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IOW Scooter Rally 2018 - Saturday on the green part 2

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Here is the second part of my wander around Ryde green at the Isle of Wight scooter rally 2018 on the Saturday, early afternoon. Featuring the Roy Lichtenstein pop art style Lambretta and Garagista Sean Robinson’s car-styled scooter! Visit Diary Of A Detour to see more photos and the story of the rally : Friday : https://diaryofadetour.com/isle-of-wight-2018 Saturday : https://diaryofadetour.com/isle-of-wight-2018-saturday/ Also read my tips and the dates for the 2019 rallies via this page : https://diaryofadetour.com/2019-scooter-rallies (More posts to follow)
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prunch72 (6 months ago)
Ahh you're skipping past all the best bikes..... backing track is a head wreck too.
A1Z2x (6 months ago)
Missed out all the middle of the green.

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