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Top Ten Self Sacrifices

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UltimateShamrock (36 minutes ago)
Slave Knight Gael. Literally sacrificed himself to endure the passing of thousands of years just to get the dark soul so the protagonist could kill him and claim his dark soul infused blood to create another world. He's a great dark image of Galahad from Malory's "Quest of the SankGreal" (Quest for the Holy Grail) who claims the Holy Grail where Gawain and Lancelot and every other knight fails through his unwavering faith.
Michael Morant (36 minutes ago)
it's not from a game but Diana from Wonder Woman War bringer gives up her position of glory and immortality to give her and her ally's a second chance
CZ PC (1 hour ago)
Your acting and script is super cringy but I mostly agree with your picks.
Nicolas Wilson (2 hours ago)
Reverse wait where the hell is William Bill Overbeck he is never in any of these he literally sacrificed his life for his team
Alex Boehm (4 hours ago)
What about Nick Reyes from infinite warfare?
skeleton king (5 hours ago)
Why this in my recommend?
Malakaikc M (6 hours ago)
Red dead redemption nigga
Unironic Erik (6 hours ago)
I really want chief to sacrifice himself in the last halo game
Just Joking (6 hours ago)
*_The bah bi._*
Kezzi Kez (6 hours ago)
Looks like it was made in 2012
patrick watkins (7 hours ago)
i honestly could never side with alliance in WoW due to all the racist tendencies they have.
meme doggo (7 hours ago)
Would joker from persona 5 count
Wave Whisperer (7 hours ago)
Top 1 Sacrifice. My Super Smash Bros. Buddy that brought a bomb to save me from falling. He fell and got a Game Over. We won the match.
Don’t worry about It (7 hours ago)
Arthur Morgan?
Borkeye (8 hours ago)
To be honest I think bill (from left 4 dead) and maybe lee from walking dead (I don’t know if you would consider it a sacrifice) should be at least mention in great sacrifices from games
Madam Hearts (8 hours ago)
Get rekted
Bendy The inkling (8 hours ago)
You forgot about about Arthur Morgan he decided to save he friend John
RedFox (9 hours ago)
No Sora from KH 1? I mean the guy literally gave up his own heart.
DandyArtist (8 hours ago)
Dude, the rules at the start. Permanent sacrifice, no revival
gonzoclan (9 hours ago)
Hate to say this but I feel as if your irl parts are a little rawr XD im so quirky and I feel it takes away from the list
Cody Gerdes (10 hours ago)
The kid you have in dark souls is a good kid and Morgan turn into a good mom even tho he’s a god
THE BIG SMILE (11 hours ago)
Church from Rvb
reefta (11 hours ago)
Ori and the blind forest?
Toaster of Doom (11 hours ago)
Artyom and the rest of the Spartans from Metro: Last Light's "C'est La Vie" ending was also a great one, spending two games with him really had me build a connection with him, and at the end rescuing the future mother of your son along with the rest of the metro alongside all of the other spartans including Colonel Miller was a really hardhitting moment. Great ending.
Flamer Deathbringer (11 hours ago)
For Halo Reach, I kinda have to remind you that you can change the gender of Noble 6
nightb4day (12 hours ago)
colonel... vol'jin?
TheDerpyDuck (12 hours ago)
SPOILERS A recent one, but Raz and the other squad member that you choose in Valkyria chronicles 4. The ultimate dude bro, you spend the whole game getting to know his character and associate with the squad, only to have him ripped from you just before you reach the finishing line. As well as the fact that the game makes you choose another squad member to take with Raz on his suicide mission, it was a genuinely painful moment choosing someone to send to their deaths... and then for the rest of the game his spot in the squad selection is just gone, really hits hard.
N a z i (13 hours ago)
Rip john marston
Kieran Orchard (13 hours ago)
Zack Fair?? And personally I think the boss should be number 1
Rotty therottski (13 hours ago)
Bruh you got our marine uniform wrong on the image :P
Tomha (15 hours ago)
I think Bill from Left 4 Dead deserves a honorable mention. Bill was a Badass War Veteran who gets what he always needed, an enemy to fight, and people to help. And he's got armies of zombies to fight and 3 people to help and support. His loyalty to them was so strong, he will abandon others to guarantee his groups safety. In "The Sacrifice" Bill had to be left behind to save his friends. Without hesitation this guy marches out into an ocean of zombies and 3 Tanks (big, ape like zombies) to get the job done and die alone. And while not canon he does come back to life in the crossover for Dead By Daylight, dedicated to risk his life to keep helping other survivors while risking a horrible death Every. Single. Day. And dying only means going through it again. A hell for most, somewhat happy ending for him. Bill man... He quietly revels in Martyrdom.
