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Introverted Shy Asian Boy Makes Out With Hot White Girl

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Text Comments (360)
SquattinCassanova (6 months ago)
I actually prefer Asian girls but I guess people on the internet are obsessed with Asian guys getting White girls so that's how I came up with the title if you guys can think of a better one, put it in the comment's section and I will change it.
Niners4Lyphe (1 day ago)
Asian PUA pulls some white booty at the club.
Deutschland Vaterland (7 days ago)
+SquattinCassanova 你太崇洋媚外,丢面子。
SquattinCassanova (8 days ago)
Why should I listen to someone who is not smart enough to check out other videos nor can they afford my bootcamps? 😂🤣
akthar hussain (8 days ago)
Dude make a video were u really can pick up girl not a drunker 😅 😅 😅
Deutschland Vaterland (8 days ago)
LVT Chanell (4 hours ago)
video rất hay và tình cảm nha
Gordon& HinaNui (1 day ago)
Cool 😉
Agon Agon (1 day ago)
Why record that .......
Agon Agon (2 hours ago)
Secretly filming a drunk person is weird
Agon Agon (2 hours ago)
It’s Perv like though
SquattinCassanova (1 day ago)
Doesn't take a genius to figure out my business model.
Dion DUB (2 days ago)
Warga +62 yg nonton like
LVT Chanell (2 days ago)
bạn ơi, video rất hay, cám ơn bạn nhé
Tundra Dx (2 days ago)
He's not an introvert🙃
Cat Likepizza Gaming (3 days ago)
You lot are fucking delusional
William Ngo (3 days ago)
love has no bounds....my future girlfriend is white..and i am gonna make a super sayian!!!
William Ngo (3 days ago)
dude legend says does size matter in the end??????? cause most white chicks prefer bbc???
angel spike (21 hours ago)
nahhh some fall for it but VAST MAJORITY don't i will say they usually go for guys in that order though
William Ngo (21 hours ago)
+angel spike to much xvideo man.....bbc
angel spike (22 hours ago)
lol they do not prefer bbc they prefer white then black then latino but with game and a bit of luck you re good to go
Capricorn Pisces (5 days ago)
Shy? lolz
faiz amil (6 days ago)
I'm not surprised mates..many time i been there...its easy to pick up girls in there
T L (6 days ago)
Great clip. We need more of Asian man with white women rather than white man with asian woman relationships. i am SICK and TIRED of seeing white man with asian women at every turn. As an asian man, i hate seeing how we are losing our women to white man.
Hakan Giant Ibrahim (7 days ago)
Place like that is hell for me
Gendis Nareswara (7 days ago)
what is the song in the end of video?
Kimi Mon (7 days ago)
Please fuck white girls hardly they are always love orgasm
AndreaPlaysGacha (7 days ago)
i dont think hes shy
ENG SovandaraOfficial (7 days ago)
I used to do try this actually but I got something different 🤣🤣🤣guess what...
JannOrtiza (8 days ago)
There's always an asian that is better than you
nc Actor/slut. dont mind it~
akthar hussain (8 days ago)
Wht the fuck was that picking up drunk girl who was not in her sense that any one can do that 😂 😂 😂 😂
Deutschland Vaterland (8 days ago)
Asian Guys and Girls; love White People.
Deutschland Vaterland (8 days ago)
Praveen Kumar (8 days ago)
How's that a shy introverted guy !!!
weng Jason (9 days ago)
that is so fucking introverted...
vishal00724 (9 days ago)
Huge victory 💪 for 2inch Asian to make out with even a white hooker
austin maxsim (9 days ago)
She's white, but she ain't hot. :-(
Vikas vikksy (10 days ago)
Hei beware of Italian girls brother.... once an Indian guy found Italian girl attractive... we all know WT happened... luv from India
Enayalator (10 days ago)
Weakest game ever everything he said is what a thirsty ass guy says conversation was boring as hell
ma long (10 days ago)
What are the signs that a girl is interested in you? I am writing with a girl but I am not sure if I am in the friendzone or more... - should I ask for a date?
XVVvKk (9 days ago)
Why not
Eko Saga (10 days ago)
lesh lhee (10 days ago)
I almost died last friday when I danced with a girl not knowing she was w/ her boyfriend and his gang.....😂thanks for crowd I was able to run and hide😂
Gua juga pingin tauk wkwkwk
Ngentot aja lu babby
Angga Angga (7 days ago)
What are you talking about moron
Nan Nan (10 days ago)
boy007 w (10 days ago)
that place is like hell to an introvert
Moge Bamey (10 days ago)
Ok..u kissed the girl, did some seductive moves, n so many.. But still u muted her name.. C'mon man...
