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Coldplay - Magic (Official Video)

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Text Comments (19984)
crerry lana (15 hours ago)
Melhor música ❤❤ só eu que choro com essa música? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
crerry lana (15 hours ago)
2019? ❤❤❤
gerald narvaez (21 hours ago)
Vonchipony salbaje
Marian Simons (1 day ago)
love the bass line in this track
Evandro Gandelini (2 days ago)
its just me or Chris playing both bad and good magician seems like a reference to him be actually only one man, fighting his bad habits including alcoholism, being able to free himself at end to become a better person and husband to his wife? Edit: But, seeing with more carefully, the video implies the bad magician beats her, and doubt most cases a woman should expect anything from someone like this... probably would be better leave him or search for some help in time. So, idk for sure, if that idea of only one person its a valid interpretation here... what did you guys think?
devotionaldave (4 days ago)
3:04 min.... Irresistible!!!!!
Yohanes Yohanes (5 days ago)
aline pinto da silva (6 days ago)
Linda música! Voz incrível!❤
lah (6 days ago)
2014 was such an amazing year for me. I was only 10 at the time, yet I have lots of beautiful memories from that time. I got my first Smartphone and got in a different school. Now I'm 15 and in a completely different place. I had a downphase lately and I'm almost grown up. This song is a special one for me. A very special one. I call it magic.
Anna Lehr (6 days ago)
What if , my love.
Cleisnaine Andrade (7 days ago)
Br 2019 ❤️
Wasted Dwarf (8 days ago)
To everyone here: you have great taste in music :)
Spirit Wolf (4 days ago)
Beautiful song.. i think its very underrated song of coldplay.. but its my favourite..
Soviet Camel (7 days ago)
You too bro!
JockBaloney (8 days ago)
What an amazing and 'magical' song and accompanying video. This is the very first time that I have heard and seen both of them as I came to Coldplay only relatively recently. I truly enjoyed the experience immensely. There is ALWAYS HOPE for the seemingly lost and forlrn and lonely! I really do believe this with all of my heart and soul. And having Faith in Almighty God makes all things possible with a bit of patience and perseverance as well. Very nice and inspiring and uplifting indeed!
Mohamed Lmati (8 days ago)
Still in love with this song 2019
Sam (8 days ago)
Summer nights of 2014! This used to be an anthem.
Stephanie Gonzalez (9 days ago)
Me encanta esta tema 😍
Isaac Miranda (9 days ago)
Esse music alegra meu coração minha meta e 3 likes
Isaac Miranda (9 days ago)
Esse music alegra meu coração
Cristiane Lima (10 days ago)
Adoro essa música! 😘😉😉😉😘😘🎼🎼🎵
Gran rola tio
Rhea Crawford (10 days ago)
Super great music guys, 🥰👍
Um amor❤❤😋
hola puerro
Magzoub Nour (11 days ago)
Copenhagen memories, drinking beer, riding and listening to cold play and flying with songs.
donato muscio (12 days ago)
hussey huse (12 days ago)
Zhang ziyi 💗she is sooo pretty
natalie jackson (12 days ago)
Feeling this song
Si MRS (13 days ago)
Mágica são truque para iludir e interter. Não gosto.
路遥无 (13 days ago)
Sourav Meher (14 days ago)
Please can someone tell me where can I find the funny intro piano music played in this song or other artists like that ?? That would be so great ,thanks .
txq. Light (15 days ago)
so many old memories came up...
Leandra Benjamin (15 days ago)
Why did I only learn about this song today, I'm lovin it 😱😱😱
Die hard fan of Chris and Bruno 🔥🔥🔥💪
AKAASH SH (14 days ago)
And Vijay
Dylson Lemes (15 days ago)
mil like gedilson nunes brasil me manda vidos coldplay
hakan mavruk (15 days ago)
What an amazing song amazing voice just perfect
Matias Cuevas (16 days ago)
baiza teja (16 days ago)
Ivana Marisel Burgos (16 days ago)
Marcos ❤️ ¡te amo! ❤️
JT (16 days ago)
Still i call it magic 🌟
Daniel Chaves (16 days ago)
Lo mejor que ha hecho la humanidad, me casaré con ésta canción.
Josiel salles (16 days ago)
Sara Mn (16 days ago)
I call it magic! ;)
Glesga (17 days ago)
The beat is briiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllliant!!!!!!!!
felipe roa (17 days ago)
a work of art and a tribute to the great silent cinema.-
Daniel Flannelly (17 days ago)
Yes I do
Daniel Flannelly (17 days ago)
Keep going boy .
Daniel Flannelly (17 days ago)
Good music. Chris. Fuck them all.
Daniel Flannelly (17 days ago)
Wicked tune.
