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Top Ten Self Sacrifices

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Ian Laughlin (1 day ago)
Is that Dause whatever guy from that wrath game a ganon rip off?
Seb C (6 days ago)
Another 3 big sacrifices I have experienced would be -Mother 3 -Transistor -Bastion
HeraldofDisaster (10 days ago)
If I could add a comment, so late after this video was posted, I'd like to mention (spoilers for PMD: Explorers of darkness/time/sky Grovyle or the hero character. you eventually learn that by fixing time and saving the future, you end up fading away, as if you never existed. yet you and grovyle still went on the mission, knowing you'd no longer exist. Bonus points for grovyle who throws himself and dusknoir back to the future to help guarantee you can finish the mission. You both sacrifice not only your lives, but your very existence, your spot in history to save those you never met before. It's still the only game that will make me tear up every time I play and get to the farewell scene at he end
ChouhouinNeko (14 days ago)
no Lord Haurchefant, or Ysayle ( lady iceheart), or papalymo from FFXIV ? their deaths made me cry in rl
Arsao Tome (22 days ago)
You named #1 'Shadow Spider'. Or maybe I'm seeing things.
Sebastian Jensen (24 days ago)
Gears of War rules. I really wish the Lancer is a real weapon.
SCP 173 (25 days ago)
Hail the fallen heroes
Cupcake Gal (25 days ago)
Emmeryn's death in Awakening made me cry. And then Mustafa's death made me cry too.
Master Driver Rex (1 month ago)
Another one should be Jin's sacrifice in Xenobalde Chronicles 2, because with all the shit he did out of not being able to let go of the past due to Lora's words of desperation as she was dying, it was only in death that he could redeem himself, though he also did succeed in bringing Amalthus down with him. It's kind of like John Marston's ending, except John was forced into it against his will while everything Jin did was of his choosing, and only now realizing how badly he screwed up, it was only in death that he could truly atone.
Master Driver Rex (1 month ago)
One that should have been up here is Ragna's sacrifice in BlazBlue: Central Fiction. I mean, being *THE* *ACTUAL* subtitle of the game, Ragna basically had to fade out of existence to the point the people who were close to him one way or another would have their memories of him wiped clean... All due to the fact that it was his very existence that was making events repeat over and over again, thus having the world to constantly suffer at the hands of Terumi, just because he wanted Ragna to suffer most of all. It's a pretty sad ending because even though Ragna does what he does to make sure Terumi will never troll people again in the most psychopathic of ways... It's also inadvertently a victory for Terumi. Pretty much the definition of being between a rock and a hard place, and no matter what, you're not going to come out unscathed even if you do come out at all.
Antasma, The Bat King (1 month ago)
Ryan C (1 month ago)
Is that Freedom Planet music for the transitions?
Zack R. (1 month ago)
**Clears throat** I GOT YOU BANDANA!!!!!!!!!!
PieridaeStudios (1 month ago)
Press F to pay respects.
The Raven Judge (1 month ago)
Arthur Morgan is probably the saddest death in any game I've played
Fanfictiondreamer (1 month ago)
Fun fact, for all those who hardly know much about Asura's Wrath: Asura was voiced by the same guy who provided the voice of Gaara from Naruto
Salty Beet (2 months ago)
dpolaristar (2 months ago)
No Nier:Automitia? Also if a character comes back later I don't think that should count against them, due to more often than not said character doesn't know they are going to be revived.