C N (10 days ago)
blackpink is better (10 days ago)
I’m sorry but what on earth is that girl doing? She be putting her ass on his thigh and moving it around like ummm cringy asf
Squanda cuddly (10 days ago)
Omolola Rebecca (3 days ago)
Vishal Kashid (10 days ago)
bg music avicii😪😪
angelomma 21 (11 days ago)
Hey mike i think if you got the looks its easy to pick up women, i lived in vegas thats how i know it lol
Just TheJust (10 days ago)
Because you didn't get any girls or what?🤭
Candy Xia (11 days ago)
Are you sure you're a introvert I think ur more of a extrovert Easy smash my guy
Sam R (11 days ago)
Even if his game was “weak” or the video being staged, i like how he kept things going even if it was a little awkward and the girl didn’t seem genuinely interested (she just wanted to have a bit of drunk fun and run). Some effort better than none.
Secret Savage (11 days ago)
After reading the caption, I thought it's a porn video
You En (11 days ago)
Did you close? If you didnt its nothing u just got her number
SquattinCassanova (11 days ago)
If you just want a compilation of my sex tapes, I will gladly sell them to you. Unfortunately this channel is more about educational and interesting content than what my penis goes into.
manoj kumar (12 days ago)
Pls background music pls
M Mohit (10 days ago)
Avicii - the nights
Tan Ak (13 days ago)
a hooker is easy to hook , but a good wife is given by GOD
Vincent Tran (11 days ago)
Geemitha Fernando (11 days ago)
Its all bout one night stands for some women
Acdragonrider Videos (11 days ago)
SquattinCassanova I believe in preserving old values and making life sacred.
SquattinCassanova (11 days ago)
I believe in Evolution
Jovi Londo (12 days ago)
Joshua McRae (13 days ago)
Change the title to "Black Dude Makes Out With White Chick'.
ああ (13 days ago)
Johnny Nitro (13 days ago)
Danana J (14 days ago)
So what happened afterwards?
SquattinCassanova (13 days ago)
I went home to edit videos
Chris Rom (14 days ago)
am i the only person that finds his game mad cringey?
(frightened Mussolini's face)
+SquattinCassanova if I'm you my expression would be like this LOL -->https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjTgbf7qaDiAhUl6XMBHXmqAk0Qjhx6BAgBEAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thinglink.com%2Fscene%2F774331528556576768&psig=AOvVaw0PcR3bAU3b0lbNEt_wDKOm&ust=1558105598159256
Vincent Tran (11 days ago)
Cringy but effective lol.
SquattinCassanova (14 days ago)
I think he's cringy too
Gary (14 days ago)
Meh games alright, he’s approaching with confidence which is better than 99% of guys. It’s all you need at this point with the amount of soyboys roaming the streets.
Eshan Patil (14 days ago)
And she never texted him back. Dude might have done better to pull the girl. Great that he kissed the girl but it feels like a missed opportunity for him.
SquattinCassanova (13 days ago)
Maybe, but if I pulled the girl, it would have been an hour long video I would have to edit and blur and I was too lazy that week and just wanted a short video to upload.
Alex (19 days ago)
bruh this dude got no game "can you feel my abs through my shirt" headass lmao
SquattinCassanova (19 days ago)
Aesthetic game brah
Lu Tianyi (19 days ago)
Avicii !
sgtjoe2008 (23 days ago)
wow! i want go america to get hot white girl too, in my country no money no honey
Snap filter king (29 days ago)
RIP Avicii
Pedro Freitas (29 days ago)
damn, I wish I could pull this off
+Vincent Tran heh, my expression would be like this if I meet white girls --->https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjTgbf7qaDiAhUl6XMBHXmqAk0Qjhx6BAgBEAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thinglink.com%2Fscene%2F774331528556576768&psig=AOvVaw0PcR3bAU3b0lbNEt_wDKOm&ust=1558105598159256 (Frightened Mussolini's face)
Vincent Tran (11 days ago)
You can. Just say hi and tell her that you find her very attractive. After that keep a coversation going asking a few questions about her. Women can feel our vibes and if we come across as genuine then there is a definite chance. The more you try, the higher the rate of success.
Edy C (1 month ago)
They are fucking ugly those yellows shit... Congratulations you stupid retarded. You just made out with a white whore... What an accomplishment you stupid retarded fuck!
Shubham Misra (1 month ago)
Can anyone tell what song is being played at 2:10 mins in the background
Snap filter king (29 days ago)
The Nights - Avicii
Aniket Bhalerao (1 month ago)
Killed it ....
AKP Star (1 month ago)
HAHAHAHHAHAH white americans get cucked hahahahhahaha
Beep Boop (1 month ago)
All that time I thought she was actually gay
ausm (1 month ago)
probably end up jerking off to porn that night.
Flash703 (1 month ago)
FYI The Song is You Make Me by Avicii
Captain Falcon Arhh (1 month ago)
Italians arent white lol
liam holmes (26 days ago)
+AKP Star had to laugh at that bullshit
signoaspire (1 month ago)
She's a 7, a bit chubby. But not bad work.
king morons (1 month ago)
lets go make some good looking half asian girls so i date them
Kanon Wong (1 month ago)
legend says you have to have abs and guns to pick up chicks~ guess its true chicks dig that
Luis Duarte (1 month ago)
No game. A girl just throw herself at you. Is it that easy? Fake
SquattinCassanova (1 month ago)
Yeah I paid her fat co-worker to be there to make it seem real.
