
Meg Stephens (5 days ago)
34 stiches?
Winona Murray (6 days ago)
*T A K E A S H O T*
Amanda Daley (7 days ago)
oh ooh! do wrinkles! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0469860/
Amanda Daley (7 days ago)
Hugga Bunch was my favorite for a while too :)
MIGHTY SPIRIT (8 days ago)
Yay blissy #nsfb
ಠ_ಠ the heck
Ethan Locke (15 days ago)
So...um. Who yelled what at the leg hugging?
15:04 I still don't get their reaction
Screaming Idiot (18 days ago)
I get this reference and I hate it
7:59 Nice try, DRWolf! I noticed you changed the script! Also, the scary part is hugginologist are an actual thing. They're people who study hugs and it's health effects. Uncomfortable yet?
Maggie Gaffney (1 month ago)
The white-Americans-sexist-Republic-ness of this movie is the hardist to watch
will reacts (1 month ago)
Hey blissy for this year u should do the last air bender!
Pennsylvania Dawn (1 month ago)
I get it.....😏
CrystalOtaku93 (1 month ago)
Normally I'd say hugs do solve almost everything but this isn't what I mean.
Sara Schiflett (1 month ago)
Dr Wolf “and suddenly things are starting to look up” Me “do you not question the evil laughter at all, does that not sound a little bit suspicious?”
Spidey Viewer (1 month ago)
I just realized this was pretty much an MLP parody of MST3K.
Spidey Viewer (1 month ago)
7:28 Best WTF ever.
15:00 - 15:05
MaxZaps Gaming (1 month ago)
*Silver Quill: oh hey, Gravity Falls* Me: YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH
Kelvin Biyo-Cerket (1 month ago)
If brawny was here: Brawny: OH GOD THE IMPLICA*Brawny.exe has stoped working* XD
To Soon Firebrand and Why Why did you use the reference from Titanic.
amf studios (1 month ago)
correction silver quill, YOU don't have friends
Snatcher Takes shape (1 month ago)
So this is a mst3k reference... Neat
Funtime Fredbear128 (1 month ago)
You guys should review Hoodwinked 2 Hood V Evil
Kevin Csellak (2 months ago)
in the subtitles, at the end in the song, it says "???," where they are singing "Aramau."
Artroid00 (2 months ago)
1 year anniversary of this vid!
Natalie Goldsworth (2 months ago)
Elephant: the queen of quartz ain't no lady Me: well then how is she a queen
sakura (2 months ago)
i like misery
Lucy Charnick (2 months ago)
I didn't mind MLP gen 3 I kinda liked it
Kyle Stubbs (2 months ago)
15:01 Dr. Wolf looks at the UK “Forgotten Friendship” picture.
Jgaldragon (2 months ago)
I've lost count how many times i've seen this video @[email protected] Also I MISS MY GRANDPARENTS SO MUCH!
Cruznick06 (2 months ago)
Well now I know why Lightning Bliss is the way she is...
The Chaotic Watcher (2 months ago)
WTF did I just watch?😐
Carrie Stair (2 months ago)
Can I kill him? Y-no!
james allen (2 months ago)
I laughed so hard I don't know how to express my joy
Shining summer Diamonds (2 months ago)
JUST FROM looking at the people from Hugga land THERE F ING TERRIFYING
Shining summer Diamonds (2 months ago)
I don’t ever wanna hug again ..
Zoe Tremain-Woodcock (2 months ago)
7:23 lol
Benjamin Klaassen (3 months ago)
Seriously? An MST3K reference? Cmon Blissy, you're better than that.
Victor Hernandez (2 months ago)
Benjamin Klaassen This is an homage, not a reference!
Leostar (3 months ago)
next time go with g3.5
White Darkness (3 months ago)
I hope josh wins in 2018 I'm rooting for you
Ian Laughlin (3 months ago)
Ok josh how about next time the losers have to watch return to oz in that style and the winner of you four plus frostbite and brawny buck gets 5 bucks from the losers and gets a tub of popcorn and some slushes and gets to share if he or she wants to but still has to watch.
Victor Hernandez (2 months ago)
Ian Laughlin But that movie is good! Dark and disturbing, but good!
Konnor Little (3 months ago)
2:41 Dr.wolf isn't wrong look at William Aften from Five nights at Freddy's
Konnor Little (3 months ago)
Hugga Bunch=all the scp's
Maggie Kelso (3 months ago)
i looked it up hugginologist is someone who studies hugs and its health effects i really am a nerd
Kaleb Valentine (3 months ago)
What does propriate mean
justin rios (3 months ago)
2:58 Did she say "Just stick with the cocaine"?
Kifo The Protector (3 months ago)
The ending song is based on Mystery Science Theater 3000 main theme song and the review is set up like an episode of it.
War Cedric (3 months ago)
Detroit isn't the land of shrugs. It's the land of "F#@$ AGE!!"
Katie Keller (1 month ago)
Speaking as a Detroiter, I can only say...yeah, you're right
War Cedric (3 months ago)
Hugginologists are people who study hugs and how they slow age. The Hugga Bunch Movie made it's own word, and put it in the dictionary, just for the movie.
War Cedric (3 months ago)
why everone hat salfrr qill
War Cedric (3 months ago)
"What's wrong?" "Boy are you THICC."