Daniel Flannelly (17 days ago)
Who said no to this?
Doomotron (17 days ago)
3:43 is definitely the best bit.
Dylson Lemes (18 days ago)
boa banda gedilson nunes brasil fá da banda me manda musicas cold play seu fá so like
Noan Chavez (18 days ago)
Hermoso :')
Ella Nguyen (18 days ago)
Sana Letoa (20 days ago)
I will never get over this song👍
Tony Chapman (20 days ago)
That song rocked!! The Coldplay one was pretty good too!
Luv4Food (20 days ago)
this song touches my soul ....
Danny Hustle (21 days ago)
This is the real and the new the beatles not fcking bts boy band.
Siti Umiasih (23 days ago)
hai coldplay how yo du magic and paradis
Siti Umiasih (23 days ago)
wow coldplay voice magic
Bunny Moonstone (24 days ago)
My pet bunny is named after this song 🐰♥
Geovana Oliveira (24 days ago)
jd (24 days ago)
o oscar do coldplay a mais de 5 anos curtindo esta vibe
lostsoul 77 (27 days ago)
Trishna Timalsena (27 days ago)
Where can i get other beautiful songs like this? Any suggestions?
Trishna Timalsena (21 days ago)
@mikijasko some other artists you know with the same vibe?
mikijasko (26 days ago)
Just type Coldplay in Youtube search and you'll get all sorts of beautiful music. ;)
Sol (27 days ago)
BR? 💖
S B (28 days ago)
Best love song ever
elidiane alves (28 days ago)
Nunca me canso de ver este Clip, ele me recorda o meu passado, meu ex ele me fazia sofrer ele me usava, não me sentia amada por ele, e meu atual meu marido hoje q no tempo era só um estranho tentando me ajudar, ele via coisas boas em mim, ele acreditava nos meus sonhos, conseguir deixar meu quando ele me bateu eu já não aguentava mais, e o estranho que eu nem sonhava que seria meu marido hoje, ele cuidou muito de mim. Hoje sou feliz trabalho com ele e estou grávida dele.
stuforty2 (29 days ago)
really like this song ! interesting as he starts with stage magic then can do it for real 🤔😬
João Manoel (29 days ago)
Quem Véio atrás dessa música por causa da novela império?
João Manoel (29 days ago)
Salve aqui 2019
Awoof (1 month ago)
this gives me chills every time.
Tejan Gupta (1 month ago)
Recently came across this song and it's so beautiful.
Ailson Khaled (1 month ago)
Dá uma nostálgia boa né?
Etta Dee (1 month ago)
The best Coldplay song after Clocks .
SmellTheL (1 month ago)
Etta Dee I agree
Myrthes Sales (1 month ago)
Simplesmente, foi tudo mágico!!!!
Your Forebear (1 month ago)
zhang zi yi
Marleilsom Marques (1 month ago)
top de mas
fatima g (1 month ago)
0:47 omg so brutal and beautiful
RafaEl -Zn Rafaelzn (1 month ago)
I love you
Bruno Meirelles (1 month ago)
Christo W.M (1 month ago)
Cande V (1 month ago)
Nugaton nugaton nugaton nugaton 🎶
Kleytons (1 month ago)
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Twisted True Cindy (1 month ago)
Vitor Lima (1 month ago)
Hinooo que vibe 🎵🍃
Maria Bernardo (1 month ago)
alguém em 2019?
tubericky (1 month ago)
And if you were to ask me After all that we've been through Still believe in magic? Well yes, I do Oh yes, I do Oh yes, I do Oh yes, I do Of course I do
ishan panwar (1 month ago)
Love is the most beautiful magic to feel..
Werley Camillo (1 month ago)
2020 está Magic? W??
Mat Hias (1 month ago)
Have you ever listened to that song, being in love with the most wonderful woman in the world named laura, knowing that she is listening to it too right now, and wishing that she was here with you? I love you ...
Gustavo Fernandez (1 month ago)
Laura is a hoe mate
eddie delisio (1 month ago)
Their best song?
Alberto Guerrero (1 month ago)
buena canción xD
valdete reis (1 month ago)
Mágico o som que essa música tem !!!
Bosta Rala Videos (1 month ago)
Cold magic....
anjg ere (1 month ago)
Chupas pijas
C4r1o5RnB90 (1 month ago)
So beautiful! 🖤🖤🖤
Rata Saturna (1 month ago)
Não matou, não matou, não matou, não matoouu....
Ginger Bakerino (1 month ago)
when i listen this song it's like i live in another world ...a world with no gravity...it can make me feel good
Helena Elisabet (1 month ago)
🇧🇷 17/05/2019 L.

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