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Fashion: The return of men in skirts?

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FASHION - This week: The return of men in skirts?
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animesaint :3 (4 days ago)
I want to wear skirts in summer
Warwick J Marshall (1 month ago)
It’s so trendy. Mix n match tops n bottoms. Colors etc. Yes I wear skirts and mix them us from top to bottom. I feel very comfortable.
??????? ??????? (8 months ago)
long flow peasant skirts are the best, burn or flush the other skirts (like mini and pencil) why where shorts underneath a skirt?? to me that defeats the purpose. might as well just wear shorts
Steven Hilston (10 months ago)
Hi im woundering when and how long to wait for in the UK I fink so that us men should be aloud to wear skirts and dresses i agree
john brown (1 year ago)
Lucky (2 years ago)
I don't know why people care what other people wear
Aquarius1011 (1 year ago)
We got bigger things to worry about than what our neighbor decides to wear in the morning...
Red Vynil (2 years ago)
Thank you, all, for finally following my lead!  Problem is, those shorts under the skirt look terrible sand they are charging WAY too much money for men's skirts!!!!  I won't pay $20.00 for a pair of pants!! what makes you think I'm gonna lay out $350.00 for a skirt???
RainInEden (5 months ago)
Best way to buy a skirt for a man is find a large women's kilt or straight skirt, they are easy to find. Especially decent kilts for $40 or so. In Tokyo I've been able to find some that fit me and I am 172cm tall. In the US or Europe should be much easier.
Walt Breville (1 year ago)
🧀best way for a man to buy a skirt is go to a thrift store, that’s how I always bought mine !
Johan Combrinck (2 years ago)
I am all for men in skirts, i love the idea. I have not yet made that leap, though i am working on it, but i have taken to wearing corsets, and not under clothing, as for medical purposes or back support, but my home-sewn corset made from denim i wear as outer wear, even though i did make it for support to reduce backache from an old injury.
Greg Doull (2 years ago)
The bloke walking up the stairs has shorts on underneath- not quite right
Team Awesomeness (2 years ago)
Shadow Princess (3 years ago)
I think everyone should have the right to wear whatever they like ...i am a 21y old boy who  likes to wear clothes like skirts or leggings ,not because i am a crossdresser, i dont pretend to pass as a girl, i wear that simply because i like it ...and ppl,where i live dosent seam to care much about this things...
Andrew Kosman (2 years ago)
+Elco Ekins Thanks for the reply. But why is it a double standard. You see women to today wear nearly the same as the men do. Where am I go with this. Okay, if you watch old movies and television shows. You get my point. From the present to say the 1970's or 1960's women started wearing slacks or pants outfits in public. Go back to the 1950's and it was more a crime for women wear slacks in public. it was mostly skirts, dresses in public. with some accepting it was still illegal for women to wear slacks in public. Go back to the 1940's and 1930's still the same, thing, even in those time, there many choices and style of skirts and dresses for them to choice. Okay what is this about, look at the style and choices of men wear in those times, a slightly style of suit but basically the same as the present. Now it's still considered still crossdressing to wear a skirt, and illegal in many places. For a man to wear one. ?!
Shadow Princess (2 years ago)
+Andrew Kosman in the end is ok to be yourslef, no matter what you like or feel to be, for being yourself is the best way to be ...if you like certain things/styles/clothing etc then do it ,no matter what the other say...
Andrew Kosman (2 years ago)
We're skating around the issue. Is it okay for men to wear skirts. If you like it, or not. For women it's fashion or style to pants ,slacks, etc,etc . Oh no, There's something wrong for men to wear skirts. Or have a choice !
isamuel13mod (4 years ago)
Muchas felicitaciones por retornar las faldas y los vestidos con falda para los hombres. Por TRADICIÓN, por salud, por comodidad, por innovación y por moda, Lo mas apropiado para vestirse un hombre es una falda o un vestido con faldas.
Ron Hanneman (5 years ago)
I'm a man and I do wear skirts
Gordon Snell (1 year ago)
Ron Hanneman I wear skirts too 😊😊
ryan ang (1 year ago)
when are we going to have
Red Vynil (2 years ago)
Me, too!  Ever since 1985!
Ryan Ang (2 years ago)
i love it fashion but no shorts inside just the skirt itself
Michael Wolf (4 years ago)
Me too.. .for the past 35 years.  I'ts so easy to do. 