War Cedric (3 months ago)
"Grandma, stop helping and stick to cooking." Cooking is helping. You're telling Grandma to stop helping and stick to helping.
War Cedric (3 months ago)
They all float down here!
is it sad that when the worm dude said "acknowledge them that they are needed" I heard "acknowledge that they are dead" . Now put what I heard added with the face the thing does after it is a tad funny. And seeing as this is the stereotypical creepy no pull backing death showing Disney like kids film it ain't far off from what could be reality.
Julia Cortez (3 months ago)
I think the worm is my favorite character😂😆
KpopGaming Studios (3 months ago)
I wish I could hug my grandma, but she lives in Las Vegas and I'm in PA... let me call her. On another note, this movie is very creepy and I cannot for the life of me find what it is rated, even though the MPAA was founded before this movie came out. That DOES NOT bode well.
Mighty M (3 months ago)
What were the green leaves Silver Quill mentioned?
Victor Hernandez (2 months ago)
Mighty M (3 months ago)
I still don't know, so please tell me if you do!
Phobia Witch (3 months ago)
I just, why does this movie exist? I feel so scarred by certain things from this. There's cute things. But there's utter nightmare fuel in it was well, that is scarring. The best thing about this had to be the commentary
Filip Andersson (3 months ago)
Skybrine Plays (2 months ago)
5:40 "at least they didn't use the transformers to discuss mortality." "dude. to soon." "TO SOON!? YOU WEREN'T EVEN ON THE PLANET THEN!" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17:30 "this ladys facial expressions rival mr bean." "I ship it." "DONT YOU DARE!" 21:56 "Did you try those magical green leaves?" "...i dont get it." "and i love you for your innocence." "I GET IT!" ...i dont get it XD
Samantha S MOF (1 month ago)
Gamemaster Anthony (4 months ago)
Finally got around to seeing this entire thing. Gaia, I wish I could do something like this, but I suck at editing vid. Besides...how would people react to a video of an age 40+ gamer riffing vid with 14 video game characters helping him? (Don't ask.)
Labrek Studios inc (4 months ago)
Shadow DuskX (4 months ago)
12:00 my ears they are bleeding!!!!
Shadow DuskX (4 months ago)
7:18 Then the nightmares and cringe comes in.
Shadow DuskX (4 months ago)
4:36 We call them cultists.
Shadow DuskX (4 months ago)
3:58 (Reaper whispering voice) The chills of your own nightmares.Ah soo delicious.😈
Shadow DuskX (4 months ago)
Good thing we have protection right? Lunem: ...............😑
Last Minute Wonder (4 months ago)
You guys are so creepy 😆
Mary Kate Harmon (4 months ago)
Any chance you might do this again with Time Bandits?
Victor Hernandez (2 months ago)
Mary Kate Harmon That movie was weird! Then again, it was directed by one of the Monty Python troupe.
Rory McLaine (4 months ago)
Kill Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gavin745 (4 months ago)
0:51 (giggles like the evil creature she is) Okay then.
Sage Zephyrite (4 months ago)
Not sure if anyone's aware, but Hugginologist is actually in the Urban dictionary now. Right above this video if you Google it.
Nickster891 (4 months ago)
next time the losers should be forced to collab with me lol XD
david macias (4 months ago)
That a lot of hag
Tirohan Lost Story's (4 months ago)
what are those eldritch horror beasts? ,O _ O;
Buttercupkat Productions (5 months ago)
Hugs! 👐
RetroGamerKevin (5 months ago)
*wheeze* XD
10:14 I can't think over the Ocarina of Synth.
Blissy, you're so cute. I'mma hug you! Brace yourself!
Harmony Jewl (5 months ago)
Blissy is one evil alicorn 😂😂😂
Rose Skies (5 months ago)
8:00 according to urban dictionary a hugginologist is someone who studies hugs and it’s heath effects
Rose Skies (5 months ago)
Mystery science theater 3000
Gameboyer 1719 (5 months ago)
I took shots... I was knocked out (unconscious) and it didn't end well!!! :( #REGRETTINGDECISIONS!!! [Proceeds to cry next to wall]
OtakuCrazyChicky1 (5 months ago)
19:17 does anyone know what he's saying?
GachaStar Productions (5 months ago)
7:09 LoL
Crystal Frost (5 months ago)
16:00 Hey @MLP-Silver-Quill ; Netflix is making a reboot series for She-ra you should watch it when it comes out in November!
Dawson Helf (5 months ago)
At least these guys and gal have each other😄😅 -Double D
Super Gaming (5 months ago)
Mst3k the moon yeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
legend n (5 months ago)
that is also the most metal thing ever seen
Wrok The Mecha-Wolf (5 months ago)
I'm curious. Will there be more mystery science theater 3000- esk vids coming up?
Trak the Cat (5 months ago)
Y'all should do more of these.
najwa tv (5 months ago)
Kyle Stubbs (5 months ago)
I've been on an MST3k tangent ever since I first watched this.
Ruth Painter (5 months ago)
I remember watching Cabbage Patch Kids episodes as a kid. :P ( love your videos LB !)
N Din (5 months ago)
If you guys want entertaining, watch either Pingu, Teletubbies or In the Night Garden (the pinnacles of 2000s childhoods)
Ethan Morgan (5 months ago)
I actually liked that song at the end
nebula lee (5 months ago)
I keep coming back and watching this again and again probably my favorite video on YouTube

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