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Introverted Shy Asian Boy Makes Out With Hot White Girl

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Text Comments (226)
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
I actually prefer Asian girls but I guess people on the internet are obsessed with Asian guys getting White girls so that's how I came up with the title if you guys can think of a better one, put it in the comment's section and I will change it.
kizaru melon (13 days ago)
erase the shy introverted part. dont be a stereotypical bitch
Lund3000 Asian guys keep fucking sexy Italian girls because Italian guys can't compete
Righteous1 (1 month ago)
Represent the Asian guys and get those white girls
Johanes JcRiung (1 month ago)
Hey i would u to get religius girl that would be awesome
Tuấn Nguyễn (1 month ago)
Yes, for sure
亢国辉 (1 hour ago)
makster86 (7 hours ago)
Shoutout from an Asian from Merced!
Borna Arabi (2 days ago)
Haha you avoided the landmines but still ended up taking a grenade. Awesome!
Pauly siguenza (9 days ago)
I am a spy to
Anonymous (10 days ago)
Respect Asians and i'm proud to be an asian (indian)
magic scratcher (17 days ago)
number don't mean sh*T
It's better to stay with a white girl who has your best interest than it is to be with a self-hating Asian girl who has something against you and everyone else.
Tali Be kind (20 days ago)
Can I join you Brother 😎❤️
Hen (21 days ago)
Bruh, why are you not at 1M subscribers by now? One of my favorite YouTube PUA for three years
bkad687 (23 days ago)
It's Marcy Runkle from Californication
Pharaoh Diablo (1 month ago)
Good shit bro!
John Flothmann (1 month ago)
" ive never kissed an italian girl" my subtitles translate to " ive never kissed a dying girl" lol Anyone else think he sounds like napoleon dynamite?
SquattinCassanova (1 month ago)
Out of 12 million views, 8 years of content, not a single person has made that comment.
Max T (1 month ago)
What is this shit? Cassady Cambells Wigger character gets more action than that. You're supposed to be a pro PUA that does 1000's of approaches and this is the best footage? A kiss with a drunk girl...
SquattinCassanova (1 month ago)
I'm not sure if you're aware of this but a channel has more than one video and also it takes a lot of time to edit these clips. If you want to edit all of my unedited lay videos, please submit a resume.
Alon G (1 month ago)
Dude your body language is so weird & cringe to watch...
samuricexful (1 month ago)
When are you posting the pornhub version?
Mauriana Rayford (1 month ago)
Asian guys getting black girls
Sex Courses (1 month ago)
Cool girl
john gilpin (1 month ago)
Stupid drunk guy that's it
SquattinCassanova (1 month ago)
I don't drink. So you're wrong. Who's stupid now?
Saptarshi Majumdar (1 month ago)
Proud of you Asian guy!🖒 Indians do smthn😂
Laksamana95 (1 month ago)
you look desperate
SquattinCassanova (1 month ago)
For the views, yes
Lakshay Chawla (1 month ago)
Hate off for your guts...
UchihaClan (2 months ago)
Start off with a you fucking sexy what a typical fag beta Male move and continue with complements white washed as fuck Asian that white is a 6
Ilenia Mascis (2 months ago)
sono l'unica italiana?
Just For fun (3 months ago)
uhm I’m a girl n she’s legit drunk so u legit have no game but ight..
Antonio (3 months ago)
I'm 16, still a virgin..kissed a girl once but I haven't seen her in a year now..I wish I could get to this point
Blab Blah (3 months ago)
She's not even that hot. I've seen and hooked up with way hotter chicks at Vegas pool parties than her.
Max Cinelli (3 months ago)
He’s gettin it 👀
TalyJimmy (3 months ago)
this is one of the greastest amwf vid that isnt cringy like the rest on here ayyy i liked!
Frankie Sum (3 months ago)
That’s a good lingling, tall and confident
keoface (26 days ago)
Tech x cracker
Tech x (3 months ago)
ling ling choong
Oscar (4 months ago)
Lol escalated to quickly, but that was a ticking time bomb anyways
Valentina Garrett (4 months ago)
good thinking
Mmmmmm.... Nice body. Wanna date?
carter ray (4 months ago)
She seemed so uncomfortable though
carter ray (3 months ago)
SquattinCassanova did y’all end up hanging out after?
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
Don't care. Got my infields.
Razear (4 months ago)
It's a miracle that you were able to retain your bodily fluids when you got that ass grinding on you like that.
david king (4 months ago)
Lol u shy ?
chris renteria (4 months ago)
Ehh ... Always the ugly friend to cock block always .... That's why I like Asia you can tell the ugly friend to fuuck off ... Good job getting the cock blocker gone 🙌🙌🙌
affluent couple (4 months ago)
He just made that white guy in the black shirt become another angry miserable asiaphile. But all is good. I bet 50% of asian women in western countries would choose a scrawny balding white male with a part time job, over this buff Asian dude. That's how white-male-worshipping these asian women are.