NeoDragonCount (2 months ago)
I never sacrifice myself in Dragon Age: Origins because Thedas isn't worth dying over. Yea, I said IT. No matter what, the world doesn't improve in any way aside from one less Archdemon. The humans will just conveniently forget the elves' and dwarves' sacrifices, the Chantry will continue to oppress the mages and elves as monsters and heretics and will most likely just forget about the Blights like they did last time and lead to a bunch more pointless deaths. But praise be to the Maker, right? I loved Dragon Age, even if Dragon Age 2 wound up as one of the worst and lackluster sequels, to which I only played Origins again and again. I really liked Inquisition at first, until they decided that "ZOMG", the elves were just as evil, if not more evil, than the humans and now the Chantry is willing to side with the Tevinter Imperium, the people who enslaved the elves in the first place and caused the creation of the Darkspawn, to hunt down Solas/Fen'Harel. Frankly, seeing as I genuinely despise most humans in Dragon Age, barring the likes of Morrigan or other non-Chantry affiliate mages, I say let the elves have their vengeance. The elven gods are gone, Solas is the last one, the elves could surely make a better world with him leading them and magic can once again prosper.
MV Master (2 months ago)
MV Master (2 months ago)
your spoiler list basically spoiled the video from the get go
Jon Doh (2 months ago)
0:00 Yes.
Fanfictiondreamer (2 months ago)
By the way, have you seen Green Scorpion's Top 10 Berserker list? I think you would be surprised to see what's on that video, if you haven't seen it, yet, that is.
xTristanxThexGamerx (2 months ago)
He forgot RDR: 2 and inFAMOUS: 2 . . and maybe a few other's as well (; - ;)
Bobman9420 (2 months ago)
Also for Halo Reach's ending one of the best good-byes ever! I tearing up at Noble Six's ending, I was tearing up even more at Bungie's good-bye. It felt like a close friend past away.
ExAid21 (2 months ago)
Catch A Ride - Scooter (tales from the Boarderlands)
Unusual (2 months ago)
Mordin is Tom Lehrer a few millenials ahead
ultimateupgrade84 (2 months ago)
Josh: Wow, this game is shorter than I remember. The Boss: I'm defecting to the Soviet Union. Josh: Oh, hi Boss-- wait, what?
Elfos64 (2 months ago)
One of my personal favorite video game character self-sacrifices is from Kid Icarus Uprising when a Chaos Kin pulled a fast one on Dark Pit (AKA Pittoo) and pulls him off a ledge causing him to fall to his death while it tries to consume him, and Pit dove after to save him despite the fact he's Pit's... not exactly his Evil Twin so much as Anti-hero Counterpart. To those of you unaware, Pit lacks the ability to fly on his own, he needs a god/goddess to give him the power of flight- which he can only wield for about 5 minutes at a time before it starts damaging his wings, and has like an hour cooldown or something. When he dives after Dark Pit he tells Viridi (whom he was temporarily allied with at the time) "I need to fly!" to which she says "You already used the power of flight, if I enable it again your wings will catch fire" to which Pit stresses the severity of the situation "the chaos kin is going to destroy Pittoo. I don't care if my wings catch fire!" "Viridi again tries in vain to convince him this is a bad idea "No way, just forget about it, I'm pulling you out..." "No, stop! If we don't help him right now, we won't have another chance! I'm begging you, Viridi, LET ME FLY, NOW!" Viridi begrudgingly complies but says the consequences that come from this action are on his own head. and Pit with the faustian boost swoops down to save his counterpart and fly back to safety- all the while his wings are burning horribly and upon completion his wings are just bloody burned stumps and the rest of him in critical condition. This act carries extra weight when you remember that earlier in the game, there was a wish-granting MacGuffin that they had to use for a specific wish, but just during conversation Palutena asked what Pit would hypothetically wish for, to which Pit answered "I want to be able to fly on my own"... and this is what happens because he can't. Before this whole ordeal where Palutena got brainwashed by the chaos kin, Pit promised her he'd return to their realm victorious, now here he is in her arms at death's door. This action prompts his dark edgy counterpart to try to save him by flying to the magic regeneration pool to dip Pit into it.
MacyPooh196 (2 months ago)
The thing that really got me with The Boss’ death is how I was anticipating the final shot to not be a quick time event. I was waiting for Snake to end her himself and my stomach turned at the realization that you, the player, had to do it. Pulling the trigger pretty much destroyed me.
