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Old Spice Portugal - And So it begins

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HAWWWWWWWWWK é o MELHOOOOOOOOOR a dar graxa a Old Spice Original!! Ou será ao contrário? Escolhe o teu aroma preferido de Old Spice nas lojas e fica a cheirar a PODEEEEEEEEEEER!
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Melvin oder sowas (2 years ago)
0:31 wtf xD???
Melvin oder sowas (2 years ago)
hawwwww xD
Yelooh (2 years ago)
cal (2 years ago)
JustPlaying (2 years ago)
omg this is fuking why im using old spice for a year
ROAD the POWER 9889 (2 years ago)
Jean Del Valle (1 year ago)
TOAD the POWER 9889 #teamhawk
Gerax (2 years ago)
:D best and funniest clip ever :D
DragonPizzaHot (2 years ago)
What the fuck did I just watch
ROAD the POWER 9889 (2 years ago)

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