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Rope Twist Hairstyle - Zigzag Twists

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Please watch: "3 Quick and Easy Toddler Hairstyles for Beginners" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oNq4dbaBkI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- This fun rope twist hairstyle is easy to do and stays put all day long! You start by putting the hair into 6 ponytails and then rope twisting the hair in the back and on top. We hope you love this rope twist hairstyle as much as we do. Make sure to watch all of our other tutorials! Please give us a thumbs up, subscribe and follow us on our other social media channels. Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/easytoddlerhairstyles Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/easytoddlerhairstyles http://www.easytoddlerhairstyles.com
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Sara Fernandez (1 year ago)
I did it on my daugther abd every one was excited for the hairstyle thank you for your videos.
Ajit Bhosale (1 year ago)
I like your hair style and creativity very much 😊😊
están muy hermosos tus peinados me encantan
dania javier (2 years ago)
me encantan tus peinado
ivorypetalz (2 years ago)
I'm so glad I found this channel!! I've been searching for toddler hairstyles everywhere and this is by far the absolute best I've ever seen. So awesome! Thank you! I'll be binge watching your videos now and I'm so excited to try them out on my little ones! Thanks again! I'll be telling all my mama friends about this channel :)
I am SO glad!! I felt the same way when I went looking for hairstyles a few years back. I started getting creative and then thought why not share some of my ideas! The rest is history. I'm so glad you found us!
Malu Perea (2 years ago)
You have awesome ideas, really.
+Malu Perea thank you!

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