Scott Peltier (2 months ago)
goodnight fallen worriers. rest well
Supergamer138 (2 months ago)
I understand supporting the Alliance. I am a diehard Horde player but I do not like how our faction leaders are usually the source of conflict. During Legion, I could rationalize the decisions Sylvanas made even when I did not agree with them. Today, I still play as Horde but I give moral support to the Alliance.
Vayne Ryu (2 months ago)
didnt saw Zack Fair here... best made Sacrifice scene
Vayne Ryu (2 months ago)
about entry number 9... it actually saved Samus life twice... the serum of Metroid DNA that saved her from the X Parasite came from it... which ironically makes her the last surviving Metroid if I had to guess where the story could go from there, since she is the last remaining Metroid, maybe that could put her at odds with many of the higher ups from the GF, now making her the target of many Bounty Hunters and even corrupt GF personal, what action and past must she take now? what of her belief and faith? what about those Chozo that seemed like the next big targets? and... what if the Metroid DNA starts to wreack havoc in her body
Joshua Campbell (2 months ago)
HOW COULD I FORGET: NieR: Automata. Just...wow. I don't want to spoil but you'll know it when you see it and it is one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced in a game when I think of the bigger picture.
Tad Dad (2 months ago)
Be fair the genophage was not meant to wipe out the krogan just inhibit them because of their high birth rate. but the effect was them being wiped out because they couldn't restrain their violent urges that was made probably far worse because they armed a species that was far from ready as a species to have fuckin nukes and railguns. fortunately with the right decisions you can put the krogan in a good place to change... but without wrex.... yea
Fanfictiondreamer (2 months ago)
You know something? Aside from the Batman games, there have been a number of sacrifices in DC shows. Ever watched Batman: the Brave and the Bold? That was kind of a quirky and old-fashion styled show that brought back a lot of the old versions of the DC heroes. However...that show didn't hold back on the sacrifices that took place in that show. Also....I have to wonder, what DC show didn't have any of their characters make sacrifices?
Disney Boy (2 months ago)
What are you her honorable mentions.
ogre589 (2 months ago)
Colby Williams (2 months ago)
I know of a sacrifice. Starkiller's godd ending where he stops Palpatine from killing General Kota and sacrifices himself in order to help them escape.
LOST DARKLORD (2 months ago)
I'd like to point out the flowers changing from white to red when Snake (Big Boss) pulled the trigger. That basically symbolized the blood that is now on Snake's hands as he continues on for the Boss.
Toa Ventron (2 months ago)
The masked man. MASKED MAN.
Saiyef96 (2 months ago)
My favourite Self Sacrifices in Video Games are The Persona 3 Protagonist and Luke Fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss
Poi (2 months ago)
Ew an Alliance main :sick:
Winter Pine (2 months ago)
Did you know that you were used as a meme in one of KP’s videos? 🤣
vc180191 (2 months ago)
Wait, with Mordin I thought the start said anybody who can be saved isn't included? Mordin is spared from death if both Wrex and Eve/Bakara are dead, and you convince him Wreav will just restart the Krogan Wars. Same for the Grey Wardens, so long as a male Warden agrees to sleep with Morrigan (be it you if your male, or Allistair), they are all spared as the baby absorbs the Dragon soul. Also if the male Warden romanced her, the Grey Warden can end up raising the child with her anyways as a family (until he leaves them to try and find a cure to the Calling).
imwithstupid086 (2 months ago)
The genophage was not designed for genocide. It was only ever meant to curtail the insane fertility of the krogan. The salarians and the turians just completely failed to account for how violent, unfocused, and pessimistic krogan can be. Thus, the genophage basically spelled their species' doom.
king ace (2 months ago)
I would have add code mw3 mission either down the rabbit hole or dust to dust. While soaps death was sad. It wasn't self sacrifice.
