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How I Draw episode 2: Original Anime/Manga Girl

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My drawing of a manga style girl. Video resubmission. Originally posted January 24, 2008 on http://www.youtube.com/user/banzchan My Art Blog: http://banzchan.blogspot.com/
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Text Comments (48)
me impresiona como dibujas en donde aprendiste y como uno aprende jejeje me gustaria aprender así
How I Draw (7 months ago)
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como uno tienen que hacer para que tener un dibujo de uno mismo ?
How I Draw (7 months ago)
Muchas gracias.
djenn (2 years ago)
excellent video thanks so much!
Devin Krike (3 years ago)
Breasts look a bit off. With that size they should be drooping more. Also left breast looks especially off, proportion wise..  There are some tutorials out there that teach you how to do them properly.  Other then that, the character looks pretty good, I just wish I could draw half as good as you.  All I can draw right now are heads facing audience directly.
ChopsticKris (1 year ago)
Devin Krike lmao you commented on a video in 2009...2 years ago. You realize he probably has gotten better at this point.
playlistnation2005 (6 years ago)
whupdup (6 years ago)
Epic except for the left eye
lance rodriguez (6 years ago)
thats your favorite pencil..
WayWeary (6 years ago)
Well, you could easily put on some of your own, right? ;p
GiftedBlackSheep (6 years ago)
Your style and technique are amazing, kudos.
Ninga Sasuke (6 years ago)
Wow! I wish I could draw like that! I draw manga! But not soo good! - sigh-
Fausto Vitor (7 years ago)
asch815 (7 years ago)
4:55 my head tilts to the left 5:10 my head tilts to the right 5:15 then left again 5:21 even more to the right 5:25 normal 5:30 so much to the right urgh 5:39 my head is sideways now urgh i give up my neck is hurting now cool drawing though :D
zertsu (7 years ago)
he had fun making her breasts :3
Pitta (7 years ago)
hey hello and uhh i have to ask i have a 4 color pencil, a rotring tikky 0.3 mm and an eraser... can i do manga/anime?
hay c (7 years ago)
not my style i am a boy can you do a boy?
shisuki14 (7 years ago)
I like it I want to see ur version of black canary
yackemflamber (7 years ago)
@ChezeroDelVonBlair Rotring Tikky 0.3mm.
marco fernandes (7 years ago)
FallenH (7 years ago)
like it
Letholdus (7 years ago)
cool drawing but it's not my style. like the way you draw the eyes.
inherbeaver (7 years ago)
What kind of lead do you use in your pencils?
codykaiko (7 years ago)
Very good my friend.(Sorry. I didn't mean that if it causes you discomfort.)
Jo Jo (8 years ago)
He's Having A Lot Of Fun Drawin The Chest Area '-'
xdelite21 (8 years ago)
@freeszone u dont like same breast? lol
Giovi PI (8 years ago)
where did you lear ?
persefonikola (8 years ago)
wish i could draw like you.... :( *tear tear*
Andrew Chun (8 years ago)
Is there any way we can view/download the pictures? I really want to see it on hard paper
PoopingStar (8 years ago)
Makes boobies bigger
Teodora Stancheva (8 years ago)
reminds me of a Disney princess
Tim3Hunt3r (8 years ago)
Jesus you are GOD! :D I'll build a church 4 u :)
Eliza Belle Reclosado (8 years ago)
i wanna try to draw like that
guinasaw (8 years ago)
whats ur fav anime/manga?
Tenshionnanoko128 (8 years ago)
The breasts look unrealistic (they look like overturned teacups)
christian neilsen (8 years ago)
i liked her better when she was flat chested
Mastordeo (8 years ago)
nice :D!!!!
hokage97531 (8 years ago)
Hey cool drawing :D. I suck drawing anime boobs xD
guinasaw (8 years ago)
@rikrd02pac Es un pinche orgullo ser mexicano y ver comentarios como el tuyo
JoeJoeboii (8 years ago)
good thing you didn't forget the boobs :) 8===3
ColorMeOlivia (8 years ago)
@RazielKain I think it's that she just isn't wearing a bra
The Panic! Parade (8 years ago)
Dude.... What drawing paper do u use? Cuz' I wanna try draw like-a u..LOL
Eeveemon13 (9 years ago)
@Kimiko1005 i know your pain, i cant draw hads for shizz! i wish i could!!!! lol any ways awesome drawing!!! :)
freeszone (9 years ago)
Awesome )) But why don't you include some background music?
hyldendemon (9 years ago)
Hooray! Go DeJesus! <3

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