Shawn Macdonald (18 days ago)
+PUNISHER of PINKO PEDOS Hey gonna hide behind the word salty because you won't do shit in real life. You run your mouth about white boys, I call you out, then you use the word salty. Know I have met guys like you my whole life, play the victim when you started it. Kind of sounds like if anybody is fucking butthurt, its you, if you didn't care, you wouldn't have wrote your bullshit.
Shawn Macdonald Stop getting mad beta mayo pinko cracktard. It's 2019 you don't have to get so butthurt and salty over Asian or african guys with white girls
Shawn Macdonald (18 days ago)
Hey maybe those asian women just prefer white dudes instead. You know why, they are not whining and complaining like you are, lol. Not every woman is gonna want you, crying about other men makes you look like a bitch. Can't stand it, woe is me, you need your boyfriend to hold you?
CrankShaft (4 months ago)
Future cuck detected
zeliz (4 months ago)
Yes a shy introverted guy haha 😉
SW PL (1 month ago)
Shy, introverted guy can do that too especialy on a big party with flashy lights where everybody including him is a bit drunk and where only few people know him
Matheus Carneiro (4 months ago)
gostei muito
nothing563019 (4 months ago)
we want to see your recent travel vlogs too bro like you used to post. Id like to see how you gamed in Japan etc
ImmaGhost (4 months ago)
“I’ll give you a bone” 🤣🤣🤣 had me dying
ted nguyen (4 months ago)
ignore these jealous white boy bastards....china is the new super power...like it or not ...the Asian man is now king of the jungle...look at those Europe white losers go broke ....while asia is now rising...south  korea...Taiwan...japan...china
Borna Arabi (2 days ago)
Man you east Asians are so weird all you talk about is race lol
Shawn Macdonald (18 days ago)
Hes got a small dick and he needs to vent, lol. You can always tell when a man bitches about other races of men, lol. Know he convinces himself of this while he makes out with his pillow, lol. Christy oh mighty, insecure men are fucking hilarious.
Cryp Tic (4 months ago)
Lol wtf how did you got that from this video. Mike isn't even chinese and your ppl viet hates china anyway. Go die in a hole already
Carter Lamont (4 months ago)
White guy puts videos of pick up, normal comments for the most part. Asian guy puts videos of pick up, comments: "He's got no game coz he's going for Asian girls, get a White girl to prove it" "Girl is too drunk, get a sober White girl to prove it" "Girl is dumb, get a smart White girl to prove it" What other excuses to discredit Asian male are next? Surprise me.
oyeahyeah (4 months ago)
lol at all the salty betas in the comments. Keep nursing that beer from the sidelines ;)
Coronado Bros (4 months ago)
Haha they are basically fucking. "I wanna show you what hetero feels like" smooth
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
She didn't even get it lol.
Makiaveliiste O (4 months ago)
Video and pattern breakdown: 1. "we be like the cutest couple": me & u against the world pattern + role playing 2. "OMG, we are twins": me & u against the world pattern 3. Feel my abs: Kino 4. Put your arms around my neck: Kino 5. U smell like vanilla and peaches: observation (sexual) 6. Italian girls are good dancers and they make mean lasagna : Cold reading and racial routine bullshit 7. What are u doing tomorrow?: logistics 8. Why didn't u call me?: absurdity and roleplay 9. How about I kidnap u and go frolick on Las Vegas Strip and ditch your friend: me & u against the world pattern + role playing 10. So basically, If I were to go there, it would only be to hang out with you because there is nothing to do there: "what if" pattern Thank u Mike.
Elisha Glasco (4 months ago)
Honestly it’s Vegas, you don’t have to be an expert to pick up girls
Elisha Glasco (4 months ago)
Lol I’ve been every summer since I was 15, Ppl should go there to learn how to talk to girls
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
That's what everyone who's never been to Vegas says.
she's 5/10
Alan Chen (4 months ago)
Good dominance and frame control, but also... just being a normal dude. Just goes to show you don't need flashy shit where you're picking her up and running a circus show.
AJ (4 months ago)
Very clean pickup. No flashy shit no bullshit. Always cool watching your gold.
Rediffusion (4 months ago)
Good set
shroomysoup (4 months ago)
What a tease.
awerawexd awerawer (4 months ago)
DAMN FUCKING RIGHT a white girl. This is what we want to see
Spicy Noodles (4 months ago)
Sounds like Avicii playing at XS.
OVI-Wan Kenobi (4 months ago)
You can get into a 5-star Las Vegas nightclub wearing a gym hoodie??? That place must have gone real downhill since it first opened.