George Johnson (2 months ago)
I think you missed the key element of Mordin’s death. He created the genophage and spent the second game content with his actions. With deep remorse for the monstrous act he was a part of, he decided it was time to try to clean the blood from his hands by giving the krogan the future he didn’t once believe they deserve. Since this was his project and this was his mission, he had to be the one to see it through. There is a dialogue option when the explosion goes off if he didn’t sing in ME2 that I love so much more. “Genophage cured. Krogan free. New beginning...for everyone” this has so much power to me and it’s tough to keep the water works away. His new beginning...
Astr Alope (2 months ago)
Seems like they did not play red dead redemption 2
BlazeHeartPanther Blaze (3 months ago)
4:26 Wait, what are you saying here?
Ocean man (3 months ago)
Poison ivy Said hell na to that *spook juice*
Blood orphan (3 months ago)
When i was 8 i chose to complete the game with the shitty choices so i killed mordin when he tried to sacrifice himself when i think about it it makes me laughr
RealGameBoyHD (3 months ago)
“The Baby...” Yes I said it
Lillian dahmer (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/BOecPjhDgtc the REAL josh that being holly blue agate
Mateus Neres (3 months ago)
could Vayne from FFXII be a Heroic Sacrifice? I mean , He did go Down as a Villian... but he did that so humans could free themselfs from the Crystal Power and live their lifes free from the Gods Tyranny. Even if the world would see him as a villian , he would have done a Great Deed for Humanity P.S. Im not a Pony , I am a Dragon! I know is unnessesary but people really think my sona looks like a pony ^~^"
gumm cottente (3 months ago)
😣Love video yeeess😍😍😍
Kevin Austin (3 months ago)
“... From the guy that does nothing but punch things” YES
Jayden Burgos (3 months ago)
Poison ivy is still kinda alive because if see where she died you see her jacket and a flower cutting it
Etore Games (3 months ago)
Noble 6 is not dead
Andromeda (3 months ago)
Yes he is
Sharyn Sheppard (3 months ago)
Not even a mention of Carter or emile sacrificing themselves for reach I mean come on with out them six wouldn't have made it and who can forget emiles amazing last moments already run through with a sword as he draws his kukri screaming I'm ready are you defiantly standing his ground sacrificing himself to get the job done or Carter roaming his pelican into the scarab knowing it was his life or the mission the peaceful acceptance at passing the job on trusting emile and six to finish the fight
i am absolutely dying from laughter i didn't notice it at first but if you slow the video down and pause it at 20:05 you get a one piece reference
Dr. Feelgood (3 months ago)
Arthur morgan
Saumik Tajwar (3 months ago)
Intro music?
Dreamer Dawn (3 months ago)
Damnit you made me cry with Solas! I loved that Salarian! He was an awesome guy!
Renzo van den Brand (3 months ago)
noble six didn't die he went mia
TNB TheNewBlood (3 months ago)
Boss is basically Itachi
Mr scrub (3 months ago)
SPOILER FOR RED DEAD 2This may be an unpopular opinion but I believe that Arthur Morgan’s sacrifice carried a lot more impact than johns as we see him grow as a character through his disease and growing distrust of Dutch and Micah only for him and John to be abandoned by the gang to fight the pinkertons and it’s because of this sacrifice that John and his family could live on, rather than sticking with Dutch as his mind slowly turns to insanity with the prodding of Micah and the constant failed scores only to finish with the 2 the questioned Dutch to be stranded and attacked with Micah finally killing Arthur or leaving him for dead with a great last stand being hunted by the government and an ex gang member only a small bit mirroring Dutch’s end and so that’s why u believe that Arthur’s death carried much more influence in the story and how it turned out
Mr scrub (3 months ago)
Although johns last stand was legendary
sixstringpsycho (3 months ago)
If the Boss isn’t here, i’m reporting.
