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Carp Alarm

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Hey Carpreporters here's the layout of the beeper I made. I hope this helps your build.
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Ethan Beam (14 days ago)
What is the black box that holds everything called? I'm trying to order some
Ethan Beam (12 days ago)
+team heart Rate whatsbthe straw made of?
team heart Rate (14 days ago)
It's called a project box. When I made these I got most everything at allelectronics.com. But that's been a while not sure it's even still a web site.
Brent Hoyle (1 year ago)
You should make a how to video and do u still have a parts list
Jimmy Palmer (4 years ago)
Sorry to bother you again, how much is the mudhole lake? I saw there's 2 lakes, one for the "family" and another carp lake, are both of them open all the time or what? Thanks
team heart Rate (4 years ago)
heres a link to their websitehttp://mudholecarpcatlake.wix.com/mud-hole-carp-lakes. Although I think it varies from time to time.
Jimmy Palmer (4 years ago)
Hey man, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if Eds as open during the week? thinking about going there tomorrow but it will be my first time so I have no idea. and how much is it to fish? give me all the details if you have time. Thanks
Joshua Messick (9 months ago)
team heart Rate do you have a parts list. Not looking to sale but to make me a set
team heart Rate (4 years ago)
Hey Jimmy, I really don't know if Eds is open during the week or not. The last few times I've fish have been at the Mudhole in Concord. You can give them a call here is the number. 704 857 3491

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