Patrick L (4 months ago)
Mike has been to that club hundreds of times at this point and knows the promoters. Pretty sure he's an exception
danturbo316 (4 months ago)
The look you give is right on. Some of the chit chat is too funny though haha. I happened to play tard at times too to see how far the rest got me lol
Ishbu101 (4 months ago)
Good content as usual
Tali bandz (4 months ago)
Hahahaha this is funny. Clearly the girl was drunk or under the influence of something. She was NOT sober. I would be more impressed if you picked up a *SOBER* GIRL. Your only weak when you target the weak. That isn't real game. What a joke
Tali bandz LOL. Your so jealous and need an Asian man to sweep you off your feet
Ricky Chandra (1 month ago)
Tali bandz #ActionSpeaksLouderThanWords Take this L bruh 😂😂
Anonymous Admiral (1 month ago)
Somebody is jealous
Sen zon (1 month ago)
+Tali bandz Haha so jealous
Just For fun (3 months ago)
Well yeah.. what can i say.. its nice to have attraction, even though she wouldnt even cross my mind to take action.. she has that bitchy/slut vibe.. idk.. I don't get arroused by those kind of chicks.. just my 2cents. Otherwise good video bro
slevin parker (4 months ago)
Does "Not happening" mean maybe later? Smh lol
Michael Rivera (4 months ago)
LK56835 (4 months ago)
SquattinCasanova is the Man!
David Michael, Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Very good. Would you be open do doing a quick break down video of your game in this set or similar set?
Sinful Lifestyle (4 months ago)
Smooth as fuck!
rockembach (4 months ago)
She looked cute. Did you smash though?
Eric (4 months ago)
Was she actually trying to ditch you in the middle and you recovered, or was she just being playful?
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
its called being ditsy and adhd
Jon B (4 months ago)
Ok, you kissed a fat girl. good job dude
Borna Arabi (2 days ago)
Still better than the friend though.
Michael Nguyen (4 months ago)
Clean pick up bro! I like your style Mike! You remind me of me... lol. Keep up the good work. Love your videos.
Storm Walton (4 months ago)
Remember Mike is a good looking "Swool"Asian dude so he can Hard Pull and say anything and hoes come running Looks and Game crush the hoes all the same if you're not a Lame.
OwnD1 (4 months ago)
All I need is a Supreme hoodie, then I don’t even have to spit game then. Girls will come flocking all over me!
Storm Walton (4 months ago)
Hey Mike pull some black females im sure they would want you to smash them with that Asian Meat. 😂😂
You sound humble yo. I respect that attitude
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
My dick not big enough to penetrate that BBV.
David Bond (4 months ago)
Borna Arabi (2 days ago)
You and this Asian guy should make a gay sex tape together. You're both narcissistic as fuck.
I love fucking white girls, and I'm still in America not having to travel internationally at all.
TOM RIGNY (4 months ago)
David Bond Yeah sure, my little cuck buddy. lol
Fshn Tik (4 months ago)
David Bond i am fucking nicky right now ...Thanks for paying for her fake tits they are amazing
Nihaz (4 months ago)
The steroids comment was awesome, I hope u busted your nuts later wid her.
HEMI POWER (4 months ago)
Kinda weak, average joe game. Airhead chics, are easy. For sure she smells.
HEMI POWER intelligent open minded girls are simply more attractive than racist self hating low IQ subhumans
Tiger Tan Bear (4 months ago)
+SquattinCassanova lol
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
Its easier to talk to smart girls because they appreciate my big engineering brain.
Tiger Tan Bear (4 months ago)
It's like going fishing. He'll be trying to get the smell off for weeks.
3lineslikeadidas (4 months ago)
HEMI POWER yeah something is fishy here...
Frank Underwood (4 months ago)
Youre the best bro.
Ruturaj Mansingh (4 months ago)
Perfect moment but weak game
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
Ok Indian guy
ss4vegeta1 (4 months ago)
SC you are a cool dude and I give you a lot of credit. I remember the days from when you posted club videos and the quality was potato like years ago. You look ultra calm and confident. Good job dave man. The only thing I will say that helps is she def has had at least 1 drink. Her inhibitions are lower. Still love the video, just gaming most girls now these days and I am closer to your age, its hella hard as they have that fucking wall up.
Zack (4 months ago)
Good stuff. I wish more infields were like this. Liked.
x GeneraI (4 months ago)
Nice dance moves. Ur sexxy. Keep dancing why u stop...... Dance w them get physical-small verbals- ive never kissed a girl before/ hey 1 sec shhhhh etc...-- lean in for kiss EASY on drunk bitches
x GeneraI (4 months ago)
Easy. Find drunk chicks. Usually bitches standing out in party mode Easy to get
Kaes (4 months ago)
Please tell me you went back to her suite and smashed?? P.s whats her Instagram?? Dont be stingy...