Diangelo (3 months ago)
22:28 you really killed the vibe there, but it was hilarious regardless
Bi0hazard (3 months ago)
Why my dude Arthur Morgan?!
supereme killer (3 months ago)
Arthur Morgan : " revenge is a fools game"
UltimateShamrock (3 months ago)
Slave Knight Gael. Literally sacrificed himself to endure the passing of thousands of years just to get the dark soul so the protagonist could kill him and claim his dark soul infused blood to create another world. He's a great dark image of Galahad from Malory's "Quest of the SankGreal" (Quest for the Holy Grail) who claims the Holy Grail where Gawain and Lancelot and every other knight fails through his unwavering faith.
Michael Morant (3 months ago)
it's not from a game but Diana from Wonder Woman War bringer gives up her position of glory and immortality to give her and her ally's a second chance
CZ PC (3 months ago)
Your acting and script is super cringy but I mostly agree with your picks.
Nicolas Wilson (3 months ago)
Reverse wait where the hell is William Bill Overbeck he is never in any of these he literally sacrificed his life for his team
Alex Boehm (3 months ago)
What about Nick Reyes from infinite warfare?
skeleton king (3 months ago)
Why this in my recommend?
Malakaikc M (3 months ago)
Red dead redemption nigga
Unironic Erik (3 months ago)
I really want chief to sacrifice himself in the last halo game
Just Joking (3 months ago)
*_The bah bi._*
Kezzi Kez (3 months ago)
Looks like it was made in 2012
patrick watkins (3 months ago)
i honestly could never side with alliance in WoW due to all the racist tendencies they have.
the gaming doggo (3 months ago)
Would joker from persona 5 count
Vladimir Putin (3 months ago)
Top 1 Sacrifice. My Super Smash Bros. Buddy that brought a bomb to save me from falling. He fell and got a Game Over. We won the match.
Don’t worry about It (3 months ago)
Arthur Morgan?
Borkeye (3 months ago)
To be honest I think bill (from left 4 dead) and maybe lee from walking dead (I don’t know if you would consider it a sacrifice) should be at least mention in great sacrifices from games
Madam Hearts (3 months ago)
Get rekted
Wrench Lol (3 months ago)
You forgot about about Arthur Morgan he decided to save he friend John
RedFox (3 months ago)
No Sora from KH 1? I mean the guy literally gave up his own heart.
DandyArtist (3 months ago)
Dude, the rules at the start. Permanent sacrifice, no revival
gonzoclan (3 months ago)
Hate to say this but I feel as if your irl parts are a little rawr XD im so quirky and I feel it takes away from the list
Cody Gerdes (3 months ago)
The kid you have in dark souls is a good kid and Morgan turn into a good mom even tho he’s a god
THE BIG SMILE (3 months ago)
Church from Rvb
reefta (3 months ago)
Ori and the blind forest?
Toaster of Doom (3 months ago)
Artyom and the rest of the Spartans from Metro: Last Light's "C'est La Vie" ending was also a great one, spending two games with him really had me build a connection with him, and at the end rescuing the future mother of your son along with the rest of the metro alongside all of the other spartans including Colonel Miller was a really hardhitting moment. Great ending.
Flamer Deathbringer (3 months ago)
For Halo Reach, I kinda have to remind you that you can change the gender of Noble 6
nightb4day (3 months ago)
colonel... vol'jin?
TheDerpyDuck (3 months ago)
SPOILERS A recent one, but Raz and the other squad member that you choose in Valkyria chronicles 4. The ultimate dude bro, you spend the whole game getting to know his character and associate with the squad, only to have him ripped from you just before you reach the finishing line. As well as the fact that the game makes you choose another squad member to take with Raz on his suicide mission, it was a genuinely painful moment choosing someone to send to their deaths... and then for the rest of the game his spot in the squad selection is just gone, really hits hard.
Cipher Galm 1 (3 months ago)
Rip john marston
Kieran Orchard (3 months ago)
Zack Fair?? And personally I think the boss should be number 1

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