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DeForest Kelley in Route 66

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The Clover Throne (1961) (Season 1, Episode 15) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0690493/
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mahmod abdulsalam (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for posting it.
bacharles1 (6 years ago)
De was cool -- RIP.
D. Roush (8 years ago)
Holy CRAP. Is that Jack Warden? Kelley was in films with so many familiar faces /before/ he was uh, "famous." This is crazyyyyy. Haha. I think his filmography is pretty damn impressive.
fgldnglbs (9 years ago)
And Jack Warden on the other end. Kelley was part of the landscape before he became a pop culture icon with that one role. With Shatner and Nimoy having careers after Star Trek, what happened to his career really? I said on another post that there had to be another role out there, like say, a Sugarbaker relative on Designing Women. Did he get enough money from the 'Trek to opt out?
He looks good in hats. 8)
Zelphyria (9 years ago)
Absolutely :D
PrescriptionDrMcCoy (9 years ago)
Oh DeForest! All Sweaty,Grouchy and wearing that Hat! The perfect look! ^.^
FaithfullNightmare (9 years ago)
I KNOW "WILLIS!!"his georgan accent is adorable...we con go on forever...and ever..oh i know!!ill add you as a friend^^but likeOMG he is ADORABLE!
Virginia Connor (26 days ago)
Georgian. My sister used to live across the street from De's parents when they lived in Decatur, Ga. I was glad to meet De and Jimmy Doohan at a convention in '75. Very kind men indeed.
"But I warn ya, don't fight with me!" His accent is absolutely adorable!
FaithfullNightmare (9 years ago)
omg i know!!^^*smiles!!!
Me too. =) Is it just me, or is he cuter when he's cranky? xD
FaithfullNightmare (9 years ago)
even sweaty id still...er...love him^^
JamieBarnes (10 years ago)
Thank you so much for posting again. It`s such a funny scene. I also like the Perry Mason scene you posted. Cool!!

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