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How to Analyse a Category (FMCG)

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This is a detailed video that explains the 33 metrics needed to analyse a FMCG category in the short to medium term. The value share of segment +/- vs YA has 3 incorrect numbers within Standard Powders. This is between the 6 and 7 minute mark. For brand B,C and D the numbers are showing -78.9. +3.8 and -16.3. These should read as -1.6, +1.5, -2.7. Apologies for this error.
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chetan dhole (11 months ago)
loved it . Thanks
Shahrukh Mushtaq (7 months ago)
Nice content. One small question: The part where you are showing change in segment value share, for Total Standard Powder the numbers seem off, we see Brand B has lost 78.9% share which doesn't make sense (it is too big a number) as the others haven't gained that much. Is there an error here? The calculation for the remaining segments seems fine though.
FMCG Academy (7 months ago)
Good spotting, it is off along with Brand C and D. The correct numbers are B,C,D.....-1.6, +1.5,-2.7. The sum of net change of share for a segment should be zero.Have edited the video description to highlight the error and spell out the correct numbers. Thanks a lot.
Moonseok Kang (8 months ago)
I have a question. You have done all the analysis work there but how do you conclude what you have done now? I have all the measures you have explained now but don’t know how to present this to my clients. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
FMCG Academy (8 months ago)
Hi, It is very hard to tell you how to do this, as we do not have complete context. If your analysis is robust, the conclusions should be evident and you should be able to summarise the analysis in 5 to 10 bullet points.
Ishan Goyal (11 months ago)
Awesome video, thanks! It would be great if you could also drill down into how to evaluate these 33 parameters further to analyze the customer segments.
FMCG Academy (11 months ago)
Thanks Ishan, there will be more to add around these 33 and even more metrics on our subscription website fmcgacademy.com which is due to launch later in the year.

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