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How To Make Your Instagram Look Good + THEME IDEAS!

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The video you have all been waiting for: sharing my tips on creating the perfect Instagram "theme", how to make your Instagram look good, what filters to use, what editing apps to use, how to plan out your theme, and how to find cute picture ideas.. ENJOY and happy Instagramming.. NEW Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Videos Every Wednesday & Sunday For Business and Promotional Inquiries: [email protected] MY OFFICIAL LINKS ♥Instagram: http://instagram.com/daniellemarieyt ♥Twitter: https://twitter.com/daniellemarieyt ♥Snapchat: themakeupbyd ♥Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1ikGBYv ♥Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daniellemarieyoutube ♥Download My App: "Danielle Marie" http://apple.co/1bz9NHG ♥Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/daniellemarieyt ♥VSCO: http://danyellymarie.vsco.co/grid/1 ♥Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/themakeupbydani/ ♥Tumblr: http://danyellymarie.tumblr.com/ ♥Vine: https://vine.co/u/930242860949839872 WHAT I'M WEARING: Tank - Urban Outfitters Bralette - Brandy Melville Necklace - Etsy Lips - "Candy K" by Kylie Jenner POPULAR VIDEOS: CHRISTMAS WISH LIST: http://bit.ly/1yAOFoi MEET MY MOM: http://bit.ly/1zy0Ciz SWEET 16 HAUL: http://bit.ly/1wib63h WHAT'S IN MY BACKPACK: http://bit.ly/1qx9pzB FITNESS ROUTINE: http://bit.ly/1yRwP4k Camera & Camera Lens I Use: Canon EOS 70D with the Sigma 30 mm f/1.4 lens Vlog Camera: http://amzn.to/1DhL6q9 Video Editor I Use: Final Cut Pro X FTC: This video was not sponsored :)
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Elina Gašperlin (5 days ago)
check on my insta too😂💕 @habibiskyelina
ItsJillian Smith (1 month ago)
To me both the apps are money
Amanda Contreras (1 month ago)
You are so super cute! Great tips
Maya Elizabeth (2 months ago)
I really want to start a theme on my Instagram! 💛
hippo egg (2 months ago)
1like=1 good Insta photo
chittaprr (2 months ago)
You talk sooooooooo fast
100 En (2 months ago)
My Instagram @100dred
Yael Garzon (3 months ago)
your vibe is so amazing!! great tips!! thank youu
Colin Salisbury (3 months ago)
Thanks for the tips in your video. I just created one here: @naturedropsmic
Rahul Dagar (4 months ago)
Thank u baby 😍
Lydia Saunders (4 months ago)
very helpful and entertaining too! Question- what pictures am I "allowed" to use for color inspiration? Can I just upload anything or how does that work with copywriting and being ethical?
Courtney Ellis (4 months ago)
Love your personality ! Great video !
Summer Bailey (4 months ago)
Follow me please Summer.13579
It’s Jen (4 months ago)
You don’t have to pay for the vsco filters really! All I do is choose the filter edit the pic a lil and then screenshot! You can crop the pic and it still looks just as good😂
Krissy Fizzle (4 months ago)
Is anyone wants vsco theme recipes you should follow @vsco.princess on instagram. She has loads of recipes
susheel kubeer (5 months ago)
😂hey you talk tooooooooooooooo much.😅sorry for this.your video make my insta stunning.
yednap (5 months ago)
u r beautiful ..i feel in love with you
Keshav 07 (5 months ago)
-you can follow me on instgram (_jaden_official_)
Veronica Sua (6 months ago)
Asking for advice would u delete all old pics and start new for a new theme if u don’t have a lot of followers but are trying to gain a new crowd to look at your pictures ?
pink princessxo (6 months ago)
im going to use vdsco and maybe make an aesthetic pastal feed :)
Hamza Hashmi (6 months ago)
you r so beautiful :)
THE REAL KG (7 months ago)
Follow me:: y2kg_
Fun times Masa (8 months ago)
Pls follow me on Instagram @rethabile8902 Follow n I will follow back❤❤
Its Sierra (8 months ago)
Follow me on Instagram @catrena._tho
liv is back (8 months ago)
Actually starts at 3:14
Molly St.clair (8 months ago)
Lies!i just went to your instagram and you have no post
Desi’s World (8 months ago)
You should really use Lightroom it’s amazing!! You are amazing to ☺️I hope one day you get to 3 million subscribers 😁😆😃😝🤞🤞🤞
aatif pathan (9 months ago)
Yes i do it too
marwa bsysus (9 months ago)
You are talk lot 😑😑😑
tgji (9 months ago)
@loudguy420 IG
Junaid Zahoor (9 months ago)
Bloody Bitch Wasting Our Time.....
Nene Bruce (9 months ago)
Sabah mustafa (9 months ago)
i like your look😍🌝
Charlotte (9 months ago)
The thing is that I live in the middle of England where there is no water or beach😂
polly10022 (10 months ago)
2:29 You're welcome.
Takesha Burden (10 months ago)
great job
Its Shreeya (10 months ago)
anne marie o'callaghan (10 months ago)
I love u already 🙂this was the video I was exactly looking for about tips with starting up a good Instagram it's a dream of mine for quite a while now just don't feel I've the right knowledge and confidence, I've me notifications now turn on and subscribed, I think your lovely, really good tips feel bit better but still need to no a lot more, if you can recommend any others videos I could watch or where to go About researching more, I love make up, pics, fashion etc... Anyway thank you xx😘💕💜💄☺️
piyush rao sahab (11 months ago)
Can u tok a bit slowy🤣😛
AkmaTravels (11 months ago)
ig full timers are killing it
Limited_ Fanboy (11 months ago)
You talk too much.
hannah Bee (9 months ago)
Limited_ Fanboy well if she didn't her vids would be BORING.