MR. K (15 hours ago)
Persona 3 protagonist isn’t on here.
MR. K (8 hours ago)
Almighty Loaf We will never forget!
Almighty Loaf (11 hours ago)
Just gonna comment that, too.
Silvan (16 hours ago)
Well, this comment section is FILLED with spoilers, so... Velvet from Tales of Berseria?
Falx Carius (16 hours ago)
You forgot about potentially recruiting Loghain and having him make up for his crimes against the realm by sacrificing himself for it
Joshua Campbell (21 hours ago)
Yondu, Logan and Asura are the grand triumvirate of self-sacrificing fathers/father figures.
Nazo- kage (23 hours ago)
Zero in megaman zero 4, he knew that if he didn't take out the core then the space station would've destroyed area zero but he was also well aware that if he didn't teleport out now before the fight starts he'd be unable to survive the explosion and he did it anyway.
Limitless Trash (23 hours ago)
Arthur Morgan?
AlexDeGhost (1 day ago)
Arthur Morgan?
SCLproduction Z (9 hours ago)
AlexDeGhost “Thank you”
Chank Mank (1 day ago)
SBaby (1 day ago)
7:11 - I hope KH fans are listening.  I really do.  Because I have a hunch the price that gets paid for the victory in KHIII is going to be the biggest one yet.
Raging Raven (1 day ago)
This video...makes me feel like...it was made in 2009 bc of the comedy, but i still agree with the list for the most part
Yoxiv (1 day ago)
Raziel's sacrifice in Legacy of Kain: Defiance was pretty saddening. He began his journey as a wraith seeking to avenge himself for Kain's seemingly selfish attack on him for growing wings, then begins to learn that the one who "revived" him, the Elder God, was just using him as a kind of mobile straw to suck up souls and feed him. Not only that, he learns the vampires were tragic fools coerced into starting a war with another race that got banished, and that by doing so set in motion eons of history being altered or almost completely rewritten to get back into the world. But the biggest kick was Raziel learning that the Soul Reaver was actually his own soul displaced and trapped within the blade, driven insane by being trapped within it since the era of the game this revelation is made, Soul Reaver 2. And yet, in the end of the (unfortunately) final game in the series, Raziel gives up his life to not only empower Kain and heal him of corruption, but also arm the reaver blade with the power to strike down the Elder God. The biggest kick in the ass is the fact that the Elder God manages to drive Kain away by threatening to bury him, but Kain is left alone in his quest to restore the world of Nosgoth, with only a glimmer of hope for its future.
johnjohnson (1 day ago)
U should have put up Arthur morgen
173Omega (1 day ago)
I say Bill from Left 4 dead should be on here because he sacrificed himself to protect his group.
Sami8s (1 day ago)
For the horde :^) Great video though buddy ^^
What about RDR 2?
Edim 108 (1 day ago)
Sees the title *Flash Backs of Death Korps of Krieg* *Sheds a Tear* Those were good times. Nothing like a good sacrifice for The God Emperor!
Fenrir (1 day ago)
Just starting this video,,, But from just hearing the ''rules'' Sanguinius is nr1
Lillian dahmer (1 day ago)
Josh scorcher too chicken shit to finish a simple movie from the 80s and a new movie and moer then likely too chicken shit to finish a tv show call "ghost adventures"and too chicken shit to go to a city all because he had a bad experience with a video game made 4 children and would yell at someone who give him nice criticism and moer consider his job then a victim of toonkriticy2k and hates it when someone has a different opinion then him and would yell at that person who had a different opinion then him and the only thing he give us about him being a solder is playing the trombone and nothing else and he is too chicken shit to be a REAL man and be in the REAL world and he is nothing but a child and he most grow the fuck up and get out of his own ass and stop being in the world of mlp!
Kindkiller43 (1 day ago)
I mean, if the Horde didn't retreat they'd cease to exist
Master Asia (1 day ago)
14:04 Hey. Josh? Try understanding what's going on first before whelching. If anything blame the Alliance for not double checking their intel before running dick first into a TRAP! Despite what you think, we were not even close. Had Varian run any closer to Gul'dan, he and the Alliance have run headfirst into a two lines of demons followed by a line comprised of nothing but demonlords and badasses, many of which have faced the Alliance and Horde before. And even then he'd have to face Gul'dan and his magics. We were never going to win at the Broken Shore. It was a set up by the Legion to get the Horde and Alliance there so they could behead both factions. But hey blame the Horde for not holding against an endless stream of demons as opposed to say....Varian. who stopped his charge at Gul'dan to make a speech about bringing him to justice. Lord knows if he'd continued his charge, he might have gotten close enough to actually get to the warlock before he summoned the Burning Legion Rape Brigade.