Luis Duarte (1 month ago)
And you believe it!
Gouki818 (1 month ago)
Hitting on a drunk girl....come on bro...aint no challenge
Vincent Tran (11 days ago)
She was tipsy but not drunk. Its clear she enjoyed the encounter.
jani love (1 month ago)
Did she look wasted and incoherent with no conscious control to you? Perhaps you're the one who's drunk right now idiot !!
亢国辉 (2 months ago)
makster86 (2 months ago)
Shoutout from an Asian from Merced!
Borna Arabi (2 months ago)
Haha you avoided the landmines but still ended up taking a grenade. Awesome!
teamometeamo (1 month ago)
Borna is Persian not Arabic
Pauly siguenza (2 months ago)
I am a spy to
Anonymous (2 months ago)
Respect Asians and i'm proud to be an asian (indian)
Nathaniel Rosenstein (14 days ago)
Indians are Caucasian; geographically, Indians are in Asia, but so are parts of Russia. Indians and middle easterners are closely related to Europeans. Saying Indians are Asian is like saying Russians are Asian.
magic scratcher (2 months ago)
number don't mean sh*T
PUNISHER of PINKO PEDOS (2 months ago)
It's better to stay with a white girl who has your best interest than it is to be with a self-hating Asian girl who has something against you and everyone else.
Dmg Control (13 days ago)
PUNISHER of PINKO PEDOS they'd rather date ugly yan a good looking Asian guy I see it everywhere
Tali Be kind (2 months ago)
Can I join you Brother 😎❤️
Hen (2 months ago)
Bruh, why are you not at 1M subscribers by now? One of my favorite YouTube PUA for three years
bkad687 (2 months ago)
It's Marcy Runkle from Californication
Pharaoh Diablo (3 months ago)
Good shit bro!
Max T (3 months ago)
What is this shit? Cassady Cambells Wigger character gets more action than that. You're supposed to be a pro PUA that does 1000's of approaches and this is the best footage? A kiss with a drunk girl...
SquattinCassanova (3 months ago)
I'm not sure if you're aware of this but a channel has more than one video and also it takes a lot of time to edit these clips. If you want to edit all of my unedited lay videos, please submit a resume.
Alon G (3 months ago)
Dude your body language is so weird & cringe to watch...
Martin Jacome (11 days ago)
+Lycurgus224 It worked because she was fucking drunked or drugged
Null & Void (11 days ago)
+Lycurgus224 You're right, that IS the question, because neither you nor I know whether this pickup was legitimate or staged. Stop speaking as if you know you fucking nonce.
Cameron Miller (22 days ago)
Be more specific with your feedback.
Lycurgus224 You nailed it.
Lycurgus224 (1 month ago)
Does it work? That's all that matters. Don't be the dude who complains about awkwardness and is annoyed that real life pickups aren't effortlessly sexy like in dumbass rom-coms where everyone has witty banter and everything seems like fate. This is how it actually is and it's not always smooth as glass which is OK in my book because it makes good moments that much better.
samuricexful (3 months ago)
When are you posting the pornhub version?
Mauriana Rayford (3 months ago)
Asian guys getting black girls
Sex Courses (3 months ago)
Cool girl
john gilpin (3 months ago)
Stupid drunk guy that's it
liam holmes (26 days ago)
+SquattinCassanova this is coming from a white dude I can tell u white girls are ugly bro and smell like wet dog Asian girls smell like nice yellow custard like there yellow bueatiful skin
SquattinCassanova (3 months ago)
I don't drink. So you're wrong. Who's stupid now?
Saptarshi Majumdar (3 months ago)
Proud of you Asian guy!🖒 Indians do smthn😂
Rocketman (3 months ago)
you look desperate
SquattinCassanova (3 months ago)
For the views, yes
Lakshay Chawla (3 months ago)
Hate off for your guts...
UchihaClan (4 months ago)
Start off with a you fucking sexy what a typical fag beta Male move and continue with complements white washed as fuck Asian that white is a 6
Ilenia Mascis (4 months ago)
sono l'unica italiana?
Just For fun (5 months ago)
uhm I’m a girl n she’s legit drunk so u legit have no game but ight..
Antonio (5 months ago)
I'm 16, still a virgin..kissed a girl once but I haven't seen her in a year now..I wish I could get to this point
iPhamous X (1 month ago)
Nothing wrong with being a virgin at 16
Singularity (1 month ago)
Legends say he is still a virgin
Blab Blah (5 months ago)
She's not even that hot. I've seen and hooked up with way hotter chicks at Vegas pool parties than her.

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