Travis Williams (5 years ago)
I wouldn't wear in public too much maybe at a special event or if I was a celeb performing on stage. IMO It's nothing gay about it either (I'm a straight man), I think this outfit just brings a lot of attention cuz it's different in our generation now days for us men. I seen another video where a Scottish guy wore it with a suit and tie, it was clean as shit I can't lie. It's nothing wrong with it but the area I live in its too high fashion for my taste to be honest, I rather keep it casual jeans or business slacks. It's not like I'm going to the red carpet anytime soon lol but who ever is owning a pair it's still dope, don't let nobody tell you different. If your comfortable that's all that matters!!
Michael Wolf (4 years ago)
+Dreambro1  Or he's in denial.  He goes a long way to say exactly . . nothing. 
Kara G (5 years ago)
Ah beer? Where were you? I don't go to bars myself, but wow that is absurd. By audience you mean there was a gang of people just not doing anything or joining in? My parents brought me and my brother up as catholic, they know I am an agnostic atheist and nothing they are going to do about it. I'm 28 now anyways. Sorry to hear that stuff happen, btw what kind of skirt / dress did you wear? I usually try to keep it knee length and stretchy twill / jean material with usable pockets.
Red Vynil (5 years ago)
Cool!! I can't do that because mom's a catholic and doesn't like stuff like that, at least not around the house. Also, I've already been attacked three times, usually with an audience and, in one case, the attackers tossed beer on me and tried to set me on fire while yelling, "Kill the faggot!!" Problem is, I'm not at ALL gay!! And I'm way north of the bible belt!! About a 10-hour drive west of you. Funny how Oi Boys feel that the way THEY dress HAS TO BE tolerated, but not the way WE dress!!
Simon De Belleme (5 years ago)
Good for you! :)
Kara G (5 years ago)
I'm usually wearing skirts around my house, at the stores etc, if I was down south in bible belt america I'd probably think my life is at risk yes. But I think there generally is no risk, the few times you see in the news an attack based off a guy wearing women's clothes I think aren't all that common. I don't have a problem, besides here in connecticut we can own mace, which is much easier than carrying a gun around.
Red Vynil (5 years ago)
Groovy!! I used to do it pretty regularly, too. It's what I wore on stage to play drums. That and shiny pantyhose. The band doesn't exist anymore and there's too many weirdoes out there that think it's their right to hurt or even kill guys in girls' clothes. Girls in GUYS' clothes. they don't seem to have a problem with!! I know!! I used to work with one!! If I could get a group of guys in skirts to hang around with in public, I'd do it a LOT more often!!
Red Vynil (5 years ago)
Groovy!! I used to do it pretty regularly, too. It's what I wore on stage to play drums. That and shiny pantyhose. The band doesn't exist anymore and there's too many weirdoes out there that think it's their right to hurt or even kill guys in girls' clothes. Girls in GUYS' clothes. they don't seem to have a problem with!! I know!! I used to work with one!! If I could get a group of guys in skirts to hang around with in public, I'd do it a LOT more often!!
Kara G (5 years ago)
Yup major herp derp. I break the ice and wear skirts a lot to the stores.
Kara G (5 years ago)
I don't think gender or clothing should determine if one shaves, it should be personal pref. I am a guy that wears skirts in public on a regular basis, I do shave in the hot summer, but even still if guys wear shorts with hairy legs whats the diff with a skirt that'e knee length and hairy legs?
Kara G (5 years ago)
I wear skirts in public on a regular basis but I do own a skort because I love the look of a skirt and I use it when I whip my bike around a couple blocks for exercise.
Kara G (5 years ago)
I rock skirts on a regular basis in public, even if one thinks pants look sexier, still no reason to not own some skirts!
Kara G (5 years ago)
Yep I'm a guy and I wear skirts in public on a regular basis, and maybe too much info for some but I only really wear and own women's string bikini style panties. Vanity Fair ones are the best, I find they fit me great and the colors rock.
Kara G (5 years ago)
I wear skirts in public, no problems. My two favorite I own are from Kohl's, Dockers Dobby-Stripe Twill Skirt in dark twill and Dockers Twill Cargo Skirt in the dark green color, they both have decent pockets.
Kara G (5 years ago)
I wear mine in public. Its really a silly fear, where I live it seems that if people talk about you, its to themselves, no one ever seems to have the balls to approach me if they want to say something negative. For me its all in the head, really not much of a big deal. In fact lots of people seem to be supportive of the idea about 5 to 1. I usually wear skirts that have pockets, and I only shave my legs in the heat of summer usually, guys wear shorts with hair, with a skirt of knee length NP.
Red Phoenix (5 years ago)
If you consider $50 as a bargain, you should visit Utkilts.com.
Red Phoenix (5 years ago)
There is no benefit for men in wearing skorts instead of skirts compared to trousers only. It is merely a fake and cowardly apearance.