Just_jesse (1 day ago)
R.i.p. scooter
0ptimus1984 (1 day ago)
19:09 i always go with her option :D cause in the long run this seems the most interesting option specially thinking of the End Game she is not a Villain more like Xardas from Ghotic, anti-hero type, bit shady yes, evil? no
Carter Feeler (1 day ago)
“Bureau of Investigation”? *GASP* BOI!
Khelitonov Vladimir (1 day ago)
No.1 All the Soldiers of the USSR, that suffered during the war
Alith Anar (1 day ago)
As a horde player, I despise Sylvannas (meaning I would love to put an arrow into her using her own sisters bow and have her get a condo in hell) and am absolutely indifferent to Anduin (meaning that I dont care about him so much I wouldnt piss on him if he were on fire neither would I listen if he offered me free gold)
Rundas claus (2 days ago)
I thought rundas was gonna be on the list 😀🎄
Pony Stuff (2 days ago)
Disliked for not talking about Scooter's self sacrifice. (I did not actually dislike, but come on man...)
I would have chosen Ryuji’s sacrifice in persona 5 if it wasn’t for the fact that it was a troll
Tayvin4042 (2 days ago)
7:16 Channel the inner Nostalgia Critic that lies within you, Josh!
Cheesecake Snuggles (2 days ago)
die immediately survive go green
Immortal_Warrior (2 days ago)
No Mass effect 3 ending, Shepard died to save the fking galaxy
Abrasivedust3 (2 days ago)
Hey borderlands 2 has angel a powerful bitch who helps you trough pretty much the whole game and then sacrifices herself to stop an idiot from freeing something deadly
Timothy Anderson (2 days ago)
I kinda excpeted Infamous 2 but okay
Tristian Lefebvre (2 days ago)
What about red dead redemption 2
Colin Tyrell (2 days ago)
Looking back, I feel Arthur’s sacrifice in RDR 2 is better than John’s in RDR. Becoming a better person, allowing John to live a good life with his family, and holding off soldiers to all ow him to escape. 😢
Medical Chungus (2 days ago)
Personally, the most saddest sacrifice I had to experience, and make was when I had to drop my 20 packs of cigarettes onto the ground just for that augmentation upgrade in Deus Ex. I was going to use that to kill Manderley.
PocketCoffee (2 days ago)
What Final Fantasy game is that? I remember playing it when I was really young but i don't remember which part it was.
Kevin Weir (2 days ago)
Okay Josh, roll a rogue. That entire island was a death trap. The SI:7 was infiltrated by a dreadlord who fed the Alliance falls info. And I am sorry but the Horde actually had the tough job. Holding a line against countless demons and spaceships behind them while slso keeping your sorry ass alive on this suicide mission that the Alliance guided us into. Cause guess what, the only thing we would have achieved by staying is all of us dieing like the Legion planned. So yeah, the horde was not willing to die for a plan that was doomed to fail. Varian died heroically to fix the mess HIS people caused, not the Horde. I also like how you and the writers gloss over several war crimes your alliance committed to start this war. Figured out by now that I support the Horde of Sylvanas and not your puppet king or that traitor Saurfang? Damn.
FannyPackMan100 (2 days ago)
Why don’t you count sacrifices in which the martyr is revived or brought back? I thought you said they resonate with people because of the boldness of the act, that someone is willing to risk or give up their lives for a “greater good”. How does that change if someone is brough back somehow? Doesn’t the principle still stand, as the person may be willing to do it again if necessary?
it's like what professor tralonly said to Dumbledore in harry potter (and somewhat snape in a way) neither can live while the other survive
The Ender Engineer (2 days ago)
I admit, there is one character who's sacrifice hurt me to a very large extent. They gave up their life, to stop the ultimate evil within their world, and it hurts. They were the last of their kind, they grew so attached to your avatar, and they let them-self die, to protect everything and let the world heal. I will never forget you, Esna.
