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So it begins

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The battle of Helm's Deep begins.
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Robert Baur (8 days ago)
me on my new keto diet which begins today
WaybackProductions 12 (1 month ago)
rainyroyale (1 month ago)
If you’re wanting to do that New Years thing.... The picture is wrong. You have to have started around 9:45. He says it at around the 2 hour 15 minute mark.
WaybackProductions 12 (1 month ago)
WaybackProductions 12 (1 month ago)
So it begins KSKSKS
WaybackProductions 12 (1 month ago)
It’s New Years and imma play this
Bin (1 month ago)
The time 12:03 January 1, 2019
Super Creep (1 month ago)
Nick Palefox (1 month ago)
i played it just a few seconds ago Edit: its january 1st 2019
Ethan Hicks (1 month ago)
So it begins
WaybackProductions 12 (1 month ago)
Vile So Cute (1 month ago)
Happy new year!
Batuhan Özkan (1 month ago)
ım waiting for new year
Ruben Pineda (1 month ago)
When your Little Brother Old enough to Challenge you in Video Games.
Zdenek (1 month ago)
Will be back at 12 PM
I'm playing it tonight for the new year.
WinngedHussarMalaka (1 month ago)
And whos starting the year this this?
D 4353 (1 month ago)
Hispanics rushing the US border.
CheetoInChief (2 months ago)
Goodbye Ukraine
para mediccine (3 months ago)
when *insert something trying to be funny
owlstag awn (3 months ago)
When it's No Nut November.
KerfuffleCookies (3 months ago)
The first day of November
Jasmin Sekic (4 months ago)
black friday?
Buttman (5 months ago)
0:04-0:10, what a coincidence, this is the same sound i make just before sex
NecroThror (1 month ago)
Before!? O_o
Jerry Bolt (6 months ago)
Teachers reaction on the first day of school after Summer break.
Shooken Sis (8 months ago)
When your a parent and hear your kids waking up
gert Van den Berghe (8 months ago)
When the final exams start
II PredHD II (1 year ago)
When you have a a full week of work and customers are rushing in the store
AniSUB (1 year ago)
MrCapa (1 year ago)
When finals begin
Xtreme1565 (1 year ago)
Monday mornings.
Jessica Berry (1 year ago)
What's the OST on this?
Jessica Berry (1 year ago)
Mirana Pandora (1 year ago)
The Hornburg
Rainman Slim (1 year ago)
When its sundown on Ramadan, and you work in the food industry.
Steven Stone (1 year ago)
McDonald's employees on the first day of McRib season.
Phantom Apprentice (1 year ago)
Total Babylon 5 ripoff
Gianluca Borg (7 months ago)
But, Babylon 5 came after LoTR
Tim Suetens (1 year ago)
A meme was born. Before memes were even called memes.
Vintage5273 (1 year ago)
Memes... Memes everywhere
Nelekmaar (1 year ago)
The Steam Sales.
wt8012 (2 years ago)
0:16-0:18 When you hear the first firework go off outside your house on New Year's Eve...
WaybackProductions 12 (1 month ago)
Oof it’s actually New Years KSKSKS
Chris Murray (1 month ago)
Doing that this year
The Tzar (1 year ago)
wt8012 LOL
Erikimo (2 years ago)
Let the resistance begin
Robert Baur (2 years ago)
Trump inauguration
Stefan Ritter (3 years ago)
Who is the man to Theoden's left?
Dion Rimmer (25 days ago)
Is that Grimbold to Theoden's right?
The Dago (5 months ago)
Stefan Ritter why? he knows every orcs name in the entire fucking scene but why?
Stefan Ritter (3 years ago)
+YoitsSteveO hahaha thank you. Do you perhaps know the name of the man on his right?
thereisnospectrum (3 years ago)
+Stefan Ritter (StahlRitter) His name is Gamling, he has a line a bit later in the movie. And he's also in the next one. Fun fact: Gamling means "old man" in old english, Tolkien's languages derive from older historic ones.
117rebel (3 years ago)
How I feel at Christmas time when Christmas cards start coming in.
Sean Drake (3 years ago)
me vs isis
Toddy Infinite (4 years ago)
John Smith (5 years ago)
Could it get any worse? Yes; it's fucking raining.

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