Aquarius1011 (1 year ago)
Being able to wear shorts, or skirts, or trousers. The individual man's choice. Women invariably can, so men should also be able to.
Matty Perron (5 years ago)
wow, I just watched a video with a bunch of american pedestrians being interviewed and the response was mostly negative compared to this video. Of course, it's all in the editing.
Onei-3 (5 years ago)
Huh...who knew?
00Kaleidoscope00 (5 years ago)
Most men are pussies who think wearing a skirt would make them "unmanly" lol Just take a look at Ensiferum, a finish metal band who wear skirts, and nothing looks more badass and manly then them lol
Red Vynil (5 years ago)
Or beating each other up or setting each other on fire simply because we don't like what someone else is wearing. And we're supposed to be the SMARTEST monkey!!!!
Red Vynil (5 years ago)
I don't know! I'm wearing a mini skirt right now and I'm hear to tell ya, it shows off my package (I mean from the front, not from underneath) MUCH more than pants ever did!!
Red Vynil (5 years ago)
The pope dresses to represent a huge fish, take a close look at the hat, looks just like a fish head! He's supposed to represent the fish god, Dagon. Isn't that wild?? All those catholics a worshipping a fish god and don't even know it!! Lol.
Red Vynil (5 years ago)
What's the point of wearing shorts under a skirt? Just wear the damn skirt and have done with it!!
Simon De Belleme (6 years ago)
Couldn't agree more. Nothing macho about that.
Rich Laue (6 years ago)
Love wearing skirts around town. I wear them as just another outfit that a man would wear. Wear it in confidence and you will start conversations. After all it is 2013 and women and have been wearing pants so long that they are now make ladies versions. 150 years ago a lady in pants risked jail time, there are still countries were a man can not wear slacks on the holy day or in the temple.
coolmamma2758 (6 years ago)
Personally, for me, as I was stating my "OWN" opinion, I would not want my man wearing a skirt, that would not be apealing to me, and the men I know, including my Dad, would never wear a skirt, for fashion, or a fad... Times always change, I understand that, but for a man to wear a skirt? like I said, Hell No!
eric mann (6 years ago)
Also, shonn,you(and many other bible thumpers)are forgetting the fact that pants didn't exist in biblical times.
eric mann (6 years ago)
Why? Why do men have to be so straitjacketed, and women can wear anything they damn well please in terms of clothing?
Aquarius1011 (1 year ago)
A woman said that women are lucky because they can wear anything and it's considered the norm.
eric mann (6 years ago)
Hello, Shonn, I'm not really a woman,but I'd like to answer your question with my question to oknowboardiesrule: Where is it cut in granite that men have to be confined to pants? Also, if you studied history, you'd have learned that pants only came into being in Europe after the Middle Ages, and also in parts of Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands both men AND women wore wraparound skirts, and still do so; and don't even THINK about trotting out the bible, like so many people do.
Shonn Woods (6 years ago)
you sound like a women. when did men get so weak they start comparing themselves to women
coolmamma2758 (6 years ago)
Are you serious, hell no, I would not want my man to wear a skirt, that is not attire for a man, I can understand in certain places that maybe a way of dress for a culture, but we are in 2012, come on, a man should not be wearing a skirt...
Lindsay Marie (6 years ago)
its not that men need aproval from women, us men need to not be attacked by other men physically, verbally or psychologically. men will attack other men because they feel thier own "manhood" threatened. I believe this is because they found themselves attracted to another man for a split second and don't know how to deal with thier own hang-ups. (I am a man who crossdresses and no im not gay). It's ok to find a man attractive as a strait man. there are many men that I have seen to be very handsom
rmaciej23 (6 years ago)
Short under skirt? It's no make sens!
steve66oh (6 years ago)
Honestly, most guys who wouldn't "ever" wear a men's skirt, are seeking women's approval LESS than they're fearful of their buddies' disapproval. Instead of defining their OWN masculinity through boldness, confidence and independence (traits women seek, demonstrated when a man wears a skirt) - instead of that, many guys submit their masculinity to the approval of their peer group. They conform to the herd's expectations because they depend on their group to"validate" their "manhood".
Don Coervers (6 years ago)
What a pitty, 2012 and still no skirts for men in the shops. Guess we'll have to wait longer.
Marcos Ross (1 year ago)
go on line and buy a kilt. I love mine. I wear it any time and every time I go out or to theater. it's a marvelous ice breaker. and I get to meet very interesting people because of it. I feel so dressed up, and yet never feel out of place nor over dressed either. the only way to go....