Kulpy Kulptington (2 days ago)
you have autism
Alpha121198 (2 days ago)
To be fair I don’t think many of us like Sylvanas. Damn cutscenes taking away my control…
BIG BRO (2 days ago)
I wasnt excepting the Last one
CekoJuna (2 days ago)
Probably an unpopular opinion but I always thought the self-sacrifice of the final 2 deaths in Infinite Warfare to be quite heart-breaking. The bond those 2 had and both of them have the same objective. Undock the ship, and they need each other to accomplish it. Even though many characters did a self-sacrifice, only 3 stood out and 2 of them being the most memorable for that finale. *Serious Spoilers to the Finale* The Captain needs to use the dock's control, but its locked out. E3N (Ethan) your AI companion requests the captain to control the AI to the Dock's mainframe, as going manually will short-circuit him. Reaching the mainframe, E3N requests the Captain to self-destruct, knowing that the mission and lives of the crew comes first. The Captain did as told and remains proud of E3N. The Captain then controls the docks and ungrounds a ship that has his crew. The crew goes crazy to destroy the docks while other ships attack. This caused the control room to explode and blast the Captain into space, as he slowly loses oxygen, seeing the ship destroy the shipyard and his Second in Command calling out his name.
Tree Stump Produtions (2 days ago)
Martin Septim? no... ok...
Mark Hirsch (2 days ago)
That ending with Asaura reminded me of some Irish mythology, but instead of a god defeating the gods and sacrificing himself, it was mankind that defeated the gods and sent them away, no longer Gods, but as fairies. Now, I'm not well versed in Irish mythology, but I believe the humans that defeated the gods were the last invasion in the book of invasions, unless that time Vikings took over a part of Ireland counts
Mark Hirsch (2 days ago)
Speaking of Ireland, play the Brytenwalda mod for mount and blade: Warband and either start as Irish, or get to Ireland as fast as possible because the Danes and Franks will fuck you up so hard everywhere else
Hazenhard (2 days ago)
asura`s crap really ,the god of shout. The game is terrible and story shit had all the best ingredients for the most epic story of all time but did not pass a naruto ninja storm , Sorry NO!
catxborsuq1 (2 days ago)
In slight defence of the Horde and Vol'jin, the Legion's forces were far bigger than they had expected (partially because SI:7 had been compromised and the demon passed them false info), and Vol'jin apparently had been cut off from the loa during the battle by some dark forces, his spirt mentions that he should have dodged that spear and sense their forces (so in case of Vol'jin at least, I blame the writers). That being said, as the Alliance player, I say that the Horde had lost the right to say "Lok-Tar Ogar" ("Victory or Death") by running away. And I say that Varian is a hero^^
Benjamin Hobbs (2 days ago)
"Let Morrigan-" "A-NOPE, NOPE, NOPE! just gonna stop you right there, Anything she's planning is never good!" And yet, it's the best choice to make. That and my warden loves her so.... ;)
Anthony Espinosa (2 days ago)
R.I.P non-bearded josh
Pita Lino (2 days ago)
Whats the song for john marstons part of the video?
Beoronick (2 days ago)
Amazing video, keep it up. Subbed
Connor McClory (3 days ago)
I feel like Lao from Xenoblade Chronicles X could've totally made it on this list. If it wasn't for that STUPID MIRA RETCON at the end. That is... literally... the dumbest moment in the game.
TraciPeteyforlife (3 days ago)
I cried for baby metroid.
Abdoul Sowe (3 days ago)
Zerobasssoul (3 days ago)
Devola and Popla did nothing wrong
OverwatchBastard (3 days ago)
Persona 3, March 5th. Never forget Edgy Emo Jesus Door-Kun
Liberty Studios (3 days ago)
Gundam and Sakura from Danganronpa took it for me
samiamtheman 73 (3 days ago)
These brave heroes...Press F to pay respects...
Evil Empire (3 days ago)
Does no one remember Tassadar?
SmoothTurtle (3 days ago)
Damn, Cortana could've been on this list if it wasn't for Halo 5's campaign
liam snider (3 days ago)
good stuff man!
Brandon Massaro (3 days ago)
Whats the theme at the end?
Brandon Massaro (3 days ago)
Dont call asura a god. Even though he is one he hates being a god and being called one
Banchoking (3 days ago)
Great thing about Mordin, he was on a team that extended the genophage infection.
leo o (3 days ago)
great video but please fer the love of god cut down on the real life segments they make you look a ffaaiir bit dumb, with all due respect
Christoph27 (3 days ago)
The genophage did not intend to drive the Krogan extinct but it was a heavy population control due to their enormously high reproduction rate. The Salarians found the Krogan when they were a young under and developed species, they sped up their technological evolution to fight for the Turians against the Rachni. It was primitive ruthlessness coupled with their reproduction rate would overrun the galaxy and create a threat even bigger than the one they were meant to destroy. It was wrong to speed their evolution up and use them as an army but the genophage was really an emergency solution. Only Shepard with the help of the leader of the combined clans was it really safe to remove the genophage.
Boinkity C. (3 days ago)
Great countdown, dude!
Random Canadian Guy (3 days ago)
Oooh new intro

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