Katelyn Ogilvie (11 months ago)
Omg you helped me put soooo much
Lacie Hamblin (11 months ago)
I'm broke I can't afford rich clothes... or jewelry or traveling..
S e l c i t y hwaYoon (1 year ago)
New sub!! You are so great I love watching your vids!
Mart Kyven Talara (1 year ago)
How to make lnstagram
Fredrik Larsson (1 year ago)
3 min 15 s intro
Khrislyn Stinson (1 year ago)
So much help, you're awesome!! Thanks. ❤
Kimberly Michelle (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips. I love the UNUMApp too 😄
Bronx Blogger (1 year ago)
Love your message at the end of the video! Very important
Briana's Vlogs (1 year ago)
@brianawallace my Instagram :)
RandomKidzies (1 year ago)
Is Enlight good?
Happy YT (1 year ago)
What if u have a bad cam XD
Roberta Salatioan (1 year ago)
what filtre ?
leif. let (1 year ago)
Is it viscocam? Or how do you spell it
Barbi Kvisz (1 year ago)
How do you make your video background faded ? :)
Betsy Brandt (1 year ago)
i always use c1, i think it works w 1019392029 pictures and it's just so cute
Liz Playz (1 year ago)
Follow my IG: @liz.trbl
Allyssa Brogdon (1 year ago)
Where do I look for the Pinterest thing @ 4:34
ariel rivers (1 year ago)
Using an app would be a great help. Since I started using PLANN, got more likes and followers! Well, just apart from it helps me in designing my IG feed.
Sheena Lopez (1 year ago)
❤️ the last tip!!!
Young Muskid (1 year ago)
i subscribed
u didnt say shit good
sister maria (1 year ago)
If I try my family will think I'm spoiled Lol
Alice Rizkallah (1 year ago)
"It's a blast and a half"😂I literally love her
Das Priscilla (1 year ago)
I'm starting up my YouTube channel, how do you get the background to be blurry??💕🖤 btw you're so gorgeous😍
finnie the pooh (1 year ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday ❤️ (last year 😂)
Katie J (1 year ago)
Love this.
Alanis Williams (1 year ago)
Follow my INSTA @al.ani.s
Ryan Woodards (1 year ago)
so me😂😂😂
KathDoodles11 (1 year ago)
YASS Thanks for the tips!!
Brianna Garcia (1 year ago)
thank you, this is so helpful 🙂💗
Mollie F (1 year ago)
I do it too dont worry!! xx
Meme God (1 year ago)
Umm.. Danielle and Marie is included in my name.. Illuminati confirmed
jahanvi singh (1 year ago)
just be rich and buy a iphone or a dslr
Writing JK (1 year ago)
Im starting instagrams i post tumblr and pinterest pics and a little bit pics of my self 🙈 Insta : aloha.shanda
Shadi .e (1 year ago)
i've just bought all the vsco cam filters and they are awesome 😍
Sadanand Yadav (1 year ago)
fuck u
jandren dolom (1 year ago)
what is the title of the music in your intro?
Sohini Sarkar (1 year ago)
What to do when you're too broke to buy filters from VSCO?
Sohini Sarkar (1 year ago)
What to do when you're too broke to buy filters from VSCO?
Roda Mo (1 year ago)
Sohini Sarkar there are plenty of great free filters.
Sarah Alvarado (1 year ago)
yup your not the only one i also take pics for my theme
neveah imvu (1 year ago)
Aliyah Lozano (1 year ago)
The app the was talking about is called "Unum" in the app store, it's hella good
aqilah azham (1 year ago)
you help me a lot. thanks
Heni xoxo (1 year ago)
What's the app called ?
LiBondesson (1 year ago)
Anyone want to follow on Instagram? @libondesson
Zuza Gałązka (1 year ago)
brendalux (1 year ago)
Thank you so much this helped a lot❤
Claire Donnelly (1 year ago)
Subscribed straight away love YOUU 😘❤
shf (1 year ago)
ya for real girl
lejane (1 year ago)
i can't find your ig:(
Danielle Wishart (1 year ago)
hey you should update your instagram name in the description bar! couldn't find you!
niicolee (1 year ago)
Your gorgeous omg
adryan ryan (1 year ago)
first time seeing your videos..you're talking too faaast
adryan ryan (1 year ago)
wtf wrong with you?
Meme Lover xxx (1 year ago)
adryan ryan fuck you
Mary Madolyn (1 year ago)
starts at 2:20
Sumeyra Oztek (1 month ago)
hhahaah thxx♡
Peanut Butter (9 months ago)
Luci Lilac (9 months ago)
Stephanie Baker (1 year ago)
lucys world exactly
lucys muffins (1 year ago)
It starts at 0:00
Gillian Seetso (1 year ago)
I downloaded VSCO but there is no A6 theme. :( can someone help please :)
C Leigh (1 year ago)
GillSee You have to pay for it
Pamela Sidi (1 year ago)
Srsly. What is your ig acc?
Amech And Kailez (1 year ago)
I use p5
Julianna C. (1 year ago)
*deletes all photos*
Alysa Nicole (7 months ago)
Julianna C. I did this and I had almost 500 to delete😭
Jaida Kimes (1 year ago)
julianna michelle me every time my stuff doesn't fit together
Avery Lavaughn (1 year ago)
5:23 whats the app called?????
Say Cherries (1 year ago)
Avery Lavaughn unum

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