Aquarius1011 (1 year ago)
And, in 2017 still not.
Simon De Belleme (6 years ago)
Bring it on, I say. Skirts, dresses, etc, especially tailored to fit the male physique should be made, and in ranges from bargain basement to haute couture. Why do men have to seek women's approval? Grow a pair, guys. If you really are men, STOP seeking the approval of women, and do what YOU want for a change. If you want to wear a skirt, wear one. If you can't find a store which will sell you one that you like, make one.
Walt Breville (1 year ago)
Try a thrift store, I’ve had success finding skirts at these.
blkcpdconure (6 years ago)
I encourage you to castrate yourself. But it wouldn't make you a woman. It would make you a eunuch.
blkcpdconure (6 years ago)
Men throughout time have worn skirts. Skirts were considered male clothing for thousands of years and were worn by warriors in various cultures. I dare you to wear one for a day.
bryant tillman (6 years ago)
Scottish kilts around the bar-b-que pit with friends and a keg...maybe/sure...but as an everyday thing?
dee roberts (6 years ago)
mantyhose skirts brarms we are being feminised
multiplex4862 (6 years ago)
Men around the world should wear skirts there more comfortable and cooler in the summer. I'm a guy who wears skirts in private but want to wear them in public
cockblockhawk (6 years ago)
A skirt for a man is called a kilt
kylelastname (6 years ago)
they stole the music from Bruno.
sparkfist19 (6 years ago)
Agreed, if you're going to wear an bifurcated garment wear one. That shorts under a skirt is the kind of thing you use for girls that don't want to close their legs for modesty.
Karl Llewellyn (7 years ago)
Makeup was made for Men at first. It was decided women looked better with it though.
eric mann (7 years ago)
@lawladinlawlaw Excuse me, have you bothered to look at my videos, You don't know jackshit about me, but you have the gall to label me as a "flaming faggot"? If I were to audition for "RuPaul's Drag Race", I would most likely be invisible. Can you do anything other than namecalling?
rmaciej23 (7 years ago)
Shorts plus skirt - i not understand this idea. Could just as well wear the only shorts.
Kom Truise (7 years ago)
wow... looks horrible...
Sabre Jet (7 years ago)
3 people think women can have more decisions.
NaokoTheDragonKnight (7 years ago)
Yes! Living in Scotland has made my used to seeing men in skirt-like dress (kilts). At formal events, there is always at least one brave man in a kilt. Two boys at my Prom wore kilts (with nothing underneath, may I add. Now that, I do not like). It is also about time more woman started wearing ties and proper shirts in the workplace and for suits for formal events/parties :).
Oh!sama (7 years ago)
"no need to be gay.." what the hell is he on about gay men don't cross dress unless they are crossdressers.
Isra bint ali (7 years ago)
people in France are gay
Shevaron (7 years ago)
I have a long black skirt with chains and straps on it. Total Gothic looking in style like the one shown in the video. I wear it when I go dancing at industrial klubs. I did wear it once in main stream public and got lots stares :) But if anyone would like to know wear get one goto a German web site X-tra-X.de . They have lots of cool stuff.
eric mann (7 years ago)
@oknowboardiesrule WHY????
Ti Pit (7 years ago)
@xn67 i'm a men living in canada too and i like wear utilikilt. It's really great and comfy to be naked under kilt... During winter, with wool socks it very comfy., surely more comfy than a cotton skintight jeans.
Ti Pit (7 years ago)
@phboy38 me too
Stefan Metalstan (7 years ago)
@mannecyberguy well spoken
PerhapsPh (8 years ago)
@sissytracey this is sooo true
skirts365 (8 years ago)
@HraefnFlyht It may apply only with tight skirts where hips are a bit wider. Tight skirts are too much like tight pants, and represent very little gain. If it's a DRESS, it does need to be tailored differently upstairs to accomodate the man's generally wider shoulders, and no breast configuration in the bodice (torso region).
67xn (8 years ago)
@strikemaster77 Good point about "infertility, prostate, pesticular cancers, so the riosk," although it doesn't help that men are wearing tighter and tight jeans. The ancient Scots had it right, a kilt and nothing else. Free and lose commando style.
ThePicturetaker (8 years ago)
No thanks... living in Canada I think a skirt would be pretty cold. Besides, then I would have to wear tights, and if I wear tights I'd have to get nice attractive shoes that show off my legs and no wear snow boots. Then while I am at is, I can exactly wear a hockey jersey. Hey while I am at it why I don't I just have my privates cut off and made into a woman, would save me a lot of time shopping for men skirts. No... give me Buffalo Jeans and a good tshirt! That is all I need because I am a man
Brice (8 years ago)
or remove the skirt and wear just the shorts underneath
Stallion8057 (8 years ago)
this will happen in the near future clothes are slowly becoming unisex.
tainteddeity (8 years ago)
@mannecyberguy It's not about odds. Sure it might be difficult and there will be a lot of opposition, but it's poesible. Our culture is heavily based on gender roles which harms us all.
