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PS Vita - Akiba's Trip 2

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Today we take a look at a pretty awesome game where they use the actually area of Akihabara in the game. Akiba's Trip 2 on the PS Vita has great graphics, fun gameplay and the ability to equip and unlock various items. Gameplay and fight scenes coming soon to this channel. Also, don't forget about tomorrows special unboxing. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (79)
Jovaniel Omaet (3 years ago)
Jovaniel Omaet (3 years ago)
Suth up plesa
Anthony baldoza (4 years ago)
yow how do u go back to title screen when youre in game
Xeroix (4 years ago)
Rather sad that US release won't be providing any pre order bonus
Sawed-off Orc (4 years ago)
Wow this is one of the most annoying youtubers I've come across in ages 
Austin Peterson (4 years ago)
I'm planing to get that game on the ps4 if it REGION FREE.
mclean5947 (5 years ago)
looks cool
airion1324 (5 years ago)
What's a dam drama CD!
airion1324 (5 years ago)
anyone know?
MsDeathbox (5 years ago)
sad panda these games will not see day light in the us
Valeri Zaharevici (5 years ago)
cool game!
ThisCloudyDay (5 years ago)
hmm looks interesting!
Kenny Loh (5 years ago)
It the very first times i saw someone have so many games in vita lol jk
Erectus Javanicus (5 years ago)
Fuck hahahaha
airion1324 (5 years ago)
It looks interesting...
Chara Nari (5 years ago)
warning this is not writon on the game it surely is 15 above
Cippo (5 years ago)
hoping that NISA or XSeed will localize this game, al least for NA
Chara Nari (5 years ago)
Not smiling molestering girls
Chara Nari (5 years ago)
When will you make a video on the telephone cards Bowen?
Chara Nari (5 years ago)
Striping people without a rason
Ryan Butcher (5 years ago)
Nice game and unboxing
Sangetsu II (5 years ago)
Games!!, btw who won the October giveaway?
Babas013 (5 years ago)
Akiba Strip. Need to see more of this Game. Looks interesting, remind me of Persona 4.
lenikai (5 years ago)
2:12 black ps vita, 2:18 white ps vita @[email protected]
DavisX2Chao (5 years ago)
Can´t wait to see gameplay
Daisuken (5 years ago)
I really wanted to see the corner of that drama CD ='(
Emperor Wasabi-kun (5 years ago)
I think this the reason why most people prefer the 3DS over the Vita. Because the Vita has lots of action RPGs and Anime-based games that most Westerners just can't appreciate and care for unless you're a fan of lots of Japanese media like anime :D Too bad, because many of these games rock and are being ignored D: Well, it can also be the fact that most of these games are "Japan only" games :(
Sir Gildo (5 years ago)
Completely agree. No offense to any 3DS owners out there but the Vita probably is the most well built gaming system I've ever used. I honestly can't stop playing it and I'm even considering selling off a considerable amount of my PS3 games to buy some Vita games.
Blindjanitor (5 years ago)
Will you be posting more gameplay for this?
Chillzz (5 years ago)
Oh nice I really want this now thanks for sharing!!!
Alienshade (5 years ago)
Playing shinovi versus and loving it thanks to OB!
toogud4dis (5 years ago)
 I need this game!
FarEast Armadildo (5 years ago)
Pretty lewd telephone card
Christian (5 years ago)
Has anybody noticed he switched ps vitas from black to white at 2:17, lol bowen
Lightmare (5 years ago)
The main char is like "i want that figure!!!!!" BAM! Falcon Punch!
Lightmare (5 years ago)
Lightmare (5 years ago)
My kinda of game. For the akiba part hehehehe
Lightmare (5 years ago)
How many telcards u got so far??
kevin rodriguez (5 years ago)
Might just import the game it looks fun.
bya kuran (5 years ago)
BAYO (5 years ago)
i love this kind of games :P
fr0schi (5 years ago)
i need this! :D
SigmaElement (5 years ago)
Yeah... Akiba Strip
Xbuttx Z (5 years ago)
Another game that comes w a comic book!!! :)
sackboy97 (5 years ago)
I'm so sad that this game won't cone to the west ç_ç
Matthew Wolfe (5 years ago)
I wish I knew Japanese to be able to understand all these games. Out of curiosity which Vita do you "normally" play on considering you have so many?
Charanari13 (5 years ago)
Make a video for every hundredth video like a few days ago I am not sure but it reached more than 500 now cause u upload every day
Charanari13 (5 years ago)
So weird 😒
Charanari13 (5 years ago)
Why is the guy striping girls cloths ?
Kelly Greenidge (5 years ago)
Hmm game looks interested
Jean carlos Jimenez (5 years ago)
lol there's always fun and joy in your videos
Alan Barnett (5 years ago)
Game looks interesting.
Forbidenn76 (5 years ago)
Was looking at a video of this the other day.  Would love to pick his up if they release it in the west. 
Charanari13 (5 years ago)
Strip lol typed it wrong
Charanari13 (5 years ago)
Bowen its stip not trip
Foong Yew Cheong (5 years ago)
So messy that vita interface! lolol. the goodies definitely looks good. jelly~
Yusuf Rach (5 years ago)
Renz Tayag (5 years ago)
Localize it, i'am like issei from hdxd when tearing their clothes.
darth mario (5 years ago)
so,one of your ps vitas is black and when you put a game in it, turns white. Awesome. we wait for the gameplay
ZackoFF96 (5 years ago)
does the game comes in english language? i'm eager to play this game :D please reply :)
Scarlet_Lunacy (5 years ago)
+fransic220 hyper dimension rebirth along with Gods Eater 2 will definitely be on US shelves after a month or 2 release of the PS4. Although I want some Gundam, or Mecha game as well, but you can't have everything apparently; Guess I have to just buy and stand for the Jap copies of the Vita games for now.
fransic220 (5 years ago)
+fieryelf Fact.
fieryelf (5 years ago)
+ZackoFF96 Feminists would be all over this game if it ever came out in North America lol
ZackoFF96 (5 years ago)
+fransic220 but i really, really hope this game comes into US because this game looks fantastic !
fransic220 (5 years ago)
No, it does not. A release of the game outside of japan (and china) is unlikely but you never know! This and hyperdimension neptunia rebirth would be awesome for the vita!
SteRz!? (5 years ago)
Can't wait to play! also Matt is an idiot :x
Akihiro Aki (5 years ago)
Why is the title say "Akiba's Trip" not Strip?
Akihiro Aki (5 years ago)
Ow... know i get it!
OmniOmegaOB (5 years ago)
All the paperwork, books and information that came with the game says Akiba's Trip. The title is hard to make out because it is written together and it probably is written in this way to have a double meaning but on all the officially notes it is Akiba's Trip.
justin choi (5 years ago)
awesome game i will get it
Arnots2 (5 years ago)
OmniOmegaOB (5 years ago)
su lu (5 years ago)
awesome game
Lollikips (5 years ago)
Akiba Strip...
Shadow (5 years ago)
THIS is what ive been waiting for omg
MàTTáM (5 years ago)
MàTTáM (5 years ago)
MàTTáM (5 years ago)
MàTTáM (5 years ago)

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