Kaes (4 months ago)
LOL at the white dude in the background who keeps staring at you guys while dancing by himself... I kinda feel bad for the dude, he just wanted a girl to dance on him too and could tell he was a bit jealous...
Shawn Macdonald (18 days ago)
+PUNISHER of PINKO PEDOS Hey you know why people like you love living around white people, it allows you to be the victim. You could have moved away, your little racist bitch ass would moan and complain. Know look at your dumbass name, the only thing you do in public is mean mug people and don't do shit. Keep talking shit behind a computer screen, thats all your little bitch ass is gonna do, victim ass bitch boy.
@Age of Aquarius and then he'll raise an Alex Buckner while at it....
Lol. Whiteboys already had their chance anyways. Why feel sorry for racist beta pinkos?
Sam Anderson (18 days ago)
Shawn Macdonald its a two way street partner. Its all about what side you’re driving on.
Shawn Macdonald (18 days ago)
Have you ever noticed how insecure non white men are? You guys make the same comments in all of these videos. Know pointing out some random white dude in the background, just hanging out, trying to convince yourself hes jealous, lol. Christ all mighty, no wonder so many non white men are pussies, you guy's can't shut up about other men, lol.
ABRAHAM RANE (4 months ago)
I’m Hispanic and I love white girls but I feel like they way out my league I feel like all of them are about it’s looks and money 💰 ..
ABRAHAM RANE (4 months ago)
SquattinCassanova well f it, I not giving up you motivated me already so too late to look back where there’s nothing lol
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
Yup all 100 million of em.
YY XX (4 months ago)
Mike you such bad dance...
korea seoul (4 months ago)
This is good and all but show some blowouts too, dude.
x GeneraI (4 months ago)
You want blow outs. go out yourself ha
Leon X Travis (4 months ago)
Dude after seeing how good you vibed with an Italian/Irish chick you should def hit up the East Coast. These "white girls" are slightly different from the Anglos in the west coast, midwest and south
Prodigious 909 (4 months ago)
Horrible attitudes and accent tho
withoutmalicexo (4 months ago)
Gavin White (4 months ago)
Alex Sutton (4 months ago)
not your best mate
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
Meh, had my assistant find me a random clip for the week because I was busy.
Jonny Li (4 months ago)
Closed? ;)
stealth797 (4 months ago)
How the fuck you sneak a camera into XS?!! Respect lol
Chris Kim (4 months ago)
Clean, direct game
Hell yea. Im going to do stuff like that soon and on another account.
yujil da (4 months ago)
Chris Kim tapping that white ass
Alex de Souza (4 months ago)
siktin mi lennnn???
ej1692 (4 months ago)
Honestly I have more respect for you now for showing this because this is raw footage. No corny clown game and no flashy shit. If it works it works.
Fade Jumps (1 month ago)
OKAYYYY (4 months ago)
+SquattinCassanova lmaooooooo seriously
Nasher Buenafe (4 months ago)
Dude same. This how a Real convo looks like. No flashy stuff.
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
Since when have I ever not have raw footage? That's what I'm known for.
TaskerFilms (4 months ago)
The steroids comment was great hahaha
S M (4 months ago)
Ugh Italian girls
Borna Arabi (2 days ago)
She was a meatball better than her friend still.
Gopher Lee (4 months ago)
There are so hairy.
SUΔ (4 months ago)
Sober pick ups please
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
Go watch my day game videos.
gfunkin2 (4 months ago)
Squattin' infield ...Well I'll be damned
SquattinCassanova (4 months ago)
Its a 3 year old video lol.
youtube youtube (4 months ago)
grenade season
Borna Arabi (2 days ago)
He still dodged all the landmines though
Baum Noah (4 months ago)
Can't get enough white girls
Self hating Asian girls need plastic surgery as they age in dog years because they don't look right at all because of how racist they are to asian dudes.
JonJonBoi (2 months ago)
food no that is not true. I’ve known many white woman or just white people that age pretty well when they reach to their mid 20s and so on. There are some of them that age bad but that’s generally people that are light complected like North East Asians and Northern Europeans. This applies to light skin people when they are exposed to the sun too much or they tan too much. This doesn’t apply to light complected people like Northern Europeans and North East Asians that are healthy and they stay in the sun on a normal/regular basis. Southern Europeans even age better than the average Northern European because they are well adaptable to hotter and warmer climates.
JonJonBoi (2 months ago)
Baum Noah I guess this phrase works for Asian men with white woman *ONCE YOU GO WHITE, YOU KNOW ITS RIGHT*
yujil da (4 months ago)
food asian girls age in dog years without all the makeup and plastic surgery
Baum Noah (4 months ago)
+foodwhite girls for us. We can handle that

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