KNLUX (8 years ago)
Dieses Thema interessiert dich ?? dann schau doch mal vorbei in meinem neuen Blog!! genderblurry.blogspot.com are you interester in the blur of gender roles in fashion?? have a look at my blog!! genderblurry.blogspot.com
isamuel13mod (8 years ago)
Felicitaciones y muchas gracias por brindar una alternativa mas SALUDABLE, cómoda para el vestuario masculino. El pantalón es la prenda menos adecuada para un varón. Con las faldas para los hombres rebajaran muchísimo los problemas de salud de los hombres; (impotencia, esterilidad, problemas de próstata, cáncer del testículo). Ninguna parte del cuerpo del hombre se maltrata tanto como los genitales; por eso es mejor usar faldas para hombres.
skirts365 (8 years ago)
@mega8metalr There IS persecution. Who foments it? PSYCHIATRY and RELIGION are the cause of prejudice--they invalidate intolerance by slandering the individualist as "disordered" and "abomination to God." OUTLAW THE FESTERING PSYCHIATRIC PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIAL WORKER PHARMACEUTICAL MENTAL HEALTH CULT. Just like you'd criminalize people who go about hunting for "witches" and "heretics." Then there's style selfish female & the beer slurping guy wants skirts worn only by females vaginal signal!!
Jon Green (8 years ago)
@mannecyberguy Well... People would actually have to be open minded.
eric mann (8 years ago)
@Radikll What do you think are the odds that America will progress to such a degree? That both men and women will be able to wear whatever they damn well please without society throwing a hissy fit? What do you think?
Sophia Kopasakis (8 years ago)
it just looks weird, women can were pants because it doesnt look weird. But the male body just doesnt match with skirts, thats why some females cant even where skirts themselves.
skirts365 (8 years ago)
From Jim McCord as COP Jim Reed on Adam-12---"The way a man dresses or wears his hair happens to be his own business" tell that to that HICK Tate in New Orleans. Tate would have been with the Romans under Hadrian in 393AD when men in PANTS were EXILED. The message in skirt dominant societies is "conform or die" the message in pants dominant societies is "conform or die" it NEVER occurs to the mental "health" movement to issue calls for TOLERANCE of nonconformity they HAVE to call it "illness!"
eric mann (8 years ago)
@oknowboardiesrule WHY? Where is it cut in granite that men have to be confined to pants, but women can wear anything they damn well please???
TheyCallMeEd (9 years ago)
wow i can't believe how open they are to men wearing skirts,if you tried that here in America you would be made fun of every second,called gay,and possible be beaten up.i wish we were more like France
MichaelW-Tn (9 years ago)
A large portion of the men in the world have been wearing sarong, saris, wrappers, kilts, tunics and/or skirts for years. So why is this news now? It's about time Western men had alternatives in their wardrobe instead of pants and shirts. Shirts and pants. I've worn skirts and kilts for years. It's easy. The trick is not to look effeminate or trashy. This opens a lot of doors in the world of fashion equality. Change takes time...but this will happen.
tainteddeity (9 years ago)
@youthman7 Pffft, can't be modern or forward thinking then, can you?
Drew Nicks (9 years ago)
I'm modern, forward thinking man, not ready for this fashion style!
skirts365 (9 years ago)
If you are male you can decide ONLY for yourself. If you are female, butt out. As long as men don't wear bras they aren't dressed like women. As for the design at 2:03 oh please try a square dance petticoat instead. More comfortable and far better looking. If you want to wear all black place movie posters of Adam Cartwright and Richard Boone as Paladin in your bedroom. They always wore black and looked good even in dismal pants. Greeks wear petticoats see on You Tube.
Denden (9 years ago)
no no no no no no no men in skirts
hannahappiest (9 years ago)
I think it's cool :)
Jack Ridge (9 years ago)
haha they're jerkiing in France?/..haha it had to be the black chicks...hahaha 2:45
Jon Green (9 years ago)
If only America was this progressive ;)
lostinseganet (9 years ago)
I would wear a skirt as a joke if my girl wears one as well. Not every day though. Maybe an apron for cooking or a belt like something to hold tools. Pants with a skirt cut at a 45 degree angle reaching the ankles.

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