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Happy 20th Anniversary to QVC's Favorite Foodie - David Venable!

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If you have ever watched QVC, then you might have heard about the guy with the cooking show who loves to eat and is famous for his Happy Dances and Yum-Yum Faces. David Venable joined QVC 20 years ago and quickly became known as the guy who liked to eat. His love for food led to kitchen and cooking shows and ultimately led to "In the Kitchen with David". Since the creation of "In the Kitchen with David", David has become a best-selling cookbook author and has shared his comfort food recipes on major networks on national television. To know David is to love him. His team at QVC describes as a person you always want to be around and who is warm, kind-hearted, humble, funny, loveable, and has an infectious, unwavering energy. Happy 20th Anniversary to QVC's Favorite Foodie! About David: David Venable, QVC's "Resident Foodie," best-selling cookbook author, and accomplished home cook, has been a program host at QVC since 1993 and has hosted over 8,000 hours of live television. Since the launch of his first-ever cookbook, In the Kitchen with David: Comfort Foods That Take You Home, Venable has appeared on NBC's Today, ABC's The Chew, and the Rachael Ray show. His recipes have appeared in People, The Huffington Post, and popular publications nationwide. Venable has received praise from the food world for his easy, comforting cooking style. He debuts two new recipes each week on In the Kitchen with David. He also regularly blogs with his "foodies" on QVC.com and connects with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as DavidVenableQVC. Venable was raised in North Carolina and graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He then worked as a television news anchor/reporter in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. For more ITKWD: http://qvc.co/Shop-ITKWD
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dariahlee (5 years ago)
Happy 20th David!!!  We all do the HAPPY DANCE when we see you!!  Wishing you 20 more happy years  on QVC!!  Luv ya........
711beazley (5 years ago)
Happy Anniversary! 
Camille Becker (5 years ago)
Happy anniversary David! You are such a uplifting person to watch on qvc.I love to hear you explain products and watch you do recipes!
Cathy Hughes (5 years ago)
Happy 20th, Hun! Here's to 20 more, you huggable guy!
Antonio Perez (5 years ago)
Happy 20th Anniversary David Venable!!! I watch you every Sunday and I love your energy every week!!!
Debbie Glenn (5 years ago)
Love you big guy!
SciFiGeorge (5 years ago)
Happy 20th Anniversay, David!!! May your fridge never go empty and may you always have comfortable shoes for Happy Dancing!

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