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Please like share and subscribe to TrekTrendy for more worldwide travel vlogs: http://bit.ly/1WNqym8 As I walked into the DJI flagship store in Hong Kong, just days after the Spark's international release, I didn't think that the following day, i'd be crashing it into the Chao Phraya River... but hey, that's what happens when you pair an idiot, with an expensive bit of new tech! So whilst it pains me to rewatch that video, I thought that I'd share it with you guys, I await the shouts of "you tw*t" and "you stupid english d*ck" in the comments but such is the world of Youtube I share the good and the bad... At the same time, I've just received my new DJI spark, so I thought it was worth sharing this. It's boxed very much like an Apple product, minimalistic, and quite intuitive to set up. There's a couple of niggles which I have, the battery is pretty poor at 16minutes flight time, and then there's the fact the standalone off the shelf drone, doesn't come with a remote controller, you have to use your phone. You can grab this separately or purchase the fly more package but this does substantially increase the cost. That said, I do really love this drone, it's tiny, shoot good quality footage in 1080p, and it's very portable so for my frequent travels, i can throw it in my backpack and go. Do learn from my experience though, and practise a lot before trying anything too ambitious, I know it seems like a toy, but it still requires quite a lot of skill to use properly. Hope you like the video guys :) Just to note, this is not an ad (quite why anyone would pay me to show this crash I don't know!) I just wanted to share with you my experience of unboxing the new drone, and the pain of crashing my old one! BACKGROUND MUSIC: Ukulele Hakuna Matata by HookSounds hooksounds.com/ Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0
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Rick Morton (1 year ago)
Sorry. I almost lost mine but crashed into trees and I recovered. Got a replacement from DJI. Your first flight had all the earmarks of what NOT to do. Lots of metal. I heard a warning when you took off. Water. Lots of potential dangers. Good luck with the new one. I bought SIX batteries. And don't fly without the REMOTE!
Trek Trendy (1 year ago)
Couldn't agree more Rick - i think when I initially bought it, I saw it as a cool gadget but didn't take it seriously - it's harder than it looks and there's a lot to learn. A hard expensive lesson, but a lesson none the less. Yes, remote has arrived now so will be taking that out this week for some practice.. NOT over water aha
Aaron Explores (1 year ago)
Sorry to hear you crashed it, that's my biggest fear for when I (eventually) get one. Looking forward to seeing some cool shots with your new one. P. S I didn't realise they were that small
Aaron Explores (1 year ago)
Trek Trendy I understand, I'd worry about that too. Yes for now, I need to finish my videos first before I make a move again. I seemed to have stacked up a large pile of videos 😂
Trek Trendy (1 year ago)
Yeah i know, it's a lot harder than I thought, just taken it out again today and it's been perfect - some practise is all you need really, it's just worrying when something which has cost a lot is over 1km away from you. Are you back in the UK now?

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