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Funny moments from ThatcherJoeGames video "and so it begins..Sims 3 "

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I decided to create a video of the funny parts out of ThatcherJoeGames video "And so it all begins...Sims 3" This is my first video I've ever created and i'm not a professional so i hope you enjoy it and if you don't then no hate please :)
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Text Comments (4)
Jessica Betty (1 year ago)
I am a hater!
XCarys VaughanX (2 years ago)
Guys stop hating I really liked this video I have been looking all over for a vid like this I'm subbing
Wayne Kenny (2 years ago)
You copy he videos just stop if you want to be a newtuber make your on don't copy Olso I give the video 👎 but if was actually by joe suggest I would give it 👍
Kenny McCall (4 years ago)
Is this all the crap you do ?

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