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Save and Retrieve Data in Text Files Using PHP

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Demonstrates using PHP to save data to a textfile on a server and read in and display text from a textfile on a server. Also demonstrates basic data clean up, using functions, and file includes. Starter files used in this video can be downloaded from http://webbie.org/youtube/bookmarks.zip.
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Text Comments (13)
SignalSource (7 months ago)
that is reading and not a tutorial
Ayush Man Shrestha (1 year ago)
i have an error Undefined index: choice can anyone solved this thing ?
Jorge Beck (1 year ago)
I'm getting the � black diamond with a question mark in some special characters when reading .txt files. This is giving me errors in SQL and I don't know how to decode this files properly... the real problem is that I'm not the one who save and encode them, what can I do?
shoot me (1 year ago)
Jorge Beck Nice question i like it I have ans But u have to pay $100 to get an answer
Flame Foxx (2 years ago)
When I try to run it, it gives me a 403 error.
DomxCoder (2 years ago)
i think it could be a little easier if you use <iframe src="bookmarks.txt"> to view
Oxford Den (2 years ago)
Which program is initialized? I can't get it to work. Do I run the header file or the php file first. Sorry for the rookie question.
DomxCoder (2 years ago)
header.html, also you need a local server (or a website) to be able to run it
Charles Haughey (4 years ago)
FANTASTIC, 100%. Very kind of you to post the source code also. Thank you indeed.
vegastrina (4 years ago)
Exactly what I needed to know!  Thanks SOOO much!  =D  I appreciate you speaking slowly and clearly.  You are easy to follow. 
Ayush Man Shrestha (1 year ago)
didnt you got any problem/issue message ?
Alexs321432 (5 years ago)
Exactly what i needed. THANKS!
James Oxford (5 years ago)
is the contacts series on hold?

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